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Miracle M Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Raise Battle Power Faster and Win More Battles

Miracle M is a brand new action RPG from Hazard Games, that boast good graphics and tons of content guaranteed to satiate your daily needs for various battles and loot grinding. Considering that there are tons of other online RPGs in the mobile gaming market, it’s a big surprise to find a new game from a new developer to nab over a hundred thousand downloads in a short span of time. Miracle M showcases a lot of features and game modes common in other games within the same genre but also exhibits several never-before-seen mechanics for RPG fans and new players to revel in and enjoy.

There are some complex upgrade and enhancement systems but the game offers suitable tutorials that even total beginners can easily understand. With friends and guild systems in place, Miracle M is a great game to play with your gaming group and if you are playing the game all on your own, there are plenty of people online to play and be friends with. If you are looking for an action RPG that you can fairly easily progress in without spending a dime, then be sure to check Miracle M out.

Miracle M takes you to the mystical continent of Teria where the forces of good gather to oppose and eradicate the looming evil. As you proceed with your adventure, you will encounter some heroes who will join you in your crusade and more can be summoned later on. You fight with a team of 5 heroes against mobs of monsters, huge bosses, and other team of heroes via PvP. On top of gaining experience points to level up heroes, various gears can be equipped to further boost stats and each hero can be promoted to become even stronger. Miracle M features a lot of additional game modes that test the might and efficiency of your hero teams. Friends and guild systems add a variety of perks to boost your team’s growth and development. Although every battle consumes stamina which regenerates over time, there will always be more than enough for you to play the game as much as you want daily. There are tons of events as well that offer unique rewards depending on the time you commit to the game and of course, there’s auto battle which makes it all a lot easier to grind for in-game items and equipment.

The controls and interface in Miracle M is pretty simple to grasp and master. Some mechanics relative to upgrades and enhancements as well as new game modes may offer some complex challenges though but every new feature you unlock automatically comes with a quick and short tutorial that covers the basics. There is still much left for exploration though, and some unlocked features may be utilized at a much later time considering material requirements that are a little more challenging to collect. In any case, if you find yourself in a bit of a jam understanding which game modes and features you should prioritize to stay ahead of the pack in terms of progress, or if you are simply aiming to find more strategic approaches to strengthening your heroes, then our Miracle M beginner’s guide can be very helpful in keeping you on top of the game and its numerous challenges.

1. Maintain A Team Following Suggested Classes

In Miracle M, the initial stages of the Adventure Mode provides you with heroes belonging to different classes and in a short span of time, you will be able to gather 5 heroes to have a full team roster that can take almost every battle effectively. A full team has 5 available slots and you can freely choose which hero to place on which slot. There are additional buffs, however, that you can get if you adhere to the suggested class of heroes for each available slot. The front row is dedicated to the team Tank, which boasts the highest defense stats in the game. Using a tank in the appropriate slot will give your party an additional 2% HP in battle. The two middle slots can be used by a fighter, which is your basic melee dps hero; a ranger, for ranged dps physical damage; or a caster, your ranged dps or AoE magic damage dealer. Lastly, the remaining rear lane slots are for 1 healer and 1 supporter. Healers are popularly known as responsible for keeping the team alive, while supporters offer defensive buffs which affect the whole team.

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While it may be difficult to acquire new heroes outside of spending diamonds to summon new ones, the free starting characters you will earn are quite okay and can win you a lot of battles. While there are a couple of game modes in Miracle M that require you to have more than 5 heroes, everything else can pretty much be accomplished with relative ease if your patient at grinding and dedicate some time and effort in the game. Once you do earn some additional heroes, be sure to still stick with the recommended formation following the suggested classes for each slot in the team composition. Keep in mind that the extra buffs may not seem much, it still helps a lot and it will be difficult to win battles if you stray far from the suggested team composition, anyway.

2. Focus On Progressing Through Adventure Mode

Miracle M’s Adventure Mode is the basic game mode that offers a lot of rewards to help you become stronger faster. As there are various possible rewards to be acquired with each run, replaying each level later on can earn you some of the other items you may have missed on your previous battle. Every fifth and tenth stage in an area is a boss battle which holds more than the usual possible rewards in the area.

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Once you finish stage 4-10 of the first act on easy mode, you can proceed to the next difficulty level which offers even better rewards. You can always preview the possible rewards you can obtain before actually engaging in battle. More importantly, you can see the recommended battle power for each stage at the top left of the screen so you will know your success chances in completing a stage. Simply finishing a stage while keeping your entire party alive gives you a 3-star rating and getting 3 stars on each stage in an area rewards you with additional loot to help you on your journey.

Most of the battles here can be won through auto battle. If your actual battle power is close to the recommended power requirement, whether higher or lower, you can try manually controlling your team to time the skill usage better and veer away from incoming enemy attacks. Stamina consumption won’t be an issue in adventure mode and you will discover soon enough that you almost always have tons of stamina to spare for grinding. With only 1 stamina required for easy stages and 1 stamina recovered every 30 seconds, you can play Miracle M’s Adventure Mode as much as you want.

