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Granny 3 Walkthrough Guide: Outsmart Granny, Grandpa and Slendrina and Escape Granny’s House

DVloper certainly isn’t done yet providing its fans and followers new thrills from its own horror universe involving Granny and Slendrina. This time, DVloper takes their arcade horror series to even greater heights with Granny 3 as both Grandpa and Slendrina join Granny to keep you locked up in her eerie, labyrinthine house.

As the third installment of the highly successful franchise, Granny 3 has certainly lived up to the success of both Granny and Granny: Chapter 2, amassing well over a million downloads from the Google Play Store in just 6 days following its release. Granny 3 has likewise earned largely positive user review ratings from both Android and iOS, grasping respectable slots within top ten lists of mobile games in several countries.

The family horror trio is not the only upgrade to experience in Granny 3. Granny has moved into a much bigger house and the sizable yard now forms part of the hunting grounds. If having 3 of your captors is not enough to give you chills as you attempt to sneak out to your freedom, avoiding all of them while solving each intricate puzzle in the house should more than fill your need for thrills and chills.

As what we have prepared for you is a complete walkthrough of Granny 3, it goes without saying that this article in itself is all about spoilers, so if you do not want to spoil any part of the game without trying it first, we recommend a blind playthrough first. If you have yet to step into the world of Granny 3, we recommend that you at least familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of the game.

granny 3 walkthrough guide

Granny seems to have heightened auditory senses. Even the slightest creaks and noises will lead her to its source and if she finds you, she can give you some good whacking. Grandpa, on the other hand, is hard of hearing. Despite his lack of sensitivity to sound, however, he makes up for it with his shotgun and he aims well enough as well to hit you if you fall within range and stay immobile.

To top it all off, there is the girl who started it all before Granny got her own franchise. No fan of Granny should be a stranger to Slendrina, and if you encounter her wandering around Granny’s house, the last thing you want to do is to look at her.

It is never a bad thing to go on a practice run to get to know every nook and cranny within Granny’s huge, and hugely creepy house. Practice mode will set you up alone with nothing to fear and worry about so you will have all the freedom to understand each puzzle and plan your moves better in the real run. In any case, the easy mode is naturally the recommended setting for complete beginners and if you have tried and failed to escape Granny’s clutches and would want some guidance each step of the way, then you can proceed to read our detailed walkthrough.

DVloper also squeezed in a randomizer affecting some of the key items inside Granny’s house. The randomization, however, ensures that you can still finish the game. Considering everything, the best set at which the items can be found is the one where we based our guide on, which starts with securing the weapon key and the slingshot. If you happen to get to the first designated area in the walkthrough and did not find the item, it is best to exit out of the run and start over again.

Exiting The Basement

The story intro is a short cut scene depicting a quick background of how you wound up locked in Granny’s basement. From the intro itself, you can see that the yard has a wide open space and, with it, an idea of how to utilize roundabouts to outsmart Granny and Grandpa later on. The drawbridge that raised and the gate where you came in now serves as final blockade towards freedom, which is your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that you only have 5 days to escape Granny’s house. Every time you get knocked out and gain consciousness back at the basement cell, a day has passed and the fifth day stands as your last day to escape to freedom.

granny 3 lock pick

Your long and challenging journey towards escape starts at one of the cells in Granny’s basement. As you approach the locked cell door that bars your way, you may be tempted to interact with it. You should not, as it will just create noise that will attract Granny to give you a visit and some whacking. Instead, crouch down and look at the left side of the floor just outside your cell.

You will notice the lockpick, which is well within your reach, and you should proceed to grab it and use it to pick the lock on the cell door. You need to aim the lockpick properly on the keyhole and hold it in place to unlock the cell door. Once unlocked, interact with the door to open it and then head to the right side of the hallway and go up the stairs.

opening the door in granny 3

Another locked door blocks your way and you will have to use your lockpicking skills once again to open it. As both Granny and Grandpa are constantly walking about within the premises, you have to be very careful as you open the door. Moving forward, you will have to be ready to back away as possible encounters with them can happen almost anywhere any given time.

As for Slendrina, she occasionally appears and will be accompanied with a jumpscare background sound. Looking at her will cause your screen to shake and you do not want to find out what happens after a much longer stare.

Obtaining The Weapon Key And Slingshot

Once you exit the basement, there are plenty of options for you to do. Granny 3 is designed in such a way that gameplay and progression is not as linear and exiting the basement and escaping Granny’s property are the only constant scenarios in every successful playthrough. We recommend, however, focusing on evening the odds a bit first, and making it your next mission to arm yourself with the slingshot.

Going towards the right side of the hallway past the basement door, you will see the front door of Granny’s house and facing it is the main staircase that can take you to the second floor. Be careful as both Granny and Grandpa could be lurking around. In case you have a close encounter with either of them, the best course of action is always to take it outside as there is wide open space and a junk car that can serve as a roundabout of sorts.

granny 3 coconut

Your next goal is securing the weapons key, which is tucked hidden inside a coconut husk you can find in a cabinet within a small area to the left side of the house. Facing the front door while inside the house, you can head to the right to get to the area. It is best, however, to instead head on outside, turn right once you exited the front door, and turn right again until you see the guillotine.

