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Marvel Strike Force Beginner’s Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Player Should Know

When an attack on Earth threatens all life on the planet, heroes and villains will join forces in the name of survival. Marvel Strike Force is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be assembling a team of super heroes and villains in order to protect the planet. There are dozens of characters to choose from, each with his own strengths and weaknesses. Do you stick with the good guys? Or do you pick based on power? Collect your favorite Marvel characters and build the ultimate team.

You can recruit Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Loki, Elektra, Iron Man, and even Groot! Once you have assembled your dream team, it is time to strengthen them through equipment and evolution. Of course, a team is only as strong as its tactician. Make sure you are fully prepared for battle by reading our Marvel Strike Force beginner’s guide before heading off to the battlefield!

1. Complete Your Daily Missions

marvel strike force daily missions

When you start out in Marvel Strike Force, you will need a lot of resources. The daily missions will come in handy in this situation. Even if you don’t have time to play, try to complete the daily missions as much as you can. The resources and gold you get from completing them will help you breeze through your early levels in the game.

Don’t neglect your missions even later in the game. The rewards will continue to provide you with sustained resources that will help you even at advanced levels. Without the daily mission rewards, your progress will slow down so much that it will take you days before you can get to the next level.

2. Beef Up Your Squad

Even super heroes have plenty of room for improvement. Make sure you keep your team members in top shape by maximizing their strength. To do so, it is not enough that you max out their levels. You must also ensure they have the best possible equipment at all times. There are six equipment slots for you to fill up. Keeping your characters fully equipped will not only increase their general stats, it will also raise their Tier rating. Higher tier characters are a lot stronger, especially since most of them unlock new skills when they reach Tier 3 or 4.

how to improve your heroes in marvel strike force

You will know it is time to find new equipment when you start struggling with your missions. The good news is that the game makes it a little easier for you to hunt for new gear. Just tap on the Find button next to the piece of equipment you want to acquire. This will show you the stages that have the chance to drop that gear. You can just keep farming those stages until you get what you need.

3. Take On The Challenges

Marvel Strike Force offers different challenges depending on the day of the week. These challenges give out a lot of resources, on top of the ones you get from daily missions. What is even better is that once you complete a certain challenge, you will be able to auto-complete it moving forward. This will make it easy for you to farm resources quickly. You can still go through them manually if you prefer. Just make sure you complete as many challenges as you can in order to gain a lot of resources.

4. Collect More Characters

Even though you only have limited slots on your team, it is better if you unlock more so you will have options. You can unlock a new hero or villain by collecting character shards. The good news is that you can collect hero shards without spending real money. The bad news is, it’s going to take a lot of work.

how to collect more heroes in marvel strike force

There are several ways for you to collect character shards. One of them is to simply complete campaign missions. You will be able to unlock several heroes as you go through the campaign. You can also collect shards from daily objectives, achievements, special events, and limited time missions. Finally, you can get more shards from orbs. These can be bought or earned, but they are hard to come by.

Once you have unlocked a particular character, there is still some benefit to collecting more shards. You will need shards in order to rank up your characters. Ranking up a character will increase his star rating along with his overall stats.

5. Prioritize Your Main Team When It Comes To Upgrades

Leveling up characters takes a lot of resources. As your character list grows, you will not have enough resources to upgrade them all. That is why you should always prioritize your main team when it comes to levels. Once they are all maxed out, you can start investing in a few backup characters that you can use for other game modes. Spreading your resources too thin across multiple characters will only slow down your progress.

6. How to Win Your Battles

marvel strike force battle tips

Since this is a turn-based strategy RPG, you cannot expect to get far with just equipment and levels. You will need to know how to maximize the use of your characters if you want to succeed. The most important thing you will equip yourself with is knowledge. Know your characters in order to plan your moves effectively. Tap and hold on any of your skill icons to see a description of what it does. You should also get to know your enemies. The only way you can do this is to remember what they are capable of when you go against them.

Another thing you should remember is to focus on a single enemy during battle. You want to reduce the number of people attacking you as quickly as possible. The only way to do so is to make everyone on your team attack a single target. If your character is currently targeting a different opponent, just tap on the enemy you want to focus on to switch targets. The sooner you can pick off members of the opposing team, the better.

Finally, you will sometimes encounter enemies that are in stealth mode. You will not be able to target them directly but there is a way to deal damage to them. Just use attacks that hit multiple opponents like the Punisher’s grenade launcher. You may not be able to target them, but they will still get hit by the explosion.

