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Bit Heroes Quest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Strongest 8-Bit Team

Developed by Juppiomenz comes a bit-crushed classic that captures the nostalgia of the early 2000s RPGs. Bit Heroes Quest is a vast dungeon crawl RPG that combines the aesthetics of the old generation with the gameplay routines of the new. Explore and battle your way through a world crawling with endless dungeons in a quest to catch them all—literally!

bit heroes quest cover
And it begins.

Of course, every journeyman is not an experienced explorer. For a new player, especially one that just picked up Bit Heroes Quest, you’ll have a rough time understanding the world around you. Don’t worry, weary traveler! With this guide, you’ll surely be ready to plunge into the vast world of Bit Heroes!

So, strap up with your favorite antiquated helmet, and let’s jump right into the fray of this Bit Heroes Quest Beginner’s Guide!

The Basics of Bit Heroes Quest

bit heroes quest basics
Well decorated despite the occasion.

Bit Heroes Quest does not fool around when it says it wants to capture the charm and nostalgia of the RPGs of old.

And the grand difference here, however, is that you have the luxury of not having to take your time in traversing far areas. Instead, what you can do is simply choose a ‘Zone” of your liking and start from there. That, or choosing the other game modes that this game has to offer. But we’ll go bit by bit on that in the later parts of the guide.

What we should focus on now is what you’ll be spending time on in the game, and that would be your Hero.

Your Hero

bit heroes quest hero
Guess why he’s named that way.

This pixelated avatar is your player character, the one that you will use to walk in the world of Bit Heroes Quest. At first, there’s not much going on with your character aside from them being stark naked and having to choose what they look like in the game. You can start figuring out their looks from there—and don’t think much about the looks, they don’t have any hidden traits stuck to them as old games do.

What is set in stone are a few things: weapon types and their skills, and a player’s stats. These two things are the ones that you have to focus on during your playthrough. Now, let’s look over these two topics.

Primary Stats

bit heroes quest stats
A player with 43 Power, 20 Stamina, and 31 Agility.

RPGs are numbers games, there is no denying that. The higher the number you have, the better the chances of victory that you’ll attain.

Because of this, we have to understand the three things (aside from other factors) that will completely separate our character from the rest. These three Stats are the following:

  • Power calculates the damage the player or Familiars can deal in a battle. Each point in Power rep- resents 1 damage.
  • Stamina dictates the player or Familiar’s HP (Health Points). Each point in Stamina is equal to 10 Health Points.
  • Agility is used with Power to calculate the player or Familiar’s combat speed.

Of course, this isn’t the only statistic that the game can provide to you.

By equipping gear and enchants, you’ll get more statistics to pay attention to. You can find the following by pressing the I button as indicated by the image above. The table below presents all the other modifiers that you have to consider, categorized based on whether they are used offensively or defensively:

Offensive Modifiers

Damage BonusThe additional damage you can deal with from other items equipped. Can be any of the 6 elements.
Speed BonusHow much speed you will gain from other items equipped
Critical ChanceHow often the player can cause a Critical Hit. The Base Chance is 10%. Capped at 100%.
Critical DamageThe damage multiplier when a player deals a critical hit. The base critical damage multiplier is +50%.
Life StealHeals the player or Familiar for a set percent of the damage that they deal
Dual StrikeAutomatically recasts the same skill the player/Familiar last chose. Determined at the start of a skill chain. A skill that dual strikes can trigger itself again when you have a high amount of it. If the skill is a "target enemy" skill and the initial target was killed by the first hit, the target with the lowest hp will receive the second hit. If the skill last chosen is a backline attack, and the backline enemy dies from the first hit, the new backline enemy will be targeted.
Empower ChanceThe possibility of upgrading your skill during its use is based on the set percentage.
Quad StrikeLike Dual Strike, but casts the skill 4 more times.
Ricohect ChanceAllows an attack to jump between existing enemies, dealing the same damage (before damage reduction) to another random enemy that is hit. Ricocheted hits can be blocked, evaded, deflected, redirected, ricocheted again, etc. There is no limit on the number of times an attack can ricochet.
AccuracyReduces your target's Evade, Deflect, and Absorb chances based on the set percentage you have.

Defensive Modifiers

Health BonusHow many Health Points do you gain from other items equipped
Evade ChanceNegates damage from incoming hits by dodging. The base chance is 2.5%. Evasion is capped at 75%.
Block ChanceHalves damage from incoming hits. Block Critical occurs if an enemy lands a critical hit successfully. Block is capped at 100%.
Life StealHeals the player or Familiar for a set percent of the damage that they deal
Damage EnrageA mechanic where a percentage of damage received is stored as a bonus for the next attack of the user. Can only go up to 25%.
Deflect ChanceNegates damage from incoming hits and returns the damage to the attacker.
Absorb ChanceTransforms all of the damage received into shielding.
Damage ReductionReduces all damage received based on the set percentage. Damage Reduction is capped at 75%,
Team EnrageLike Damage Enrage, but any attack towards a team member is counted as a ‘Damage Enrage” to you. Only applies to the current user, not the entire team.
Elemental ResistanceYour resistance to a specific element attack is based on the set percentage.