3. Follow Priorities When Strengthening Your Heroes

There are numerous ways to enhance and upgrade your heroes in Miracle M. Some are very easy to do while others take a lot more effort and grinding. Spending some time and resource on your primary team may be the best way to go considering that you may want to earn all 2,700 gems to summon 10 times at the shop to save 300 diamonds. It does take a long while to earn 2,700 diamonds, though, but you can continuously strengthen you primary characters and still not be done with all possible upgrades before you acquire new heroes to join your fold. In any case, you can continue to farm for items and equipment while waiting to earn enough diamonds to summon additional heroes.

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The easiest and perhaps most basic way of strengthening heroes is through levelling them up. This can easily be done by using heroes in battle. If you promote the hero’s rank or awakening level, that hero’s level cap increases. On top of that, new skills for each hero can be unlocked at every promotion stage but as the hero’s rank increases, the requirements become more difficult to collect, most especially the hero shards needed at higher level promotions.

Regardless of a hero’s level, each one can be equipped with six pieces of gear that can be obtained in the Adventure Mode as well as a lot of the other game modes. Equipment are classified by rarity as well and the higher the rarity, the better the stats provided by each piece of gear. Each piece of gear can be levelled up as well and you will need to sacrifice a lot of similar types of equipment to do so. Random stats can also be laid into each piece of gear up to 5 times and you will need to farm a lot of Enhance Stones and Ordin Gems especially if you enhance an item beyond the first attempt.

Like gears, each hero can be equipped with a pet to help him or her in battle. Pets can be obtained at the shop for 300 gems each and the materials you need to level up your pets as well as enhance them with unique stats can be obtained through the Pet Dungeon, which is just one of the many game modes you can unlock in Miracle M.

4. Expend Daily Attempts In Each Dungeon

In just a matter of hours playing through Miracle M’s Adventure Mode and levelling up your account, you will easily be able to unlock all 8 dungeons, each with its own unique mechanics as well as rewards that can be difficult to obtain outside of it. Some dungeon modes have limited attempts per day and spending gems can give you extra turns, while others can be played repeatedly.

One of the most important dungeons to play daily is the weekly dungeon which hosts a different challenge per day and offers Medals that you need to promote your heroes. You will have 4 attempts each day to challenge the dungeon and beating the entry level unlocks the next one which is a little more difficult but proportionately offers better rewards. Regardless of the day, be sure to always farm for medals as much as you can most especially if you have already obtained additional heroes in your roster. Each attempt may only reward you with 1 medal and you will be needing a lot of it as your heroes reach new promotion levels.

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The Smelting Hall is where you can sacrifice extra pieces of equipment to gain the necessary materials you need to enhance your equipped items. Unlike in most RPGs, smelting in Miracle M takes time and you will need to guard the smelting mechanism against 5 waves of enemies as your sacrificed equipment is being converted into Enhance Stones and Gems of Ordin. Again, beating the lowermost level unlocks the next one which offers better rewards and you can unlock additional slots for equipment to be sacrificed by spending diamonds.

The Infinite Tower is your basic RPG tower mode where your team battles floor after floor of enemies that become stronger the higher you climb. You can see the rewards you can get on each floor as well as the recommended power level to beat each one. The Infinite Tower resets each week which means that you can once again climb from the first floor up to whichever floor you can beat and earn the rewards again. Depending on the floor you reach in Infinity Tower, you gain a rank compared to all other players and gold as well as diamonds will be rewarded accordingly. Keep in mind that once a hero dies on any floor in the tower, you can only use them again after spending some diamonds.

The Golden Dungeon is probably the best place to farm for gold. As you can never have more than enough gold which you need to spend on important upgrades as well as shopping, be sure to expend all attempts each day to obtain as much gold as you can from here. The Golden Dungeon is a boss battle of sorts, where you need to defeat Mimic within 2 minutes. The more difficult the level, the higher the amount of gold you are rewarded with so once you unlock the next higher level and your team battle power is sufficient enough, be sure to take on the challenge and hit retry until you run out of chances to battle.

The Pet Dungeon is much like the Golden Dungeon but rewards you with items to level up and enhance your pets. Instead of battling Mimic though, you will be taking on a huge bomb monster that you have to defeat within 2 minutes as well. Even if you still haven’t bought any pets, feel free to take on this dungeon as it will be very difficult to farm for pet materials in other game modes and later on, you will most definitely be wanting to obtain pets anyway.

The World Boss is perhaps one of the more challenging game modes in Miracle M as each difficulty level has a limitation as far as the team’s battle power is concerned. Difficulties impact the amount of stamina consumed as well and rewards can be gained up to the fifth attempt. The idea is to hold on as long as you can and earn points which will determine your rank. The longer you engage in the battle the stronger the world boss becomes until the entire party will be wiped out in an instant. There are plenty of unique rewards to be earned here so be sure to keep an eye out for the world boss’ availability each day.

The Underground Abyss is the most challenging game mode Miracle M has to offer. In a way, it works a lot like the tower, but instead of mobs, Abyss Bosses that are extraordinarily strong stand in your way. Take note the recommended battle power in this game mode starts at 17,000 so it may take a while before you start engaging in battles here. You can earn Abyss Coins here which can be used in the exchange for various rare items and there are weekly rewards as well based on your performance and rank. Defeating the first boss is required to move on to the next one and heroes that fall in battle can never be used again within the week unless you spend diamonds to resurrect them.

