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Hungry Dragon Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies You Need to Know

Ubisoft Entertainment is a well-known name in the world of video games, and while you may know them for Assassin’s Creed and other titles on other platforms, they’ve also ventured out into the mobile scene, with titles such as Horse Have World Adventures, South Park Phone Destroyer, and Hungry Shark World. In the same vein as the latter game, the company has just released Hungry Dragon for iOS and Android devices, which is a “fun and frantic action-arcade rampage”, where you control a dragon, and everything and everyone is fair game in the title’s medieval setting. It may be a bird, a farm animal, or even one of the farmers – as long as it moves, it’s edible, though not everything your dragon eats would be good for him. There are 10 dragons to collect, almost 50 pets to “boost your burning and biting power,” and costumes that offer similar benefits.

While this is an endless arcade game, it’s certainly got a lot of depth beyond the usual fare that’s advertised as easy to learn and hard to master for the casual gamer. So read on, as we now present to you our Hungry Dragon strategy guide for beginners, where we discuss 10 tips and tricks that will help you and your dragon make the most out of that feeding frenzy, and unlock more dragons, pets, and costumes along the way.

1. The Basics Of Hungry Dragon

The very first thing everyone should take note about this game is that each run is endless. The controls may take some getting used to, but at the end of the day, they’re very easy – swipe anywhere on the screen to move your dragon in the corresponding direction, and hold on the screen with two fingers so that you can boost your dragon’s speed and power. Your objective is to keep your dragon alive for as long as possible, and in order for your dragon to stay alive, he needs to eat. It doesn’t matter what you feed your dragon – it may be birds, bugs, sheep, cows, or even people – as long as he’s eating, your life won’t run out, and your run will continue. That’s what leads us to another fundamental aspect of this game – combos.

Stringing together combos is what allows you to earn medals, or points in this game, as eating creatures consecutively will increase your points multiplier. Scoring more points allows you to level up your dragon faster, and that, in turn, would allow you to unlock newer and better dragons. That’s basically the gist of the game – string ‘em together and you’ll level up faster, unlock dragons faster, and beat your high score or, at the very least, come fairly close to it.

2. Get Bigger Combos By Eating Birds That Are Bunched Together

Want to get a good combo string? The easiest way to do this is to look for the birds that are flying together in a large pack. That would allow you to easily eat them one after the other, increasing your points total and keeping your dragon alive with a full bar of health, or helping him recover after you’ve seen the “Eat More,” “Starving,” or even “Critical” notifications. Take note that you need to eat them quickly in succession in order for your combo multiplier to add up – eating one creature, then pausing to fly around, then eating another creature won’t result in your points getting multiplied. This could be tricky, but it’s not always all about the combos – sometimes, all that matters is feeding your dragon a bit so that his health does not reach dangerously low levels.

3. A Basic List Of What To Avoid

Alas, not everything your dragon can get his fangs on is good for him. Sometimes, eating a certain creature, or even colliding into one and not eating it, could result in your dragon getting poisoned, wounded, cursed, or bewitched. These are all things you want to avoid, and while we won’t go much into depth as this is a beginner’s guide, we shall nonetheless look at some of the more common things you should avoid in Hungry Dragon, if you don’t want to lose a ton of health and put yourself at risk.

The most common things to avoid, we’d say, are the mines. These are the big, yellow spiky things that you will encounter at random; colliding into a mine will cause it to explode, injuring your dragon and taking out about 20 percent to a quarter of its health. Avoid mines at all costs, especially if your health is running low. Next, you will, at some parts of the in-game map, encounter red bugs, which will actually take a bite out of your health. Those common purple bugs may be fine to eat, but these ones are a must to avoid. You will also encounter human farmers armed with bows and arrows, or big soldier types armed with spiked bats, hoping to kill your dragon before he kills them. As we mentioned above, humans are very much edible in this game, but you’ll want to avoid getting shot at by an arrow, as that could wound you, or get bashed by a spiked bat, which could cost you a significant amount of health.

Once you’re at a slightly more advanced stage, having played the game for a while, you may encounter the witches, which you can eat without any issue, but could blast you and cause you to be cursed, which means you will progressively lose health for a few seconds. Also, anything that’s glowing green needs to be avoided as well, as these creatures are poisoned, and would poison your dragon as well.

