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Infinite Hero Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Legendary Hero

There’s no denying that humanity is interested in the unknown and thus ventures far and wide into the unknown world. But now that we have ventured all over our world, there’s no denying that we have a thirst waiting to be quenched. In so doing, we have found instead our new adventures in the comforts of our home.

Developed by Mobirix, Infinite Hero is an idle hack-and-slash RPG game that combines the intensity of top-down action games with the easy farming mechanics of idle games. The resultant product is a visually dazzling and number-filled game that puts you on the edge of your seat as you battle it out against the world that you’re in.

infinite hero cover

As you start the game, you notice that it holds a premise similar to a title such as Slayer Legend, though somewhat similar to it. You are thrust upon a bright and unfamiliar world with one goal in mind—slash anything in your path to become the greatest. With that one stubborn goal running in your head, you venture forth into this large, unknown world that you have dreamt of being in long ago.

But of course, no journey is easy. There are perils up ahead, and those unprepared will only be gobbled up and swallowed by the waves of monsters that will soon hound your every turn. You will also have to contend with time itself the more you go on with your journey. You would have to get stronger, faster, and better.

infinite hero intro

Where do we start then?

Well, you’re in good luck! With the help of our Beginner’s Guide for Infinite Hero, you are bound to get the results that you need and conquer the unknown magical world before you! You will understand the neat things in this game, and maybe you will learn a few things of your own.

So, grab your bags, wear your best gear, and let’s set our sights on infinity and beyond in Infinite Hero!

Understanding The Game

infinite hero extra

Before we embark on our journey of learning the game, let’s first address the elephant in the room: how does Infinite Hero play out?

If you have had your fill of top-down hack-and-slash games such as Myth: Heroes of Asgard or Rumble Heroes, you may have a quick idea as to how the game controls itself. However, it is also the mix of a game such as Slayer Legends that is essentially its own unique thing, so it can get confusing from there. So, let’s start first with the action of Infinite Hero.

Like any other game, it has its player character or avatar that you, the player, can control. To do so, you can simply tap the screen with your finger, hold it, and move it around to direct your character. In this state, your character cannot fight back and will continue moving forward until you let go of the virtual thumbstick.

infinite hero overview

Evading is also by the press of a button. By pressing the button below Auto, you immediately roll out to the direction that your character is facing. In this state, no monsters or projectiles can harm you until you reach the end of your roll. Think of it more like a Dark Souls or Monster Hunter dodge—nothing can harm you until your feet touch the ground again.

Combat, however, is automatic. If you do not move the character around, then it will do two of the following scenarios:

● If the area is filled with monsters, it will go to the closest monster and attack it with everything it has.

● If the area is empty, it will go to the next area without the guidance of the player.

infinite hero extra 2

Auto Combat is different here in Infinite Hero. While your player character can do anything of the following, Auto Combat only activates how it can use skills in succession, alongside pet skills, by pressing Auto. You can still dodge attacks or move your character, but it won’t stop your character from flinging everything it has in its pockets until you press Auto again to stop it.

When you’re in the main ‘campaign’ in the game (commonly known as Stages), you have to conquer five of its areas before you proceed to the next stage. You can’t go back to a previous stage nor go to the next one until you clear the current stage that you are in. If you do try, you’ll see an ominous red barrier signifying the need to clear the area until then.

infinite hero boss

After the first four areas comes the final area: the boss room! This room is different in that there is a timer now that counts down, which acts as the only time you can have against a boss. Once the timer is down to 0, you have essentially ‘lost’ the battle, sending you back to the start. If you do win, however, you proceed to the next stage, repeating the process until you pick other game modes Infinite Hero has to offer.

That’s all for the basics! There’s a lot more about this game, and we’ll delve into them to understand them more.


Before we go any further, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contents of Infinite Hero. This game uses a lot of terminologies, and it can be quite confusing for those who played this game as their actual first. Fret not, we’ll make sure that you’ll understand whatever jargon this game throws at you with this handy mini-glossary!

If you ever feel lost or want to know a particular term from the game, feel free to visit this section from time to time.

Attack Damage – This number dictates how hard your character will pummel an enemy. One of the numbers that you will be fairly acquainted with.

HP – This number denotes how much life your character has left. Once your HP reaches 0, as denoted in the top-left corner of the screen in a green bar, your character will die—as well as having to restart the stage all over again.

HP Regen – A stat that tells you how fast your character can gain their HP back. The higher the number, the bigger the chances that a character restores their health—as opposed to the HP Regen number giving back the same amount of HP each second.

