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Heroes Awaken Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Developed by Imba, Heroes Awaken mashes together the efficient idle gameplay of AFK Arena and the epic battles from Auto Chess. The resultant game is one where you can just stand back, relax, and watch as your heroes decimate whatever it is on the screen. It is the type of game that you will enjoy letting it run for hours on end, especially with how it ensures that its main menu’s campaign screen is just your Heroes battling endless hordes of monsters!

heroes awaken cover

With a grand world waiting for you in the distance, will you attempt to seize it and make it your own? While this game may not need a lot of your input, it does specialize in one thing—minimum effort, and maximum efficiency. And that’s what you will need in order to conquer your opponents. What better way to know more about it than by reading this beginner’s guide for Heroes Awaken?

So ready your weapons and armor, learn your skills and magic, for a thrilling journey awaits in the realms beyond your own!

A Few Things About Heroes Awaken

As stated before, Heroes Awaken is, on paper, an auto battler game mixed with idle mechanics for farming. To know more about what an ‘auto battler’ is, let’s clarify a few things.

The Auto Battler Genre

heroes awaken intro 2

Auto battlers are a subgenre of strategy video games with chess-like elements (hence the term ‘auto chess’) where players place characters in a grid-shaped battlefield during a sort of preparation phase before the battle. Once the battle is initiated, the players have no control over their units as they fight automatically on their own. Popular games in this genre are Dota Underlords, Teamfight Tactics, TFT Mobile, and Auto Chess.

The only difference here in Heroes Awaken is that there are no rounds. If you lose a battle, you essentially lose it. There’s also the matter of a battle timer, stopping any attempt of time stalling from both players. While this instance is rare due to how battlers can be strong enough to hit one another with ease, this ensures that any battles you’ve done are quick to finish.

heroes awaken intro 3

While you’d immediately think that games like these tend to be random, they are not. Battles tend to be dictated by how a character is placed, how powerful they are, and what skills they have to offer. There are also a lot more things like matchups, types, and races that you have to count on on the fly. And then there’s the equipment for each hero.

heroes awaken intro 4
The number under a Hero’s profile indicates their strength.

And then, finally, would be their Rating. This Rating that each hero has completely turned the tide of battle. The things stated above are what gives a hero the rating that they get in the game. The difference between a hero’s rating and his rival is significantly exponential, chances are it’s the one with the largest number that wins.

And that just loops back to what Heroes Awaken might essentially be. It’s not just an auto battler with idle farming mechanics. It’s also a numbers game that you have to be constantly reminded of.

Tips and Tricks

heroes awaken mvp

We’ve discussed the finer points of Heroes Awaken, but those aren’t enough to fully make you a true adventurer in these wild lands. There’s more to know when it comes to the battles ahead. Once you’ve finished reading these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to idly bash your way through the hordes and heroes standing in the way of victory!

1. Log In And Do Your Daily Tasks to Get Rewards

heroes awaken daily login rewards

While Heroes Awaken doesn’t need much attention when it comes to gameplay, there is much to earn by being attentive every day.

heroes awaken afk rewards

A standard of other mobile games, logging in daily nets you great rewards. As you will be forced to log off every day, getting back in nets you AFK rewards that get up to 12 hours worth of farming. The Gold, Hero Experience, and other items you gather idly will allow you to push through the next set of levels that you will have trouble with, up until you end up getting stuck in another level.

heroes awaken fast rewards

There is also the Fast Forward mechanic, with the Goddess of Luck giving you 2-hours worth of AFK resources. It always refreshes every day, and you can only do up to 2 claims with it. The first will always be free, while the second requires 50 Gems. Considering how much Gems you get on a daily basis, it’s as sweet of a deal as it is.