Weapon Type and Skills

What sets this game apart from others is that your hero inherently doesn’t have any skill—it is your current weapon type and its rarity that gives you skills. That means that every time you change a weapon, you will have different sets of skills. This gives you the luxury of testing out what weapon you would like before committing to a play style.

We’d recommend you try out what weapon you’d like to use, but we can also give you a table of skills that a specific weapon type uses. And here they are:

No Weapons

1-Bit Punch0Deal damage to the closest enemy25% (22.5-27.5%)


Slash0Deal damage to the closest enemy100% (90-110%)
Thrust1Deal damage to the closest 3 enemies82% (73.8-90.2%)
Leap Attack1Deal damage to the target enemy135% (121.5-148.5%)
Aerial Strike2Deal damage to all enemies80% (72-88%)
Vampiric Touch3Drain health from the closest enemy125% (112.5-137.5%)


Slash0Deal damage to the closest enemy100% (70-130%)
Aerial Assault1Drain health from all enemies30% (21-39%)
Chop1Deal damage to the closest enemy172% (120.4-223.6%)
Dispatch2Deal damage to the target enemy180% (126-234%)
Vigor3Spread heal teammates150% (135-165%)


Slash0Deal damage to the closest enemy100% (80-120%)
Skewer1Deal damage to the furthest enemy157% (125.6-188.4%)
Impale1Deal damage to the closest 3 enemies82% (65.6-98.4%)
Blitz2Deal damage to the target enemy180% (144-216%)
Strike3Deal damage to the closest enemy287% (229.6-344.4%)


Impact0Deal damage to the closest enemy100% (80-120%)
Bullseye1Deal damage to the target enemy135% (108-162%)
True Shot1Deal damage to all enemies60% (48-72%)
Snipe2Deal damage to the furthest enemy210% (168-252%)
Draining Shot3Drain health from all enemies50% (40-60%)


Fireball0Deal damage to the closest enemy100% (80-120%)
Eruption1Deal damage to the weakest enemy142% (113.6-170.4%)
Rejuvenate1Heal the target teammate82% (65.6-98.4%)
Fire Storm2Deal damage to all enemies80% (64-96%)
Flamestrike3Deal damage to the target enemy225% (180-270%)

And these are just for the common weapons that you’ll find in the game. Unique weapons will give their skills to choose from, allowing more options to be put on the table for your adventures.

Of course, picking the weapon that you want depends on your current situation and play style. We recommend trying any of the weapons first before committing to any of them completely. If you don’t want that weapon, you can always keep it for later uses or any upgrading purposes. If anything, the tables are there for your reference.

Now with our weapons and armor set, how about we take a step to our first dungeon?


bit heroes quest dungeon
And quite spooky too…

Found first in the Zones as you start the game, the Dungeons will be the staple of this guide. They are your source of income as well as items and Familiars, your trusty companions later on in Bit Heroes Quest. With monstrous dangers to boot, this labyrinthian nightmare will be a test of faith and wit to your team.

But to go to a dungeon, you must assemble a team of 3—including your player character. For areas that are marked with flags, you can only bring your 2 Familiars. For ones that have stars, you can bring 2 friends to the mix regardless of level. This allows you to mix and match what you need to succeed in whatever dangers lurk below.

Not only that, you would need Energy first to embark on a journey, which depends on what the Dungeon wants from you.

And before we go any further, let’s talk about your lifelong companions: the Familiars.


bit heroes quest familiars
You have to admit: he does have the swagger.

Familiars are monsters that you can catch in a dungeon. What makes them useful, however, is that their strengths are based on the player character’s stats rather than the current level they are in. This makes them much more useful in the process, thus any attempts to make yourself stronger also make them stronger.

While similar in concept to Pokemon, they are more close to a gacha when it comes to obtaining them. When defeating a monster while questing, there is a small chance for you to capture them. And once that chance appears, you have the option to persuade or bribe them to become a Familiar.

The following are the options that pop up when doing so:

  • Persuade: Spend Gold for a 10% to 40% chance (depending on their rarity) to catch the Familiar.
  • Bribe: Spend Gems for a 100% guaranteed Familiar catch.

And later on, you can have the option to fuse your Familiar ala Inscryption style to obtain a different Familiar. You can also put the same kind of Familiar in a Stable for the Familiar you will use to obtain bonuses up to 10%. Of course, we will talk about that later, as those are choices you have to decide on in your playthrough.

These are the capture rates and costs for the different rarities of each Familiar:

RarityCapture RatePersuasion ChanceGold CostGem Cost

For now, that’s all there is for Familiars. Let’s get back to what dungeons are.

If you have played something like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Darkest Dungeon, then you will understand that the Dungeons will always be randomly generated the moment you enter one. They will never be the same, but there are always certain elements that come into play.

