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Heir of Light Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats & Hints You Need to Know

Are you the warrior who will finally survive and emerge victorious into eternal light? If you think you have what it takes to fight ultimate bosses and the courage to brave the darkness then go ahead and challenge yourself in GAMEVIL’s all new mobile RPG Heir of Light. The game is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store.

The game comes packaged in a relatively large size of 597 MB. This is because the graphics are very beautiful and the quality is comparable to a PC game. However, you will need to keep your focus on defeating the evil monsters rather than getting distracted by the amazing environment and levels. The game also contains adaptive music which changes rhythm when creatures appear or when you are at very low health. This effect will definitely make you skip a heartbeat during the later levels when suspense is high and bosses are extremely difficult to defeat. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Heir of Light is version 0.9.4 and was updated on 06 March 2018.

1. Establish Control Over Your Kingdom

Heir of Light is an immersive RPG that incorporates elements of strategy games as well by giving players the option to explore new lands and add them to their controlled territories. This is in fact a major part of the gameplay and your influence during the boss fights will largely depend on how many territories you control before the fight. The areas currently under your control can be seen from the map accessed from the main menu and also on the mini map available while you are playing the game. Once you conquer a new area or make new allies, the map will be updated and darkness will be lifted from that area on the map.

You start the game with only a small town under your control. As you progress through the game and conquer more towns and cities, you will have to keep the condition of the people. This is because if you keep on discovering and adding new territories to your kingdom without looking after the people, they will stop supporting you! This is when your power starts to decline and it will become much more difficult for you to win boss fights. In addition if you ignore the territories under your control for too long, they will soon become available to be conquered by opposing heirs when you are playing online.

Always remember that the conquered territories are one of the biggest sources of cash income for you. Cash is necessary for upgrading your armor and weapons, so looking after the territories under your control ultimately leads to a much more powerful heir under your control. The global ranking system in Heir of Light ensures that when you are playing online, other players from all around the world can see your territories. Therefore, it is necessary for you to establish a firm control, keep the people happy and enjoy the feeling of reigning over a huge kingdom in Heir of Light!

2. Know Your Limits

Like most RPG games, Heir of Light also ensures a memorable gameplay experience for players by introducing many limits that you will have to keep track of. Defeating a boss may look like a very easy task at the earlier levels but as you progress to the higher stages, the difficulty increases exponentially. It is at these levels that you will have to start worrying about your health and combo bars. The health bar is located at the top of the screen of your smartphone where it is instantly and clearly visible at all times. In addition, the combo bar is located below the health bar and it keeps track of the power of your attacks. This means that when the combo bar is full, you can unleash a devastating full power combo on the enemy. However this will deplete your combo bar and you will have to resort to normal melee moves until it restores again.

That being said, a powerful melee attack combo also takes a large chunk out of your combo bar and this can definitely pose a dilemma for you as a warrior. Remember to always save the powerful melee attack combos for the most difficult creatures. You can estimate the hit points you need to deal to a creature by hitting it using a single normal melee attack on it. If your attacks make almost no difference to the hit points of the creature, it is best for you to initiate the powerful melee attack combo in order to ensure your continued survival. Sometimes finding a good balance can be a real challenge it is well worth the effort. This is because dying from loss of moves is one of the most common sources of failure in Heir of Light.

Another limit imposed by the developers is on the number of weapons you can carry at once. Heir of Light offers a unique gameplay experience by giving you a choice of both ranged and melee weapons that you can equip. However, you can only carry one type of weapon with you at a time. This means that you will have to identify which weapon suits your style of play best. If you are a strategy centric player who likes to dodge attacks and strike from a distance, get the bow or spear. However. if you are a true Heir and the bravest warrior in the land, choose the sword or axe and slice your way to the top!

3. Upgrade Your Armor And Defence

A characteristic that you do not have any control over initially, but can improve as you progress throughout the game, is the “defense” and “armor” of your character. Heir of Light is an RPG where the decisions that you make during the course of the game can alter your progression. Needless to say, a higher defense will mean you can take much more damage before your Health bar reaches to an alarming level. You will not be able to have a high defense as you start off. This characteristic can only be upgraded either by leveling up during your exploration of the dark lands or by using the cash that you obtain during your adventures. Depending upon your play style, if you prefer to use melee attacks more, putting a few points into defense would prove very beneficial for you. If you would rather annihilate your enemies with special attacks, it is better if you save those upgrade points for combos and Area Of Effect abilities.

In addition to the protection of your main character, you are able to use defensive towers to save your territories from attack. As the developers themselves state that defense is the prerequisite for attack so you should heed this advice. This is because once your territories are well protected by these towers, you can charge fearlessly into battle without having to worry about your people. The basic towers at the earlier levels only provide a small layer of protection and can be easily taken down by the enemy. Therefore it is very necessary that you continue to upgrade the towers to ensure that the level of protection is sufficient to protect your territories from any potential invasion.