And that’s not to say the other things that are refreshed every day.

heroes awaken bounty hunter

The Bounty Hunter section in the Countryside tab is a dispatch-like system similar to Path to Nowhere’s where sending heroes earns you various rewards. As they only take 2 hours to finish and refresh every day, they are a great source of Gold and Hero Essence—essential to upgrading a Hero to a higher level. And that’s not to say the Shards that you also obtain from other quests, allowing you to summon Heroes for free in the process.

heroes awaken reward

And just like other social games, there’s no denying that being in a Clan has its own benefits. Checking in every day nets you gold. There’s also the Clan Hunt that gives you other essential items, alongside Clan Coins that you can use to earn more items to buff up your Heroes. You get two tries to beat up the Gaia Guardian, so best prepare yourself if ever you want to earn more than you need.

heroes awaken clan

Finally, what better way to get more and more by attaining glory yourself at the Arena? Every day, you get the chance to beat up some poor fool (or end up losing badly) in this game mode against other Heroes. Even if you win or lose, you will still get Arena Coins for the sake of trying. As for getting better at fighting other players, that’s for another tip.

Oh, did we also mention the Quests? Let’s not forget those.

heroes awaken quests

Daily (and Weekly) Quests are on your to-do list every time you play the game, so naturally completing them nets you Activity Points which then unlock rewards chests depending on how much you have earned. Reaching 100 Activity Points on both quest categories nets you Heroic Badges, which are the points for the Heroic Pass—the battle pass system of the game. In the end, you end up getting more than what you need, in both upgrading and getting Heroes.

2. Follow The Quests and Play the Campaign

heroes awaken world map

There’s more to just doing tasks in Heroes Awaken. With your motley band of Heroes, there’s no doubt that there’s a world beyond what you are currently in.

Playing the campaign is one of the more vital parts of playing Heroes Awaken, being the culmination of your journey in the game. The more you venture through the World Map, the better AFK rewards that you earn in the process. And of course, these rewards become your resources as you strengthen your Heroes, allowing you to conquer other game modes in the process.

heroes awaken campaign

Simply pressing the battle button is enough to initiate a fight in the current stage that you’re in. Take note of how strong the enemies are whenever you reach a high point in your campaign. Bulldoze them if you can. And if you get beaten up even if the number difference is low, take your time out of your phone and let the game do the work for you. And then beat them up once you get powerful.

We’ll get to other things later on in the guide, such as powering your heroes as well as leveling up properly.

heroes awaken boss fight

Once you reach the end of a Chapter, you get to earn the right to fight against a colossal boss-like monster. Take a moment and see if you can beat it up, though the usual case would be that they are far weaker when you reach them. After all, there are far worse encounters in the campaign that essentially need your attention when it comes to placing your heroes and such.

Another thing is that if you are totally a new beginner reading this guide, focus on finishing the campaign first before doing anything else the game wants you to. While it is tempting to immediately delve in and get more resources on other items, reaching Stage 2-16 is a critical point due to a mechanic that it unlocks: 2x speed.

heroes awaken game mechanic

You’re definitely going to need it when you reach the finer parts of the game. You don’t want to waste that much time on an idle game, after all.

And finally, we’ve discussed the quests in a tip earlier. But there is one more Quest category that wasn’t specified, and that is the Progress Quests.

heroes awaken quest progression

These types of quests act as a more visible part of progress in your game, essentially acting as milestones and achievements. Every time you reach certain parts of the campaign, it nets you Gems that you can use to either summon Heroes or buy new gear in the story. If you did something else like raising your Account’s level or summoning more Heroes than you need, it rewards you with VIP Points or Shards.

You can’t have enough Heroes, after all. And privilege points.

3. Level Up Your Heroes and Equip Them With the Best Gear

heroes awaken hero status

And speaking of Heroes, there’s no denying that Heroes Awaken has a plethora of a full 70+ roster of champions and characters to choose from. You get to pick them wherever you want, but there’s much more to just having them.

As Heroes Awaken is an auto-battle game, the name of the game is to throw your strongest units and watch them annihilate anyone on the other side of the battlefield. If you don’t have upgraded or leveled up, watch them be immediately destroyed as expected. Even a little difference in Ratings can be enough to change the tide of battle in your favor.

heroes awaken battlefield

And as you upgrade them, they also get stronger in return. Leveling them up is the only way to unlock newer and better skills.

