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Tomb of the Mask: Color Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Clear All Dungeons

Playgendary may have just started in the mobile gaming industry in 2016 but has already become a recognized provider of fun and addictive hyper-casual games. Their current app portfolio contains 27 games and for the most part, each one has maintained largely positive user reviews along with downloads by the millions. Kick the Buddy, Tomb of the Mask, and Tank Stars are Playgendary’s top games, with each one having been downloaded more than a hundred million times from the Google Play Store alone and has earned respectable spots in top lists of games in several countries.

Tomb of the Mask: Color is Playgendary’s follow-up to the hugely popular mobile game, Tomb of The Mask. In just a little over a month after its launch, the game has already been downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play store alone and has made it to top ten lists of games in several countries. Like most of Playgendary’s games, Tomb of Mask: Color offers the usual “easy to learn yet hard to master” mechanics bound to get you hooked on playing for several hours.

As a brain-teasing arcade puzzle game unlike anything you have seen or played before, Tomb of the Mask: Color puts you in the shoes of an adventurer in possession of a mystical mask that lets him move from one wall to the next. As you come across a variety of dungeons with treasures and traps, you need to be able to walk around in its entirety and paint every path to escape it and move to the next one. It takes patience and timing to make it through most dungeons, but there will be times when you need to move as fast as you can. Don’t let the easy starter dungeons fool you as plenty of challenging levels lie ahead. If you are up for a game that can challenge your wits and skills, you should definitely give Tomb of the Mask: Color a try!

tomb of the mask color strategies

To traverse each path within a dungeon in Tomb of the Mask: Color, all you need to do is swipe at the screen in the direction where you want your character to go. As you paint the path you have crossed, it becomes very easy to identify spots you have not travelled on as well. Given the simple controls and game mechanics Tomb of the Mask: Color has, there is hardly any need for a tutorial. Truthfully enough, anyone can learn to play the game within the first area without any help at all.

As you progress through various dungeons, though, new challenges can be difficult for some especially on the first few attempts. If you are struggling to make it past a particular dungeon in the game or simply want to be better equipped to take on the challenges that will come your way, then stay you have come to the right place. Our Tomb of the Mask: Color beginner’s guide has plenty of helpful tips, cheats and strategies to help you beat each dungeon in the game!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Many players will typically want to clear dungeons as fast as they can and especially with how fast your character strides in Tomb of the Mask: Color, you will more likely be inclined to keep moving once the game starts. In contrast with many puzzle games, though, Tomb of the Mask: Color does not have a time element built into it. Finishing a stage in a minute or beyond five minutes actually makes no difference. As such, take advantage of the absence of time pressure and use the infinite time you have to try and finish each dungeon your first go.

tomb of the mask color tricks

While you can most likely be able to finish some of the initial dungeons without much analysis and caution, a lot of the game’s puzzles are actually set up to make you fail if you rush in without carefully assessing the map first. For starters, you should try to mentally plot out the path you will take to finish each level before beginning to make a move. Although you can always backtrack, having a good sense of how to go about each level more than makes up for the time you spend actually mapping it out. More so, if patiently assessing each level leads to beating it on your first go.

2. Spend Time To Observe New Elements

Progressing from one dungeon to the next one often brings about new elements that on its own, or in combination with other elements, form part of the challenge that the level offers. For instance, some walls have spikes come out of them whenever you make contact while others do no harm and simply redirect your movement. There are objects that spit projectile across the halls as well as creatures that change in size to block your path.

tomb of the mask color elements

As you make progress and encounter some new elements in later dungeons, be sure to spend some time and observe what each one will do or how they will affect gameplay. Although some will be more challenging than others by design, all objects in the dungeons can basically be categorized into two groups. Some objects are continuously active while others require close interaction before they reveal what they can do. To be safe, simply take time to keep watch of the objects that are constantly active and be ready to touch and go on some elements that are new to you until after you have an idea about what they can do.

3. You Can Recover From Every Move

One game mechanic that could have made Tomb of the Mask: Color a lot more difficult is that making one wrong move makes the puzzle unsolvable and you would have to start all over again. Although there may be times when you feel that you might have reached a point where a wrong turn somewhere within the level has led you to an unrecoverable predicament, keep in mind that there will be no such scenario in the game.

how to recover moves in tomb of the mask color

If, for some reason, you seem like stuck in a particular level, you can always just pause for a while and calmly assess the level to find your direction. Taking time does not only apply prior to making a move at the start of each dungeon. There will be some occasions in the middle of your run that would call for you to pause for a while and look around before deciding on your next move.

4. Counting Off Helps To Get The Timing Right

Every bit of obstacle in the dungeon that can hurt you and end your run follow a simple pattern. Likewise, the speed at which your character moves is also constant as well. Given these two consideration, therefore, getting the timing right for one obstacle will help you get it right on all other subsequent obstacles you encounter in the game.

how to get the timing right in tomb of the mask color

To get the timing better, mentally counting off whenever you are good to pass by an obstacle before you actually go through it will help you have better timing. Considering the speed at which the projectiles travels the lane as well as the amount of time it takes for the enlarging creature to block the path, there are often huge gaps within which you can safely pass through them and counting off as you decide when to make a pass attempt will lead to a higher chance of success.

5. Multiple Swipes Are Faster If You Hold The Screen

Most of the movements you will do on the initial stages of Tomb of the Mask: Color do not require continuously swiping one after another to beat the level. As such, you will often find yourself doing swipes one at a time, most likely lifting your finger off your device’s screen from time to time. Later on, though, some levels offer challenges that would require you to move really fast, which often entails having to swipe consecutively in different directions just to make it through an area within the puzzle.

tomb of the mask color cheats

For these instances, swiping one at a time and lifting your finger, even at a fast rate, will most likely cause you to fail. To move even faster, you can simply keep your finger on the screen and sort of draw the pattern by which you would want the adventurer to follow. For example, three quick swipes to the left, down, and to the right is a lot slower than simply drawing a “C” pattern on your screen. Be sure to practice this early on as you will be needing this on the latter dungeons.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

While video ads have long since been an integral part of many free games on mobile, especially casual ones, there are still people who find it distracting or even annoying sometimes. While some ads may not provide a tangible benefit other than keeping the game up and running for everyone to enjoy for free, some video ads actually provide perks that would make players want to have them around.

In Tomb of the Mask: Color, ads can revive you when you fail and start immediately at the level where you slipped instead of having to start over at the first level to clear the dungeon. Playing some video ads will also help you skip some dungeons, although we would rather recommend that you try to beat each dungeon on your own.

If you do not want to see ads pop up while playing the game, feel free to turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data and enjoy an ad-free offline game. Keep in mind, though, that by doing so, you will not be able to take advantage of the perks that come with those ads.

That very much sums up all we have for you as far as our Tomb of the Mask: Color beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you learned some new tips and tricks from our guide as much as you enjoyed reading it. If there are some unique tips or strategies you have uncovered as you play the game in addition to the ones we shared here, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section!

Kosh A. Magosh

Friday 3rd of December 2021

You stated above, that

“Although there may be times when you feel that you might have reached a point where a wrong turn somewhere within the level has led you to an unrecoverable predicament, keep in mind that there will be no such scenario in the game.”

However, level 832 appears to prove you wrong. It appears to be impossible. It’s a rather simple layout without a solution.

No, this isn’t a mind game to encourage others to put a hell of a lot more time into the game. If you check out YouTube videos of people at level 832, they simply skip it.

I challenge anyone to offer me a solution to how to complete that level. This is Tomb of the Mask : Color, so there are no shields or any other resources available that I am aware.

The gauntlet is down.🤣