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Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Cheats & Strategy Guide – 6 Awesome Tips to Become an Intergalactic Hero

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions is Disney’s mobile game for iOS and Android devices, which is based on the TV series Star Wars Rebels. You play the role of street-smart hero Ezra Bridger, and in this game you’ll be avoiding TIE fighters, firing away at Stormtroopers, and driving an Imperial AT-MP, among other things. You can customize your Rebel Haven in a number of ways, and discover a treasure trove of special items and rooms, including Stormtrooper helmets. As a disclaimer, though, this is a freemium title – you can only play four levels for free, and you’ll have to make in-app purchases to unlock 30 more levels, battle Star Wars bosses and use other characters. However, don’t panic if the Force isn’t quite with you in this game, even in its “lite” mode, as we have a list of Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions cheats, tips and tricks for the first four levels.

1. Search All Levels For Three Gold Emblems (Per Level)

Each of Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions’ four levels have three gold emblems each. Find all of these and you’ll be able to unlock new buildings for your Rebel Haven, and unlock new upgrades as well. Be patient and make sure you’re exploring every part of the levels.

2. Keep Exploring For More Hope Tokens

Exploring patiently and covering every bit of ground you can cover has even more benefits, and these include finding a secret spot in a level that will yield a bunch of Hope Tokens.

3. Give Hope Tokens To Rescued Civilians

After completing a level, you’ll have a chance to talk to the civilian you just got to rescue. Find the civilians, talk to them and give them the right number of Hope Tokens so you can get a reward. This would either allow you to unlock new abilities for Ezra, or possibly refill his health for the next level.

4. Use The Rapid Fire Ability

Ezra’s first special skill is Rapid Fire, and you’ll get to use it once you rescue and assist the first civilian. Look for the Focus bar located below the health bar – that bar will fill up per enemy you wipe out, and once the bar is full, this would drastically improve your rate of fire. There is a catch, though – if Ezra gets hit, that decreases his rate of fire and drops the focus bar. But the good thing is that there are focus tokens that could replenish the focus bar if needed.

5. You Can Move Around While Firing

You don’t need to stop firing if you have to move around – you can actually do both at the same time. And you will need to do both at the same time to avoid certain enemy attacks.

6. Building Placement Isn’t Important When Rebuilding Haven

After completing a level, your rewards will also include a new structure that can be used when rebuilding the Rebel Haven. Most claim that the placement isn’t really important here, so you can set them up anywhere in Haven as you watch the rebuilding percentage go up for each structure you put down.