But the more you level them, the more the demands get. Not only do you need more resources, but they also need to be at a higher rarity to have higher levels. If you want them to be able to stand against the strongest of monsters, summoning their duplicates at the Tavern is your only course of action. That and the Shards that you have gotten from all the quests that you’ve done.

heroes awaken hero ascend

Upgrading their rarity is done at the Ascend Hero section of the Fortress. From there, you need a Hero’s duplicate to enhance their current rarity. Once enhanced, they can now have their rarity go a level higher at the cost of two other enhanced heroes.

We’ll talk more about that finer detail later, all you need to know is that you have the ability to strengthen a part of your team.

heroes awaken oak wand

Then there’s the matter of equipping your heroes with the finest livery of weapons and armor. While levels alone can increase your Hero’s rating and stats, Gears ultimately empower them with stat increases alongside Race-specific bonuses if they are of the said race.

Don’t just randomly give your best equipment to your unused heroes. Make sure that they’re used by the ones that you regularly use.

And that’s not to say that Gears can also be enhanced to increase their level. If you are going to enhance a piece of equipment, make sure that you don’t accidentally waste really good equipment in the process. Auto Select does not care as long as you have something it can use, whether it is a Common Enhance Token or a rare Gear.

4. Stick to a Hero Composition And Don’t Build Too Much

heroes awaken hero composition

You may think that throwing out your best heroes is a tactically sound idea. It is, up until you get beaten up by a well-rounded group with the right set of Races and Classes. You wonder how you got beaten up, even if you are equally of the same level and equipment. Until you remember the part where grouping up the same Race gives you a massive team buff.

Heroes Awaken has the qualities of an auto-battler, and it shows it that way by showing you that there is merit to fielding the right kind of champions in the field. Thinking like a general will net you more wins than just throwing the next band of heroes to your opponent. This isn’t an interactive game, you have no control of your heroes aside from placing them.

Choose Your Best Race

heroes awaken races
A three-two race team composition, highlighted by the blue-and-purple highlightings in the top-left star above.

So before you go any further in the game, pick your favorite race. No, I am not kidding. Pick the race that you either like or are comfortable with, and be ready to have them for the rest of your playthrough. This set of same-race Heroes will be the first batch that you will have in your game, and it will possibly stay that way in the near future.

The reason why this is the case is because of how much having the same race of Heroes buffs your entire team. If you’ve noticed that before a match, you see that there is an indicator at the top left corner of your screen. That star-like figure indicates the current buff that you have available given the Heroes with the same race that you have in your team. In order to activate this feature, you need at least 3 Heroes of the same race in order to activate it.

For clarity’s sake, let’s list down the buffs that it gives to your team:

  • 3 Heroes of the Same Race: ATK +10%, HP +10%
  • 4 Heroes of the Same Race: ATK +15%, HP +20%
  • All 5 Heroes of the Same Race: ATK +25%, HP +30%
  • 3 Heroes of the Same Race, 2 Other Heroes of the Other Race (While Being the Same Race): ATK +15%, HP +15%

While you may immediately think that having all 5 Heroes having the same race is a good idea in general, there is still merit in having a mixed set of Heroes later on in the future. If you find a composition that just wrecks a team, then stick with it.

heroes awaken team composition

But if you’re really going for that whole 5 Heroes gimmick, you’re in bad trouble once you go later on in the game. In truth, Heroes Awaken has races that counter one another. The following linked list shows you who counters who, with the countering race dealing +25% more damage in total:

  • Elf -> Goblin -> Undead -> Human -> Beast -> Elf
  • God works against the Demon, and vice versa

And that’s not the only thing you have to account for in a composition.

Classes also give buffs to their same Class in the form of Synergies. With how much you’ll have to account for, we’ll put all of the Class Synergies in the following subsections:


Assassin – The Blood Seeker

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
1 HeroAt the start of combat, Assassins [gain] stealth and become invulnerable for a short duration and leap to the farthest enemy.
2 HeroesAssassins gain an increased 20% critical strike damage & 5% critical chance.
3 HeroesAssassins gain an increased 30% critical strike damage & 8% critical chance.
4 HeroesAssassins gain 25% attack speed for seconds at the start of combat. This refreshes on Takedown.
5 HeroesAssassins gain an increased 50% critical strike damage & 12% critical chance.