Remember these certain elements to plan out your journey ahead, even if it’s not what you expect all the time:

bit heroes quest monsterMonsterThese critters, large or small, stalk the dungeon in hopes of finding an unwitting traveler as their new play toy. They will only engage if you are at a close distance from them!
bit heroes quest coinsCoinScattered around the dungeons are currencies you can use. They can range from the singular gold coin on the ground, or a pouch full of it as seen in the picture. Finders keepers!
bit heroes quest chestChestChests are scattered around dungeons, so there’s no surprise in finding one in your runs most of the time. The difficulty of a dungeon also increases your chance of finding a rare chest!
bit heroes quest dead bodyDead BodyAn unfortunate soldier who just so happened to get an arrow to the knee before death. Unsurprisingly, you can take off anything from his corpse like items or equipment. Might as well take what he has, right?
bit heroes quest hp shrineHP ShrineA rare shrine that brings up your team’s HP back to 100%. Red-tinted for convenience.
bit heroes quest sp shrineSP ShrineA rare shrine that brings up your team’s SP to 100%. Blue-tinted for convenience.
bit heroes quest merchantMerchantThere are times that Nikko from the town ends up venturing to places he shouldn't be. On the off-chance you do meet him, you’ll get the opportunity to buy something out of his ventures.
bit heroes quest dungeon penalty
Well, ain’t that a bummer.

You can leave dungeons during your run, regardless if you are in battle or not. However, take note, that there is a penalty when leaving dungeons. The energy that you wasted will not come back, as well as any items you have brought from the trip.

Flag-Dungeons and Star-Dungeons

bit heroes quest zone wintermash
Dungeons with stars are replayable, as opposed to ones with flags only.

For Bit Heroes Quest to allow farming, Star-Dungeons can be repeated to gain more experience and better gear. The stars that a Star-Dungeon has corresponds to the difficulty that you can play it in, with Heroic being the highest difficulty.

Flag Dungeons are the ones in the Zones that have a diminutive flag in them. Once done, you cannot replay it and continue onward. This way, you’re forced to go to the new route or farm until you can obtain victory in said Dungeon.

The big difference between these two dungeon types is the rewards that you will obtain, as well as the allies that you can gather for your expedition team. In Flag Dungeons, you’re forced to use Familiars only. In Star Dungeons, however, you can use your friend’s avatar to assist you down below—with no penalty whatsoever.

A boon considering how hard Star-Dungeons can be.


bit heroes quest death
Wait, this isn’t Dante’s Inferno the video game…

There can be no fame or glory if you can’t beat up something in Bit Heroes Quest.

Battles are the all-around focus of Bit Heroes. Everything in this game is decided by this. Only the strongest can live, and the weak be culled. This is what you’ll have to face all the time when you’re playing this game.

Once you approach a monster (in Questing, mind you), they will be surprised by your presence and will put you into battle with them. You will be put in a turn-based battle similar to the likes of Dragon Quest or Darkest Dungeon. The fastest gets to strike first and those who hit the hardest (and most accurate) win.

The first turn is rewarded to the fastest character in battle. Bit Heroes Quest displays a yellow arrow over the character to show that it is their turn.

The green bar below a character displays their HP. The purple bar displays how long it’ll take for their turn to start, with a ‘full” purple bar showing that it is their turn. Under that purple bar would be the SP bar or Skill Points bar. A character can only have a maximum of 4 Skill Points, which then can be used for a skill.

bit heroes quest battle help
What the average battle looks like, complete with annotations.

The picture above shows annotations with what you’re going to expect in a battle. Here’s what the following means.

  1. The currently selected characters, with a yellow arrow above them.
  2. The enemies that you can target.
  3. The skills that your character can use. You can hold any of the skills to see the descriptions.
  4. Potions that you can use in the case that one of your allies dies.
  5. The current speed of the fight. The higher the setting, the faster everything gets: from turn speed to animations.
  6. You can switch places in battle, although it costs a turn.
  7. The auto button, where the game fights in your place.
  8. The Quit Button. Take note: quitting a battle means abandoning the dungeon.

Anything else that you can glean from the game can be picked up by you. Battles can be much more intricate, thus leaving us to the more detailed parts of the guide.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the exciting part of this guide.

Bit Heroes Quest Tips, Tricks and Strategies

bit heroes quest tip intro
Oh, it’s on!

Bit Heroes Quest is no slouch in the park for how intricately complex it is compared to other RPG games out there in the market. The numbers can be intimidating for anyone, but fret not!

With this guide, you’ll become stronger in no time! If anything, Bit Heroes Quest, for its complexity, is also an easy game to liken yourself to. Read on and you’ll breeze through the lands in no time!

Organize Your Team Properly!

bit heroes quest team organization
A band of misfits working together for one cause.

Before we delve any deeper into the guide, let’s assemble our team properly!

As a beginner, you’re bound to press that Auto button or your strongest set of Familiars or allies. Well, you’re right on the latter, not the former.

bit heroes quest team organization 2
An organized band of misfits working together for one cause.

