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Myth: Gods of Asgard Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Survive Against Ragnarok

Against the tide of the popular theming of Greek Gods in the form of the hit game Hades, Managene Games decided to create a game of its own. Bathed in the mysterious yet still widespread theme of the Norse Gods, Myth: Gods of Asgard is an action-packed game that covers the parts of the Norse Mythology into a well-meshed story.

myth gods of asgard cover

If you’ve noticed the game’s art design the moment you peered at the Play Store, your eyes do not deceive you. The game itself plays out exactly as Hades plays on its own. That is, however, just the surface level. While the art may be the same, the game’s contents are different on their own and are as similar to other mobile games as of recent times. There are far more similarities this game has to its mobile competitors, and that’s a thing to point out immediately.

myth gods of asgard intro

Don’t easily trick your brain into thinking this is a clone of a popular game. This Beginner’s Guide for Myth: Gods of Asgard is right here to tell you what you can expect in this game and get the best out of it! So strap yourselves in, wear your leather armor, and be ready for the inevitable Ragnarok!

Before We Can Begin

myth gods of asgard introduction 1

Well, it wouldn’t be a beginner’s guide without some relative context as to what is completely going on in the story. If you’ve been an avid fan of Norse Mythology, chances are that you’ve already spoiled yourself from the beginning. There are still discrepancies, as there are changes to the story as a whole.

If you do not want to be spoiled, if you haven’t had a clue about Norse mythology, then I’d suggest skipping the next 2 paragraphs after this one. It will only detail the beginning of the story to clue you in as to what might the story go through.

myth gods of asgard introduction 2

The story begins with Brunhild, an aloof Valkyrie assigned with a mission from Odin himself to guide two humans back to Valhalla—a brother and sister, Siegmund and Sieglinde. Their child was important for the upcoming end—Ragnarok—and if they did not follow through, then they would not live to see the end.

By following through with her mission, she had found herself stuck with the decision of having to choose between following Odin’s orders or setting the couple free. Ultimately giving in to the latter, she fights against Odin’s ways. And from there, it went swimmingly.

myth gods of asgard introduction 3

Nonetheless, having the art style be the same as Hades is a sure enough deal sealer for the average action fan out there. And even then, you control powerful god-like beings in your wake, able to slaughter their way through the deadly assortment of creatures found in the mythos.

But how exactly are you going to go through these troubles? While Norse Mythology does value strength, it also values wisdom and experience. While fighting valiantly brings you to Valhalla, there’s more honor to be had with more battles ahead. And that’s what the next part of this guide will bring us to.


myth gods of asgard overview

Myth is a hack-and-slash action game. And while there are a few similarities to it with other already discussed games of its genre, Myth still demands the skill it wants. It is only hard when you try to do so. And that’s what we can mitigate with this guide.

Battle Rating (B.R.)

myth gods of asgard battle rating
The text above the Divine Power cards indicating the Battle Rating of the player.

Similar to other concurrent mobile games, Battle Rating is your numerical standard of strength. The higher your battle rating, the better you are at destroying your enemies. Battle Rating can be increased by leveling your account and upgrading your equipment.

And speaking of Battle Ratings, these level difficulty indicators tell you how much of a fight you’re going to be in. They go from Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell, and Impossible, each with their own unique coloration. However, there are times that you get the Hell indicator regardless of how small the difference is in terms of Battle Rating.

And from that alone, there is a bigger mess in tow.

myth gods of asgard battle rating 2
The bottom right indicating the difficulty of the selected stage.

There is a hidden mechanic in Myth where if the recommended Battle Rating of the level is higher than yours, the harder it actually gets. Instead of a difficulty indicator, the mechanic turns already powerful foes into nightmares ready to wreck Ragnarok at every step. Just a little thing to keep in mind when playing through the game.


myth gods of asgard combat

Now that we know about Battle Ratings, we can now delve into combat. Fighting monsters is what you will always do in Myth, regardless of what game mode you’re in. We’ll only gloss through combat entirely, as the game immediately tells you what you need to be focusing on.

Firstly, you got the Hero that you’re currently using. There’s your Health Bar below, and then the controls to your left and right. And to your right are your Skills, your Health Potion, Ultimate, and Dash. Since the first and last topics are crucial, we’ll be talking about them later.

