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Garena Free Fire Ultimate Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

2017 saw the dramatic rise of the battle royale genre game titles and thanks for it! If you’re anything like us then you love the absolute chaos that comes along with 50-100 players all battling it out for that last spot, becoming the sole survivor and battle victor. For those that can’t get their fill at home, don’t worry. Thanks to the development team at Garena you can now face off against the onslaught of enemy players on your mobile device in Garena Free Fire!

From jumping out of a plane to frantically trying to escape the circle of death, you only have one true goal in Garena Free Fire, achieve that number 1 spot! Playing either solo, as a duo or squad the task at hand is a simple one, evade or destroy the enemy combatants to achieve ultimate glory and maximum reward.

Below we’ll be outlining the top Garena Free Fire tips, cheats, tricks and strategies to making it to the final spot, whether you’re the type to go in guns blazing or a pure survivalist.

1. Where To Drop

where to drop in garena free fire

The very first step in all battle royale games, the insertion. Jumping out of a plane with 49 other players all with the same goal in mind can be rather daunting. The choice comes down to balancing risk, bigger towns will yield the better and more densely packed weapons. The only problem with landing in one of these towns is the guarantee of a firefight as soon as you hit the ground. Around 90% of players land in the towns directly under the planes’ flight path. Don’t be afraid to fly a little further out, the safe zone ring doesn’t appear for a few minutes at the start of the game so you may end up landing in an advantageous spot.

If you land towards the edge of the map take note of locations of any vehicles just in case you need to make a b-line to the other side of the map. As you near the ground you’ll be given the option to open your chute early, never do this! For the best early advantage, get to the ground as quickly as possible.

2. Vehicles – Are They Worth The Risk?

It’s endless fun and a great way to move around in a squad but also a huge giveaway in regards to your position. Vehicles are great in Garena Free Fire and definitely have an upside such as travelling quickly across the map or mowing down other players in open terrain however, there are some big negatives at hand too. Vehicles obviously limit your ability to immediately engage with the enemy, they can be heard from a great distance and are an easy target if you’re unknowingly driving head on to an enemy ambush.

garena free fire vehicles

Playing solo I’d never recommend using a vehicle unless the impending circle poses serious risk, which after following this guide shouldn’t be the case. Duo’s and squads in vehicles can be quite beneficiary, giving you the chance to get a group of players into a fight very quickly and having that extra teammate whom can shoot on the move. If you do feel the situation calls for some form of transport just avoid driving directly through towns or along major roads, as these are hotspots for enemy activity and you’re asking for unnecessary engagement.

3. Play Styles – Which Is The Best For You?

This comes down to player preference and for those battle royale veterans I’m sure you’ve found a play style that you feel suits you, however, I advise taking a step back, out of your comfort zone and try something new. For all of the battle beginners out there, here are a few effective styles that you should get a feel for.

Guns Blazing

Everyone loves a good shout out. Going in guns blazing you’ll find yourself living off of the gear from fallen enemies and is a great tactic especially if you’re in a group. Rushing an enemy can be a great way of unexpectedly overwhelming them, if you’re group knows how to play together even better. With this play style flanking is crucial, getting a good angle on your enemy will be key to guaranteeing victory. Perhaps not the best play for a solo player as you have no back up and it’ll be easier for the enemy players to track your movements.

Evade And Engage

This is for all the snipers at heart. If you see an enemy player in Garena Free Fire, trail them, stay out of sight and engage at the best opportunity, typically when they’re collecting gear. This is a great play style for duo’s and solos alike. Minimising risk to yourselves whilst also getting that Alive player count down one-by-one. Ideally engage from a distance so you’re able to keep an eye on the field for possible approaching enemies, working in a team will prove easier as you can spread out for multiple fields of view. Solo players should seek cover and engage from inside/beside cover to reduce your visibility to those around you.


A play style that is great for all first-timers in the battle royale genre. Avoid combat at all costs and last until the end, you only need to kill 1 person to win. Engaging 1 single enemy unit is always preferable to multiple combatants.

Whilst this might not seem like the most fun play style, it’ll definitely see you reaching the final 5 whilst also giving you some time to get used to the game mechanics. Once you’ve got a feel for how the game plays out, start pushing and engaging in a few more fights to gain that ever crucial combat experience. Just remember your reward at the end of each game is directly linked to your performance in the match, hence more kills, means more loot!

