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Garena Speed Drifters Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Faster and Win More Races

Following hugely popular releases like Garena Contra: Return and Garena Free Fire just to name a few, Garena Games Online recently released Garena Speed Drifters, which has reached a million downloads and climbed up the charts faster than most racing games. Garena Speed Drifters is a kart racing game that is similar in some ways to Mario Kart. Its best features, however, lies in the multiplayer coop and versus game modes that offer a variety of fun and challenging experiences to both racing game veterans and newbies alike. Joining a race and the race itself can happen and end as quick as 3 minutes so even casual gamers can spend a few minutes of their free time to join in the very active Garena Speed Drifters race world. There are tons of tracks, cars, and costumes to collect and modifications on your vehicles make can easily make you stand out among others. Win or lose, it’s a lot of fun to race against friends and other players online, so regardless if you are into it alone or with a couple of gaming buddies, be sure to try this new racing game and see for yourself what all the craze is all about.

As a rookie racer, Garena Speed Drifters quickly lets you dive into battle as it pits you against both A.I. opponents and real players in a series of races as an introduction to the game. Challenges abound both in the campaign and battle room and as you play more on the first few hours, you will be surprised with the variety of game modes a seemingly simple kart racing game can offer. It’s not always about being first as you will still be rewarded for participation so don’t let a few losses discourage you from pursuing further as anyone can get better at any game with some practice and patience.

Unlike racing simulation games which are supposedly based on physics, kart racing games like Garena Speed Drifters rely on unique elements that make racing a lot more action-packed. There are speed boosts you can perform at the starting line and perhaps the more important aspect of the game, drifting around corners will reward you with a short boost afterwards and also fill up your nitrous boost bar to give you a lot of advantage in the race once activated. There are normal races when it’s all about staying ahead and some game modes involve unique and wacky weapons known to the usual kart racing genre. For offense or defense, strategy is important in keeping yourself within winning reach as races that involve weapons tend to turn the tide as fast as each of the races go. There’s even more strategy involved in team battles as you can send and receive aid from your teammates to win against your opponents.

There’s not much tutorial involved in Garena Speed Drifters as the controls and mechanics are as simple as they come. You will have more than enough guides to work with in the first few minutes though, and every new feature and game mode you unlock comes a short and simple explanation. If the controls are a little too challenging for you, there are options to choose from in the Settings Menu which you can easily access through Gear Icon at the upper right side of the screen. Considering everything, what you really need to do to get better in every racing game is practice. Even if you have played several racing games before, each game has a different ease of handling with all its cars in general and it does take some time to get used to. Despite that, if you want to progress fast in the game or if you are doing well enough but want to know what to prioritize with the time you can spend in the game, our Garena Speed Drifters tips, cheats and strategies can put you up to speed so you can compete better in succeeding races.

1. Master Starting Boost And Drifting Through Practice

Regardless of your level of expertise in racing games, you can’t always expect to just dive into any racing game and win races from the get go. Just like the saying that “one must break a few eggs in order to make an omelette”, you should be prepared to lose on some or most initial races before you can even strive to win. As the Battle Mode is the initial racing platform in Garena Speed Drifters, spend as much time as you need to enter random races and initially focus on perfecting the start boost and drifting.

garena speed drifters tips

For the start boost to be achieved, you need to tap on the countdown timer after it hits “1”. It may take a while to get used to most especially if you haven’t played any similar kart racing games before but once you get the timing right, you can almost always consistently remember the timing moving forward. Be wary of your surroundings though when you successfully launch with a boost as you may steer into walls or other racers in some instances. Expect that most other opponents can do this regularly in actual races so be sure to steer clear of them to make the most out of your quick boost.

Another basic quick boost follows mastering the drifts around every corner of the track. As you need to hold the drift button along with holding either the left or right directional pad, what’s more likely to happen is for you to drift a little too much and steer a little off course in the process. If you do, it only means that you have held the drift button longer than you should so on the next opportunity to drift, try and shorten the hold time for the drift button. What makes this a little more complicated is the fact that each corner in different race tracks have varying angles, each requiring a different amount of time to hold down the directional button and the drift button. Just so you can establish a common reference point as when to release the drift button and use the quick boost that you can earn following a successful drift, try letting go of the drift button before your car becomes parallel to the track immediately ahead. From thereon, you can make the necessary adjustments that can work regardless of how curved or short the corners are.

2. Progress Through Campaign Mode

Once your account reaches level 3, which will be pretty quick, campaign mode will be unlocked and you should press on to complete each available stage to earn more experience points needed to level up and unlock additional game modes and features as well as a lot of rewards you will need to help you race more efficiently. On top of clearing each stage to unlock the next one, you should aim to acquire all 3 stars to earn more rewards. The initial stages of the campaign mode are relatively easy and although you will just be racing against A.I. opponents, it serves as an effective training ground as well to hone you drifting and overall racing skills.

garena speed drifters cheats

Don’t be upset if you don’t nab all the star rewards on your first go as you can freely replay each stage you have previously beaten to focus on the objective you failed to achieve. You won’t receive as much gold and experience points on succeeding attempts but the actual reward for completing the objective can come a long way moving forward.