That, and Health Potions don’t regenerate. The moment you enter a level, that’s all you get completely.

myth gods of asgard combat 2
Bosses usually have bigger HP, typically indicated by a large bar as seen above.

Moving on, we also have your enemies. We have your mooks with no decorative health and the elites who do have them. Bosses are a different thing as they occupy the entirety of the top of the screen, and will always have 10 HP Bars always. No in-betweens.


myth gods of asgard dashing

One of the aspects that you will be acquainted with is your dash button. You have two charges for dashing. Using a charge depletes the bar, which generates over time. Once you unlock Talent, you have the ability to upgrade dashing to three charges.

Take note, however, that it does not increase cooldown time, as it shares the same bar as the first two. That means that you will effectively have the better ability to dash out of harm’s way as compared to only having two charges. Anyway, just keep that in mind in your future playthroughs.

myth gods of asgard dashing 2
A player dashing from the rays of light they came from before.

Moving on, the reason we are talking about dashing is because of one crucial aspect: invincibility frames. When you are dodging, you are completely invulnerable to all kinds of damage regardless of where they come from. In Myth, a single dash lasts around half a second or as long as it is.

Dashing is a vital component in your arsenal once you reach higher levels, as it demands more Battle Ratings to complete it. Let’s keep that as is for now; we have much more to discuss.

Auto Combat

myth gods of asgard auto combat
Auto-combat on. The Hero relentlessly attacks Odin despite knowing the obvious outcome.

At the top-left corner of the screen, during battles, you can see a button named ‘Auto’. This function allows you to let the game control the character for you, letting you give it the wheel as it breezes through anything. This option is useful if you just want to take your time off doing something else.

How a character fights in Auto Combat is through a sequence of actions: Normal Attacks to Powerful Attacks to Special Attacks. If the Ultimate Skill is active, the game will immediately activate it. If you are in harm’s way, then the game will automatically dodge for you, accounting for when the attack comes.

Auto Combat will turn off if you go to a game mode that does not allow it, or if you have manually shut it off. If you go to the next mission in the campaign or anywhere else that allows Auto Combat, it will stay activated regardless.


myth gods of asgard hero pick

In passing legends, there’s no denying that the concept of a hero has been a universal thing. As long as there’s one courageous enough to stand against defiance, there will always be a light shining through the horizon. But enough of the drivel, as there are those that walk amongst us.

Heroes are the non-Gacha units that you can obtain naturally while playing the game (aside from one character). They are fundamentally different from each other, but they share the same experience pool. This just means that you can interchange between Heroes frequently without the fear of grinding much.

They have three skill categories: Normal, Powerful, and Special. These skills are more akin to attacks, essentially being your main offensive tools in the game. Each Hero has their own unique skills for each of these categories, essentially giving them 9 options to choose from.

The following are the Heroes that you can obtain throughout your playthrough:


brunhild myth gods of asgard

An aloof Valkyrie, Brunhild is the first Hero that you will unlock throughout the course of the game. She is a nimble, fast lancer whose ability allows her to immediately disengage and strike foes from afar. Her damage output in her Role description does not match her ability to immediately overwhelm her foe once she finds a weak point.


siegfried myth gods of asgard

The killer of Fafnir in the Norse mythos, Siegfried is unlocked once you finish Chapter 1. While not agile like his chapter’s predecessor, he makes up for it by having the highest damage output in the game. Not only that, he is extremely tanky and able to siphon health from opponents.


thor myth gods of asgard

The god of thunder, Thor is unlocked once you finish Chapter 2. He is a powerful mighty glacier with the ability to throw his hammer at distant foes. While not as strong or mobile as his predecessors, he has the only set of skills that allow him to be invulnerable without using Dash.


ullr myth gods of asgard

A complete departure from the melee units, Ullr is a ranged Hero that is only unlocked once you finish Chapter 3. He strikes from afar and unleashes hell with his bow. Because of this, Ullr doesn’t need much mobility. Shooting your arrow from afar and staying away from monsters is your key strategy.


freya myth gods of asgard

Freya can only be unlocked when a player buys his first top-up in the game. The rather pinkish Queen of Vikings is not to be trifled with, using her love-imbued magic to completely demolish foes from afar. She is mechanically different from the rest and has a low damage output. That does not mean she’s a threat of her own.


hel myth gods of asgard

Unlocked by spending 2700 Diamonds, Hel is a powerhouse that uses her minions to demolish her foes. This is especially true as some of her Skills have her up and close, even though her normal attacks are ranged. Because of her minions, she is more mechanically complex compared to other characters.