4. The Best Weapon Combinations

Whilst some guns do seem like guaranteed player-killing machines it does really come down to play style. For those looking for gritty close quarter combat a shotgun and SMG/assault rifle combo can never go a miss. The devastating damage caused by a short distance 12-gauge blast will chew through enemy armour and health. Pair this with a high rate of fire SMG and you’ll rack up the kills, the main negative to this pairing is the longer reload rate for the shotgun so give yourself time to reload by seeking cover after each engagement.

best weapons in garena free fire

For those looking to take out other players from a distance, snipers and assault rifles are always a winner. Our personal favourite combination and top recommendation to reach the number 1 spot: A high damage, long range sniper such as the kar98k paired with the SCAR or AK can really dominate a battle. Hitting players from across the field will confuse them and cause panic, that’s if you don’t eliminate them with some quick headshots first.

The survivalist might want to stick with an assault rifle and SMG combo, spray and prey might not be the most graceful fighting style but it can be terribly effective.

If you’re playing in a duo or group, spread the weapons around. Variety is the spice of life and being able to adapt quickly will really give you the advantage over others in the battlefield.

5. Armour Levels And Damage

Get armour early and fast. Always check out any piece of armour you see laying around if you haven’t acquired level 3 items yet. Armour really is the difference between winning and losing. A fully level 3 armoured player with an assault rifle really is not to be trifled with, combine with medkits when you get the chance and you’re almost guaranteed to win every 1-on-1.

Armour does get damaged over time, however, a level 3 with little health will protect you from a more damaging shot than level 2 armour. Only trade down when you reach that last 10-15% of durability, even then it may be worth the risk of exploring around until you find another level 3 piece.

6. Armour And Supply Crates

Armour and supply crates are earned through gameplay, the more you play and the higher your finishing position, the more crates you’ll receive. These crates are a great early advantage and can really help you to survive until you better equip yourself. Whilst supply kits are great for supplying ammo or medkits, they can’t compete against armour crates. Use these as often as you get them! Armour crates grant you one piece of armour at the beginning of a round at a random level, yes this means you could start off with level 3 armour!

7. Learn To Love The Circle Of Death

garena free fire play styles

Believe it or not the blue zone can go from your worst enemy to your best friend! This is a great way to play regardless of your squad size. Play against the edge of the circle. If you’re continuously moving with your back to the circle you know you’re safe on your 6. The circle can be the best wingman out there. Limiting the directions enemies can attack you from is possibly the single most useful technique you’ll find whilst playing Garena Free Fire or any battle royale game for that matter. Even if any enemy players find themselves medkitting through the blue, you’ll have a superior advantage as once they stop healing to shoot you, the blue will chip away at their health bar. Love the circle.

8. Make The Most Of Your Bag Space

As silly as this may sound, filling your bag with everything you come across is completely ridiculous. After playing a few rounds you’ll be able to count the number of pistol shots you fired on one hand. Pistol ammo is okay to have in small quantities if at all, more often than not you’ll go the entire round without using your pistol. This goes for all guns you don’t currently have equipped.

Ammo is plentiful, you can find it on bodies, in buildings or from your ammo crates at the beginning of the game. You can apply this principle to grenades also. The amount of times you’ll die whilst attempting to get that awesome grenade kill really doesn’t make them worth the hassle. Medkits and ammo are your top priority, more killing and more healing. Use it or lose it is always good to bare in mind.

9. The Old Shoot And Move

If you watch all the top YouTubers of battle royale series you’ll notice a single key feature, they shoot and move. Hanging around in one spot is asking for certain death. It’ll only be a matter of time until either a larger squad or more experienced player zeroes in on your location. When in combat, continuously changing your position will disorientate your enemy and they won’t know where you’ll pop up next preventing them from zeroing in on headshots.

10. Ranked Battles

Ranked battles are all about showing how well you dominate the arena. This is where you’ll meet all of the experienced players, all that matters here is the win as that’s how climb to the top of the leaderboard and prove your metal.

11. Your Mini Map Is Your Best Weapon

This will prove to help you more than you could ever imagine. Anytime an enemy fires in your immediate proximity it’ll temporarily appear on your mini map as not only a red blip, but a directional arrow. This will give you the chance to get utilise the element of surprise and get the jump on the other player. Just be prepared to take out the target they were gunning for is they don’t finish the job.

Following the Garena Free Fire tips and tricks above should put you in a good place to take on your first battles or encourage existing players to try out some new styles. Good luck out there and remember, to get the most out of each battle its not just about the win, its about the journey. I’m sure you’ll be having more chicken dinners than you could ever have imagined!


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Nice ideas

plz say how to defeat pro players


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You can't defeat them....until unless you become a pro player......this is the best advice i can give you..


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It was a nice advise. After hearing this advise i won 2 chicken dinners and came top 5 out of last10 games. Thank u level