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Hospital Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Top Hospital Manager

Mobile gamers who fancy various games, regardless of genre, and players who are particularly fond of idle clicker business sim games have something new to spend some of their spare gaming time on with one of Codigames’ newest business sim game, Hospital Empire Tycoon. Much like the company’s most popular hits like Hotel Empire Tycoon, Prison Empire Tycoon, and Idle Theme Park Tycoon; Hospital Empire Tycoon is a simple and straightforward business sim game where loss of income is next to impossible.

This time, players take the role of neophyte hospital administrator, managing the entire operations of the brand new hospital as well as directing its plans for growth and expansion. Choosing which doctor and staff candidates to hire, along with setting investment prioritizations on different departments of the hospital, form part of the basic responsibilities that are accorded to you.

hospital empire tycoon guide

Despite Mae’s early warning about planning your investments to ensure that you will never incur any losses, Hospital Empire Tycoon actually lets you earn continuously as soon as you make it through the quick tutorial session.

As a hospital administrator, you will always have patients that pay you money after treating them. Doctors and staff do have different wages that are taken from your total earnings, but you would actually have to put in more effort to try and have yourself bankrupted considering the rate at which your profits flow.

This is a type of idle business sim game where you can realize profits almost regardless of how you go about running the hospital, and even complete beginners are guaranteed to make bits of progress by simply playing the game.

hospital empire tycoon ambulance

Hospital Empire Tycoon provides players with plenty of features to look into, all related to improving your hospital’s performance and profitability. While the plethora of items waiting to be unlocked or upgraded seem to pile up at the early part of your run, you can never make a decision bad enough to really lose profits.

Regardless of your decision-making skills and time spent on your virtual enterprise, profits will be earned. However, if you are raring to grow your hospital empire at a herculean rate, then you’ve come to the right place as our Hospital Empire Tycoon beginner’s guide comes with useful tips, tricks and strategies to become a top hospital manager in no time!

1. Keep The Profit Booster Active

When Mae, your initial guide, finally finishes the initial tutorial session and lets you venture on your own, there will be a variety of items you would want to explore and click on. Before you do, however, we recommend activating the Profit Booster first. The Profit Booster is just one of the many ad boosts present in Hospital Empire Tycoon and gives you an extra 50% profit for the duration of time it is active. The best part of it is that it continues to boost idle income earned even if you are offline and away from the game.

To access this feature, simply click on the play button at the lower left side of the screen. Each short video ad you play gives you a boost that lasts for 10 minutes and you can stack up to a full hour’s worth of profit boosts at a time by playing 6 ads one after another.

hospital empire tycoon profit booster

For starters, keep in mind that the vault system in Hospital Empire Tycoon puts a cap on the maximum amount of earnings you can hold, but investing money into upgrades can quickly deplete your supply of cash as well so an extra 50% income becomes a tremendous boost al throughout your hospital administrator career.

Beyond doing this the first time, it is very important to make it part of your routine to keep the boost active. Although you do not necessarily have to keep it charged for the full hour all the time, always keep tabs on how much profit boost time you still have. What matters is that you keep it as full as possible before leaving the game, especially if you plan on staying offline and away from the game for more than an hour.

Keep in mind as well that the value of this profit boost grows bigger the further you make progress as the 50% increase in profits applies the same to your growing stream of income.

2. Fully Utilize The Builder And Investigator

Two of Hospital Empire Tycoon’s features that make it appeal a bit like a camp-building game are attributable to the builder and investigator you rely on to build and upgrade offices and conduct research on improvements, respectively. You can see the number of available builders and investigators at the upper left side of the screen and what you should aim for is to have both numbers be 0, meaning that both of them are always tending to something.

Extra builders and investigators can be hired by spending real money, and while that may provide a lot more convenience and speed in terms of growing your hospital, you can still make good progress without the extra help especially if you manage both of these workers to the fullest. The further you progress into expanding your hospital, the more upgrade options become available at a time.

hospital empire tycoon investigations

Likewise, problems that require investigations will also become available under the long list of research items you can find by clicking on the telescope icon at the upper right side of the screen.

The higher the upgrade or investigation level is, or the further it is down the line, the more time it takes for the action to be completed. Waiting for its completion can sometimes take hours and you can cut down on the completion time by spending gems, which is a premium currency. We recommend to wait out completion times instead of spending gems on them. Gems are best used for other things with lasting effects such as hiring better doctors for your hospital.

What is important to consider here is to align waiting times for both builders and investigators. You will always have plenty of choices available and there are hardly any right or wrong choices as any upgrade and investigation is an improvement to your hospital. It is best to consider items that both require as much time to complete as the other. While both tasks are pending and you have no other tasks to perform, you can always just take note of the completion times and leave the game for that duration.

3. Prioritize Vault Upgrades

Hospital Empire Tycoon has a unique gameplay mechanic that is not commonly found in idle clicker business sim games but provides a more challenging twist to progression. The vault, which is at the front right end of your hospital, is basically where your income is stored and has a limit as to the amount of cash it can hold.

