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KingsRoad Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Essential Tips to Become an Ultimate Hero

KingsRoad, an action RPG mobile title by Rumble Entertainment, is described as a game that Apple has chosen as an Editor’s Choice title across 26 countries. It’s gotten comparisons to the Diablo series and in terms of gameplay and mechanics, you can choose from three different classes, customize your character in thousands of different ways and enjoy “console quality graphics” on your mobile device. Unfortunately for Android users, the game is only available on iOS devices for now, but if you’re lucky enough to be on an iPhone or iPad though unlucky not to have gotten far in the game, we have a couple of KingsRoad cheats, tips and tricks you can take note of the next time you play.

1. Add People To Your Party For More Gold And XP

Any time during the game, you can opt to add party members to your team – that means other human players, of course, and their respective characters. Having a full party gives you a 25 percent bonus to the gold and experience you earn, and each character will get their own respective loot; no need to worry about someone else having dibs on an item you’re coveting.

2. Grinding Is The Best Policy When Earning Gems

Whether you’re playing as an archer, knight, or a wizard, you can get yourself somewhere in KingsRoad by grinding, or by replaying levels. Completing a level for the first time earns you one mastery point and five gems as a reward. You can replay levels four times after that, allowing you to max out your mastery level at a perfect 5, and once you do that, you’ll get 50 gems as your reward.

3. Avoid Powerful Enemy Attacks

This may sound like a no-brainer since you always want to avoid enemy attacks, but we’re referring to those powerful ones that have some lead, or wind-up time before they hit you. This makes it important to focus on the wind-up, which you’ll notice when you see the enemy glowing. That’s your signal to start moving out of the way and doging the attack.

4. Join High Level Guilds

It’s always good practice to join guilds in role-playing games like KingsRoad, but it’s even better of a practice to join guilds where all the bonuses are unlocked. These are high-level guilds where you can get some nice passive bonuses simply by being a member. What passive bonuses are these? These include, but are not limited to, additional gold drops, cheaper food and potions, more experience points, more health and mana points, etc.

5. Use Gems for Inventory Unlocks

Earlier we told you about the gems you can earn while grinding levels. These are KingsRoad’s premium currency, and while grinding is a great way to earn more gems faster, you only want to use these gems for inventory unlocks. As you can create your own equipment to begin with, it wouldn’t be worth it to splurge on a rare chest.

6. Fuse Equipment Together

The forge is where you can fuse two or more weapons to make a stronger one, and in there, you can also fuse multiple jewels in a similar way. When it comes to using these jewels, you can also socket them into your equipment to make them more powerful, but there’s a catch here – you have to pay a nominal fee to insert or remove jewels from weapons or armor.