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Homo Evolution Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Shaping Your Own Version of Humanity

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned idle clicker that allows you to earn a lot of virtual money in a variety of scenarios that could run the gamut from running businesses AdVenture Capitalist-style to controlling heroes in an idle RPG setting. Azur Interactive, a company known for titles such as Modern Strike and World War Heroes, has something simpler for the idle clicker fans out there, and it’s called Homo Evolution. This is a clicker game based on the concept of human evolution, and once you merge, or evolve animals from one species to the next, you’ll move on to evolving new types of humans, creating more “modern life forms” as you go along and populating Earth with a variety of creatures. The game promises four different ways to “shape the world,” and regardless of which path you take, you’ll be earning money while doing (comparatively) very little, even in the very early goings.

Idle clickers may sound like extremely casual titles, and they may have a “played one, played them all” vibe to them. However, that doesn’t mean they’re complete no-brainers, and that’s the reason why we are presenting this Homo Evolution guide. We’re covering everything in here, so keep on reading if you want those evolutions to move faster, if you want to unlock more eras, and if you want to earn more currency in order to speed things up even further! So without further ado, let’s move on to our Homo Evolution tips, cheats and strategies in a complete guide!

1. The Basics Of Homo Evolution

As Homo Evolution is, in essence, an idle clicker game, it may seem like there’s very little for you to learn and master, and that in itself is true. However, every idle clicker has a few things that set themselves apart from the rest of the pack, and that’s where this particular tip, or list of basic tips, can come in handy.

homo evolution cheats

The basic mechanic behind the game is combining, or evolving two of the same creature to form a new one, and discovering new creatures as you go along. For starters, the eggs take 10 seconds to appear on the screen, and when you tap them to hatch, you’ll get a lizard. Combine two lizards and you get a dinosaur. Combine two dinosaurs and you get an ostrich. Two ostriches will get you a squirrel, two squirrels will result in an indri, and two indri will allow you to create a monkey. Don’t let the lack of logic (monkeys, after all, are mammals) put you off — we’d say that the game’s makers just wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

Once you’ve successfully combined two monkeys for the first time, you’ll get the First Man, and that’s going to take you into the next era, and a second option for you to tap in the middle right portion of your screen. Keep evolving creatures as you go from era to era (sometimes, you’ll have a choice of two eras), let things idle if you want to earn more money for new creatures the natural way, or keep on tapping if you want to earn that money quicker. That’s the gist of Homo Evolution in a nutshell, but there’s still a lot more to learn about the game, such as the things you can do in order to speed up the evolution process and unlock new creatures sooner rather than later.

2. About The Upgrades – Which Should You Focus On?

There are four types of upgrades you can perform while playing Homo Evolution — Egg Time, Upgrade Piggy Bank, Mixing Scale, and Creature in an Egg. All of these upgrades get progressively more expensive as you level them up — that should be clear to you from the moment you perform your first upgrade in the game. But which of these upgrades is most important? Which should you be spending your gold, and later on, your crystals on in order to get the best results in the least possible time?

Overall, we’d say Creature in an Egg is the most helpful of these upgrades, as leveling this up would progress the type of creature you hatch when tapping on eggs in the Egg (“Beginning”) Era. If your eggs are at level 1, that means you’ll be hatching lizards, but upgrading them to level 2 allows you to hatch dinosaurs. Take note, however, that you can only move up to level 5 here, meaning monkeys (the last creature in the Egg Era) are the most advanced type of creature you can hatch from the eggs. (Again, just go with it.)

The next most important would be Egg Time, as each upgrade shortens the time it takes for new eggs to appear. You can go all the way to three seconds here, though we wouldn’t really recommend this if you’d rather focus on “idling” and not “clicking.” We’ll explain why this is the case a little later on. But going back to the original topic, you will want to focus on Mixing Scale next, as this is a “tool” that reduces the number of evolutions you need to perform before you get a bonus crystal. Upgrade Piggy Bank extends the time where you can accumulate gold while offline, with longer times meaning more gold earned offline (and a longer wait) — this too can be important, but not as much as the other three upgrades we mentioned above.

3. You Can Also Buy New Creatures

Aside from hatching creatures and evolving them to create new ones that are higher up in the evolutionary scale, you can buy them through three forms of payment —gold, crystals, or videos. The game will unlock new creatures for you to purchase starting with your fifth creature (indri), which means you will be able to buy lizards at that point in the game, leaving you four creatures behind at all times when it comes to buying them. Likewise, purchasing a creature multiple times will make them progressively more expensive, though this happens for each purchase in the multiple of five. That means you’ll have to watch a lot of videos if you want to maximize your purchases — keep in mind that buying a creature by watching a video can only be done for the one which you had most recently unlocked. We’d only recommend using crystals once you’ve made it to your third era, with eggs dropping every five seconds or less and Creature in an Egg fully leveled up to 5. In other words, feel free to buy creatures with crystals if you’ve purchased all the essential upgrades.

4. You Can Only Have So Many Creatures Across All The Active Eras

While Homo Evolution is indeed an idle clicker in many ways, it’s also a clicker where you have to do your fair share of clicking in order to move forward. Now that isn’t to say you should always keep tapping for more money; what we mean to say here is that you’ll need to keep busy in order to hatch those eggs and clear out each era by evolving whatever you’ve hatched, because the game only allows a maximum of 16 creatures/eggs per era. Somehow, the game won’t automatically hatch eggs for you while you’re away, so those eggs will keep on accumulating until they reach 16; if your Egg Time is at 5 seconds, for instance, that means it will take all of 80 seconds (one minute, 20 seconds) for the Egg Era to fill up with eggs!

