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Hitmasters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat All Levels and Unlock Everything

Hitmasters is the latest action puzzle game from Playgendary, home to numerous hit casual titles like Bouncemasters!, Pinatamasters, and Tomb of the Mask: Color just to name a few. With Playgendary’s trademark of providing simple game mechanics and the most basic of control schemes, Hitmasters is certainly a title that can be picked up and played by just about anyone. Banking the #31 slot under the action category of the Apple App Store and being among the top trending games in the Google Play Store, Hitmasters’ earned downloads of well over 5 million is just a start considering it has only been released two weeks ago. If you are up for a casual puzzle game you can enjoy even with the shortest of free times, then be sure to check this game out.

Hitmasters lets you casually take on the role of a spy, where each action must be precise in various volatile scenarios. On one hand, there will always be limited ammo so missing the shot will not always bode well for you and emptying your ammo leads to utter failure. Likewise, there will be civilians involved in some scenarios making it even more critical for you to make every shot count. A huge part of the challenge relies on physics and some imagination and as you unlock additional mode of play, certain new elements also become available. Some levels can prove to be a very stimulating test of wits while some are practically free passes that are entertaining to watch just the same.

The tutorial that Hitmasters provides can actually be boiled down into a single picture and that is basically all you will get at the start of your adventure in each game mode. One tap controls and easy maneuvering of your aim, which comes with a line that guides you can make it all too easy to learn, even for younger players and first time mobile gamers.

It takes a few seconds to learn everything there is to know to play the game well although some levels will still surprise you with challenging puzzles. Be sure to check out our Hitmasters beginner’s guide, if you find yourself stumped with a particular level or want to make progress and unlock skins and game modes at a quicker pace. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you to master the game.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

One of the common erroneous assumptions players make when it comes to puzzle games is the time element that adds a bit of pressure. Oftentimes, the mindset that there is a time limit within which you must complete or solve each puzzle exists without even checking for it in the game. Like in most hyper-casual games, though, there is no need to rush in and complete any of the levels in Hitmasters.

hitmasters tricks

In Hitmasters, chances are the that you will be excited to see the succeeding levels in that you would naturally be raring to finish the current level. While this is a common scenario, and not entirely bad, what is important to keep in mind that eagerness to finish a level should not lead to missing some details in the puzzle or making mistakes as far as aiming is concerned. If the intent to finish faster leads to failing the puzzle and having to start over, then it just makes rushing in all the more futile.

As a general rule, take time to look at the puzzle in its entirety before you initiate any action. Although some puzzle layouts are as simple as it comes, there are tricky surprises randomly inserted across various levels. As far as aiming goes, not everyone is as accurate and as adept in terms of applying basic physics concepts but taking a little more time to play out each shot and its effects should greatly improve your performance.

This is most especially important once hostages get involved. If you enjoy that some enemies seem to over-react in terms of lightly touching some objects or other people, you can only imagine how frustrating it can get when hostages exhibit the same kind of frailty. As such, be extra careful when hostages are involved and make sure to go for a quick second round of check before you start shooting.

2. Tapping On The Target Is Easier In Shotgun Mode

The most basic and the first game mode you will be spending a lot of time on in Hitmasters is the Shotgun Mode. As simple as the mechanics go, tapping and swiping across different directions on your screen can adjust your aim and yet you can still miss. Touching the screen will show you a line that guides your aim and regardless of how far or close you touch to your target, the line will still show from your character through to the other end of the screen.

hitmasters shotgun mode

The only thing that makes this mode challenging are obstacles and hindrances along the way, or in some cases, hostages. Likewise, your tapping finger, if place incorrectly, can serve as an added impediment as well. As such, the best way to go is to make it a habit of placing your tapping finger right on the target itself so as to vividly see any obstacles from the spy all the way to the target. It is not necessary to do so in some levels especially those that hardly leaves you any chance of losing but, again, there will be tricky surprises along the way so starting off with this habit can go a long way.

3. Remember To Use The Objects You Hold In Gravity Mode

The Gravity Mode in Hitmasters is an innovative game mode that you most probably have not seen anywhere else. In contrast with directly aiming at enemies or other targets, the core of this game mode lies in shooting at an enemy or object to pull them close to you and then propel them on your second tap, much like having a magnet gun of sorts.

hitmasters gravity mode

While the basic concept of using objects, and even people, within the level as part of your arsenal to eliminate all targets is easily grasped, the idea that can escape some players is that you can actually use objects and enemies that you have pulled towards you as an extension of your weapon to strike other objects and people. With this in mind, make it a habit to see what you can do or trigger using the object you pulled towards you before you even tap for a second time to shoot it away.

There will be scenarios where you may lose the object you pulled as you use it to hit other people and objects. Having used to utilizing this feature, however, you can more strategically choose which one to grab first, whenever applicable. Although Hitmasters is very forgiving in the sense that there will always be extra attempts provided in every level, having knowledge of game mechanics such as this one should equip you with the capacity to finish every challenge in with just one bullet.