Divine Power

myth gods of asgard divine power

Finally, one of the few things that you’ll have to put your full attention on: Divine Power.

The Divine Power system is one that buffs your skills as well as gives you the Ultimate Skill that you can use in battle. These buffs come in the form of cards, that dictate the god that they’re based on. You can choose from 6 Normal Divine Powers. There are also 4 Divine Power cards related to Normal, Powerful & Special Skills and Dash.

myth gods of asgard divine power 2
Odin Ultimate in action, as the god himself devastates the field.

For each number of Divine Power cards of the same category in your preparation set, you deal more damage with that category. If you have 2-6 Odin cards, you will deal more damage with Odin. However, this does not discount any other cards that do afflict any status effects regardless of the God you will be wielding.

And from there, you have to choose which god you will have to use as your Ultimate Skill. The following are the gods you can choose from:


odin myth gods of asgard

As the king of Gods, Odin’s kit follows around pure, constant damage. Using his kit, he manifests Crows in battle to attack distant opponents. If they survive still, calling Odin an Ultimate or through any other effect will inflict God’s Punishment. This status effect deals large amounts of damage after a certain amount of time.


sif myth gods of asgard

As radiant as her hair, Sif’s damage rivals that of Odin. Compared to other Divine Powers, hers focuses more on Lucky Hits and Shields. Lucky Hits are enhanced versions of Critical Hits, dealing more damage. Shields are more akin to armor; damage directed to you will not go to your HP until the amount of Shields you have is 0.


frigg myth gods of asgard

The wife of Odin acts similarly to Odin in a way, though only in one aspect. She summons her Maids in order to deal continuous damage, and activates Revival—a special state that regenerates a player character’s HP.


heimdallr myth gods of asgard

As the stalwart Bifrost Guardian, defense is the best offense for Heimdallr. He inflicts the Wave status effect on enemies every 1 second. The guardian also protects the hero with Protective Zone, with enemies dealing less damage as well as inflicting damage to enemy trespassers.


baldr myth gods of asgard

The god of light is vastly different compared to his peers in the Divine Power. Instead of status effects, he blasts opponents with Light Beams. These Light Beams stay longer than expected and deal damage to anything that is within their line.


valkyrie myth gods of asgard

A singular noun for a fierce collective, the Valkyrie smites foes with the Divine Wrath. This status effect weakens opponents afflicted with it, and as well as letting the Valkyrie deal more damage. And for every weakened opponent, you gain more damage. This effect is triple against a boss.

myth gods of asgard hall of gods

Divine Power cards are obtained at the Hall of Gods, requiring Specific or General Lineage Keys to roll for a category.

Tips and Tricks

myth gods of asgard tips

Now that we have a clue as to what we can do in the game, it’s finally high time we discuss what you can do in order to level up your game. After all, as said before, there’s just so much you can do as a player. The matter is just finding the balance and the picks that you want.

Because, after all, Myth: Gods of Asgard is a numbers game by how much it touts its Battle Rating system. Giving yourself a few more Battle Rating numbers up to the table allows you to have a bigger edge not only in the campaign but also in the global rankings.

With that in mind, let’s go first to our first tip, which is:

1. Level Up Your Account and Increase Your Battle Rating

leveling up account in myth gods of asgard

For you to gain power, you must give yourself time for it to flourish. In Myth, your current Level is the biggest indicator of your strength aside from your Battle Rating. Your stats improve the higher the level, and you will be able to equip armor and weapons that require specific levels to be unlocked.

myth gods of asgard time garden

The Time Garden will be your greatest source of Levels once you play through the game. Over time, it gives you Gold, Souls, and Experience to increase your power. Each day, you will be able to accelerate the Time Garden for it to gain 2 hours’ worth of yields. You get an acceleration for free, with subsequent tries requiring 20 Diamonds.