MP – A classic RPG staple, the MP is a resource that you need to cast Skills (aside from Pet Skills—ones that don’t need MP).

MP Regen – A stat that tells you how fast your character can gain their MP back. The higher the number, the bigger the chances that a character restores their Mana—as opposed to the MP Regen number giving back the same amount of MP each second.

DEF – This player stat tells you how much your character can handle a blow to the face before the damage reduces their HP. The number is not the direct amount of damage that is reduced, but rather a part used in a complex equation to reduce it.

Dmg Taken Down – More direct compared to DEF, this percentage stat directly affects how much damage you can take. You only get X% amount of damage given your status, as opposed to the equations that DEF is subjected to.

Accuracy – This stat affects how your character can hit an enemy successfully. Similar to other stats, Accuracy is involved in an intricate equation needed to check if a hit lands or not.

Dodge – A stat that affects your character’s ability to completely evade damage. It works in the same way as Accuracy is, in that the number only denotes how well a character can dodge, not exactly the percentage.

Attack Speed – A stat that tells you how fast your character can hit an enemy in a second.

Movement Speed – A stat that affects how fast your character can move in units.

Skill Damage – A percentage stat that denotes how much damage a skill can deal after it is cast.

Boss Extra Damage – A percentage stat that determines how hard a character can deal damage against boss-type enemies.

Critical Rate – A percentage that denotes the chances of a successful hit’s damage increasing, determined by a state called Critical Damage. Hits that reach the Critical Rate are called Critical Hits.

Critical Damage – A percentage that dictates how hard a Critical Hit can deal damage to an enemy, calculating other stats in the process. By default, it is higher than 100%—the supposed strength of a normal attack from a player.

Fatal Rate – A special stat, similar to that of Slayer Legend’s Death Blow, that is essentially the Critical Hit of a Critical Hit—a Fatal Hit. The percentage dictates how commonly the strikes will happen. The best way to calculate if an attack becomes a Fatal Hit is by multiplying the Critical Rate and Fatal Rate (Critical Rate * Fatal Rate).

Fatal Damage – A special stat that dictates how hard a Fatal Hit can deal damage to an enemy. By default, it is higher than 100%—the supposed strength of a normal attack from a player.

EXP Gain – A stat that dictates how much more EXP a player can get from a defeated enemy.

Gold Gain – A stat that denotes how much more Gold a player can get from a defeated enemy.

EXP – Gaining enough EXP for your character allows it to level up. To know how much EXP the player has, as well as the amount needed to level up, check for the blue sky bar under the resources bar.

Gold – One of the 7 resources in the Infinite Hero, Gold is used to upgrade Growth Stats and Equipment, or recover Relics. Commonly found in monsters or quests.

Diamond – Commonly used as a rare resource in other games, Diamonds act as one of the common 7 resources in Infinite Hero. It is used to upgrade Skills, reset Stats, recover Relics, and upgrade Mythic Relics. Commonly found when finishing quests or Adventure game modes.

Emerald – This 3rd resource, from one of the 7, is used to level up Pets, as well as used as a premium currency for Shop rolls. Obtained when finishing Adventure game modes or quests.

Equipment Fragments – This resource, out of the 7, is used solely to upgrade Equipment. Can be found by dismantling Equipment or finishing Dungeon stages.

Treasure – This confusing orange triangle resource out of the 7 is used solely to upgrade Mythic Relics. Found by finishing the Mine stages.

Ruby – This valuable resource is used to upgrade a Pet’s Skill. Can be found by completing a Dragon Raid.

Bread – This final, and necessary, resource is your meal ticket to the Adventure game modes. Constantly given every day via Mail or from the Bakery, Bread is used to farm said modes.

Infinite Hero Tips and Tricks

infinite hero extra 3

You may have an idea now of adventure, but that isn’t enough to conquer this vast, unknown world before you. There’s a lot more about Infinite Hero than just numbers, and a lot more than just zig-zagging around with the skills that you’ve gotten from the Shop.

Check out these tips and tricks to learn more about how you can be efficient to get the best results.

1. Keep on Moving, Hero!

infinite hero keep moving

If you’ve played Doom, then you’ve heard of this particular phrase: “Never stop moving.”

In a game where you’re constantly swarmed with enemies all around the area of a stage, the best option you could ever have is to make sure they never touch you, to begin with. While enemies don’t vary much in terms of health, they can pack a punch once they’ve closed in on you. Just like your ancestors running away from predators, you best do the same thing as well.