4. Take Note Of Each Shot In Ricochet Mode

If applying Physics isn’t enough for your fill of excitement in the previous game modes of Hitmasters, then perhaps using your stock knowledge of Geometry principles in calculating angles and trajectories, or perhaps wild guessing them, will give you more satisfaction. The Ricochet Mode in Hitmasters adds even more tricks up your sleeve as bullets in this game mode bounce off walls and other obstacles.

hitmasters ricochet mode

For the most part, you can actually leave a lot of the levels down to luck as bullets will ricochet more than 10 times before they completely disappear unless the level has open sides. For the more competitive players who want to pass levels based on skill rather than luck, however, checking every surface and picturing out how the bullet’s trajectory will change after it bounces off the target or targets becomes a consistent thought to ponder on before actually making a shot.

While it can be safely said that not everyone has a knack for precision especially when angles and trajectories are concerned, keep in mind that you will always have at least 3 shots per level. As such, and even with a surefire mentality, it is important to take note of your target before you make the shot so you can make the necessary adjustments on the succeeding attempt if it misses or fails to complete the stage.

Having a good mental image of your target before making a shot should help you set the right amount of changes on the succeeding attempts and just like any shot, you should continue to take time and analyze the kind of adjustment to make.

5. You Can Adjust Both Power And Angle In Toxic Mode

Each new game mode you unlock in Hitmasters offers new and creative ways to eliminate enemies in each level. On top of the new abilities your weapons earn, as each game mode may provide, comes new challenges as well that further test you accuracy and wits. Considering that, the last game mode to unlock, Toxic Mode, offers both new mechanics and challenges as well.

hitmasters toxic mode

We mentioned that in Shotgun Mode, it is a lot easier to clear levels by tapping right over your targets instead of anywehere on the screen between you and the enemy or object. This same tactic applies to the rest of the game modes with some limitations on Ricochet Mode. In Toxic Mode, however, this does not apply at all. Toxic Mode simulates a grenade throw in similar types of 2D games where each shot, much like the line that guides it is curving, thanks to virtual gravity. Touching anywhere on the screen in this mode will set the base power and height of your throw and moving it sideways adjusts the angle and sliding upwards and downwards alters the power of the throw.

The controls, especially if you are not familiar with them, serves as the most challenging aspect of this game mode given that the curving line that guides your throw will always be present. Accuracy is not much of an issue as well as your toxic grenade works much like napalm in similar games and will spread erratically on the surface that it touches.

6. Watch Ads For Progress Boosts And Other Rewards

Video ads have long since been an integral part of many mobile games and if you have played some casual games before, then chances are that you are very familiar with the often unwelcomed feature. As we always say in our guides for casual games, though, it is important to understand what makes these ads necessary. While some mobile games can afford to discard in-game ads, its largely because those are either paid games, or ones that offer microtransactions. In essence, free-to-play casual games, like Hitmasters, rely on the existence of video ads for them to continuously be available for everyone to play for free.

Although there are some random ads that pop up while you play in Hitmasters, these ads can swiftly be skipped and the rest of the are all voluntary to play. While there are no limits as to how many times you can take advantage of the perks you can get off of watching video ads in Hitmasters, there will be instances that opting to do so may not at all generate one if there are no video ads available.

how to earn more rewards in hitmasters

To start off, one of the ad boosts to take advantage of is when the next game mode, symbolized by the weapon, is slowly filling up as you finish levels prior to that game mode. As you earn percentages in filling up the weapon to unlock the next game mode, you will be presented with an opportunity to double your gains by playing a 15 to 30-second video ad. Take note that you will only need to do this on the first 3 game modes and once Toxic Mode unlocks, this will no longer be available.

Every level completion also presents an opportunity to earn twice as much cash and if you have played enough, then you should know that you would want as much cash as you can have so when the shop appears, you can purchase two of the three items for sale. Relative to this, one of the three items available at the shop can be claimed for free at the cost of watching an ad as well.

While Hitmasters is already fun and exciting with the default spy character you control, having all sorts of familiar skins liven up the gameplay even more. Every level you complete fills up the skin silhouette that you can obtain later on. Once it becomes available for you to claim, though, you will have to play an ad for the reward.

Another opportunity to earn extra costumes is through boss battles at every 10 stages within any game mode. Beating a boss leaves you with an opportunity to open up 1 of 3 cases that may either contain cash or a unique skin. You can be lucky enough to grab the best reward on your first go but if not, you can also watch a video ad to open another case. You can do this for the remaining cases even if you obtained the rare reward on the first one.

If you are raring to collect all skins for your character and weapons, therefore, watching ads is the way to go. While you are at it, simply consider it as a time to rest your eyes and your hands, especially if you have been at it for quite some time.

7. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

Sometimes, it cannot be helped but to only want to play continuously without any interruption at all, most especially if you have unlocked all game modes and most skins and just want to play more challenges or watch at how differently you can eliminate targets across the various game modes offered by Hitmasters.

how to unlock new skins in hitmasters

You can simply play offline and turn off you Wi-Fi or mobile data to play Hitmasters without any ad interruptions. Do note however, that doing so means that you will not be able to enjoy the different perks you can get out of playing ads once in a while.

Given that you do not need to exit out of the game to switch between playing online and offline, you can actually be somewhat selective as to when you want to play video ads. An example would be at the end of the boss battle, when you can nab extra cases to ensure that you obtain the best reward. Likewise, you can play the game entirely offline up until the shop appears so you can play a short video ad that earns you a free weapon skin.

And this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide for Playgendary’s mobile title Hitmasters. We certainly hope that the tips and strategies we presented above, will help you improve your game moving forward. If you have played the game for quite some time and have discovered something unique, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!