The servant master relationship in Heir of Light means that you will have to plan for the armor and defensive abilities of your servant as well. Over the course of your progress you will be able to gain many servants through the use of your skills in battle. However, the game restricts that only one of these servants may accompany you through the game. Therefore, it is necessary that you should take care to upgrade the defence of the servant that you choose from those available to you.

4. Special Attacks And Combos

Heir of Light is one of the few RPG exploration games on the market which feature awesome fighting combos. The developers of Heir of Light have made the game much more interesting by introducing the concept of special attacks. After you initiate a fixed number of melee attacks, your combo bar starts to fill up. This bar is also upgradeable as you progress further into the game and you will be able to use the cash that you earn to increase the maximum combo bar that you can have. Be mindful that initiating a special attack can quickly deplete your combo bar at the earlier levels. This is why you should try and use the special attacks only for those monsters which are very hard to defeat using normal melee attacks. Try to never use the special attacks right at the start of a boss battle rather keeping it for the finishing move so that you do not have to worry about the bar refilling again.

One of the most unique gameplay features offered by Heir of Light is the Master Servant combo moves. As you gain control of more and more servants while progressing to higher levels, you will be able to customize them according to your style of play. The earlier servants will offer only a few combo move options like jump and slash or dive under. However as soon as you have higher level servants under your control, you will begin to unlock some really powerful combos.

A perfect combo for players who prefer to play with the melee swords and axes is the uppercut rotating slash. This combo requires a completely full combo bar and can be initiated only while in the presence of a level 3 or higher servant. Once initiated, the servant jumps high into the air while you roll over quickly beneath the target enemy. You slash the enemy deeply from beneath while the servant rips apart the top half of the target enemy. Similarly there are powerful ranged combos as well and a unique melee ranged combo where you throw your spear while the servant dashes ahead ensuring that it hits the heart of the enemy.

Heir of Light also brings an unprecedented level of customization into the game by allowing you to use elements and runes in order to modify the character that you control. These elements represent the power nexus of each master available for you to control and when used in different combinations they give unique abilities. For example the fire element used with an arcane rune gives your master the ability to use scorching arrows. If you continue to upgrade this combination, your servant can also use the scorching arrows in special attack master servant combos. On the other hand if you use the lightning element in conjunction with the regeneration rune, you will get the healing strikes ability. This ability grants you the chance to lifesteal a certain amount of health from your enemy whenever your strikes are able to pierce their skin. There are too many element and rune combinations to count in Heir of Light but all of them provide a unique gameplay experience so be sure to try each one out.

5. Achievements And Rewards

No Adventure RPG game would be complete without the promise of finding mysterious things along your way. Heir of Light continues upon this tradition by making available a variety of different runes, elements and treasures that you can gain by defeating bosses. It is also a lure to get you to explore the entire land even after you have found the area with the next boss. This is because the usefulness of these items is well worth the effort.

Recipes allow you to upgrade certain items like weapons and armor. In addition, items found such as leather boots or sword upgrades can be very useful for you. Similarly, you will find many different potions like the “health” and the “combo restore” potions hidden in crates or chests or whenever you defeat a boss.

Heir of Light brings a truck load of achievements for you to track your progress and motivate you towards higher goals as you continue playing the game. Not only do these achievements serve as milestones for you to brag about to your friends and family, they have in-game benefits as well. When you complete a certain set of achievements you will be able to claim rewards against that achievements and you can track how much you have progressed with the other achievements in the progress menu. It is important that you do not lose track of your main gameplay strategy while chasing after these achievements because then you will not be able to create a balanced style of play. You should also focus on gaining cash through normal paths and save the achievements for when you are in real need of an influx into your balance. Claiming all the saved achievements at once will help make sure that you have a lot of cash available and this could possibly make a difference for defeating the difficult bosses or clearing a particularly difficult mission.

In addition, whenever you successfully defeat a boss, you will be granted with a reward chest which has a very small chance to contain an ultra rare upgrade for your character, a normal chance at giving out customization items for your master character and a usual chance of giving bonus experience points or cash rewards.

The ultra rare upgrades which you might obtain if you get extremely lucky in the game include fireball magic knowledge upgrade, flaming swords and thunderous axes which will become part of your arsenal. You can then equip your master character with these amazing weapons. These weapons deal a much higher damage output than normal weapons found in the levels or purchased with cash. Mostly, you will get a certain random amount of cash from the chests though and these are equally useful in many cases especially when you have a difficult boss fight coming up and you badly need a large influx of upgrades to ensure your survival in Heir of Light.