Ranger – The Quick Silver

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
2 HeroesRangers have a 25% chance to attack twice.
3 HeroesRangers have a 35% chance to attack twice.
4 Heroes25% chance to ignore enemies’ defense.
5 HeroesRangers have a 50% chance to attack twice.

Knight – The Lifesaver

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
2 HeroesKnight gains increased by 50% in total defense.
3 HeroesKnight gains increased by 50% in total defense.
4 Heroes75% chance to ignore critical damage.
5 HeroesKnight gains increased by 200% in total defense.

Mage – The Seeker of Knowledge

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
2 HeroesMage gains an increased +20% ability power.
3 HeroesMage gains an increased +50% ability power.
4 HeroesMage heroes’ abilities can be crit.
5 HeroesMage gains an increased +75% ability power. Mage heroes’ abilities can be crit.

Supporter – …Supporter

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
2 HeroesAll allied heroes have their mana gain speed increased by 20%.
3 HeroesAll allied heroes have their mana gain speed increased by 35%.
4 HeroesAll allied heroes have their healing increased by 25%.
5 HeroesAll allied heroes have their mana gain speed increased by 50%.

Warrior –  The Armor Enchanter

Number of HeroesSynergy Bonus
2 HeroesWarriors gain damage immunity for 2s when they are reduced below 50% health.
3 HeroesWarriors gain damage immunity for 3s when they are reduced below 50% health.
4 HeroesWarriors return 35% of the damage taken that would be applied, before any reductions, as pure damage
5 HeroesWarriors gain damage immunity for 4s when they are reduced below 50% health.

Union Blessing

heroes awaken union

After all of the thinking about what heroes and their races you should pick, you would immediately forget how harsh it is, economically, to have 2 or 3 teams just in case you reach a roadblock. That would only mean having to waste a few more hours, or even days, just on a single point of the campaign doing nothing but farming for those still lagging heroes.

Heroes Awaken knows this classic decision paralysis dilemma, so they add a nifty quality-of-life solution: Union Blessing.

removing a hero in heroes awaken

Union Blessing is a mechanic in which the 5 highest-leveled heroes will be chosen as a ‘Blessing’. Going to the majestic place will show you all 5 placed neatly to one another. To the bottom of the screen, a few slots where low-leveled heroes are where you will place said heroes. Once you add a hero to a Blessing Slot, their levels would be raised to the lowest level hero chosen as a ‘Blessing’.

This nice change of pace allows you to only level up said 5 highest level heroes in the process, giving you more options to the table in the future. If you have another race you desperately want to try, then adding them in a Blessing Spot is a good idea in the long run. However, there’s still one matter that you have to remember when using this functionality.

heroes awaken leoric the ruined king

First of all, you cannot level up heroes in a Blessing Spot. This means that you can only change their equipment. Granted, another thing is that you have to have your 5 highest leveled heroes be the same level, as the lowest of the 5 dictates how strong the rest of those in the Blessing Spot will be. At least, your heroes will be as strong as what their levels ascribe to.

leveling up heroes in heroes awaken

Another is that you have to be sure as to who you are blessing. If you plan to change for another hero in a Blessing Spot, you have to wait for about 24 hours before you can pick another hero to bless. That’s why we made sure that this trick is sticking to what you have because it will take time for you to take another roster to the battlefield.

Be smart, pick the ones you want to use on the field, and get ready to smash heads once you’re prepared to fight once again.

5. Conquer the Countryside for More Loot

heroes awaken countryside

Going around the World Map is a wonderful feat, there’s a lot more in the world when you look closer to what’s near you.

Beside the Campaign button lies the Countryside, featuring more combat game modes to choose from. From intense player-versus-player action to roguelikes, there’s no denying that Heroes Awaken does not shy away from adding more spice to its exquisite recipe! And for those willing to test the trials laid before you, then there’s the loot that you can get for the future to come!

Because of the broad nature of the Countryside (side, heh), it is segmented into 4 other parts that you will unlock early on in the course of your playthrough. We’ll start off with the mano-o-mano against other players: Arena.


heroes awaken arena

Ancient Rome was not shy of using gladiators in order to bring entertainment to the masses, effectively earning money and honor at the risk of their lives. Even if the practice has truly declined to the point of non-existence these days, games glamour themselves to the musings of arenas. Heroes Awaken is no exception to this.