There is nuance when it comes to setting down your team properly. The image at the beginning of the section isn’t exactly the proper way to field your team. The image above this paragraph is how you would properly do it, given the chance that you have, and how this game does with its targeting system for enemies.

Let us explain step-by-step why this formation is better than the former and with logical reasons:

1. Always have your Highest HP at the front.

bit heroes quest team extra 2
A fistful of Tubbos.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that for your team to survive, someone has to take the role of being a tank. Granted that most skills target the front first, make a character soak up the damage with their high HP. After all, a dead character is less damage dealt.

As seen in the images, we have the Dryad on the front. With their 43 HP, they can survive any beatdown. Combined with their healing skill (alongside the Bor’lan’s), the frontline won’t be broken easily. By then, you’d be wrecking house with your character—or Distroyer in this scenario—before you’d have to worry about anything else.

2. Have your support on the back.

bit heroes quest team extra 3
Well, you can think which one is in this pumpkin brigade.

Just like the images before, supporting characters tend to have the lowest HP. You don’t want them to die? Put them in the back. You don’t have to think about enemies that can attack the back until you’re in PvP. For now, just think that you’re in a dungeon beating up mindless creatures for your amusement (and rewards).

For example, Bor’lan in the images has the lowest HP in the team: having a measly 13 HP. Anything that can hit any of the first two characters hard would immediately put Bor’lan in the monster clinic. With his healing skills, you don’t want him at the front—have him do his job at the back!

3. Field your strongest Familiars/Friends

bit heroes quest team friends
A band of friends working together for mischief.

And finally, while not being a doozy, is having to field your strongest Familiars and Friends. Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but it’s no surprise that some beginners tend to still have their weakest Familiars on their team. In a game where the strongest win, you’re going to need bigger weapons.

If you’re trying Flag-Dungeons, then you’re forced to only use Familiars. In this scenario, the Dryad and the Bor’lan are our best Familiars to field. But as soon as the Star-Dungeons come, you are now able to use Friends to assist you in your journey down under. With the fact that some will be at a higher level than you, rest assured you’ll have a good time demolishing anything in your way!

bit heroes quest team organization 4
We want to change our character’s position.

If you are already in a Dungeon, you can still change your group composition by holding on to the icon of a character and sorting them to the position you want. We want our playable character to be in the middle, so that’s what we will do in this example.

bit heroes quest team organization 5
The currently jutted-out character is being dragged down to the second position.

Once the icon is dragged to the middle, we can then stop holding it. From there, you now have your entire group reorganized, with the Dryad being the first one in the group. Of course, you’d have to change it again because the Dryad can’t take many hits. We still have to follow through our tips, don’t you think?

bit heroes quest team organization 6
Now your support is the tank! Wait a minute.

We all have the crew ready to go. Where should we go then?

Farm Star-Dungeons For Levels and Character Stats

farming in bit heroes quest
Kind of rude to have high-powered Familiars, don’t you think?

In the early days of RPGs, there was one absolute rule. The higher your Level is, the easier it gets.

The same rule applies in Bit Heroes Quest. The more you venture forth in the game, you will have to face obstacles that you have to completely power through. Planning stuff isn’t enough when you are at the mercy of stronger opponents. You wanna beat them? Then get stronger.

Luckily for us, Bit Heroes Quest allows us to repeatedly enter a dungeon to farm it. To do so, you have to complete a Star-Dungeon to repeatedly ‘grind” in it. In gamer terms, it is akin to replaying the same dungeon over and over again to obtain various rewards and hard-to-get materials. The two things that we need in our journey.

bit heroes quest extra
To say they don’t have energy is an understatement.

Because of how Bit Heroes Quest’s energy system replenishes its 1 energy for every 4 minutes, we can slowly grind our way through the dungeon so that the moment we replay it again, we’ll have the same amount of energy. Talk about a bang for the buck, eh?

Another reason why we’re going through this is because of how much we need all these things stated to proceed. Can’t finish off the next dungeon? You need more Levels to get more Character Stats. Need better equipment that can last through the next Zone? Farm until you can get Epics or anything better than that.

Anything that you do get in repeatedly doing these levels is any spare equipment you can get off-chance from dead bodies or chests. Upgrading equipment is expensive in Bit Heroes, so it’s no surprise that you have to grind your way up to get what you need. And any excess can be used to smelt these low-tiered gear.

bit heroes quest level difficulty
Picking Heroic can be crazy, but it’s worth it.

If you’re going to farm on a dungeon, ensure that you are in a Heroic difficulty to get the best results. Field your strongest allies or Familiars. The bigger the risk that you’re taking, the higher the reward. And that also means making sure that there are no hitches in your farming. If you do get beaten up in said dungeon, you can go to another Star Dungeon and try again.

And if you do feel like you want to get more out of an area, you can stay in said area up until you can finally beat the Heroic difficulty of another Star-Dungeon. That will be your entire routine up until then, and you can set your Auto option on.

bit heroes quest settings
Wait, you can automate stuff?