However, that’s not enough. In order to increase the Time Garden’s yields, you would have to play through the Campaign. Each time you finish a level, the yield of the garden increases. Considering that you will play the game daily, you will gain more power quickly.

Of course, that is just a matter of leveling up your account. What about increasing your Battle Rating?

myth gods of asgard bag

Increasing Battle Rating is a tad easier thing to do as Myth is a numbers game. These are the following things that you can do to increase it:

  • Equipping rarer equipment
  • Upgrading said equipment
  • Socketing gems to equipment
  • Equipping rarer Divine Power cards
  • Upgrading your Hero’s skills
  • Unlocking Talent nodes
  • Upgrading Yggdrasil branches

Remember to repeat that process in order to strengthen your hold in Asgard. After all, you’re not the only hero trying to attain glory in Myth.

2. Control Your Character in Harder Difficulties

myth gods of asgard character control

While we did say earlier that Myth is a number game, you can still gain an edge in combat if you decide to take the wheel for your character. Auto Combat has its own advantages, but in the end, it will outweigh anything once the game becomes harder. Your skill will be tested once you fight battles that you cannot otherwise brute force.

Of course, controlling your character is easier said than done. While we can just turn off the Auto Combat function, what can we do once the game throws the worst at us? Fret not, this tip will teach you a few things about the game.

Picking the Right Time to Strike and Tank Blows
myth gods of asgard boss fight
You’re gonna have a bad time with this boss fight.

When fighting an opponent, there are two things you should worry about when it is going to strike and how much damage it will deal to you. These two factors will teach you how to approach an opponent. Don’t worry too much about health unless time is an issue, which is the case for most Campaign stages.

myth gods of asgard slow winding attack
While not obvious, an enemy shows its slow-winding attack. And these attacks tend to be the hard-hitting ones.

Myth indicates an enemy’s attack through red outlines, as you can see in the picture above. These outlines, once you play enough of the game, fill out before the enemy completely strikes. This gives you the amount of time needed in order to dodge an attack.

myth gods of asgard rays of light
Her attacks don’t have any indication aside from slowly encroaching rays of light.

This, of course, is not true for all instances. In the fight against Odin in the Guild Lord Battle, the red outlines only show where his attacks will land. There are also other attacks that are only outlined for a brief moment before they are fired. There are still timings that are obvious once you get the hang of it, but it will take a short while to do so.

However, you have the advantage of time in your hands, as well as multiple restarts. If you can’t get the timings right, try again. If you run out of time, then that’s a sign that you have to get more Battle Ratings to compensate. Check your equipment, equip the right skills, and try again.

Quick Getaways
myth gods of asgard getaway
Successfully crossing a gap by Dashing through it.

Well, there are a few more quirks that this game doesn’t let you on. Dashing actually has a ‘hidden’ feature. This feature allows you to cross gaps in the battlefield, allowing you to get quick getaways in the event that you’re overwhelmed. As there are only a few flying monsters, you can take advantage of this to use a few skills to heal yourself up.

This gap-crossing feat can also allow you to get through opponents that would otherwise require you to circle around the map. This is something that the Auto Combat feature does not compensate for. If you are completely running out of time and you’re using Auto Combat, then manually guide your character to the target before activating the feature again.

3. Pick Sif As Your Main Divine Power

myth gods of asgard sif divine power
Her Golden Hair isn’t the only lucking thing in the world…

In a roster of Divine Powers that you can choose from, there will always be a matter of who is better. In the arms race of Myth, there is no other power in the game that can totally wipe the floor of anything—and that is Sif.

While the rest have abilities that would allow them to give more damage as well as survivability, Sif’s ability to deal critical damage outweighs anything else. Lucky Hits are far stronger and can scale even higher once you upgrade Sif’s Divine Power cards, allowing you to deal damage that isn’t supposedly suited for your current Battle Rating.

myth gods of asgard death labyrinth
Sif demolishing strong monsters in Death Labyrinth.

This allows you to push through Battle Rating difficulties such as Hard and Hell easily. Two or three Lucky Hits are enough to down strong monsters, more so against bosses. There are actual instances that Sif’s Ultimate would immediately cut down a boss’ health when the right conditions are set.

Of course, picking Sif means having to throw away a few survival options. However, take note that you don’t have to completely have every single Divine Card option to be this goddess. Having her Ultimate Divine Power is enough, and adding in a few such as Frigg’s cards allows you to keep up against strong opponents.

