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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve Every Puzzle

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is a hidden object game created by MyTona for Android and iOS devices. The game starts off as your character wakes up in a daze, unable to remember recent events. You are greeted by the mayor’s assistant, and you discover that you are in the cursed city of Darkwood.

This forsaken city has disappeared from the map and has lost all communication from the outside world. Its borders are covered in a thick mist, and no one has gotten in or out in years. You meet with the mayor and he suspects that you may be a Seeker. That means your object-finding abilities may be the key to lifting the curse from the town.

Of course, the townspeople don’t seem too concerned about the curse. They will be busy asking you to look for a bunch of personal items that help them in their daily lives. You will have your hands full with these crazy characters, so make sure you rely on our Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery guide. We are going to present you numerous tips, cheats and strategies to solve all the mysteries in the game!

1. Follow The Story

seekers notes hidden mystery story

When you look at your desk with the massive scroll marked with dozens of locations, it can be overwhelming. You will get lost if you just randomly pick a location to play. The best thing to do to stay on track is to simply follow the story. There will be quests on the left side of the screen from various people. Tap on one and hit the Accept button. This will automatically show you which location you should explore next. You are still free to explore other locations without following a specific task, but since you have limited energy, it is better if you maximize its use.

2. Scores Do Not Matter

There is no scoring system for any of the levels that you play. You will get the same reward for completing a scene in 10 or 100 seconds. The only way to get more rewards is by leveling up the proficiency of each scene. When you tap on a location, a small window will come up. You will see the rewards on the top left side of this window. At the center, just above the Explore button, is the proficiency bar and your current rating. Once the bar is full, your proficiency level will go up and so will the rewards. You can fill the bar by successfully exploring the scene.

seekers notes hidden mystery rank reward

Keep in mind that increasing the proficiency level of a scene will also make it more difficult to explore. More items will be added to your list, and they will be harder to find. Different game modes will also be added to that scene, adding even more challenge to each level.

3. Think Creatively

seekers notes hidden mystery tricks

A big challenge in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is that the item locations and the items themselves change with each playthrough even without increasing the proficiency level. That means in one scene, you can find a Pineapple on top of a chair, then in the next playthrough the Pineapple will be an engraving on the wall. This is why you should not limit yourself to whatever image you initially found. Items can change in color, material, size, transparency, and location. It might help for you to look away from the scene for a few seconds to get a fresh perspective on the images on the screen.

4. Pinch And Zoom

If you are playing on a smartphone instead of a tablet, the screen size might not be ideal for certain locations. As mentioned earlier, items can change in size or transparency. These changes in detail might be difficult to see in a smaller screen. The good news is that you can pinch and zoom in any of the locations, allowing you to inspect sections more closely. If you are having trouble finding an object on the list, it might be time to zoom in and take a closer look.

5. Beware Of Anomalies

seekers notes hidden mystey anomalies

Anomalies randomly appear on locations. They make the scene more difficult to explore and double the cost of exploration. You can dispel an anomaly before playing by using the required item. If you don’t have the required item, you will have to spend Rubies, the game’s premium currency.

An alternate way is to just solve the puzzle despite the anomaly. The anomaly will disappear as soon as you successfully explore the scene. As an added bonus, you also get an achievement depending on the number of times you successfully explore a scene that has an anomaly in it.

6. Watch Ads For Freebies And Buffs

Once in a while, you will see a film reel icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and you will be able to choose between two offers. Don’t worry about choosing because you will be able to accept the other offer as soon as you finish watching the first video. The first offer will give you a random reward in exchange for watching the ad. Rewards could be access passes, energy, or rubies.

The second offer gives you the effect of a random talisman, the most common of which nullifies the energy requirement of the next scene you solve. This second offer is useful for banishing anomalies. You can watch an ad and when you get the energy talisman, you can play a location with an anomaly without worries because the energy cost will be zero.

7. Try Out The Minigames

seekers notes hidden mystery hints

If you need a break from searching scenes, you can try out the different minigames. These still require energy to play, but you get different rewards in return. Minigames randomly drop banishing items, crafting items, and collection items. These are all useful items that will help you progress in the game. We have listed the different minigames below to give you a better idea on how they are played.

Treasure Box: This is a match-three puzzle game. Just match at least three gems of the same color to clear them from the board. Each playthrough has a different goal that is listed at the bottom. Make sure you prioritize the goal with every move you make.

Mosaic: Images are divided into hexagonal pieces then the pieces are jumbled. You need to swap the pieces around until the image is restored. It helps if you can remember how the pieces are jumbled but that can be difficult. Just examine each piece and don’t be afraid to swap out a correctly positioned piece as a way to get other pieces into position.

Ancient Cards: This is a memory game where you are given a set of cards that you need to match by pairs. Flip one card at a time and take note of the image. Go through the cards in an orderly fashion, so you don’t get confused where each card is.

Haunted Lights: Different colored lights are spread out across the board. Your job is to create a line connected lights of the same color. The more lights you connect in a single line, the better. Exploding lights are created when you connect at least five lights of the same color. When you connect the exploding lights, the explosion will occur on the last light linked.

8. Banish The Monsters

how to banish the monsters in seekers notes hidden mystery

While looking at the main map, you will sometimes see different monsters roaming about. You can use a special item to banish these monsters. Tap on a roaming monster to see the item required to banish it. If you don’t have the required item, you can tap on the Find button and the game will show you which location drops the special item.

If you have multiple special items, you can use it all up on the same monster by tapping on the arrow up button on the right side of the monster window. Banishing monsters will reward you with coins, energy, reagents, and anti-anomaly items.