Keep an eye out for the red exclamation points on the buttons corresponding to each era on the middle right part of your screen. If you see an exclamation point, that means the era in question is full, so you need to go there and clear it out by evolving matching creatures.

5. Catch Those Flying Chests

homo evolution tips

Every now and then, you will see a treasure chest flying across the screen, with a pair of wings slowly moving from right to left, or vice versa. By tapping on these chests, you will get to a chance to watch a 15 to 30-second video, and once the clip is done, you’ll be asked to spin a wheel to win any one of several random prizes. It could be more gold, some bonus gems, a bonus creature, or a temporary price cut on all creatures; regardless of what it is, this is free stuff that could really help you down the line! Keep your eye out for those chests, and be careful when switching from era to era; if you accidentally tapped on another era button while one of those chests was flying across your screen, the chest will be gone when you return to the original era!

6. Multiply Your Gold Earnings By Watching Videos

On the right side of your screen, just above the era buttons, you’ll see a gold button that may have “x2” or “x4” on it. By tapping on the button, you’ll be able to watch a short video in order to double, or, in some cases, quadruple your gold earnings for a few minutes. It may not sound like much time to earn much more than you normally would, but it’s always worth a shot to watch those videos and get that sweet multiplier!

Additionally, Homo Evolution allows you to watch videos in order to multiply the gold you earn while, say, watching videos for another purpose, or your offline earnings as well. It’s only going to be a double multiplier in this case, but any idle clicker veteran will always tell you that it’s good practice to watch those ads in order to get twice the offline earnings you’d normally expect!

7. The Ads Are Annoying, But You Can Get Rid Of Them

Speaking of ad videos, we’re going to be honest here — they can really get invasive. Sometimes, they’ll pop up the moment after you tap on the Creatures button to buy new creatures, or after you tap on the Upgrade button to level up whatever upgrades you’ve got. Sure, we can get that you need to watch a lot of videos in order to get those premium-priced creatures faster than you would through good old evolution, but it’s different when you’re simply moving from one menu to the next.

There are two ways to get rid of those annoying ad videos, and the first would be to switch off your phone’s internet connection or put it on airplane mode. Obviously, this means you won’t be able to watch ads for free creatures, and it also means you won’t be helping the game’s developers monetize their creation, but if the videos get to be too much, it doesn’t hurt to do this from time to time. Better yet, you can take advantage of the Starter Kit offer on the right side of your screen if you’re a new player — for a limited period of time, you can buy the game for just $1 or its equivalent in local currency, which effectively turns off the random ads that pop up. You’ll also get 60 free crystals, so if you come to think of it, that’s a pretty good deal for a dollar.

8. Boosters – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The Boosters button in Homo Evolution appears to be the game’s equivalent of a premium store, as this is where you can buy items for crystals or real-life money, or sign up for Gold Membership. The items we’re referring to include the titular Boosters, and for 15 crystals and a duration of two hours for the first purchase, you can double your gold coin income, reduce New Egg Time by half, or save 25 percent on new creatures. We wouldn’t suggest going this route unless you’re flush with crystals; personally, we see the duration as being too short, but those Boosters can be valuable for that brief period of time in which they are active.

homo evolution guide

The Boosters button is also where you’ll want to go if you’re planning to part ways with your real-life money and buy some crystals. The cheapest package costs $2 and contains 60 crystals, while the most expensive is worth $17 and contains a whopping 3,500 crystals. You can also watch an ad video for three free crystals, or turn off ads by paying $1. The game will also allow you to spend crystals in exchange for gold — 59 will get you 9.8 billion, while 349 would be worth a whopping 79 billion in gold coins.

Lastly, you can sign up for Gold Membership through the Boosters menu, and by signing up, you’ll have an ad-free experience with x2 gold, bonus 20 percent on crystal purchases, and a guaranteed 30 crystals per day. It’s free for you to try for the first three days, but make sure to cancel within that time if you don’t want your credit card to be charged going forward! (Gold Membership would normally cost you $3 per week once the trial period expires.)

9. What’s In The Map?

The rightmost button on the bottom of your screen corresponds to the game Map, and you’ll want to go here if you’ve earned enough to unlock a new in-game world. The cheapest new world will cost you 826.9 billion in gold, while the most expensive is worth 43.7 ae — expect some literally out of this world creatures to unlock, with the mechanics exactly the same as they are on Earth!

On the bottom left of the Map menu, you’ll find the Missions button, which allows you to complete missions for extra gold, crystals, and/or creatures. The first one will get you 20 billion gold and 10 crystals, simply for waiting five minutes — all missions in the game do not require you to do anything except to wait, so it’s very easy to earn free currency this way. But while it’s very easy, it could also take a while — the five-minute mission is so short because it’s a taster of what to expect, but subsequent missions could take hours, or even days to complete!

And this wraps up our collection of Homo Evolution tips, cheats and strategies. If you know additional tips for the game, feel free to let us know below in the comments!


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what do i do next when i get to transformation .like i chose care,i unlocked all the species in care and got to the last one transformation ,but i haven't unlocked others how can i unlock them..