If anything, make sure you waste your rolls on Sif once you get the chance. Once you have everything leveled up properly, that is when you can focus on other cards in order to increase your chances of survivability.

4. Fill Out Your Talent and Yggdrasil Tree

The more you gain, the more powerful you get. And here, there’s no exception to it. If you are acquainted with RPGs such as Path of Exile, then you may be acquainted with this system. In the Role section, you have the Talent and Yggdrasil Tree. These two trees correspond to two things: your Heroes and your Divine Power cards.

If you want to get more powerful, then these two trees should be your focus.

Talent Tree
myth gods of asgard talent tree

When filling up the talent tree, focus on increasing your Attack Nodes and nothing else. One of the best Talents you can obtain first, named Speedy, allows you to gain three charges of Dash. Instead of having to wait for about 50% of the time for both charges, you’d have to wait 33% of the time for three. This means a ~10% speedup, allowing you to dodge more.

Gaining Dominant is a huge boost as well, allowing you to slowly become stronger the more you’re on the stage. This is a great boon against Battle Rating difficulties higher than Normal, as you can breach the damage reductions that you get during the stage.

myth gods of asgard talent activation
One of the best Talents in the game bar none. And you get this early!

After that, it is up to your discretion as to what you will pick. Be mindful, however, that you still have to make your Divine Cards stronger in order to succeed. That just means completely finishing the Attack Talents first before choosing the others.

If you have no clue after that, then something like Attack -> Defense -> Eudemon Talents should be your priority. You can always have the Eudemons last due to how they scale less once you progress through the game, as well as having bad talents that don’t synergize well with the Heroes.

myth gods of asgard yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a different thing altogether. Instead of roots, you focus on branches. These branches focus on Divine Powers specifically, with the trunk focusing on Time Garden gains. These branches are unlocked once you finish Chapters 5-14 of the Chapter, so all the more incentive to go through the main story of the game.

The only way to upgrade Yggdrasil is by obtaining Yggdrasil Leaves. These leaves can only be obtained by obtaining Divine Powers, specifically a copy of 1 rarity. That means that each rarity of a card is considered a separate Divine Power, earning you more if you are incentivized to draw other cards.

Of course, once you have drawn newer rarities, your obvious choice is to upgrade the Yggdrasil immediately. Once you have unlocked the Yggdrasil Branches, focus solely on Sif. This is also to connect with the previous tip as you will be heavily relying on Sif’s damage in order to push through the game.

Once you have completely built up Sif, that is the point you can choose any other branches to upgrade. Just make sure that you will be using that Divine Power in order to gain the benefits, or else you will be only wasting precious resources in the process.

5. Conquer the Asgard Realms and Arena

There is more to just the campaign. As a Hero of Asgard, it is your sole duty to keep the realms in check. That also means having to participate in glorious combat in order to gain favor from the gods. Of course, there is more to meets the eye when it comes to these two game modes. Let’s go through both.

Conquering the Asgard Realms
myth gods of asgard asgard realm

The Asgard Realms is your go-to when it comes to gear-related drops. It is a far more consistent place to farm said gear as the lower you go, the better the equipment. The benefit is that Asgard Realms are similar to that of the Campaign—with a glaring difference that you have 2 minutes to conquer the floor instead of 3. In order to challenge a floor, you have to spend a Realm Pass.

Whenever challenging a new floor, ensure that you have a Battle Rating difference of Normal. Having it on Hard and above will give you a bad time as it will only turn the challenge into a complete time attack. Another reason is that consuming a Realm Pass is permanent; you cannot take it back if you exit or restart.

myth gods of asgard asgard realm 2

Of course, one of the biggest things you can do is that if you can’t challenge a floor, you have the option to sweep the previous floor. Doing so gives you the rewards pertaining to that floor. However, don’t waste your Realm Passes on sweeping. Use your 10 Diamond tries instead for an attempt.

And while the Campaign may give you Experience, Asgard Realms is your constant source of higher Battle Rating due to how high rarity drops increase it more than your current level. Not only that, you can salvage any unused equipment for Gear Enhancement drops, strengthening any current equipment you have for it to be on par with your current progress.