If you have played a title like Knighthood, then you may have had a similar taste of this game’s Arena.

heroes awaken opponent selection

The Arena pits you against countless foes in a bid to become the strongest Heroes. Here, you can select which of the five opponents in the list you can choose from. You can refresh your list to see which one you can take on or fancy against in a fight. You have three chances to fight for free in the Arena, with additional fights after that needing Arena Tickets.

How everything functions is exactly the same, except that you are only fighting against the ‘Defense Team’ set by your opponents. You don’t actually fight the player in real-time, and so do other players against you. However, the big difference is that because fights do not need players to be active, chances are you will have to fight for your way to victory all the time.

heroes awaken team

Whenever fighting, always pick your strongest characters for fights as well as for your Defense Team. And when picking for fights, always pick the opposing team that you can squash with ease. Be wary, however, as there are some opponents that manipulate their ratings by setting a really high-level character to fool the system into believing that they should be in a lower bracket.

heroes awaken characters

You can play it safe in this mode and just crush any newbies at your feet, or try risking for higher points by challenging opponents with higher ratings than you. Remember, it is on you to decide whether or not you want to challenge anyone in this game mode.

But if you truly want to get a chance at those rewards, then all you have to do is do it your all. It is easy to forget that the game sends out Gems every day depending on your current rank in the Arena.


heroes awaken dungeon floor 1

If you’re tired of all the constant shouts of fame and fortune of the Arena, then the Dungeon is a place to be. No hero could not deny the call of destiny inside its putrid walls, after all.

The Dungeon is a far more easygoing experience for those wanting to enjoy the game. It handles itself more as a roguelike game mode, where you, the player, will have to pick two Shrines in your path. The catch is that your Heroes sustain damage throughout battles. However, Runes mitigate this by buffing up your heroes, among the other Shrines that will help you.

From the following Shrines, you get to pick the following ones:

  • Normal Battle Shrine – It’s your classic 5v5 scenario. You get to choose your heroes, and you get to beat up monsters. Once you have won the battle, you will earn Runes that can upgrade your team or specific members of it.
  • Hard Battle Shrine – As the name suggests, you are pitted against buffed-up enemy compositions in this one. The high-risk, high-reward factor makes these an optimal choice compared to normal battles. The obvious downside is surviving, especially if you’re already whittled down from previous fights.
  • Boss Battle Shrine – At the entrance of each dungeon floor door lies the Boss Battle Shrine, standing in your way against penultimate victory. These boss battles, of course, are harder than your average Hard Battle Shrine and tend to employ the worst the game can offer. There are only 3 of these Shrines, with the first 2 giving you a guaranteed Legendary Rune to obtain.
  • Recruit Shrine – Self-explanatory, the Recruit Shrine lets you pick 3 Heroes to have in your current run of the Dungeon. More often than not, these recruits are stronger than the collective levels of your Hero roster. You can also view this Shrine as a way to experience what having this hero can do in battles. Of course, the Heroes you recruit in this mode can only be used in this mode.
  • Vitality Shrine – This Shrine heals all currently alive Heroes by 50% of their Max Health.
  • Resurrection Shrine – This Shrine revives Heroes that have fallen in battle.
  • Store Shrine – This Shrine sells to you three rare items alongside a legendary item, all discounted. While the price they fetch is certainly a steal as compared to other stores in the game, the only way to buy them is by using Gems.
  • Mystery Shrine – These Shrines are randomized once selected. The only Shrine that it cannot pose as is the Boss Battle Shrine.
heroes awaken dungeon

Once done, you obtain Dungeon Coins you can use in the Fortress Store. Because of how quick of an experience the Dungeon is, as well as its refreshing for at most 2 days each, the Dungeon is a quick cash and grab for your Heroes. This is especially true if you are in need of other items such as good Gear to choose from when the Fortress Store lacks what you need.


heroes awaken madness tower

And the only way to go up… is, well, up.