9. Craft Trade Items

Monsters are not the only ones roaming the map. You will also see people roaming and you can tap on them to find out what items you can trade. Trade items normally need to be crafted. There are different locations on the map that craft items for you, including the Fortune Teller, Forge, and Inventor. You will need different materials in order to craft the trading items. If you don’t have the materials to craft something, just tap on the missing material and you will be given the option to either buy it with Rubies or look for it in one of the locations.

how to craft trade items in seekers notes hidden mystery

Once you have the item an NPC wants, you can tap on his image to trade. Just like with banishing monsters, you can use multiple trading items at the same time. Trade rewards include collection items, banishing items, and energy.

10. Complete Your Collections

At the bottom right corner of the screen is a coin box icon. Tap on it to open up the Collections screen. This is where you can combine pieces of a collection in order to get rewards. You can complete collections multiple times as long as you can find the parts of the set all over again. If there is a particular set that you like completing often because of the reward, you can tap on the star icon above it to save it to your Favorites. You will then be able to filter your favorite sets by putting a check next to Favorites at the bottom of the Collections screen.

When you complete a set of items for a collection, you can combine it using the required items. If you are having trouble finding completed sets by scrolling through the list, you can put a check next to By completeness at the bottom of the screen. This will arrange all the collections according to the number of items found in each set, placing all completed ones at the top.

If you are missing a few items for a set, you can tap on it to find out which location drops them. You can also let your friends know that you need those items, so they can send the items to you as gifts. Just tap on the plus icon above the missing item to put it on your wish list. You can also place items on the wish list even if you already have them, just in case you want extra.

11. All About Desk Guardians

Desk Guardians are essentially pets. Your first one is a sleeping guinea pig that sits in a basket at the top of your desk. You can unlock new Desk Guardians by purchasing them with Silver Paws. Every day, you get a free gift from your Desk Guardian. Just tap on the card icon at the top left corner of the guardian screen. You will be given a set of cards and you get to flip one of them for a prize. You will get even more rewards if you manage to complete a collection of Desk Guardians. All pieces for guardian collections, however, need to be purchased using Silver Paws.

seekers notes hidden mystery desk guardians

To get more Silver Paws, you will need to complete daily Guardian Quests. You get three quests per day, and you will need to complete all three in order to open the Guardian Chest. Mind you these are not easy quests. You will need to take time to complete them. If you fail to complete even one of them before the time limit expires, you forfeit the chest and will have to start over the next day.

Silver Paws can also be won through timed events. You will have to wait for these events to occur and play as much as you can in order to get rewards.

12. Claim The Achievement Rewards

seekers notes hidden mystery achievement rewards

When you meet an Achievement, a red exclamation mark will appear on your character’s portrait at the top left corner of the main screen. Tap on your portrait then go to the Achievements tab to collect your reward. Some Achievements will have a silver token beside them.

Getting the first star for an Achievement with a silver token will place the token on your desk. These tokens will continuously give out rewards over time. You will know if a token has a reward waiting if it is sparkling. You can then tap on it to receive the reward. Reaching higher milestones in these Achievements will give you better rewards.

13. Add More Friends

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery has a social function that allows you to add other players as friends. We mentioned one of the benefits of having friends is that they can send you items on your wish list. Aside from sending and receiving gifts, friends also get to visit each other. Visiting a friend will allow you to help them by leaving hints on their locations or by charging their Achievement tokens.

Another benefit you can get from friends is a friendship buff. You can select one friend per day to give you a buff. The buff depends on the icon on their portrait. The lightning icon reduces energy consumption. The coin icon increases earnings by 10%. The star icon increases experience earned by 10%. Finally, the red crystal icon increases the chances of finding collection items by 10%.

14. Keep Playing To Level Up

As you explore more scenes and complete tasks, you will gain experience. The bar below your name at the top left of the screen shows how far along you are towards reaching the next level. Once the bar is full, you will level up. Leveling up increases your maximum energy, which means you will be able to explore more scenes as you progress. You also receive premium currency as reward for every level. Special items and buffs may be used in order to increase your experience gain. Just make sure you play a lot if you decide to activate an experience buff in order to get the most out of it.

how to level up fast in seekers notes hidden mystery

Aside from getting more energy and some Rubies, levels are important in the game because they give you access to more content. If you will notice, most locations on the map have padlocks on them. That means you will not be able to access those locations until you meet the required level. You can tap on a location to find out the level requirement. The padlock will be unlocked once you meet the required level. You can then tap on it to unlock the location completely.

15. Don’t Forget About Your Daily Rewards

Even if you don’t have time to play, make sure you try to at least log into Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery once per day. It only takes a minute to launch the game and claim your Daily Reward. Daily rewards include crafting items, banishing items, hints, currency, and energy. Logging in for consecutive games gives you better rewards. If you forget to log in for a day, you will end up having to start over. The fifth day gives out hint items which are hard to come by without spending real money, so it would be a waste to miss this reward just because you forgot to log in for one day.

You are now ready to lift the curse from Darkwood in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery! Follow our guide above to clear scenes like a pro! If you have anything to add to our list of tips and tricks, feel free to let us know by leaving a message in the comment box below!


Wednesday 4th of January 2023

How to get more rubies without spending so much money?

sherriyll burke

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

how do you increase your reputation points?

Jane Bailey

Monday 5th of December 2022

Can't seem to open up the game today. What has changed?


Friday 14th of October 2022

After the last update I don't get any adv. anymore. No adv for reducing energy,no adv to get more puzzle solving time, no adv for the daily ruby and no adv for extra energy in the Magistral Path. I wrote Mytona. They say theycan't help. How do I solve his? How do I get my advertisments back? Please help.


Monday 10th of October 2022

Hi wondering if anybody can help. A player from my guild is stuck trying to find the Ice Cobweb. When she clicks on it, it just says hint but doesn't tell her where to go to find it