Do remember to keep track of things from time to time, as there are chances that the Auto option would need your choice in some matters like opening rare chests, encountering merchants, or using shrines. Naturally, you would want to keep your settings like this:

  • Disable Auto Pilot on Death: Unchecked
  • Ignore Boss: Unchecked
  • Ignore Shrines: Checked
  • Dungeon Video Ads: Unchecked
  • Reduced Effects: Checked
  • Auto-Persuade with Gold: Depends if you want Familiars
  • Auto-Bribe with Gems: Unchecked
  • Decline Duplicate Familiars: Depends if you want to stable Familiars
  • Decline Merchants:
    • Rare: Checked
    • Epic: Unchecked
    • Legendary: Unchecked
  • Decline Treasures: Unchecked

And that’s all there is when it comes to farming Star-Dungeons! But wait, what should we do with your Stat points?

Allocate Your Stat Points Properly

bit heroes quest stat
To say stat allocation paralysis is a thing can be an understatement.

Ah, the classic RPG beginner’s dilemma. Where should I put my Stat Points after a day of wrecking a house in a dungeon? Maybe Power is a good start. Nothing bad with getting to hit something harder. What about Stamina? If they survive the beating, you’d have to take a blow before your next turn. And Agility? If they get to hit you faster and harder… well, what can you do?

Worry not, weary traveler. In this tip, we’ll tell you exactly what you should do with your unallocated points that you’ve gained 10 levels prior. Luckily for you, we have three builds that can allow you to thrive in the world of Bit Heroes! These three builds are good enough for your needs, and at the same time tell you what stat distribution you have to do at the start to fit into that role.

If you have already started, fret not. You can just get a few more levels and distribute your stats correctly. With that in mind, let’s go through what roles you can take:

NameTotal Stat DistributionWeapon To Use
Damage Per Second (DPS)40% to PowerSpear/Axe/Sword
20% to Stamina
40% to Agility
Tank70% to PowerAxe/Sword
25% to Stamina
5% to Agility
Support65% to PowerStaff/Bow/Crossbow
5% to Stamina
30% to Agility
bit heroes quest stat dps
A good DPS can immediately ruin someone’s life.

DPS are your standard heavy hitters in the game. With their abilities, they can immediately slay their opponents before they could even have the chance to retaliate. However, on their own, they are completely vulnerable due to their low Stamina points, as well as their Skills focused solely on attacking opponents.

bit heroes quest stat tank
A good tank can mitigate damage. Sadly, the enemy team doesn’t have one.

This brings us up to the Tank, the mighty glacier of the team. With them on the frontlines, your enemies would have a long time before they could even breach that back. Of course, they need the support of other characters due to their abysmal agility, although they can sustain themselves on their own due to their abilities to heal themselves and others.

bit heroes quest stat support
Supports can make or break a composition. Sadly, the enemy team has no healers. But who’d want them to have one?

Finally, we have the Support, synonymous with Healer or Mage. Stationed in the backlines, they provide the healing and the buffs for the party. They are, also, the weakest of the entire party due to their points focused solely on Power to assist the team, making them complete easy pickings for others.

With all those three in mind, you can now build the character that you want or need for your team!

If you do want to change your stats as you are having a hard time leveling up, don’t spend your precious Gems in doing so. Wait for events where you can get free resets, which would allow you to experiment even more.

Now that you have your characters set, what else do we have to do?

Befriend Strong Players

bit heroes quest friends
“And five’s a what?”

You can’t have a merry band of misfits without friends now, can you?

Through thick or thin, having a helping hand is a boon when it comes to battles. To be able to survive the worst, you would need those who have it harder. In a game where a number’s advantage is the biggest advantage that you can have, you’d need a lot more than just quick thinking and weird strategies.

One of the features that Bit Heroes Quests has for its players is the ability to befriend people either on your server. By going to the Suggest section, you can befriend as many people as you can and get the benefits of doing so. But the question is, why do you need to befriend a lot as much as possible?

bit heroes quest friends 2
Shouldn’t the cavalry go first?

If you’ve noticed the pattern before, befriending people gives you a lot of benefits. Aside from being able to communicate with them in real-time as opposed to other games, their player avatars can join your party when you enter Star-Dungeons. That alone is enough of a boon to consider getting as many people in your friend’s list as possible.

What also makes it special is how you can befriend people regardless of their current Level. Because of this, you can enter Dungeons in Heroic Difficulty and let these high-powered bastards do the talking for you. Of course, this only happens if they are active as the game only suggests to you anyone close to your level…

So yes, befriending people is as close to investing in them. Besides, it doesn’t much to try and be active alongside them!

bit heroes quest guild
And how much is 30 then?

This also becomes relatively useful once you join a guild. As joining a guild isn’t as easy, being friends with someone can easily allow you to enter theirs without any of the restrictions that the game places on you. If anything, try to make your life easier by swallowing up your pride and trying to take advantage of this opportunity.

