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Pinatamasters Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Smashing Your Way to Success

Evil pinatas are on the loose and are wreaking havoc all over the world. It is up to you to beat the stuffing out of them. Pinatamasters is the latest game from Playgendary, the developers of Golfmasters and Kick the Buddy to name a few. The game features familiar characters from the latter such as Shark, Catman, and more. Although evil, the pinatas are quite adorable too. You will see sombrero-wearing llamas, unicorns, and even Buddy from Kick the Buddy.

Pinatamasters is a semi-idle game where you destroy pinatas using a variety of weapons. Idle games require minimal effort. You can leave it for days and still feel accomplished. On the other hand, active games are more suited for those who want to spend hours playing. This game is a perfect balance of both. You can play as little or as much as you want and still be rewarded for it.
In this game, your goal is to simply smash colorful pinatas by tapping on your screen. It sounds simple enough, but taps are limited and must be used wisely. With each hit, you will be rewarded with gold coins which you can use to purchase upgrades and weapons. Manage to break the pinata and you will get even more coins. It gets more challenging as you progress into higher levels. You will meet tougher pinatas and earn a higher amount of coins in return. This Pinatamasters guide will help you find out how to get through levels quicker and how to be the best pinata smasher out there. Now, let’s get this party started.

1. Upgrade Your Weapon’s Ammo First Before Anything Else

After defeating your first pinata, the game will show you how to upgrade your weapons. Weapons can be upgraded by power or ammo. Both are essential in defeating the enemy. Upgrading ammo gives you one additional ammo meaning one more extra tap. Tapping power makes your weapon have higher damage that makes each hit stronger.

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Just like in the tutorial, what you need to upgrade first is your ammo because each ammo added gives you more chances to hit the enemy. With more ammo, you can go through early levels with ease and beat enemies quicker. There will be times when a single extra ammo can make a difference and bring you to the next level.

Once you get stuck and have a hard time finishing a level no matter how much ammo you have, this is where you can start upgrading your tapping power to deal additional damage. The higher tapping power you have, the greater damage is dealt to your enemy with each tap. You can also test the waters and can even upgrade both at the same time, but having more ammo is necessary to pass a level. Be mindful of upgrading though, because you will want to use your gold coins for a better weapon.

2. Save Your Gold Coins For The Next Weapon

As soon as you can afford the next weapon, purchase it. The newer weapon will always have higher damage than the previous one. Even if your current weapon has reached the same or has a higher tapping power due to upgrades, getting the new weapon is still the better choice. Newer weapons cost lower to upgrade and their tapping power will get even higher with just a few upgrades. When you are at the point where you are about to afford a new weapon, only use your gold coins for upgrades that you need to beat the current level you are on. Avoid purchasing too many upgrades if you do not have an urgent need for it.

3. Take Advantage Of Other Upgrades

Aside from weapon upgrades, there are three non-weapon upgrades that will help you in Pinatamasters: the coin bonus, speed bonus, and offline income. As the name suggests, the coin bonus helps increase overall percentage of the coins you earn. The more coins you have, the faster you upgrade. The more upgrades you have, the higher chances you smash that pinata.

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The speed bonus makes your character run faster. Why do you need your character to run faster? When you shoot a pinata, it drops coins on the ground. However, these coins disappear moments after. If your character fails to grab them, there will not be any coins to collect. When your character runs faster, you can guarantee that all coins dropped will not be wasted.

One of the many charms of idle games like Pinatamasters come from being able to earn a lot of coins whenever you come back from taking a break from playing. The longer you are gone, the more rewarding it is to go back and see that there is a lot of money waiting for you. With that said, upgrading offline income gives you a higher amount of coins whenever you go back into the game. When you are about to quit the game, make sure to use your remaining coins to max out your offline income.

4. Know How To Use Different Types Of Weapons

There are two kinds of weapons in Pinatamasters: single fire weapons and burst weapons. With single fire weapons, you can simply tap to make a direct hit on the pinata. With burst weapons, each tap produces more than one shot to the pinata. When you start the game, the first weapon given to you is a sword that aims straight on to the enemy with each tap. As your game progresses, you will be able to unlock more weapons and some with burst capabilities. For example, the shotgun releases three shells with each tap. You have to be careful though because if you tap aimlessly, you will miss a shell or two and not deal the maximum damage.