While this tip isn’t useful when it comes to time attack modes such as Dungeons or Mines, this is better when you’re dealing with progressively harder monsters like Bosses in Stages or the Dragon in Raids. They will telegraph their moves before the attack strikes, so you have the option to run away immediately. Or, if you’re that daring, try to roll before the attack strikes for you have less delay when it comes to attacking again.

infinite hero extra 4

That’s why in these types of scenarios, always have your finger at the ready once you reach these hard bosses. While you can farm your way out of it by getting stronger, there is much bigger satisfaction in winning a fight you’re not supposed to win due to the difference in stats that you have.

Always keep an eye out, and you may never know that you’ll live to see another day.

2. Follow the Mini Quests And Ascend

infinite hero guide

While you’re slaughtering monsters left and right, it’s always a good idea to have goals in mind as you progress.

Needless to say, Guide Quests are your progress marker in Infinite Hero. If you ever get lost doing something, your first option is to always check what you need to do in the Guide Quests. Without it, you might as well be lost continuing your journey in Stages forever, not knowing the next course of action. You can do so, but you will miss a lot of rewards.

Finishing the quest given in the following gives you rare materials such as Diamonds, Emeralds, and even Bread. Thus, making their completion a must and a need at the same time. Since it balances out what you need to do in the game, it also makes you finish the rather tedious Adventure tab that consists of the endless Dungeons or the treasure-laden Mines.

infinite hero dungeon

You can, of course, finish the Dungeons and Mines in advance, as well as the Stages, to get the rewards of future Guide Quests. There is still merit to making sure that you finish the following in advance, so it’s a matter of deference on wanting to do the task.

infinite hero awakening

And of course, there is no better way to get stronger other than Awakening. This tab, under the Hero tab, is where you can decide what Awakening Grade you want to be as of now. To get to a higher level, of course, you have to challenge against any succeeding Rank Challenges to achieve the Awakening Grade that you want.

infinite hero awakening 2

Be mindful, however, that Awakening Grade Challenges are by no means easy. The reason why you have to follow these Guide Quests—even if they don’t tell you to challenge the following—is because of how frankly difficult these battles can be. If anything, Guide Quests are the best indicator of your success if ever you want to get stronger.

Speaking of tasks, there is something that you can do in the meantime…

3. Do Your Dailies and Get Achievements!

infinite hero dailies

Getting further into the stages requires more than just brute strength and adding stats to your character. You would have to be patient, and take some rest from time to time. You will have to log in for a few hours before doing it again the next day or so. That would mean that Infinite Hero will reward you with your diligence if you grind every day.

Luckily for you, Infinite Hero has a daily login reward system that you can take advantage of. This goes from logging in daily, to doing daily and weekly quests.

infinite hero login rewards

Logging in daily gives you rewards from Attendance, giving you Diamonds for every 1 to 4 days of consecutive logins, and Avatar Tickets for every 5 days. And if you get to 20 Days, you get 30 VIP points alongside even more Avatar Tickets to use. While Diamonds are a common-use resource, these Avatar Tickets are hard to come by, allowing you to roll for strong and good-looking Costumes to choose from.

infinite hero bakery

Not only that, but you also get 90 Bread daily once you tune in to the Bakery, a button near Ranking. From there, a sweet assistant will give you said bread, and the opportunity to get a few more by watching ads. After that, you can finally do whatever you need to… which is another list of tasks you can do for the day.

Between the Mailbox and the Settings button is the Quest button, giving you a few more tasks to do to get more resources such as Diamonds and Emeralds. In the Daily Quest tab, the first tab that you will see, you must do the following every day to complete the list:

● 3600 seconds worth of Play Time

● View 5 Ads

● Clear 3 Dungeon sections (either new or old ones that are swept)

● Clear 3 Mine sections (either new or old ones that are swept)

● Acquiring 3 pieces of Equipment

Completing all these five tasks awards you with 1000 Diamonds for each task, and a whopping 1000 Emeralds for completing all five. With these resources, you can now use them for other items such as Relics and summoning Skins or Skills, allowing you to become stronger in the process. Especially as you ascend to greater levels, you’re going to need every single strength that you have obtained.

