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The Secret Society Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unravel All Mysteries

There is an underground community of people with the power to move magical photos, and in The Secret Society, you are one of them. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this hidden object game sends you on a mysterious, and potentially dangerous, journey to uncover the truth behind your Uncle Richard’s disappearance. You first discover your ability to move inside photos when you receive a letter leaving you in charge of his estate. Upon arriving at his mansion, you are greeted by his staff members who are eager to assist you in finding their employer.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy to hear of your arrival. It doesn’t take long before you start receiving threats from anonymous senders. Where is your uncle? Who is sending these threats? The answers lie within the magical photos but exploring them gets more difficult over time. Stay with us and check out our collection of The Secret Society tips, cheats and strategies to unravel all mysteries in the game and solve every puzzle!

1. Take Your Time

the secret society tricks

Unlike in most other hidden object games, you do not get bonuses for finding things quickly in The Secret Society. In fact, there is no score at all. The only goal is to find all the objects. There is no point in hurrying, so take you time and calmly examine each scene to look for the items that you need. Of course, there is still a time limit for each puzzle, so don’t take too much time. Just keep an eye on the timer at the top of the screen. It doesn’t matter if you find the last item at the final second, your rewards will be the same.

2. Tap With Caution

Even though you don’t have a score multiplier bonus to protect, you should still be careful when tapping around the scene. If you tap on something that isn’t on the list, it will count as a mistake. You only get up to five consecutive mistakes before the game penalizes you. When you reach five consecutive mistakes, you get a time deduction on the 6th tap. Continuously making mistakes without finding an object will increase the time penalty. The first one is a 10-second deduction, the second is a 15-second deduction, and so on. Soon, you will be out of time to find anything, so be careful.

3. Higher Difficulty Means Better Rewards

Each scene has a fixed reward in terms of experience and coins. If you want to earn more, you will need to raise the difficulty of the scene. To do so, you just need to keep replaying it until you fill the Scene Progress bar shown at the start of each puzzle. Once you fill up the bar, your proficiency rating will go up one level. Keep in mind that a higher difficulty does not only mean you will have more items to find on your list. It also means other game modes will be added on rotation. The item location will also be more difficult. Items will be obscured by shadows, foreground objects, turned semi-transparent, reduced in size, and so on. Make sure you are ready for the increased difficulty before carrying on.

4. Know Your Game Modes

In The Secret Society there are different game modes available for each scene. The most basic ones are easy to figure out. Word mode just lists down the names of the items you need to find. Silhouette mode lists down the outline of the items instead of using words. Jumbled and Mirror modes are variations of Word mode where the letters are mixed up or flipped. Both are easy to figure out since you have seen the correct words in the earlier stages of the scene.

the secret society game modes

The more difficult modes come later on. Pairs mode will require you to find two of the same items in order to check it off your list. Morph mode will have items that morph into different things hidden in the scene. The problem with these two modes is that you don’t know what you’re looking for. You are only told how many pairs or morphs are left in the scene. These two modes are probably the exceptions to the rule about randomly tapping. Tapping an object that has a pair will make it light up. Tapping objects that usually appear on your list might get you a correct item even before it morphs. It’s better than staring at the screen hoping for something to happen.

Perhaps the most infuriating mode, however, is the Assemble mode indicated by a disc split in half. As the name suggests, you need to assemble the item because you will be given a list of its parts. The problem with this is that you can only assemble one item at a time. If you are stumped by a particular part for a long time, you won’t be able to move on to the next item. You will need to assemble the current item as soon as possible to make sure you will have enough time to look for the parts of the next items on the list.

If you really don’t want to play a certain game mode, you can tap on the two-arrow icon at the top left corner of the window. You will need to spend Crystals to change modes, though. On top of that, there is no way to choose the game mode, you will just get a random one. Make sure there isn’t a game mode you would hate more because you may end up wasting your premium currency on this.

5. Play The Minigames

Aside from the different hidden object scenes, there are also five minigames that you can play. These usually give out collection-related items, although some quests will sometimes ask you to play them as well. Check out the list of minigames below to find out how to play them.

the secret society mini games

Blocks: This is the first minigame unlocked. You need to slide the wooden blocks around to make way for the yellow block to reach the exit. You will sometimes need to temporarily block the path of the yellow box in order to get the wooden ones to where they need to be.

Pipes: To complete this puzzle, you need to connect all the pipes to make one continuous pipe. All you have to do is make sure all the pipes are facing inward. Just keep tapping them until all ends of each pipe is connected to something.

Jigsaw: As the name suggests, this is a jigsaw puzzle where you need to put together all the pieces in order to complete a picture. As with a real jigsaw puzzle, it helps if you start with the edges, so you have an anchor point. After that, it’s just a matter of finding the next pieces until the full picture is completed.

Memory Match: This is a memory game where you flip cards in order to find their match. Just move methodically by starting at the top, flipping the first two cards. Move through the cards and take note of the images. If you see an image the second time, go back to card where you first saw it.

Gem Match: This is a match-three puzzle game with varying goals per playthrough. Make sure you take note of the goal, utilize special gems correctly, and examine the board before making any matches.

6. How To Unlock New Scenes

how to unlock new scenes in the secret society

When you look at the desk, you will see there are a lot of photos that are locked. Tap on a locked photo and you will see its level requirement. You won’t be able to unlock that photo until you reach the required level. When the padlock icon on a photo is unlocked, that means you meet the required level for that photo. You will then have to find the pieces of that photo by playing through the other scenes.