The Tower, in essence, is a slow grind to success similar to the Campaign. While the Campaign gives you AFK rewards, the Tower does not. But what the Tower does have is something that the Campaign does not. Bear with me on how confusing it gets, even with the obvious similarities between the two.

heroes awaken tower 2

As this is a Beginner’s Guide, the relative focus is more on Madness Tower, the first of the towers that you will unlock in this game mode. In this Tower, the process is simple. You complete floors with progressively stronger units than the last, making it quite a challenge to scale it from time to time. What does, however, make the floor clearing beneficial to you is the rewards that you earn.

heroes awaken tower 3

While completing floors gives you Gold and Gems, clearing floors in the Madness Tower earns you Hero Essence as well as Rare Shards to use for future uses. The thing about Hero Essence is that they are hard to obtain, to begin with, with the Campaign’s AFK Rewards giving you relatively few in comparison. Clearing the floors in the Tower, even if just for a few floors, gives you the same amount that you need to wait for 12 hours.

There’s no other way to describe minimal effort, or maximum efficiency in that regard.

When it comes to clearing floors, they only progressively get harder for every 10 floors or even 100. You’d be honestly surprised how easy it is for first-day players to already have a giant leap of progress in the Tower. And if they can, so can you.

heroes awaken battle

And that’s all there is for the Countryside! Remember, there is a lot more stuff in it once you reach the later Stages of the Campaign. Just remember to do the following tips and you’ll be set for life with your Heroes.

6. Join Events

heroes awaken events

And if there is a fantasy world, what’s not to give for it to have special occasions?

Events come in plentiful in Heroes Awaken, and boy do they give you egregious amounts of rewards when clearing them. Joining the festivities gives you all you need to kickstart your next plan in the game, and you may need all of it.

In order to see what Events are currently running, all you have to do is click the Events button. From there, you will immediately see which events are currently running in Heroes Awaken. Events last for only 2 days by a minimum of 14 days. And with how easy some Events can get, you can easily finish them before it ends.

heroes awaken elite hunter

There are also rerunning events that focus on other game modes such as Bounty Hunter or Tower. Make sure to always check out those kinds of events so that you will earn even greater rewards once you finish them. Making it a habit to check what recurring events are currently happening allows you to plan further ahead in your playthrough.

Not only that but there is a newcomer event that runs through for the first 7 days of your playthrough. For each day, it gives you large amounts of Gold, Hero Essence, and Gems up until you can get your first God race character in the form of Ares. His mere presence alone in group compositions is enough to get him as a first choice and priority in these situations.

Keep an eye out for events that may have what you need, and you won’t see yourself starving for more resources than you need.

7. Save Gems and Coins for Hero Summons And Specific Shop Items

 heroes awaken store

You finally got all of those little things that you’ve gotten from previous tips. Thus Gems are rather getting hefty in your pocket now, isn’t it? The only prevalent question that comes to your mind would be simple: where would you spend your Gems and Coins at this stage of the game. For a rather rare resource, they sure come in plentiful amounts.

That is until you know exactly where to spend these resources.

 heroes awaken store 2

There are a lot of places where you can spend your Gems: in the Fortress Store, in the Dungeon Store, or the Tavern. In this tip, we can pinpoint exactly which ones you can pick without completely harming your wallet in the process. And these nitpicks would be provided in a convenient list to know what you can get with each being a steal of its own.