But remember, getting help can only get you so far. As stated before, you cannot bring friends to Flag Dungeons. Use this opportunity to farm Star-Dungeons for rare loot to power yourself up, and also allow those with lower levels that you’ve added to have the chance to play the game!

Alright, now you have a team going. It’s time to delve into a few dungeons!

Save Shrines Until You Need It

bit heroes quest shrine
That’s a bit tempting…

Dungeons are terrifying, enough said.

Once you delve deep into one, you cannot just forcibly tuck your tail and get away with everything. The only way to victory is to push forward, and that can be a problem with how encounters function in this game. Planning out more so, but how can you do so properly?

One of the easiest mistakes to make as a beginner is to use HP and MP Shrines immediately even if the entire team isn’t life-threatening. This is more so if you activate Auto—as the AI will immediately use a Shrine as soon as they see one on the horizon. With how rare these objects are, understanding when to use them is key to victory.

That brings us to this tip: save them when you need them. When do you need them exactly? As stated before, only in times where you think that you are on the brink of getting killed off as a team.

bit heroes quest example
Well, that sucks.

As seen in the image above, you can see that the front character is already dead—indicated by the tombstone just resting peacefully in front of the team. With the amount of opponents you have on the other side, you’d know that no one is coming out of here without a large gaping wound in their bodies. If you do get out of that battle alive, however, use a Shrine immediately.

Of course, there are counterexamples for this given that you have a character that can overpower the opposing team. But do you want to take the risk of doing so? Especially in Flag-Dungeons where objects are randomized, doing risky strategies can ultimately lead to your defeat. Try to play calmly and use Shrines only if they are necessary.

And if you are playing in Auto and then you suddenly find yourself strutting towards a Shrine, try to enable the “Ignore Shrines” option found in the settings of the game, as well as “Disable Auto on Death”. That could at least give you the trouble of your team ramming itself to death if they hit a massive roadblock all of a sudden.

bit heroes quest extra 4
Even your familiars are happy. Lucky them!

Looks like you’ve gotten out of that woods with that one, weary traveler. Looks like you’ve gotten yourself some loot in the process. Now that we’ve raided dungeons and gotten our levels up, what’s the next thing we should do?

Upgrade Your Equipment and Melt Ones You Don’t Need

bit heroes quest gear intro
Oh, we’re getting it alright.

An unwritten rule in RPGs is that you will never wear the same type of armor for a long period. You’ll just wear them for one level and then see them completely changed for another. It is a fact of life in Bit Heroes considering that there is a chance you can stumble upon many equipment all of the time.

But what about the ones that stick nearly as long as you go through the game? It’s not a surprise that you’d get an Epic or Legendary item early on in the game, especially if you raid a lot as stated in previous tips. As you have all of these Common and Rare items, you’re bound to think about what you would do with these items.

bit heroes quest smithy melt
Down the pot, you go!

This is where the Melt option in the Smithy becomes useful. With Grent’s help, we will be able to reuse all those low-tier items into something useful! The rarer these items are the better components that we will get from them. And these materials are quite useful for the tip that I will be telling you…

If you stumble upon powerful equipment, upgrade them as soon as possible! And when you get to do so, you’ll end up with strong weapons and armor that can allow you to progress for about a few dungeons or so. Small progress, yes, but that’s still a big one considering how much you can abuse a few things in the game!

bit heroes quest smithy upgrade
Upgrading an item alone can make it stronger than the rarity above them. But that doesn’t mean the higher rarity can’t compete.

What you’re going to upgrade primarily are rarities from Epic up to Legendary. Upgrading these gears can be pricy, yes, but the pros they give outweigh the cons. This is more so later on when the odds are stacked against you.

And you’re going to get a lot of gear from all your expeditions anyway. So, it’s no surprise you’ll be able to get some as soon as you get back from a Dungeon.

bit heroes quest extra 5
Geared up and prepared to go!

We now have the better gear after our journeys down below, traveler! What else can we do to power ourselves up?

Catch all the Familiars!

bit heroes quest familiar intro
No P*keBall… but they sure cost a lot.

You can’t rely on your friends forever, that is a fact that you have to accept later on.

While you can delve into dungeons for as long as you have the power to turn on your phone, you can’t progress any further if you don’t have the necessary things to conquer Flag Dungeons. You need good gear, good weapons, and a strong lineup of Familiars. Emphasis on the last part.

Familiars are your only allies once you enter a Flag-Dungeon. And not only just Flag Dungeons, but also other game modes such as PvP or Invasion. Having these monstrous friends can make or break engagements given if you put the commitment to catch them all!

And even then, they require massive amounts of commitment to do so. But if you’ve followed through our Beginner’s Guide, chances are that you don’t need to think that far ahead with how much you have in your inventory—you got this.

bit heroes quest familiars
On the prowl for more…

Just like before, what you can do is just do the other tips. Repeatedly farm Star Dungeons to get good gear and experience. But this time, you can now focus on catching Familiars. The reason why this tip is a bit late rather than early before is because of how expensive obtaining Familiars is.

bit heroes quest familiar capture
But are you cool enough?