5. Take Your Time And Plan Your Attacks

With each hit, the pinata moves and swings. If you hit the pinata continuously, it swings much faster. If you are not careful with your tapping, your shots can miss and that is a waste of ammo. What you can do is wait until your character is directly under the pinata and tap in succession to have sure hits. Wait for the swinging to slow down and then shoot again once your character is right below it.

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Other levels involve moving obstacles surrounding the pinata. You have to avoid or wait for these obstacles to make an opening so that you can shoot. You do not want to waste ammo on obstacles and lower your chances of beating a level. Some weapons deal spray damage which will affect obstacles nearby even if you hit the pinata. But try to aim for the pinata alone so that you can deal maximum damage.

6. Purchase Additional Characters As Soon As You Can

When you go past level 25, you will be able to reset your progress and earn red gems. The number red gems given to you depend on how far you are into the game. If you reset your game after you beat level 25, you will be given 10 gems. More gems will be rewarded if you play past level 25. These gems can be used to buy new characters and upgrade them. If you have used up all your gems, you can play again up to the level you want and earn more.

Each character offers a different skill. For example, the default character, Ninja, gives additional gold coins for each hit made on the pinata. Other characters give you coins for hitting obstacles as well. Aside from getting additional coins, other characters help deal additional damage as well. The great thing about this is once you purchase a character, its ability is applied to all characters that you have. You can use any character you want. The full list of characters and their abilities can be seen before and after each level. You can choose to save up red gems for a character you prefer or use the gems you have to upgrade the ability of your liking.

7. Take Advantage Of Video Ads For More Coins

If you have played mobile games before, you definitely have encountered video ads that randomly pop up during the game. Some players prefer not to see these advertisements, others are willing to give a few seconds of their time and attention because of advertisements that you can watch voluntarily and get something in return. These are called reward-based ads. Reward-based ads are included in many free mobile games as a way for players to accelerate game progress without having to spend real money. Most of these advertisements last for about half a minute at most and a couple of seconds the shortest. Normal ads you can skip, but with reward-based ads, you have to watch everything and avoid skipping the ad to get your reward.

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In Pinatamasters, the option to watch reward-based ads appear during and at the end of your battle with a pinata. While in battle, a box tied to two balloons will come up on the right side of your screen. Select it so you can watch an ad that will reward you with double the coins for five minutes. After your battle, whether you destroy the pinata or not, you can watch an ad in exchange for doubling the coins you just earned in that level. However, these offers come out periodically and are not always there, so it is wise to take advantage of it when it presents itself.

8. Never Give Up And Keep On Trying

Just like all idle games, there will come a point where your game slows down and you seem to be stuck on a level. You may feel frustrated at times, and it does not help that the pinata taunts you if you do not destroy it. But Pinatamasters isn’t just an idle game that you will drop once it slows down, it actually makes you want to keep on playing even if you are in that situation.

This tip may seem like a cliché, but doing this actually rewards you. Unlike other games where it ends or you lose something when you fail, with this game, even if you do not beat a pinata, all is not lost. You are still given gold coins albeit not as much as you would if you beat the level. You can keep on trying until you earn enough coins to purchase that upgrade you need.

9. Play Every Day For Additional Coins

By now you already know the importance of coins in Pinatamasters and how to earn it, but there is one last way to have more. Leaving the game for long periods of time rewards you due to the offline bonus. Every time you return to the game, you receive a massive amount of coins. In addition to the offline bonus, being faithful to the game rewards you.

pinatamasters daily gift

The daily gift gives you coins for playing the game every single day. The amount of coins you get goes higher for each consecutive day you play. If you miss a day or more and break your consecutive daily visits, you will begin on day one again. To take full advantage of this bonus, try to play every day to earn more coins.

That is the beauty of Pinatamasters. Unlike other games where you feel burdened to play daily just so you can take advantage of the rewards, with this game, you do not feel pressured to play every day at all. Whether you choose to play daily or leave the game for several days, weeks, or even a month, you will still feel happy on both occasions because of the coins rewarded to you and the pleasure it gives by smashing those pinatas.

By following these nine tips, you surely will be the best pinata smasher out there and put an end to evil pinatas taking over the world. If you have more tips and tricks for Pinatamasters, feel free to tell us via the comment section down below. Happy smashing!