You will be able to upgrade it early on and the tutorial will touch on it as well. Although it may be a while before you can hop back to perform an upgrade on it again, make sure to keep it among your priorities to avoid hampering your profit’s growth.

hospital empire tycoon vault upgrades

Given that all earnings in excess of what your vault can store is considered lost forever, it is best to push its limit to as huge as you can get it to. Like most idle clicker business sim games, some buildings and upgrades in Hospital Empire Tycoon have prerequisites you need to satisfy first. In the case of vaults, there are required departments reaching certain levels for each upgrade. Likewise, there are investigations you need to conduct as well before actually being able to spend cash on upgrading the vault.

Despite considering the vault as your top priority as much as possible, the upgrade’s dependencies on some investigations as well as upgrade levels of some facilities will make it impossible for you to progress with it continuously. This leaves plenty of room for you to invest in other upgrades and unlock other investigations. However, always keep tabs on the progress you make relative to the vault as you would want to keep expanding it once it becomes possible for you to do so again.

4. Let The Objectives Serve As Your Guide

Gems are a precious commodity in Hospital Empire Tycoon, especially since using them to recruit a rare or even an exceptional doctor, can tremendously boost your profits. While holding on to your precious gems just for the purpose of hiring better doctors is a strategy on its own, you will still need more gems as you make progress to have more top-ranked doctors assigned to the growing number of consultation rooms as well as patients that visit your hospital.

Reaching certain upgrade milestones through the stars you earn and collect will also net you sums of gems. Beyond that, however, you can also earn some extra gems by completing set objectives, which act like missions in your game. You can access the list of objectives via the note icon at the lower right side of the screen. It is fairly easy to notice, especially with a check mark since you are likely to accomplish some mission targets without even knowing specifically what they are.

hospital empire tycoon objectives

Each objective completed grants you 5 gems and there will always be 4 different objectives available. Once a target has been completed, it is best to claim rewards right away so a new objective will be shown. Towards the end of your run, there will likely be an end as well to the long list of targets, but until then it is best to work on completing these objectives as the sooner you earn free gems, the better it can be for your hospital’s performance every step of the way.

Beyond the gem rewards, however, these objectives also serve as a valuable guide for you towards progressing your virtual hospital administration career. Getting the vault out of the way as among a top priority when it comes to upgrades, there is still a wide selection of hospital areas vying for your decision when it comes to which one needs to be upgraded first. Within the different consultation rooms, the reception, the delivery room, the supplies room, as well as other departments of your growing hospital, there are multiple areas of improvement on top of the room upgrade as well.

By reading through the list of available objectives, you can have an idea about which ones can be more easily done, signifying to some extent that those should be priority upgrades to be done. Given that there will always be 4 objectives to target at a time, having one or a couple of them beyond your reach at the moment narrow down the choices to take.

5. Leave As Little Idle Cash As Possible

Watching your income grow over time is certainly a mild, yet satisfying treat across every game you dive into. If Hospital Empire Tycoon belonged to a genre other than an idle clicker business simulation, there would be nothing wrong with growing your piles of cash as much as your vault can hold.

hospital empire tycoon upgrades

However, just like conventional idle clicker business sims, the general rule that applies is to keep as little idle cash as possible. Most especially considering the vault system that caps the cash you can hold, an empty cash bank basically ensures that you have ample space for all the profits that come streaming over.

The whole logic behind this strategy revolves around the concept that every bit of cash you invest on any kind of upgrade or improvement improves the income you earn over time. Even in cases where an upgrade does not directly lead to more income, faster services and better employee performances all eventually lead to higher profits. As such, every bit of cash you invest into any of the areas within the hospital ultimately increases your profit stream.

6. Use Your Reputation Boosts Wisely

Emptying your cash in following objectives in terms of upgrading priorities can give you a much better direction towards progress than simply investing profits aimlessly. One of the challenges that typically come with idle clicker business sim games is how to balance out every aspect of the business to reach the optimum flow of operations.

Taking a simple operations process flow in your hospital, let us consider the tasks of doctors, receptionists, distributors, and medical administrators. The jobs each personnel type performs are interdependent and balance across them is important to ensure that none are overburdened and serve as the bottleneck for treating patients.

Receptionists are at the frontend of the business and direct patients to available doctors in the different consultation rooms. While in some cases consultations can end without the need for any medication supplies, doctors can prescribe more than one medication at times before letting the patients go.

hospital empire tycoon reputation

When the doctors require medication supplies, it goes through the medication administrators first as they will be the ones ordering the medications needed by the patients. This will initiate the generation of the medication supplies and once finished, will be delivered by the responsible distributor to the consultation room where it is needed.

You can take some time to observe how this process goes to check where bottlenecks or potential slowdowns in operations can take place. Following the discovery of what needs to be improved to have a smoother process flow, you can allocate more earnings as investments to upgrade the area that needs improvement.

Beyond straying from known objectives to keep balancing out upgrades across every department in your hospital, however, there are additional upgrades you earn through your reputation that can be used to improve different aspects of your hospital business. The higher the star grade of your reputation is, the more flexible you can be in terms of which boosts to utilize.

hospital empire tycoon tips

Just to refresh in case you forget about it after the tutorial, improvements you invest on any aspect of the hospital will earn you stars at certain milestones. You need to obtain a certain number of stars to rank up your reputation level, indicated by a star on the upper left side of your screen. Once you earn at least 2 stars, you can start utilizing a boost available on the list.