Surviving the Arena
myth gods of asgard arena

To gain the favor of the gods, you must challenge those who have also gotten the same. The Arena is where you will test your might, as well as gain fabulous rewards in the process. For every battle won in the Arena, you will also gain Soul Coins. And whatever your standing is currently in the season will also affect the rewards you will gain.

myth gods of asgard arena 2
They’re not actual players playing, but they’re still formidable.

The glaring difference in the Arena is that you will be fighting players. While you are not fighting the actual player themselves, as it is their character instead, it will still be a rough road ahead. You will fight an automated version of their currently selected Hero, and you have to suffer for it.

Just like how you handle Campaign and Asgard Realm stages, the easiest way to get to the top is by beating up anyone lower than you. There is a benefit in beating up stronger opponents, but that also comes with the risk of having to fight them. Until you get a solid build, just try fighting someone your own size first.

myth gods of asgard arena 3

Moving on, Arena fights are awfully simple compared to other events. Since the enemy Hero is controlled by the game, all you have to do is flail at them. They’re not the ‘best’ when it comes to fighting, but still keep in mind how much damage you can dish out and take. There’s not much terrain advantage, so just try to find wedges in their assaults.

After that, you can fight as much as you’d like. You can challenge opponents for free 5 times per day (disregarding existing Duel Contracts). If you have the ability to show dominance, then go for it. Push for the top in order to reap massive rewards, and getting into the Top 1-3 earns you limited-time Medals that increase your power.

6. Get Some Friends Along The Way

myth gods of asgard friend list
The heart of… friends?

While Myth isn’t exactly a game centered around groups of people, regardless of the Guild function, there is still some merit to having friends in the game. This singular function allows you to get more Divine Power cards when needed: Hearts. And it is locked behind your future friends.

myth gods of asgard divine power cards

In Myth, the only way to get Hearts is by adding friends and then receiving it from them. You can have 40 Hearts per day, from your 40 Friends (the maximum amount that you can befriend). And as respects as well, it’s also your duty to send it to them as early as possible.

These Hearts let you roll from a special category in the Hall of Gods called ‘Precious’. For one Prayer, it requires 10 Hearts. Consequently, you need 100 Hearts in order to have 10 rolls. While the Divine Power cards that you will receive in this category are random, having free 10x rolls every three days is a luxury you cannot afford to lose.

myth gods of asgard friend invitation
If you have friends…

And besides that, the game also rewards you for inviting your friends. For each friend that you invite, that reaches Level 20, you get rewards in the process. Reaching Level 20 isn’t that hard to do, as they can just brush through the game and immediately leave if they don’t want to.

The following rewards are what you will get for each friend that you’ve invited that reached Level 20, with a maximum of 5 friends:

  • 1 Friend – 10 Lineage Keys
  • 2 Friends – 8888 Diamonds
  • 3 Friends – Vidar’s Boots
  • 4 Friends – Chosen Skill Card
  • 5 Friends – Exclusive Gear Selection Pack

What are you waiting for? Get your friends in the game and reap the rewards from the gods!

7. Gain More By Logging In Daily

myth gods of asgard activity

One thing that Myth requires from you is this: diligence. While you are the champion of the gods, it does not mean that you have to rest. In order to get the best from the game, always log in daily. Of course, you’d have to know which of these things you’d have to go through to reap the full rewards of playing for a day’s worth.

First-Timer Rewards
myth gods of asgard online rewards

When you just started the game, you get freebies in the form of Lineage Keys—the Divine Power rolls. You can obtain these from the Rewards tab, for every 5 minutes that you spend in-game. However, you have to actively be aware if 5 minutes have passed as the game will not give you the next reward until then.

myth gods of asgard online rewards 2

The next day’s reward comes in the form of other rewards such as Talent Gems and an Eudemon summon, among other things. Get these rewards immediately in order to gain a massive advantage when starting. After obtaining the 2nd day’s reward, you will no longer obtain these kinds of rewards.

Still beats getting none for being a first-timer.

Time Garden/Asgard Realm Collections
myth gods of asgard time garden 2

While already discussed before in another tip, there’s no denying that these two are still essential to the player’s growth. The Time Garden gives you a steady flow of Gold, Experience, and Wish Points—the last item used for Blessings. Ensure that you’re always logging in before the Time Garden’s gain time reaches 14 hours, else you won’t get any surplus at all.

