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Flip: Surfing Colors Cheats: 8 Tips, Tricks & Hints to Master the Game

Left Right has just released one of the most relaxing, infuriating and spectacularly well-designed games for iOS devices called Flip: Surfing Colors. In this game you play as a block breaking, gem collecting, city surfer looking to score your way through 6 picturesque locations.

In Flip: Surfing Colors you’ll travel from Salzburg to Santorini carving your way through a host of obstacle variations. The courses are filled with both traps and rewards. As you’re surfing through each beautifully designed city there will be chances to collect coins, gift boxes and picture pieces, which when reunited pay homage to some of the worlds greatest artists. One of the most obvious things you’ll notice whilst playing Flip: Surfing Colors is the art styling used, a truly simple but brilliantly designed aesthetic composed to represent each city as you pass through.

Flip: Surfing Color’s mechanics follow Left Right’s theme with only 2 buttons available to control the player, left tap and right tap. Some extra mechanics have been added in and spread throughout each level to mix in some variety. We’ll take you step-by-step on how to tackle each of these as well as all the obstacles you’ll get to encounter in the game.

1. Tap Small Miss Small – Controlling Your Player

The last thing you want to do in Flip: Surfing Colors is to tap too long, tap too quickly or tap too often. The game is 100% about how well you can control your player. The further you progress through the game, the more frequent the obstacles and the smaller the opportunities are for success.

The most common mistake in Flip: Surfing Colors is over turning. Don’t be afraid to just drift through a few sections, and only turn when absolutely necessary. Salzburg is a great starting point, even when you unlock other levels make sure you spend some extra time here, and really get those turns down especially after you’ve purchased a new character as you look to master them.

2. Maximizing Rewards

The key to getting through levels and unlocking new characters sooner rather than later is to maximize your rewards at every opportunity. There are 2 main currencies in the game, coins and gems. We’ll go through the best ways of collecting each and the best ways to spend them.


Gliders, magnets, gift boxes, completing art pieces and multipliers, these will boost your coin collection significantly. Hit gliders at every opportunity possible, not only can they help you dodge obstacles, flying over them, but they also generate a huge coin field for you to collect and add to the bank.

Magnets, as you would expect, will draw coins to you allowing you to focus on avoiding obstacles. Whilst magnets are a great help don’t try and shoot across the map to get one, if it’s easy to acquire, grab it.

You’ll notice boxes dotted throughout the map, these can contain a few items ranging from coins to gems and even art pieces or new boards. Gift boxes are typically in the main pathway through obstacles so you shouldn’t ever find yourself struggling to reach them but they are definitely worth going after.

Surfing through a city and see a glowing object hovering in the centre of the course? Well, go for it! Art pieces offer great rewards in generous amounts. Collecting art pieces can take time but definitely worth it in the long run.

Mid-air flipping. Whilst in the air you can tap either left or right, depending upon which direction you need your character to land, and you’ll pull off a cool flip. These flips actually act as a mini magnet and will pull coins that are within a close proximity directly to you. Make sure to use the flips when flying through large circles of coins!

Lastly, the most important coin booster is multipliers. As you destroy corresponding blocks you’ll start to build up a multiplier starting at x3 after destroying 6 blocks and increasing to a x10 after a successful 32 block streak. Always aim for blocks over coins as you’ll more than make up for it once a sufficient multiplier is in place.


Taking longer to acquire, gems are the higher-level in-game currency. These are used to purchase the top tier items such as the final levels or character upgrades. The best way to collect gems is through either gaining as many gift boxes as possible or completing works of art.

Save gems from the get go. Your first gem purchase should be Dali, the final character upgrade costing 50 gems. You can purchase the next couple of levels with coins so make sure you buy Dali first and as early as possible in order to make level completion that much easier.

3. Mastering Each Level

Believe it or not, achieving 100% in each level isn’t your main goal, at least not at the start. Your main aim should be to acquire both the best character possible and reaching the final level. Once you’ve managed this you’ll be able to return to previous levels and absolutely breeze through like they were nothing.

The levels in Flip: Surfing Colors also remain the same so you can just keep practicing, learn all the obstacles and master each level individually. You also want to make sure keep playing a level until you have all of the art pieces however, if you’re in need of coins, the further you progress the better the coin rewards.

4. Things To Think About In-Game

Remember, missions are a great way of boosting coin collection and require a range of objectives to be hit, do so as often as possible. The air trick sections of the levels don’t take your multiplier into account so if you do miss a couple of taps then don’t worry as you only miss out on 60 coins. That being said the difficulty of these sections remains constant and does provide some easy coins.

At the end of each level you have the opportunity to double your coin total in exchange for watching a 30 second ad, we’d only recommend this if you are in dire need of more coins otherwise you should be able to make it through just fine.

5. Boosting And When To Use It

The boost ability can be a real lifesaver and excellent combo builder. Make sure to use the boost at every chance you get, the invulnerability will allow you to smash through any coloured block and add to that ever important score multiplier. The boost is also great if there is a section of the map you find yourself struggling with. Replay the level and make sure you save a boost for this section and you’ll be able to fly through whilst teaching those blocks who’s boss.

Don’t hit the booster before an air trick section, it’ll just waste a large chunk of your ability. When the boost begins to fade you’ll notice that the boost button begins to return to your previous character colour, keep an eye on this as it could spell disaster if you’re not paying attention, hit a block and lose that hard earned multiplier.

6. How To Use Jump Pads And Speed Boosts

Each pad provides an incredibly helpful feature. When you hit either a speed boost or jump pad, no matter what your incoming trajectory, you’ll be directed straightforward at a set speed. This is a real handy technique for those times when you lose control and need to add some stability to your player.

7. Play The Edges

For those frustratingly difficult obstacles, think outside the box. Do you really need to navigate through them? You can actually dodge a lot of obstacles by steering yourself off the edge of the level and then flipping back into play. Whilst this isn’t a great way to earn coins or build a multiplier it can prove useful to acquiring 100% completion or just getting you to a more lucrative point of the level.

8. Death Isn’t The End

When dying for the first time you’re provided an extra life in return for watching a 30 second ad. This can be extremely helpful if you know you died just before a big coin section of the level, however there is no point in using this if you died just 3% in. This is a use when necessary feature.

With our ‘Surfthrough’ guide above you should find yourself carving through levels like they’re nothing in no time! Just remember, don’t panic, breathe and only tap when you really need to. Flip: Surfing Colors is a game of control and we’re sure you’ve learnt enough not to lose yours. Good luck and happy surfing!