Aside from those quests, we have the Repeated and Achievement Quests.

infinite hero repeated quests

Repeated Quests, as given by the name, are quests that can be repeated over and over for more Diamonds. In a way, they serve as redemption points for your character, especially for a few quests that this section offers you. The following Repeated Quests are as stated:

● Clear 10 Dungeon sections (either new or old ones that are swept)

● Clear 10 Mine sections (either new or old ones that are swept)

● Acquiring 10 pieces of Equipment

● Upgrading 10 pieces of Equipment (could be the same equipment over and over)

● Summoning 10 Avatars from the Shop

● Combining 10 Skills

Each finished Repeated Quest earns you 500 Diamonds, and you can stack these quests over and over to get more Diamonds. For example, you have swept a section of the Mines for 20 times. Thus, that means you have finished a Repeated Quest 2 times, thus giving you twice the reward amounting to 1000 Diamonds overall.

And finally, there is much more to life than just grind for the little things. While you’re there finishing these quests to gain more and more Diamonds, there is one more section of the Quest tab that will interest you, one that it shares in common with the Bakery Tab. There is much to learn and to celebrate how far you’ve gone, and what better way to do so than the Achievement Quests?

infinite hero achievements

The Achievement Quest tracks how far you have gone in the game, how strong you have become, and how greedy you are with how many things you have collected throughout your playthrough. Compared to other Quests, these Quests give you Emeralds, a valuable resource that we will discuss later as to where we should spend it.

Otherwise, these are what the Achievement Quests are:

● Reach 2~3 Hero Levels

● Level Up Your Pet 5 Times

● Get a Better Awakening Grade

● Collect 10 pieces of Equipment

● Collect 6 Avatars

● Get 10 More Stars in the Dungeon

infinite hero extra 5

Given the nature of Infinite Hero, you can just leave the Achievement Quests and do your own thing. Once you accomplish those, you’ll get the Emeralds you need to summon a few more Avatars or upgrade some relics, somewhat becoming a rebate point system for you to get when spending. Everyone likes a freebie nowadays, don’t you think?

With a good idea of what to do and where to go, what else can we do to maximize our efficiency?

4. Focus on These Specific Stats

infinite hero stats

Planning is critical to your success as a player in Infinite Hero. While you can bulldoze through enemies with ease in the early stages of the game, chances are that you will have to hit faster and harder as you reach anything beyond Stage 8. Getting stronger isn’t enough, you have to know what stats to choose from to succeed.

That’s why in this tip, we’ll talk about what stats to distribute your points to power through your enemies. There’s a lot more in this game than meets the eye, and we must demystify it and show you what needs to be done to win more battles.

And since there are two types of stat tabs in the Character tab to upgrade your character, let’s go through both of them to see how optimal we can be with our given resources.

Growth Stats

infinite hero growth

Confusingly named compared to other categories, Growth Stats are attributes that you can upgrade using Gold, making it one of the four ways to even level up your stats with the said resource. Gold isn’t much used anyway, so you can see Growth Stats as a sort of ditch-your-gold repository in case you have already spent anything on anywhere else.

After all, who doesn’t love winning by paying? That’s what you’re going to do with this tab anyway.

Now with that in mind, the following priority list will show you what stats to upgrade first in this tab:

1. Attack Damage

2. Critical Damage

3. Dodge

4. Accuracy

5. Critical Rate

6. HP

Attack Damage gives a lot more payoff compared to the other stats, as the increase for other stats tends to be low (like +1 Accuracy/Dodge for each level of the stat). Each level, even though static, gives about 10 points as compared to the other stats. HP may also give the same 10 points for each level, but that’s only in the case that you get pummeled faster than you can deal damage.

Dodge and Accuracy can be slowly, and steadily, leveled up as long as there’s a few more Gold left to spare. While they aren’t as good to put values on, being able to dodge does lessen your need to focus on HP. The same goes for Accuracy, although you’re heavily relying on Skills much more that there’s less need to focus on auto attacks.

infinite hero extra 7

Anything else can be a Gold dump. Due to how expensive Critical Rate can be, you can spend money on it later on. Fully upgrading Critical Rate only gives you around a 50% chance to hit these devastating blows, but you’re more likely to need it later on.

HP can be your last priority when upgrading stats, as you’ll most likely have your Equipment giving you much-needed upgrades for it. 200k base HP sounds a lot, but you’ll have to deal more damage first if you want to even topple any other bosses out there. And besides, you can just dodge your way out of any attack as compared to other auto-battlers out there.

Level Stats

infinite hero level stats

While not listed as Level Stats in the Hero tab, these stats are earned for every Level your Hero gains. Your Hero gains 10 Stat Points per level. Compared to what Growth Stats allows you to upgrade, there are a lot more options to choose from for Stats. This is where you have to completely plan out how your character has to be in the long run, especially since most of the stats are based on percentages.

