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Horse Haven Cheats: 6 Fantastic Tips & Tricks to Build the Prefect Ranch

Horse Haven World Adventures, or Horse Haven for short, is a mobile title by gaming giant Ubisoft, that’s available for both Android and iOS device owners. In the game, you’ll get to manage a “majestic” ranch in different parts of the world, raise different breeds of horses, customize them and even have them compete in races. This is indeed a different kind of breeding game, and it can get to be quite addictive, especially when you’re trying to beat those scores on the leaderboard. If that’s your ultimate goal when playing the game, we’ve got some Horse Haven cheats, tips and tricks to help you manage your ranch effectivley, breed your horses and rank high among the world’s top players.

1. Feed Your Horses

Of course, you don’t want to let your horses go hungry, so the first thing you have to focus on when playing the game is ensuring they’ve got enough to eat. That means producing more than enough crops on your farms, and balancing the types of crops you grow. You may, at times, end up producing more crops than your barn can store, but don’t worry about that – you can sell surplus crops and earn some money.

2. Take The Mini-Games Seriously

Every time one of your horses has a new need, that opens up Horse Haven’s mini-games. But these aren’t inconsequential mini-games like what you’d see on other titles – you have to take them seriously because doing well on the mini-games allows you to level up your horses and see them through adulthood. Adult horses, most definitely, have more energy than younger ones, and every time you satisfy a need through a mini-game, that means more energy for your charges.

3. Watch In-Game Advertisements

It’s a small sacrifice to earn a few extra diamonds for free, but there is a benefit to watching ads in the game. Diamonds are your premium currency, and they’ll really come in handy when it comes to upgrading your ranch.

4. What’s The Deal With The Horse Races?

Remember that this is only a game, and one that doesn’t accurately simulate all real-world facets of breeding horses. In other words, races are won by going as far as possible, and not exactly by finishing ahead of everyone else; the longer you go, the more coins you’ll earn.

5. Master The Controls When Racing

It’s actually quite simple – the longer you hold your finger onto the screen, the longer the jump. Merely tapping on the screen will allow your horse to make a short jump. It’ll take a little practice, but mastering the jumps is the key to performing well in the races, which are essentially steeplechases.

6. Breed Your Horses

Ubisoft says in the description of Horse Haven that there are many breeds for you to take care of, and with that in mind, it should be your goal to have as many breeds as possible. You can do this by buying them from the Marketplace with your coins, or heading to your neighbors’ ranches and tapping on their horses so you can breed them. The latter technique could improve your chances of unlocking a new breed.

Jessica L Johnson

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

How are some people scoring way better than me in horse racing when they are using the same kind of horse that I'm using (a tier 4 Trakehner) but my horse has all diamond skills and the diamond weather feature and other people's horses have lower skill levels and no weather feature?! What gives?


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

How do you help a friend out with crops and breeding


Wednesday 24th of July 2019

You don't- they hire you when they need to. In other words, it's not your choice, really.


Friday 3rd of March 2017

How do you take horses out of the grand stable????😣😣


Saturday 11th of May 2019

You click the grand stable and press the icon with 2 arrows. You can then transfer your horses back and forth using coins. (It doesn't cost much to transfer your horses only 100-500 coins)