3. Learn More Tricks In Training Mode

garena speed drifters guide

As practice does make perfect in skills-based games like Garena Speed Drifters, a good way to further advance your drifting skills and boost mastery is through the Training Mode. Although more advanced tricks on the track can only be unlocked once you reach a certain account level, be sure to visit and attempt to master new tricks and challenges in the training mode as soon as it becomes accessible. Accomplishing feats in training doesn’t just level up your actual skills in the game per se, it also rewards you with higher level licenses that makes more tracks available as well as gives you buffs that help you perform better at races. As patience is key to doing well in games like this one, be sure to muster up a lot of it as some of the challenges you need to accomplish in training requires a lot of patience and hard work.

4. Accomplish Missions And Event Objectives For Extra Rewards

While you receive a lot of immediate rewards from engaging in every race, there are more rewards to be earned by accomplishing objectives in both the Main Missions and Daily Missions. The Main Missions involve milestones that offer one-time rewards once you reach it. As there are various rewards to be earned from these missions, be sure to check on what objectives you can still accomplish to progress further in the game. Considering Daily Missions, however, some of the goals can easily be accomplished by normally playing through various races. Just to be sure that you get the most out of it, always check for the list of things to do and you can press the “Go” button to instantly be taken to where you can accomplish the goals. On top of the multiple rewards you can earn from each set of activities, there are also rewards to be earned based on the total number of objectives you meet so if you want to progress fast in the game, dedicate some time to try and accomplish as many of the daily missions as you can. You can view missions through the lower right icon on the screen.

garena speed drifters missions

Garena Speed Drifters also boasts a lot of events daily and merely signing in each day can earn you great rewards. Some of the challenges available in the event objectives may take a lot more time than others to accomplish but the rewards you can earn out of fulfilling those objectives are hard to earn outside these events so try and make the most out of each event and take time to browse through all given tasks so you can at least target the ones you can accomplish faster.

5. General Item Race Strategies

Unlike normal race, races in Garena Speed Drifters like in most kart racing games are a little more tricky to master and involves a bit of luck considering the random element that item boxes provide as well and the added unpredictability of which from among your opponents will target you from behind. Although that is what makes these type of races more fun and exciting, it’s also the real reason that winning despite being a great driver a little less of a possibility. In case you are totally new to these types of races, we will just share some basic tips to give you an idea of how to manage your pace during the actual race.

First and foremost, staying ahead of the pack in an item race is not at all advisable. Most of the weapons in the game can be activated to target a player ahead of you so being at the very front means more people can stab you from behind. Just to be safe, you can stay in 2nd or 3rd place on the initial laps and depending on the item that you nab, you can focus on overtaking and staying in front at the last lap or the remaining stretch of it. Shields will be very valuable if you want to stay ahead early in the last lap. If you are lucky enough to nab one on the last lap and you are close to the finish line, it is best to save it for when you know that you are being targeted by an attack.

As a 2nd or 3rd placer, save offensive weapons like missiles for when you can take the lead and keep it till you reach the finish line. Although you should let someone else take lead for the most part of the race, be sure to maintain a good distance where you can go on the offensive and snatch the lead at a convenient enough spot. Just to be sure, stay alert at all times as you may be tailgated by another opponent with the same plan in mind.

Lastly, don’t directly follow players that are ahead of you. Item boxes disappear once a player gets one and it takes a short amount of time to respawn. To be certain that you will always get an item at every opportunity, avoid being directly behind and opponent on the item box areas. On a more advanced note, you can also intentionally bump into opponents near these areas in hopes of making them miss an opportunity to grab an item. It may be difficult to perform but when you played through enough races, using your kart as a bumper car can work wonders in many situations in the race and making an opponent miss to grab an item is perhaps the best of them.

6. Gold War Basic Strategies

The Gold War in Garena Speed Drifters is a unique game mode where you and 5 other players are locked in a circular track which looks more like an arena. Gold coins are scattered across the area and your goal is to get as many coins as you can within the time limit. For one, while grabbing a lot of coins is your primary concern, ensuring that you get more than the rest of the other players is what really counts.

garena speed drifters strategies

Coins may seem to be scattered randomly across the playing field but there is actually a consistent layout that the coins follow in every battle. As you will be positioned to make it seem like you want to cut across the arena to the other side, what you should do is follow the track around for a full 360 degrees to try and grab as many coins from the outermost layer of coins surrounding the arena. You will notice that coins are placed following a circular pattern and from a bird’s eye view it would look like a ring of coins from the top of the battle arena.

So instead of driving aimlessly across the field, try and chase as many coins from the outermost ring and work your way through to the inner lanes later on. Be weary of some opponents who may be doing the same strategy as you are as you may bump into them while circling the arena. Just avoid collisions and drift if you can to stay on the path of coins. Don’t prioritize items and instead focus exclusively on getting more coins.

There are definitely a lot more secrets and tricks to be unveiled in the game but for now, this is all we have for our Garena Speed Drifters guide. We hope that the tips and strategies we shared with you will help you do better in the game and again, we hope you will never tire of practicing those drifts and boost combo drifts to take a step further into mastering this awesome racing game. As we are continuously grinding through the game ourselves to discover more tips and strategies, be sure to let us know if you discovered or found some additional tips and strategies that we have not yet included in this article. For useful information you want to share or feedback relative to our Garena Speed Drifters guide, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!