Knowing what to pick early on allows you to spend your 3000 Diamonds elsewhere. Don’t waste them just because you want to do ‘trial and error’. That’s the one thing we’re trying to avoid here, especially for your Hero’s sake.

With that in mind, let’s go through what stats your points should go to first! Here’s a priority list of where those points should be allocated:

1. Luck

2. Strength

3. Agility

4. Dexterity

5. Intelligence

6. Wisdom

7. Vitality

8. Constitution

While we disregarded Critical Rate for Growth Stats, the Luck stat should be your priority for your stat allocation as the first 20 Levels you earn easily provide you with brownie points to use. By that time, you may have to spend a few points on Constitution or Vitality just to finish a Guide Quest. But having full Luck can be a make or break in the early stages of the game, as you don’t have the luxury for skills that reset Skill Cooldowns or restore MP quickly.

infinite hero extra 8

And after Luck comes Strength. You can’t bash heads properly if your arms aren’t strong enough to do so. What makes Strength a powerful contender for priority is that it is percentage-based rather than a static number addition. Adding in a few points to that stat essentially multiplies your damage rather than adding up to it like the Growth Stat. Of course, those two stats mesh well, and there’s no denying that strength is everything in an auto-battler.

The next ones would be Agility and Dexterity. Once again, they have niche roles in a Hero’s arsenal. However, there’s no denying that there’s a need to accurately bash your enemy’s head, and be able to dodge out of attacks without wasting a second rolling around. What does give Agility a big lead on the priority is that enemies missing their attacks is a much better option than you having to spend it on HP-related stats.

Finally, the bottom 4.

While Skill Damage is appreciated for Intelligence, it is overshadowed by Strength as most skills rely on Attack Damage. You can get a boost for it if you’re using skills that use Defense as a damage number, but you’re more likely to see them less in use. The same goes for Wisdom, as there will be skills later on that gives you the Mana that you need.

And just like the Growth Stats, both Constitution and Vitality are there as a throwaway number. Again, Agility already acts as a primary way to not get damaged once it gets to a specific amount. That means that these last two stats can be ignored up until you really, need them. By then, your equipment would have enough HP to last for your encounters.

infinite hero extra 9

That’s all there is to knowing what stats you should use your points on. Remember, dealing damage in Infinite Hero is a far better option than having to tank blows. This is especially true once you reach higher stages where you only have a short amount of time to kill bosses. As much as you can toughen it up against normal monsters, beating the clock is your ultimate goal overall.

5. Pick and Upgrade Your Equipment Properly

infinite hero equipment

You can’t be a proper Hero without your grimy set of armor and weapons. These things will carry you on through thick and thin, keeping you safe from claws and mincing through monster meat like it was nothing. Naturally, of course, that means having the best gear that you can have in the game. So, why the fuss about upgrading equipment properly?

Unlike other resources in the game, Equipment Fragments are far more sparse than other items in the game. While you exclusively use the following resource for upgrading Equipment, Infinite Hero only leaves a scant few of it in your journey. Knowing when to upgrade your equipment can ensure that you won’t be wasting a few resources in the future.

So naturally, let’s understand how equipment works.

What Equipment To Choose

infinite hero equipment 2

There are six equipment types: Helmet, Sword, Shield, Armor, Gloves, and Boots. You can only equip one of the following, and they give you bonuses depending on their Option Rank and Rarity. The color background of the Equipment specifies the Rarity of the item, while the Option Rank is randomly selected by the game.

Your course of action when equipping is to have the best one possible at the moment. While you can wait for future Equipment to come down in a chest, it will be a very long time before it comes into your hands. In that case, you’re going to be using the ones left by enemies during your crusades in the Main Stages of the Infinite Hero.

Always equip the rarest Equipment for each type, as they give you bonuses depending on their rarity. And once you have those, it is just a matter of checking what Option Rank they have.

infinite hero equipment 3

For Option Ranks, the ideal one you can settle with is ones that have S, A, or B. It would be lucky to have an Equipment with the Option Rank of S, but you’ll more likely encounter the less ideal versions of said gear most of the time. Once you have said Equipment with Options, the next would be upgrading them to a fitting level.

The more optimal levels you can upgrade are around levels 20~40. Considering that you will be finding better options later on in the game, it is optimal to have them at levels that are still cost-effective overall. Anything beyond upgrading Level 40 would cost you 5 runs worth of the Mine in the early stages of the game, which is a luxury of its own that you cannot afford.

If you do find higher rarities, then go for broke. The stronger they are, the better. But what can you do with pieces of equipment that you have upgraded previously? Wouldn’t it be a waste of time just to level up something and see it not being used? What about equipment that is a grade lower than what we have?