To see the list, simply click on the drop-down menu beside the star. The higher your star grade, the more boosts will become available for you to choose from. Simply ticking the boosts on or off makes it easy to make changes at any time, provided that you have enough stars to allocate across your best picks. While you can never activate all the available boosts at any given time, it is not something to be sad about. Any one of the perks on the list can tremendously boost your hospital’s performance.

For the first two reputation stars you earn, as an example, you can choose to either activate the number of patients you receive by 75% or decrease salary expenses by 50%. Depending on your need for the moment, either choice will help you net more profits. For us in this case, where salary of employees only net about 100 per minute, we prefer the former.

hospital empire tycoon tricks

After earning your third reputation star, you can also opt to use that star to increase patients’ movement speed by 25%, or use all 3 stars instead speed up your doctors by 50%. There are plenty of combinations to mix and match ensuring a more dynamic environment within your hospital. As soon as you earn another star, or when you feel that your needs have changed, be sure to check on a better set of buffs to activate for your business.

7. Change Assigned Doctors Once You Hire Better Ones

While you will only start operations with just 1 consultation room and 1 doctor assigned to it, your progress in terms of your hospital’s growth and development ultimately leads to having several consultation rooms, each with its own need for an assigned doctor. While the basic premise is that you need to assign a doctor for each vacant consultation room to tend to more patients simultaneously and earn more profits, having better doctors around will soon become a basic necessity to ensure your hospital’s peak performance.

hiring a doctor in hospital empire tycoon

Each doctor in Hospital Empire Tycoon is unique and has rarity grades much like characters in conventional RPGs. There are common (blue), rare (purple), and exceptional (yellow) doctors with the last type being the best and rarest kind. Normal doctors come with a bonus perk; rare doctors come with 2 to 3 perks; and exceptional doctors have a full set of 4 different perks. These perks all relate to performance and higher grade doctors also have higher rates of perks attached to them.

By clicking on the doctor icon at the lower right side of the screen, you can check available doctors you can hire on the first tab as well as the ones under your employ on the second tab. We have yet to chance upon an exceptional doctor for hire but have seen rare ones several times. On idle moments, be sure to check on the perks attributable to all the doctors that form part of your staff.

You can click on the doctor’s portrait and check their perks and details and you can also choose to fire unassigned ones as well as unassign assigned ones. To assign a doctor, however, you have to click on the consultation room where you want to assign a new doctor. This is where you can also replace currently assigned doctors with new ones.

hospital empire tycoon staff

It is important to keep in mind that all doctors under your employ, even the unassigned ones, continue to earn salary over time. If you have extra unassigned doctors, especially common ones, and have no immediate consultation rooms available soon, then you can always opt to let them go. There are numerous ways to hire new ones when you need them anyway and if you patronize the ad boost at the shop on a daily basis, then chances are that you can have a steady supply of better doctors than the ones you may see on the regular hire list.

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Ads of different sorts have been a common part of mobile games for quite some time, especially ones that are completely free to play. While there may still be players who are not used to seeing these ads, or perhaps even bothered by it. In any case, it is best to understand the logic behind the existence of these ads, as games, particularly casual and hyper-casual types, do not rely on heavily or at all on micro transactions to maintain their availability as game that is free for everyone to enjoy.

hospital empire tycoon shop

Hospital Empire Tycoon contains video ads but there are no instances of ads popping up without you wanting them to play. All video ads in the game are considered ad boosts and each 15 to 25-second video ad you will see is guaranteed to enhance your gameplay in one way or another. The profit boost we discussed earlier is one of the 4 types of ad boosts present in Hospital Empire Tycoon and while we consider it to be the most important, the other 3 provide nifty perks as well.

The first one can be obtained from the shop and you can play a video ad once a day for a basic search for a premium doctor. While the basic search has a high chance of netting you a common doctor, rare and exceptional doctors can also be obtained by chance.

hospital empire tycoon extra cash

The other ad boost can be seen as an instant cash reward depicted by a cash icon floating at the upper right side of your screen. The grant lets you receive instant cash as donations from former patients. The value of the grant varies but will always be sufficiently attractive unless your cash bins are full. It only takes a short while for this feature to become available again after activation, so if you are in a rush for cash, keep your eyes peeled for this ad boost.

Finally, Hospital Empire Tycoon lets you earn idle income for the period of time you are offline and away from the game. This can also be boosted if the profit boost is active when you signed out of the game but can be further increased if you choose to play an ad once you return. The only catch is that the perk will not be available if the amount of profits you already earned idly can fully cap your cash vault.

hospital empire tycoon income

And that sums up all we have for you on our Hospital Empire Tycoon beginner’s guide. While we are fairly confident that we covered all the tricks in the game, we welcome you to share extra ones that we may have missed. If you chanced upon a nifty trick or strategy other than the ones we uncovered, be sure to drop us a line in the comments!


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