Once you have all the parts, you will be taken to a minigame where you need to assemble the torn pieces. After successfully assembling the photo, you will be able to fully unlock that scene. If you don’t feel like searching for parts, you will need to spend Crystals to purchase each part. Keep in mind that you will still need to meet the level requirement even if you are willing to shell out Crystals.

7. How To Banish The Anomalies

Anomalies are added challenges to scenes. They make scenes more difficult to complete, so you may want to banish them whenever you can. To banish an anomaly, you need specific items. These items can be acquired as rewards, or you may purchase them using Crystals. Of course, if you want to hold on to your Crystals, you can also banish an anomaly by simply playing through the scene successfully. The downside is that you will spend double the energy to play that scene.

8. Level Up Fast, Here’s How

how to level up fast in the secret society

At the top left corner of the screen, just below your name, is your experience bar. When it is full, your level will go up. You gain experience from playing through any of the scenes or minigames. You also gain experience from helping friends, completing tasks, and claiming rewards. Whenever your level goes up, the maximum energy you can store also increases. This is important because the energy requirement for advanced levels also increases. If your level is too low, you will have shorter play times. You also gain free Crystals as rewards, so leveling up is a good way to earn premium currency for free. If you will be playing continuously for an hour or so, you can activate a scroll. This will give you a boost in experience for a limited time, allowing you to level up faster.

9. Claim The Achievement Rewards

the secret society achievement rewards

Achievements in this game give you continuous rewards. Whenever you get an Achievement, a figurine is added at the top of your desk. Each figurine evolves depending on how high your Achievement becomes. When you see a figurine sparkle, that means a reward is waiting to be claimed. Just tap on it to claim the reward. The Achievement will charge over time and will sparkle again once fully charged. You can tap on an uncharged Achievement figurine to see how much time is left before the next reward is available. Achievements give out different rewards. Some give out coins, others give out collection items, and so on. Make sure you claim them regularly because the recharge timer won’t start until you do.

10. Trade In Your Collections

A lot of different items drop when you complete scenes. Some of these items are parts of collections. When you complete a collection, you will be able to trade it in by going to the collections screen and tapping on the Combine button beside the completed set. You will need combination items, though. If you are missing a combination item, you can just tap on it to find out which levels drop it. You may need to replay those levels a few times since the chances of dropping is random. Once you successfully combine a collection, you will receive various rewards including hint items, energy, and experience.

the secret society collections

When you have all the items in a collection, a red circle will appear on the Collections button at the bottom of the main screen. You will notice that there is a long list of collections here, and it might be difficult for you to locate the complete set if you just scroll through everything. To make it easier to find completed collections, just put a check on Sorting enabled. This will arrange all sets according to completeness, automatically putting all completed sets at the top. It is also a good way to find out which sets are close to being completed. If you find a set that is only missing one or two items, you can tap on that item to find out which scenes drop it.

11. The Power Of Friendship

This game has a friendship system unlike any other. You can add friends from within the game or through your G5 and Facebook accounts. As with any other game, you get more rewards the more active friends you have. What’s different here is you get a reputation level and a power bar in this game. Your reputation level increases as you help more friends. The power bar is how much energy you have for helping friends. This replenishes over time and you need it to help out a friend every time you visit them.

the secret society friends

There are several ways you benefit from the friendship system. First, when you visit them, you instantly gain rewards. You also get additional rewards every time you help out a friend. Tap on a scene to leave hints the next time they play that level. Tap on an Achievement figurine to instantly charge it for them. You can help a friend out up to five times per day. If you still have leftover power, you can move on to the next friend.

Another way to benefit from friends is through gifts. You can send free gifts to your friends and they can send gifts in return. Keep in mind that some gifts are not free. If there is a number on the gift, that means you will be sending items from your own inventory. Make sure you only send those if you have plenty of extra. You can also create a wish list to tell your friends which items you need.

Finally, you can hire friends to give you bonus effects per day. For example, if your friend is a Magician, hiring him will decrease the energy requirement of playing scenes throughout the day. You can only hire one friend per day, so make sure you check all of your friends before deciding to hire someone. To hire a friend, visit him then tap on the hire button at the bottom of the screen.

12. Log In Daily For Rewards

the secret society rewards

The game rewards active players who log in every day. You don’t even need to play, just log into the game. You get increasing amounts of money for each consecutive day you log in. On the fifth day, you also receive a talisman component. Collect all five components in order to receive a Magic Crystal talisman. Keep in mind that the counter will reset if you miss one day. Try to make time to log in daily to avoid having to start over with the rewards.

13. Complete Your Account For Free Crystals

If you haven’t already created a G5 account, a good excuse for you to do so is the reward you will receive afterwards. The game gives out free Crystals for registering or logging into your G5 account. You also get additional Crystals for filling in your details such as your email, gender, birthdate, and so on. A few more free Crystals are waiting for you if you follow the game’s social media pages. It might not be much, but if you don’t plan on spending real money on the game, every freebie counts.

The search for Uncle Richard continues in The Secret Society! Be sure to use our tips and tricks to unravel all mysteries! If you happen to know additional tips for the game, please let us know in the comments below!


Monday 24th of October 2022

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Monday 24th of October 2022

How do you send Thank you's?


Thursday 14th of July 2022

do not use any g5 products they don't support them. and when you complain theey will attack you with bugs. l then reported that person to corporate, my complaint to corporate was sent back to me in an e-mail by the person i complained about. so if use this game beware


Tuesday 12th of July 2022

i am having a problem with friend invites and friends being automatically deleted . have been working with support for over a week g5's ticket # is 2190935 they not responding to my questions as far as the status of the problem. anyone have any help.

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Monday 13th of June 2022

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