If you haven’t logged in at all, you accumulate any acceleration chances that you haven’t used at all. With that, you can accelerate about 6 times in two days, although the wisest course of action is to just use any chances you have in order to reap more rewards. That, and any succeeding acceleration after the first requires Diamonds.

Make sure you actually use your Wish Points first in the Believers’ Wishes, as any surplus will be removed from your total gains.

Believers’ Wishes
myth gods of asgard believers' wishes

In this section of the game, it is your duty to bless any believer’s wish with your power. If you have played Path to Nowhere, then it’s somewhat akin to a Dispatch system. The difference is that you spend points in order to make a believer’s wish come true, rather than send some pesky minion to do your bidding.

Once you have spent points, you now have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can earn your reward. Each blessing also has its own rarity, meaning that you might have to pick favorites in order to get the best rewards. And if you didn’t get the best wish—you can refresh the list, be a sour puss, and try again.

Remember, try to get the best rewards as much as possible. It’s not your fault these mortals have tried hard enough. But even you have your own limits, as you can only allow 40 of these wishes to be fulfilled in a day. However, it’s recommended not to try doing that as the Diamond cost increases relatively.

myth gods of asgard carnival

One of the other beginner events, the Carnival gives you plenty of rewards as well as a powerful Ancient Legendary Eudemon. In order to obtain it and the Chest Rewards, the player must achieve the missions specified in each day. All of the missions in the Carnival can be easily accomplished by just playing the game, but there are elusive ones that require your attention.

You don’t need to go to Day 7 in order to get the Ancient Legendary Eudemon, as you only need 700 Carnival Points to unlock it. But finishing the missions is a bigger incentive as they individually give you Diamonds or other rewards.

Overall, never miss the Carnival. After all, you will have a fun time after you’ve received its rewards.

myth gods of asgard pass level

A common thing in modern games, the Pass acts similar to that of a regular battle pass. And just like those, there is the free and paid version of the pass. The paid version gives you more rewards, but it is up to you whether you want to pay to get the rewards.

myth gods of asgard pass level 2

In the Pass, you have Daily and Weekly Quests to fulfill in order to level up your Pass Level. Daily Quests give you 10 Experience, whereas Weekly Quests give you 20 Experience. While climbing up the Pass Levels can be a slog, the rewards you gain are invaluable, such as Eudemon summons and free Lineage Keys.

However, treat the pass as little as the better rewards are locked at the paid version of it. If you can afford the pass, then try to prioritize finishing the quests as soon as possible.

Goblin Treasure Vault
myth gods of asgard goblin treasure vault

One of the last few things to do daily would be the Goblin Treasure Vault. Unlike the other modes, this mode has you pitted on a stage filled with goblins and traps. This mode not only gives you Gold to use for upgrades but also Diamonds to fuel your daily operations.

myth gods of asgard goblin treasure vault 2
To say everything is out to get you is an understatement.

The higher the Tier that you are in, the better the rewards. In order to unlock a higher tier, however, you have to challenge the previous tier before it. In this way, it is similar to the Asgard Realms; if you cannot clear a current tier, you can blitz through a previous tier to gain rewards.

Actively do your attempts in this mode so you can always have a fresh supply of Diamonds. After all, having those allows you to get more Divine Powers in the near future.

And that’s all there is by logging in daily. Remember to check twice if ever you forget to do one of these so that you won’t waste a day’s worth of value. With that out of the way, what’s next?

8. Join an Active Guild

myth gods of asgard guild

While Myth doesn’t give you much focus on other players, it gives you the ability to help one another in the form of the Guild function. The Guild gives you a ton of boons, from active bonuses depending on its level to having the ability to play a few more modes.

But what is the benefit of joining an active Guild?

For starters, being in an active Guild means one that constantly has a higher level than most. The higher the Guild’s level, the better the bonuses that it will give to you. Not only that, it also means having the benefit of breezing through its two game modes: Guild Lord and Expedition.

myth gods of asgard guild expeditions

Guild Lord is just a different version of Ancient Battlefield, except the constant of your ire is Odin. You fight against him alongside your fellow guild mates in order to get better rewards. The more damage you deal to him, the better the rewards. And if you have an active Guild, then you don’t need to do much aside from participating in the festivities.

myth gods of asgard guild lord

The same goes as well to Expeditions, where you need multiple active members in order to clear spaces in the grid. Clearing it all immediately in a short time gives you a high rating, with a quick clear of two days giving your guild an SS Rank.