The Punitive Expedition is where you can face stronger versions of previously defeated bosses in Adventure Mode. There are a lot of good equipment that you can acquire here although it may take some time and several attempts to obtain them. The hard part in this game mode is that each battle has class restrictions meaning, you will have to swap out a member of your team for each particular battle. Defeating the first level enables you to take on the next challenge and raises the probability of acquiring the ultimate reward. Each battle consumes 10 stamina but you can go through each boss as many times as you want. With each battle won, your proficiency level against the particular boss increases, so that’s another reason to farm for the equipment you want to get on each of the available bosses.

5. Add Friends And Join A Guild

Having friends in any online multiplayer game often rewards you in a variety of ways. Although there are no cooperative game modes in Miracle M, having friends can be beneficial in that you can send and receive Heart Coins daily which can be used to purchase some items from the shop.

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As far as Guilds are concerned, being a member of a guild in any online game has grown to become more of a necessity than an option especially since the guild can contribute a lot to each member’s growth and development. In Miracle M, there are various guilds that you can join but more importantly, you have to apply for one that has a lot of active members. The guild’s overall activity and participation in guild battles leads to points that level the guild up to provide more buffs for all of its members. As such, joining an active guild that has unlocked or even upgraded the buffs it provides to its members as well as participates daily in guild battles is your best choice if you want to stay on top of the game.

6. Accomplish Missions And Participate In Events

Like in many online mobile RPGs, Miracle M offers plenty of additional rewards for you to earn depending on how much time and dedication you invest in the game. Although there are always immediate rewards that you can acquire with each battle, meeting certain milestones can net you even better rewards which include diamonds, among all other things. As such, be sure to always check on the Missions Icon located at the left side of your screen. Take note that there are Achievements as well as Daily and Weekly Missions to achieve for gold, diamonds, and even extra stamina. As you will most likely accomplish a lot of these tasks by playing through the game normally, what you should habitually do is to check on items in the list that you may have forgotten to accomplish and aim to fulfil as many of the tasks as you can possibly accomplish.

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Beside the Daily Login Icon on the upper left side of your screen is an Hourglass Icon which will also reward you based on how much time you spend on the game each day. As it only takes a full hour to acquire all rewards here, be sure to click on it and claim whatever you have earned before you log out of the game.

Miracle M also holds several events which can be seen via the Event Icon just below the Mail Icon. Though some of the tasks here may be difficult to achieve, strive as hard as you can to accomplish various feats that can earn you items that you can use at the exchange to obtain some materials and resources you need.

7. Grind For Extra Equipment

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As we mentioned before, you will always have an abundant supply of stamina in Miracle M and you will often have more than what you need to finish all the daily activities. If you are wondering what to do with extra stamina, feel free to farm for some equipment and other materials by using repeat battle on previously defeated bosses in Adventure Mode. Be sure to remember setting auto Mode as well as 2x speed on and you can leave your device idle to reap loads of rewards later on. Even by doing this, you will always find ways to use excess equipment as you will need a lot to level up the ones you use on your heroes and you also use excess equipment as a tribute to level up your Liberty. Every new level your Liberty reaches contributes to the overall power of your heroes as your Liberty provides buffs for your whole team.

8. Visit The Shop, Grocery And Exchanger Regularly

One of the most important reasons to visit the shop is to claim free hero shard and equipment summons daily. On top of that, this is the place to acquire new heroes and pets at the cost of diamonds. There are various other items that you can purchase here using gold, diamonds, and heart coins.

The grocery may seem a little confusing considering the existence of the shop but in Miracle M, the grocery is where you can also purchase some hero shards and other valuable resources with a few diamonds or some gold. As such, be sure to check the grocery regularly as well and take note of refresh time as you might chance upon the shards and materials that you really need.

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The Exchanger is a great trading post where you can use some of the items you have earned in various dungeons to basically choose the items you need to exchange for them. Consumables that you earn from special events can also be traded here and the wide range of choices gives you a lot of freedom to really narrow into the materials you need more than others. If you want to focus on hero shards for example, you can tap on the Piece Exchange Tab and consume Hero Coins which you can earn in Adventure Mode to purchase random hero shards. Likewise, if you have excess shards you want to dispose of, you can use 2 and spend 50,000 gold to acquire a Hero Coin here. Unlike the Shop and Grocery Icons which can easily be seen on the main screen, you can access the Exhanger by tapping on the Menu Icon at the top right of the screen. Be sure to explore all available taps at the Exchanger to find a lot of useful items you can obtain for various upgrade and enhancement needs that you may have.

There you have it! This ends our Miracle M beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned a lot from it as well as found it useful and enjoyable to read. Exploring through Miracle M’s many features and game modes seems to show that a lot of additional features will still be added in future updates. If you like this game as much as we do, then be sure to visit us again soon as we may publish another guide in the near future. Likewise, if you have additional tips and strategies that you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to inform us through the comment section below!