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Diamond Quest! Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips You Need to Know

Diamond Quest! is a new iOS game published by Storm8 Studios, and if it wasn’t apparent from the name of the game alone, we’ll confirm your suspicions and tell you right now that it’s a Match 3 game. And you also have to make sure you’re searching for the game’s title with the exclamation mark included – there is another iOS game called Diamond Quest, but it’s by a totally different developer (Fabio Cunha). Now, that we got that out of the way, we can assure you that this game has more twists than your usual Match 3 title, while still offering some of the old and familiar gameplay and the option to beat your friends’ high scores on the leaderboards. If you’re planning to start playing the game, we have some Diamond Quest! cheats and strategies for higher scores and an easier transition for new players.

1. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Simplest trick in the book, and it works on Diamond Quest! Connecting your game to Facebook will give you free gold instantly, and gold is, in this title, the premium currency you can use to buy certain items. Go try it – it wouldn’t hurt to do so.

2. Use Time Lapse To Get Your Stamina Back

This is another old standby, and fortunately one that also works for Diamond Quest! players. We’re talking about the time lapse cheat, which you can use if you need to restore your stamina. The game’s stamina system can be challenging for newbies, and it can be really hard to replenish that energy, but by advancing your iPhone or iPad’s clock a couple hours, you can return to full stamina in just a few minutes. Of course, don’t forget to switch your device’s settings to the actual time once you’re done.

3. Three-Star Levels Can Be Hard To Achieve At First

Normally, the first few levels of a game are the easiest to earn three stars on. Not so in Diamond Quest! When you’re starting out, your animals won’t exactly be the most talented ones out there, and that’s going to make it hard for you to achieve that coveted rating. At this point, you’ll have to remember that one star is better than none at all, and you’ll want to read on for our fourth tip.

4. Get Three Stars By Replaying Levels With Better Animals

The title says it all. Once you’ve got better animals, you can return to a level you’ve already completed, and replay that level with a much better chance of getting a perfect three-star rating.

5. Use Special Shapes For Higher Scores, Regardless Of Level

The vintage Match 3 mechanics work in here, which means you can create special items by making combinations with different shapes, such as cross shapes, L-shapes, or T-shapes. Combine more than one of these special pieces and you can clear a board much faster than you normally would, while completing some of the challenges given to you.