If you do find the chance to join a whale guild, do so immediately. That just means having to be active all the time. But isn’t that the goal of this tip? Even if you don’t, having one that’s always online will give you more than one that isn’t.

9. Complete Your Missions and Hunt for Achievements

myth gods of asgard daily missions
It’s actually just a daily checklist.

And finally, the last tip.

Myth is a grind fest, there’s no lie about it. However, much of what you do will be complete muscle memory once you get the hang of it. Missions, Achievements, and the Path of Divinity are some of the few things that you can do in order to gain more power in your quest.

myth gods of asgard weekly missions
Now it’s weekly!

Located at the top right corner of the screen, this checklist gives you rewards once you reach a certain amount of points. They are separated into three categories: Daily, Weekly, and Achievements. In order to get your rewards for the first two, all you have to do is follow the tasks specified. Easy enough.

myth gods of asgard achievements

But Achievements are a different story. While doing Daily and Weekly Missions gives you a few things like Lineage Keys, Achievements are the ones that constantly give you rewards when finishing one of its tasks. Not only that, filling up the Collection Progress bar gives you one of the permanent items in the game: Medals.

myth gods of asgard medal

These medals are proof of your progress as well as a source of power. Having an active medal gives you stats and other effects to boost you in battle. If you ever have the chance to do one of the Achievements tasks, make it your priority. And even then if you don’t fill up the progress bar, other Achievement tasks give you medals based on what you have done.

Though, don’t give them much thought unless they’re very specific—playing through the game is enough. There is still merit in knowing that this exists in order to give you the boost whenever you are stuck in the Campaign or in other game modes.

Path of Divinity
myth gods of asgard path of divinity

Located just right beside the Missions button, the Path of Divinity is another quest system that gives you rewards in the form of ‘phases’. These phases align with your current level, with the lowest being Level 10 and the highest being Level 100. You unlock a new phase when finishing the quests in that phase as well as having the same level or higher.

Doing these quests gives you 50 Diamonds, with each completed phase giving you 250 Diamonds each. Not only that, there is a phase-specific reward that contains Gold, Diamonds, Spring of Wisdom, and Lineage Keys. As earning levels can be a quick thing to do, ascending the path and obtaining its spoils is a big boon to your progress.


myth gods of asgard conclusion

And that’s all there is for this Beginner’s Guide for Myth: Gods of Asgard! For a game that bases itself on a roguelike, it sure kept its more tedious aspects. But the more time passes, the more you get stronger. Keep in mind that there’s more to this game in the form of events: so be always ready once they pop up.

Let’s wrap this up by remembering what we’ve discussed so far:

  • Remember to always level up your account.
  • Whenever the suggested difficulty is higher than Normal, take control of your character. Having full autonomy of your character in difficult stages allows you to clear it compared to letting the game do the work for you.
  • Picking Sif as your first Main God is a vital strategy. Her damage output through Lucky Hits allows you to deal damage against higher difficulties.
  • Fill up the Talent and Yggdrasil Trees. Keeping these two upgraded all the time gives you more damage in the long run.
  • Constantly sweep the Asgard Realms for equipment, in order to have your gear at higher enhancement levels.
  • Get some friends! There’s no shame in helping, and you get Hearts that you can use for Divine Power rolls.
  • Always log in daily! Doing so allows you to gain rewards from the Time Garden and other game modes that constantly require your daily assistance.
  • Joining an active guild gives you bonuses, as well as the benefits it provides for being a high-level one.
  • Do your missions and achievements! They are your checklist and progress tracker simultaneously in Myth!

That concludes our guide! Loki’s rampage across the realms still lingers, and it is up to you to clean up the mess he has created. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to power through any dangerous foe that comes up either from the present or future. Keep your head up in the game and go forth!

Champion, do you have any other questions regarding this game or are imparting tips you have also discovered in the game? Don’t be afraid to share them in the comment section below.