Dismantling Equipment

infinite hero fragments

Luckily for us adventurers, we have the option to dismantle Equipment ranging from Normal to Rare rarities. Dismantling Equipment reimburses us with a portion of the Equipment Fragments used—the reason why we would want to use the still mediocre Equipment we have to begin with. And since the game is rather happy to give us a few freebies, then we can take advantage of the following.

Throw away any Equipment that is surpassed by your current. Don’t get too attached to them anyway, they’re not legendary pieces like the Excalibur.

However, what about pieces of Equipment that we just get randomly that are low in quality? We’re sprawling around the arena with Legendary pieces, and yet our limited 50-space inventory is cluttered with such trash. It would still be profitable for us as we can dismantle said equipment for Fragments, but it is a chore if we do the following.

infinite hero dismantling

That is why, in the main section of the Equipment tab, there is the Auto Disassemble function—denoted by a broken shield icon next to the Exchange icon. From there, any equipment you stumble upon will be immediately disassembled the moment you obtain it. However, you do have to specify what type of equipment you’re going to turn into Equipment Fragments.

Say, if your character has Rare Equipment with Option Ranks of S, you’d be dismantling anything lower than Rare or any Equipment that has an Option Rank that is lower than S. That way, you can just continue idle farming and go on your merry way. You have much better things to do in life while playing this game, so try to take advantage of this system whenever you can.

Now that we have an idea as to how we can maintain our Equipment, what else can we do?

6. Get Pets from Dungeons

infinite hero pet

Oh right, these devious little creatures.

No party would be complete without a cute companion by their side… that also obliterates enemies alongside you. As efficient as they are in your comfort to destroy your enemies, Pets in Infinite Hero are no slack when it comes to dealing with the pain with their cuteness.

Unlike other games, Pets can only be obtained by finishing the last level of a specific Dungeon. You don’t need to fully scour a Dungeon for a pet, simply bulldozing your way to the last level is enough to obtain these critters. Once obtained, you can now add them to your arsenal and equip them however you please.

Pets have 2 Effect types: Possession Effects and Equipped Effects.

infinite hero pet 2

Possession Effects are stats that immediately affect the player regardless of whether you have them equipped or not. That makes having more pets essential as it allows you to have more luxury to upgrade your Stats properly as opposed to the expensive Growth Stats. They only require Gold and Emeralds to upgrade, with their two- and three-star Effects having max levels.

Equipped Effects are more of a skill that you can use on the battlefield, except they don’t waste your mana. This allows you to effectively have 9 skills overall with 3 pets equipped, allowing you to dish out more damage if you know exactly what pet you should be using in battle. Of course, you need to have your pet equipped to use the skill.

There are 10 pets to choose from in this game overall, but we’re not going to go all over them. Instead, let’s go through interesting choices that you can have as a beginner of Infinite Hero.

Pets to Choose From

infinite hero extra 6

One thing about having these Pets is that they are absolute game-changers. Hell, even having them at Level 50 is enough just to wipe out the entire field. That is up until you have the resources to put them up to Level 100 or beyond.

And while Pets can give us effects without being equipped, this subsection is more focused on what Pets give when they are. There are skills that some Pets provide that can certainly change the tide of battle, and thus give you the edge that you need to win.

Let’s go through every one of them.


infinite hero mammon

One of the first Pets you obtain in the game after finishing Dungeon 1-30, Mammon is a devilish all-rounder that carries you on to the later game. Everything about this Pet is all about bringing in the pain—to your enemy at the cost of your vitality.

Mammon’s default Stat is Attack Damage, giving you more amounts than you can ever get by upgrading a single level of the respective Growth Stat. Not only that, the Origin of Mammon completely makes this pet a monster—it is the only pet that directly increases the Attack Damage percentage of your character, acting similarly to the Level Stats of a Hero.

And, ironically, Mammon’s Protection gives you a Critical Rate, thus rendering the need for the Critical Rate Growth Stat to be a waste of Gold… unless you’re an overachiever.

Then there’s Mammon’s Equipped Effect: Berserk. Do you want more damage? Well, Mammon can give you a bit of a buff at the cost of enemy attack’s hurting a bit more than expected. But if you can dodge attacks, and even survive them, Berserk is a wonderful tool to quickly dish out damage faster than any other pet can.