For example, we can see that we can recruit Tubbo. We don’t have enough Gems to persuade him… but we can persuade the cool creature using our hard-earned cash. We can try to persuade them… but with such low chances, you are bound to pay a steep price just to obtain a big powerful unit. This shows you why we decided to put this at a later tip.

Once you get yourself up and running to about a comfortable amount of money, you can start persuading them relentlessly by just farming. Doing so might be exhaustive, so you can activate the “Auto-Persuade with Gold” with the following settings:

  • Auto-Persuade with Gold: Checked
    • Common: Unchecked
    • Rare: Checked (Only if you don’t have enough epics.)
    • Epic: Checked
    • Legendary: Checked

For the following settings, they are more focused on getting the rarer types of Familiars. While you can get utility out of some early monsters, they will fall off immediately the more you continue in the game. They will scale, obviously, but they don’t have the skills that most monsters can provide better.

bit heroes quest familiars 2
A mix of common and rare Familiars in battle.

And once you finally get some Epic Familiars… you’re bound to have a fun time. For you, not for your opponent.

Remember, try to take advantage of a few things first. While you cannot change persuasion chances, you can modify the Capture Rate so that you will often be able to get the chance to persuade these monsters. They come in the form of boosts, daily bonuses, and runes, so keep an eye out for these little things to create more success for yourself.

You can also check the Familiars entry above if you need more information on what to do. Try to plan your course, don’t just butt your head to it.

But all this talk about Familiars, Dungeons, and numbers is going through your head, right? Don’t worry, us too. How about we try… something else?

Try Out The Other Game Modes

bit heroes quest extra 6
Remember to always take a break!

We’ve already seen what Bit Heroes Quest has. It is a dependently social game deeply rooted in its community. It’s no surprise that there are other game modes to cater to the vast majority of players who want a bit more to life than just grinding endlessly in the deepest darkest reaches that the underground has to offer.

Or, you know, just casual boredom from grinding.

Why not take a break from all of that and instead focus on the other game modes that Bit Heroes Quest has to offer, weary traveler?

We’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s parse through them bit by bit (heh)! You never know that some tips and tricks you’ve learned might come in handy here.

PvP (Player versus Player)

bit heroes quest pvp
Rule 1. Don’t talk about it.

As long as conflict exists, there will always be fights. You may fight monsters as a job, but that doesn’t remove the fact that you can straight-up brawl against others. And in this game mode, it’s all about proving yourself to be the alpha against their beta (no innuendo intended).

If you just want to make someone’s day worse, then you can battle it out in the arena in PvP. In this game mode, it’s just you, your Familiars… against someone and then their Familiars. Fair game all around, up until you get to fight stronger opponents.

bit heroes quest pvp 2
Okay, maybe that’s a bit too far…

The same rules apply to Dungeons. The only difference is that you’re going to be fighting the AI instead of the ‘actual” player, making it more of a ghost fight. But does that decrease the threat that the enemy team gives off? Hell no! Remember all the tips you know so far, and use them to the utmost extreme here. It is you against the world, after all.

PvP fights require tickets to participate. They take a longer time to regenerate compared to Energy, but you’ll get them back after a few Dungeon runs or two.


bit heroes quest gauntlet
They are NOT here to play.

Do you think you’re strong enough? How about we take that to the test?

Compared to other game modes, the Gauntlet is a set of increasingly difficult battles that pits you against different opponents. Similarly to PvP, you have 4 Familiars that will aid in your quest to beat anything to a pulp. There are only 20 waves to deal with, and there’s no rest in between. The only way to win is to fight hard.

To play the Gauntlet, you have to spend Tokens, with each token amount changing how much you can earn after finishing a session. Here is a table that shows what you can earn based on the number of Tokens used.

Tokens UsedPointsLootItem Find BonusExperience BonusGold Find Bonus
bit heroes quest gauntlet 2
The entry to hell.

You can also choose the Difficulty of the game mode, which can be unlocked for every Dungeon that you cleared in Quest. And the higher the Difficulty, the better the rewards. Try it from time to time, especially since it takes about 45 minutes each to use a Token.


bit heroes quest invasion
Here they come!

The enemies are at the gate, and we are here to give them hell.

To further drive the point of a community effort, Invasion is a survival-esque game mode that focuses on driving off the enemies that try to attack the town that you are in. There is an endless horde of monsters that you have to destroy with your team, and for every monster driven back, it points towards you.

To explain more, the community effort comes in the form of Community Points. Community Points are gained for every wave fended off. If you beat Wave 10 but not Wave 11, you get 10 Community Points in total. From there, it all adds up to a server-wide point system that checks if a milestone is reached. That just means the more points, the better for everyone around you.

bit heroes quest invasion 2
Keyword: tried.