4. Consume Gold-Colored Creatures To Earn Coins

The coins you earn in the game can be used to unlock new dragons or equip new outfits or pets (more on them later), and the game will tell you early on that you can earn more coins by eating any gold-colored creature. We’re not just talking about birds here – these creatures also include golden bugs, and even golden people. You won’t miss them, as they take on a shining gold appearance in Hungry Dragon, making them easy to spot. Just a word of caution – if there are mines or other harmful obstacles getting in the way of these golden creatures, you’re better off playing it safe and leaving them alone, rather than risk getting blown up by a mine, or cursed by a witch, for instance.

5. Complete The Missions For A Ton Of Gold

You can, however, earn gold much faster by completing any one of the missions, which you can view right before the start of a run. You may be asked to score a certain number of points, eat a specific number of birds, or use your Fire Rush a certain number of times. And while some of the missions may seem daunting at first glance, the good thing about missions is that progress is cumulative; if you don’t accomplish the mission in one run, whatever numbers you accumulated toward that mission will remain, and will add up as you complete more and more runs. We’re talking about several hundreds worth of gold here, so make sure to review the missions so you know what to do to complete them!

As a bonus tip, you may not like all the missions you are given, but the game allows you to re-roll for another one that may hopefully be more to your liking. All you need to do is to watch an ad video in order to replace an old mission; you can also watch videos to make a new mission available, on top of the ones you already have.

6. What Is The Fire Rush?

On the bottom part the game screen in Hungry Dragon, you will see a bar that says Fire Rush! This fills up as your run progresses, loading up with each creature you consume. Once the bar is completely filled up, it will activate automatically, allowing you to breathe fire on any and all creatures you see in the sky, allowing them to count toward what you’ve eaten so far. This is a great way to add up on the points and to increase your combo multiplier, and better yet, you can even get a “Super Fire Rush” if you’re able to string together an especially long combo (6x, as we’ve seen) while on Fire Rush. This turns the fire that you breathe into blue flames, which are more powerful, and capable of taking out even the toughest creatures.

7. How To Unlock More Pets

While Hungry Dragon may look like a fun arcade romp with endless game mechanics, it also contains some RPG mechanics as well, which is where pets come in. If you find an orange egg within a level, go ahead and collect it, then hatch it (you may have to wait), so you can get a pet who can fly alongside you and offer you some valuable buffs, such as reducing poison damage, increasing XP, etc. Each pet has a different buff that could help you in the game, and the efficacy of this buff will increase depending on their rarity – more often than not, the orange eggs contain common pets. But you can also save up your gems, which are the game’s premium currency, to buy a purple egg. These cost 25 gems each, and contain rarer pets that, as we mentioned, should be of greater help as you control your dragon and have him chomp up everything he sees.

8. Eat The Flying Pig For Free Gems

Gems are hard to come by in Hungry Dragon, but there’s a way you can get some of them for free. Occasionally, you may encounter a flying pig – it is what it is, a pig in the sky with wings – and once you eat it, you will get one free gem. Again, it’s not worth the effort to chase after a flying pig if there’s trouble nearby, especially since all you get is one measly gem for your efforts. But in most cases, you should chase after them, because those gems could add up and allow you to buy a purple egg so you can hatch one of the rarer pets!

9. Costumes Work In The Same Way As Pets

You may think at first that the costumes which you can unlock in Hungry Dragon are only there for aesthetics, so you can spiff up your dragon and make him stand out. On the contrary – the costumes in the game become available at random, and can be purchased with coins (for the more common ones) and gems (for the rarer ones). Either way, they offer a similar set of buffs for your dragon, such as reducing fire, poison, or mine damage, increasing XP, etc. So if you come to think of it that way, costumes do serve two distinct purposes in this game, making your dragon look spiffier, and making them tougher and helping them survive.

10. Watch Ads To Continue After Dying

At some point, your dragon will reach the end of the line, falling into Starving status, then Critical, then dying. You will then see a message box with the words “Save Me,” and the option to watch ads or pay gems to continue. Since you’re better off buying purple eggs or premium costumes with your gems, you should never use the gems to continue a game from where you left off before your dragon died, unless, for some reason, you’re overflowing with gems. Instead, you should watch the video if you want to continue with a full bar of health – you’ll have two revives available via ad video, after which, paying gems becomes your only option, if you want to push forward. Also take note that for each time you revive your dragon, the amount of gems needed to continue increases.


Monday 20th of June 2022

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