7. Assemble A Balanced Team

As far as choosing team members go, there will always be the temptation to pick the most popular heroes. However, this may give you an unbalanced team full of damage dealers. You may have the most firepower but that would be useless if your team gets wiped out before they can attack. Try to have at least one tank to soak up the damage, and one healer to sustain your team. If you can afford it, try to squeeze in a second healer. Dealing a lot of damage is good, but you also need to plan for the long fight. We have listed the different character classes below, so you can have a better idea of how to build your team.


These are your DPS characters such as Iron Man and Punisher. They specialize in dealing insane amounts of damage. The problem is, they tend to be glass cannons. You will need to heal them often, or have tanks draw away the attention of enemies if you want your Blasters to survive until the end of battle.


These guys like to get down and dirty. As such, they are able to take more hits than your Blasters. Of course, the trade off is that they don’t deal as much damage. They are well-rounded characters that can fill in different roles depending on your needs.


The name says it all. These characters are in charge of controlling the flow of battle with their slows, debuffs, and other annoying skills that will make your opponent’s life a living hell. They tend to be on the squishy side, but if you can use them strategically, they can really win battles for you.


These are your tanks, plain and simple. Their job is to taunt enemies and draw attacks. Don’t worry because they also have skills that will help keep them alive despite being the primary target of enemies. They don’t deal much damage but some of them have pretty good abilities.


While not particularly good at dealing or taking damage, these guys are important in any team because of they healing ability. They also usually have skills that remove debuffs and other abilities that would help the rest of your characters survive.

8. Master The Different Game Modes

The game offers several game modes that you should try out. Each has its own set of rewards, so mastering them all is a good idea. We have listed them all below along with their descriptions in order for you to have a better idea of what each mode is about.


As you would expect, this is the story mode. This mode requires Campaign Energy to play. You will also be required to use different sets of heroes or villains depending on the mission. This is where having a lot of unlocked characters will come in handy.


Like we mentioned above, challenges change depending on the day of the week. You can replay a challenge up to three times in a 24-hour period. Challenges also have multiple difficulty levels that give out better rewards as you go up.


This is where you can battle against other players. Just set your five best heroes then choose one of three random opponents that are presented to you. You will also need to set a defense team that will fight off any attackers. You will get rewards for every day that you are active in the Arena.


These are character quests that give you several battles to conquer. The battles increase in difficulty as you progress, but the rewards also get better. Some events have level requirements. That means they will be too difficult for beginners to complete, but the rewards will also be just as great.


This is also a PVP mode but this time around you will be playing in a ladder. You earn points for every victory you get, allowing you to get rewards for every milestone you achieve. This mode also has its own currency called Blitz Charges. You will need to spend these if you want to be able to use the same characters repeatedly. If you are out of Blitz Charges, you can swap in other characters that you have.

Alliance Raids

You will have to be part of an Alliance if you want to participate in raids. These are cooperative quests where you need to work with other members of your Alliance in order to take down strong enemies. You will also be able to get rewards for reaching milestones in this mode.

9. Log In Every Day For Rewards

If you don’t have much time to play the game, at least try to log in every day for rewards. Marvel Strike Force has a login calendar that gives out rewards for simply logging in. You can get different kinds of rewards depending on the calendar, including currency and character shards. It may not seem like much at first, but these small rewards pile up eventually.

10. Rush to Level 30

marvel strike force level 30

A lot of the game’s content is unlocked through levels. You will be able to access everything when you reach level 30. Try to rush your levels until then in order to get the most out of the game. The easiest way to level up is to farm campaign missions. Since there is an auto-win button, it will be easier for you to just keep replaying stages where you can get useful items. Since you automatically get Campaign Energy Refills, you will be able to farm a lot. Make sure you use your refills early. All campaigns give you the same amount of experience per energy, so there is no point in holding on to your energy refills.

11. If You Spend Money, Spend It Wisely

If you decide to spend some real money in Marvel Strike Force, make sure it does not go to waste. There are a lot of options for you to purchase, so it can be confusing to decide which are the best ones. A good place to start is to check if there are any special packages on sale. Right now, there is a New Player Special that contains Captain America and a few other items that will help you get a good start in the game. There will surely be other limited-time packages in the future, so make sure you hold on to your money until you have the chance to purchase those.

Another good purchase is the Premium Orb. There are several orbs available for purchase, but the Premium Orb gives you the most bang for your buck. It guarantees at least 15 character shards. However, if you are only a few shards short for a specific hero that you really want to acquire, you can check the character-specific orb on sale. Right now, it is Captain America, but that will change in the future. This will give you the chance to secure those last few shards that you need to summon a specific hero, so keep an eye on it.

You are now ready to protect the planet from annihilation in Marvel Strike Force! Just stick to our list of tips and tricks above and you will be conquering enemies in no time! Also, if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know below in the comment area!