What makes it more different is that you have 6 teams of 3 to create, which includes you, your Familiars, and the NPCs—which scale up to your Level—that the game mode provides. If a party dies, the next party replaces them up until all of those 6 teams are wiped off the face of the earth.

Once you have cleared several waves, you will be able to start 10 waves before that wave for your next attempt in the event. For example, if you cleared Wave 50, you get to start at Wave 40 the next time you enter the event.


bit heroes quest fishing
Fish will fear me. And my horse.

Well, I guess that the other game modes can be as exhausting as Questing. Might as well find something else that is a far more refreshing, right, weary traveler?

As old as the first RPG game itself, fishing has become a strong addition to any RPGs out there. It cannot be a true RPG without one. In Bit Heroes Quest, it is as rewarding as it is relaxing to the weary hero who just got battered from the game modes above.

bit heroes quest fishing 2

To fish, all you have to do is press the Fishing button seen in the image above. From there, you are now transported to an area where you can freely fish without any concern… granted that you have bait to use. Once you are in the area, you can pick any spot and start fishing.

Now that you stand on the edge of the water, you can press the START button and throw your cast. From there, you get into a sliding bar minigame that slowly changes from the lowest to the highest value. At any time you want, you can press the CAST button to throw it.

bit heroes quest fishing 3
And the battle begins.

Now, the waiting game starts.

Once you do get a fish, that’s where another minigame starts. You only have a few seconds before your prey releases from its cast, and your catch slides back and forth in the bar. The success rate depends on which color the fish lands once you press the CATCH button.

Now with that knowledge in mind, you can start fishing fully and know the true power of the fish.

bit heroes quest extra 7
At least he enjoys the simpler things in life.

And there you go. Quite the rollercoaster that one. With all those game modes, you’re bound to be set for life without getting bored! That should be the last tip… but there is one more you have to know before we end this guide.

Watch Ads

bit heroes quest ads
Hey, at least you don’t need to buy a key to open this.

Of course, you’re wondering. “Wait, you’re telling me the last tip is watching ads?” Yeah, and it is.

The reason is quite simple: Bit Heroes Quest is a free game. There are ways to support the developer like buying in-game stuff, but that’s something we would not recommend for you. You don’t have money to spare, so what else can you do instead?

Why not watch an ad? Not only do you indirectly support the developers, but you also get rewarded for the effort. As seen in the starting image of this tip, you’d see that by playing an ad, you immediately get the chance to unlock a chest with Epic items. Do you want to waste 1 hour on grinding for a 5% chance item or just 30 seconds for a guarantee?

And the best part is that it is entirely out of your own volition. Compared to other games that cast Admonicus Dramaticus every 5 minutes of your playtime, Bit Heroes Quest only gives you a Watch Ad button and nothing else. Either by a chest, you found in the Dungeon or just the Adgor bonus.

bit heroes quest ads 2
I’d buy that for a dollar!

Speaking of the Adgor bonus, this bonus is a sure win for you. Every day, you get the chance to watch 5 ads that will then fill up your item find, experience, capture rate, gold find, and movement speed for 4 hours. Each ad you watch not only increases the boost it provides but also the duration of the bonus. For just 2 minutes, you get a free boost without having to do much else.

bit heroes quest victory
And the journey finally begins.

And that’s it for this Beginner’s Guide for Bit Heroes Quest! It’s quite lengthy, but we made sure that you get all the things you need to start a fulfilling adventure in this long and arduous quest for glory. Of course, this can only take you so far once you reach the higher tiers of the game, but that doesn’t mean that the basics have no place at the top.

No one starts strong, after all.

Now we can finally wrap up by remembering the tips we’ve learned so far:

  • Remember to sort out your team before you start any battles or quests. It’s easy to do in a dungeon by dragging your character around at the top-left corner. You can in battles, but it is risky.
  • Get more levels and items by repeatedly farming Star Dungeons! As Energy replenishes at a fast rate, there’s no downside to repeatedly doing quests!
  • Know how to allocate your stats properly. Change them if you want to either be a DPS, Tank, or Support. And don’t waste Gems to do so, wait until there is an event!
  • Befriend strong players so that you can have an easier time farming Star Dungeons!
  • Don’t use HP or MP Shrines immediately. Wait until you desperately need them so that you can clear dungeons when they become difficult!
  • Try to catch all the Familiars you meet! Having a lot of Familiars, especially Epic or above rarities, can power up your team!
  • There’s a lot more to this game than just repeatedly delving into dungeons! Try out fighting against other players, or take a relaxing break from fighting and try fishing!
  • Watch ads to support the devs and yourself with rewards!

Your adventure can finally begin, weary traveler. There is still a lot more to this game, especially since it is constantly updated. But do not let that stop you from going forward! But if you are indeed in trouble, just remember what you have learned and let it guide you there.

If you are a professional who knows your way or a newbie who has a few ideas in mind and just stumbled upon this guide, let us know a few things down below in the comment section. Letting people know more can help not only you but others as well in this long and arduous journey that you will partake in.

See you then, weary traveler!