  • Hero Summons: There’s no denying that the Fortress Tavern houses Heroes of all kinds, regardless of place of origin. Out of all the things in the game, this is the best place to spend your Gems if ever you get an overflow of it. While the All Races summoning would put you at the mercy of luck, it will still reward you with Heroes if ever your luck is good on that day. And if you do get duplicates, you can get Speedups in the progress for free, so it becomes a good buy-1-get-1 deal of its own.
  • Store Picks
    • Hero Essence and Legendary Equipment: As stated in its own category, the Daily Deals provides you with sweet upgrading materials and powerful equipment to keep your group composition competitive. Considering that you will honestly get a lot of Gold later on in the game, spending 300k Gold for just 100 Hero Essence is a wonderful deal. As for equipment choices, always go for Legendary ones… especially those with rather big discounts from 40% up. And since it always updates daily, your band of Heroes will be stronger than on the weekends.
    • Hero Duplicates: This is a more specific choice if you are currently fielding a Hero that requires a duplicate for it to level up its rarity. If you do see a duplicate of said Hero, snatch it immediately before it refreshes. Having a high-value rarity Hero ensures that you will always have a strong group, as well as having that Hero’s maximum level bumped up even more.
    • Race-Specific Hero Shards: Finally, aligning with the previous tips of before, choose shards that give out units that specifically come from the highlighted race. That way, you will only choose between the small chunk of specific Heroes as opposed to the full 70+ roster that it has. While it’s not a guarantee to use for duplicates, they are still there to bolster your ranks in the future.
 heroes awaken store 3

And that’s all there is on picking stuff on the market! Once you venture further into the game, more choices will be available to you… so keep an eye out for those options should they give useful items in exchange for less cost.

8. Get Friends For Free Rolls

 heroes awaken friends

Even in such a vast world, there’s no denying the power of friendship can reach out to the far corners of the world.

As the final tip of this Beginner’s Guide, it’s relatively simple: get a friend!

While there is no placed emphasis on companionship in this game, there are added benefits to getting friends once you are able to add some in the game.

 heroes awaken friends 2

One of the biggest advantages that you get would be getting free rolls for a specific banner in the Tavern. Each day, you get the option to send and receive Hearts from your friends, with the maximum amount being 20 out of your 30. As the Heart-only banner in the Tavern only requires 100 rolls (10 hearts if individual) for a 10 Hero pull, you’ll be guaranteed to always have a 100 pull every week!

 heroes awaken mercenaries

And finally, one of the other advantages that this game gives you is mercenaries.

In this mechanic, you can apply to get your Friend’s Heroes in order to help you in battle, similar to Path to Nowhere’s Assists. Because of its rules, you will get a Legendary rarity Hero or higher depending on what your Friends currently have. For every game mode in Heroes Awaken, they can be used respectively. That means that even if you can’t use them anymore in the Campaign after earning a victory with them, you still can use them in other places aside from the Arena.

That would just be dishonorable, don’t you think?

 heroes awaken friends 3

If you want to find Friends, it’s just as easy as finding someone wanting to add you to the Global Chat. Try to mingle there, look around for a bit, and find some that work with your element. Or you can just beg on your knees, type “Add me please”, and watch as a flock of old and new players wants to be your friends. Evidently, considering they want your friendship as well.

Remember to always do so especially when you get through the game. You’ll notice later on that some of the Friends that you’ve added will leave the game eventually. That doesn’t stop you from adding more friends if ever they don’t bother with the game anymore.

You are here to win, after all.


 heroes awaken conclusion

Heroes Awaken has a lot more in store for an auto-battler/idle-farming game. Once you reach the higher levels, you will realize that there’s a lot more to planning in the beginning that would completely help you out in the long run. That doesn’t stop it from letting players enjoy the game even when it can get repetitive at times.

Just remember the tips you’ve learned when reading this guide:

  • Remember to always log in to get the best benefits out of the game.
  • Play the Campaign in order to strengthen your warriors when you are out of the game. And maybe accomplish a few Progress Quests along the way.
  • Level up your Heroes! Having a strong composition is the easiest way to victory!
  • Stick with what you have and know exactly what composition you can play with what you’re given.
  • Play a few rounds in the Countryside for some fresh action! Doing the Campaign alone is a monotony you don’t want to have.
  • Joining events will give you bigger rewards, some better than the ones you usually receive.
  • Know which items to pick at the shop and when to use your Gems. Those don’t come cheap, after all!
  • Get some friends in order for them to help you, as well as for them to give you free Hero rolls per week!

And there you have it! This now concludes our Beginner’s Guide on Heroes Awaken! So level up your warriors, bring out the best of the best in your roster, and ready yourself for a journey of a lifetime across the realms!

If you are a seasoned champion of the Arena or some new welp that came across this guide, feel free to give your thoughts in the comments section below. Every single nugget of wisdom in this vast sea of adventure counts!