Fox Spirit

infinite hero fox spirit

Unlocked after Dungeon 3-30, this conniving spirit gives you the mana that you need to persevere throughout the game. With this pet around, you won’t need to focus much on your Level Stat points being wasted on Wisdom or Intelligence, as MP Regen acts as your salvation to dishing out more damage. Can’t spin around if you don’t have Mana to begin with, right?

There’s also the Origin of the Fox Spirit and Fox Spirit’s Protection: both giving you extra damage to bosses and attack speed respectively. With them maxed out, you not only attack faster but also kill bosses better than ever. Considering how much of an obstacle bosses can be, having an edge in battle against these freaks of nature is a win.

But the reason we completed 3-30 immediately is because of its Equipped Effect: Evocation. While your character can get a skill to regain their Mana, it is so damn slow that you’ll be wasting around 10 seconds of your life waiting to get more of it. Evocation solves this problem by intrinsically making it so that you regenerate Mana at a faster rate without standing still for said 10 seconds.

Combined with the Preparation, the exclusive reset cooldown skill of the game, you’ll dish out more damage in no time. You also save another slot for a deadlier spell as Meditate, the skill that puts you still for 10 seconds, can effectively waste a slot for something potentially better.

Little Griffin

infinite hero little griffin

Unlocked after Dungeon 4-30, the pet after Fox Spirit might be your next (and final) friend that you will have equipped in your team. This puffy little creature is no slouch, as its pecks pack a punch to your enemies.

The Little Griffin grants you Attack Damage, Accuracy, and Dodge for its Possession Effects, with Attack Damage being its primary. You not only get to have Mammon 2.0, but you also get to have more dedicated ways of upgrading your aiming and dodging skills without wasting it on Level Stats. Minimum effort, maximum results.

But what makes it a last-standing ovation against all others is that it has a good-equipped Equipped Effect: Haste.

Haste increases your attack and movement speed by up to 20% or more. This means that you will be hitting faster, moving quicker, and annihilating everything at a world-record pace. Considering that time can be your opponent in modes like the Infinite Tower, this steroid essentially makes you a raging tornado of death. Well, disregarding your other skill that can do that.

Overall, the Little Griffin got out of its contenders as a more well-rounded pick for its Equipped Effect alone.

infinite hero pets 3

And that’s all there is to which Pets to choose from.

Remember, you can still mix and match to see which Pet suits your needs. Dodging may not always be a guarantee, so choosing Pets like the Forest Fairy can give you a few more seconds of pulse-pounding action to finish a match.

With our companions by our side, let’s go on an adventure!

7. Know The Best Way to Spend Your Resources

spending resources in infinite hero

There are so many treasures to gain in Infinite Hero that it’s just absurd. At one moment, you find your pockets empty after spending it on upgrades. The next time you enter the game after hours? Already a million Gold in your pockets. The constant stream of resources begs you the question as to what is the most efficient way to even spend it.

Luckily for you, this guide will show you how to. With over 7 resources to waste this game on, where can we waste the following properly?

This list below will tell you where exactly you can place these hard-earned treasures where they belong, to empower you in your quest for glory:

infinite hero gold

Gold is best when used alongside other resources when spending. Primarily, one of the issues with Gold is that the only thing that it can upgrade—Growth Stats—costs a lot and is far less effective as an option. As stated before from previous tips, you would not like to have Gold wasted that way. It is better used when upgrading equipment, skills, or Pets. More so when finding or upgrading Relics.

infinite hero diamonds

Diamonds are far more abundant in this game, and thus they are a surprisingly good resource to have early on. With Diamonds, you can upgrade your skills, summon items in the Shop, and reset your stats. The best way to spend these shining crystals would be on upgrading your skills, as they scale fairly well when leveled up. You can also use them to summon items at first in the shop, but only after a few pulls or two. And if all is said and done, maybe those spare Diamonds are used to upgrade Mythic Relics or find Normal Relics.

infinite hero emeralds

Emeralds aren’t as abundant as Diamonds, but the value they have is absurd. Emeralds are required to upgrade Pets and their Effects, but most of all allow you access to better summons in Shop. With this in mind, what you can do is use them more on upgrading your Pets first, before focusing on said summons in the shop. The goal here is more oriented to how you spend Emeralds first initially than what you can or cannot spend.

fragments in infinite hero

Equipment Fragments only have one use in Infinite Hero—upgrading Equipment. However, as said in previous tips, you’re better off just spending them up until your Equipment is at Level 30 or so if they’re anything Rare or below in rarity.

infinite hero treasures

Treasures can be found at the Mines, and they are extremely useful in upgrading one thing—Mythic Relics. These relics compared to normal ones are better options compared to their mediocre counterparts, making them far more potent in general. If ever you do have Treasure in your hands, use them immediately on Mythic Relics.

infinite hero raid

Rubies can only be obtained from Dragon Raids that you can do daily, and are used to upgrade the Equipped Effects of your Pets. That’s the only thing that you can do for said resources, nothing else.

infinite hero bread

And finally, Bread. Vital, tasty, and fulfilling. This resource is your only way to access the Mines and Dungeon. What you can do to be efficient with your starting bread is to finish the Mines and Dungeons until you have reached the later stages to farm them. As later stages have more resources (due to it being a near exponential curve), it is cost-effective to save your Bread first and spend it later in advance. Remember, you only get 90 pieces of bread daily once you finish the following, so making it count lets you have more to use.

infinite hero extra 10

And that’s all there is in understanding how you can use your resources properly. With how the game works, you’ll be rich in no time. And knowing where to put those items to good use can put you in a better position in Infinite Hero!

So, with everything out of the way, what could be our last tip?

8. Watch In-Game Ads

infinite hero ads

Infinite Hero, for the amount of work put into it, is completely free. There may be the occasional ‘buy this pack’ that you’re itching to do, but it’s not necessary to win the game overall. But, you may ask yourself from time to time where the developers can get their money’s worth if only a few ever buy the value packs in their stores.

And that’s why the game gives you the option to watch ads at your leisure.

These ads are optional, meaning that you have the option to skip them if you so wish. However, that means you would have to be the one pressing the Watch Ad button (which is a blue button with a play icon) to watch an ad. It doesn’t waste much of your time, and it gives you valuable rewards depending on where you’re watching the ad from.

If you’re watching them from the Bakery, you have 3 ads you can watch every day to get 30 more pieces of bread out of the oven. And considering how vital Bread can be at the later stages of the game, having a few more resources to scour the Dungeons and Mines is a splendid option than having to wait for the game. And since the game still farms enemies when ads run, you get more rewards by actively watching ads!

infinite hero free summons

The same goes for ads that you’ll find in the Shop, under the Free Summons tab. From there, it gives you a daily chance to get 2500 Diamonds, 500 Emeralds, an Avatar Summon Ticket, and a Skill Summon Ticket! Five minutes’ worth of ads seems nothing compared to what you will get as well as what you will give to the developers in return.

infinite hero anti ads

If, and only if, you want to reap the full benefits of watching ads all the time, there is an option that would allow you to bypass ads completely. By spending a few bucks in real life, you not only get 5000 Emeralds and 1500 Bread over 30 days but also the ability to permanently skip ads.

However, do keep in mind that you should only buy this pack if you have the money and the dedication to play this game. You can skip it altogether and just watch ads; it is fine. It is up to you, the player, to do what is necessary in the end. After all, you are the one touching your buttons.


infinite hero conclusion

For all that’s said and done, there’s a lot more about Infinite Hero that this guide cannot encompass. It is a large world out there, and this might only help you in the long run once you start reaching the later stages of the game. By then, you’ll be strong enough to fight against the strongest monsters and players out there in this wild west of a game.

And as always, remember what was taught to you, young traveler:

● Don’t stop for anything, always be ready to move when necessary. This is especially true when fighting against tougher bosses or in the Dragon Raid.

● Following Guide Quests will give you ample amounts of resources, and is a good way to adjust your goals too.

● Doing your dailies will net you fabulous rewards, as well as obtaining achievements to boost your already overwhelming character.

● Focus on getting stats such as Strength, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Hit Damage to overpower your opponent. If you can’t, you can always give a few points to defensive stats.

● If possible, upgrade your equipment to a polish so that you’ll always survive nasty encounters. Dismantle ones that you do not need, especially common gear.

● Getting pets early on allows you to have better stats, meaning delving into the Dungeons for these cute critters.

● Spend your resources wisely! There may be no right or wrong answer, but knowing when to use them can mean a lot more.

● Watch ads! They’re a good way to support the developers as well as give you a lot of freebies!

infinite hero conclusion 2

And that, finally, is the end of our journey here in Infinite Hero. There’s a lot more to come, especially as the game is constantly being updated in the form of new and seasonal events. Greatness awaits in the miles ahead, and only those willing can seize the glory beyond!

If you’re a seasoned veteran who has already reached the pinnacle, or a casual player who stumbled on this guide like it was a random cave, then do give a few tips for us down below in the comments section! There’s a lot more to know about the world of Infinite Hero, and knowing there are a few kindred (or competitive) spirits out there helps.