On this side of the yard, there is another door leading into the house. Fortunately enough as well, the coconut husk containing the weapon key you need lies just a few steps away to the right side of the door once you enter the house. Open the cabinet quickly and grab the coconut. You will need to place the coconut on the guillotine and crack it open after interacting with it. You can now pick up the weapon key and set your sights on acquiring the flimsy, yet highly needed slingshot.

granny 3 weapon key

With the weapon key finally in your hands, your next target is the weapon box, which is located in one of the rooms at the second floor of Granny’s house. This can be a quick endeavor but a dangerous one, especially if you are not aware of Granny and Grandpa’s exact location. You can always lure them out in the open before heading back into the house through the front door, which directly leads you to the stairs.

Small items on the ground will flicker to make it easier for you to spot them and if something caught your attention in the front yard the first time you exited Granny’s house earlier, it is a stone that serves as your ammo for the slingshot. You can stock up on 2 stones at a time and, for now, picking one up before you head in is a good idea. Once you reach the second floor, the first door you see leads to the room where you can use the weapon key.

granny 3 slingshot

After opening the door and entering the small room, you will find a small box hanging on the wall to the left side. Open it and grab the slingshot. You know have the ability to stun both Granny and Grandpa as well as a means to solve other parts of the puzzle later. Every shot you make should count so do not hesitate to close in the gap if you are not confident about your aim. While stunned, you can also kill Granny or Grandpa with a second shot and by “kill”, we simply mean getting them out of your hair for 90 seconds.

At this point you should already know that both Granny and grandpa are immortals and cannot be really killed. 90 seconds after you kill them with either the slingshot or the shotgun, or 30 seconds depending on the difficulty level, they will respawn. For the most part, you want to eliminate them temporarily for instances when having them around makes it too difficult to complete the task at hand so planning on when to do it forms part of your general strategy.

Getting The Shotgun

One of the more immediate reasons you need to grab hold of the slingshot relates to it being the means of getting yourself a shotgun. The shotgun is not tucked away in some secret location that requires you to solve some complex puzzles for you to obtain it. Instead, it is constantly on the move, within Grandpa’s grasps. The only way to obtain it is to take it off of Grandpa’s hands and, to do that, you must first stun him with the slingshot.

granny 3 shotgun

If you remember, Grandpa, unlike Granny, is hard of hearing and will not be chasing after you if you make a sound. He will only chase you if he sees you so luring him anywhere is more challenging than with Granny. You can instead lure Granny out of the house and search for Grandpa in the house without Granny to worry much about. Well, there is still Slendrina to give you some jump scares from time to time, but quickly turning away when you see her should be one of the basics you should establish right from the start of your escape attempt.

Remember to grab a stone or two from the yard before hunting Grandpa and once you have lured Granny outside, begin to quickly check the house for Grandpa. It can happen that Grandpa will also head on outside the house. What you want either way is to not have Granny around while you are taking care of business.

stunning grandpa in granny 3

Grandpa takes his time before he shoots at you, which means if you are quick enough with aiming and shooting the slingshot, you can always stun him before he takes a shot at you. There are plenty of areas where you can hide behind objects if Grandpa shoots at you, leaving you plenty of time to stun him in-between each shot. After you stun Grandpa, he will continue to hold the shotgun and you have to get close to him to grab it. Do not worry at this point as it is completely safe.

Depending on where you stun Grandpa, you should now consider to find your stash point like in the other Granny games. The yard is a pretty decent option as you can always go back outside and get the right items when you need them. This is because other than the stones for the slingshot, the lockpick, and shells for the shotgun, you will only be able to hold 1 item at a time. Nabbing the shotgun off of grandpa’s hands will discard the slingshot so it is best to relocate the shotgun to a safe location and do the same for the slingshot if you need to.

Unlocking The Shed

It would have helped to come packed ready with some shotgun shells before getting the shotgun but unfortunately, you will only be able to take bullets while armed with the shotgun. You can find a couple of ammo at the passenger seat of the junk car on Granny’s front yard. There are limited number of shotgun shells scattered across Granny’s property so be sure to make every shot count.

For the most part, what you would need to do is off both Granny and Grandpa to be sure that you can go about progressing your missions without having to evade them while doing so. Well, there is still Slendrina at this point but we are close to disposing her for good in a couple more steps.

granny 3 shed key

After Grandpa recovers from his dizzy status you can easily make him follow you outside. Summoning Granny is easier as she is overly attracted to noise and opening and closing the car’s compartment or playing with the guillotine will quickly send her moving towards it. Once both Granny and Grandpa are close enough together, unload on each of them and ready yourself for a quick run as you will only have 90 seconds until both come back to life.

Our next target is unlocking the shed, which contains a plank of wood we will need as well as the generator that needs to be powered on to make the food elevator work. In easy mode, the food elevator works without the generator but since there are no skips for the plank, we should aim to unlock the shed to get it before anything else.

granny 3 raven

After downing both Grandpa and Granny with the shotgun, head on to the second floor of the house. Be sure to grab the extra shotgun shell on the cabinet to the right of the front door before taking the stairs. Go to the room in front of the piano where 2 sinks with mirrors can be found. The sink on the left is where you can grab the shed key. We can head on out now but we might as well take an extra step.

Go back to the stairs and take the one that leads to the third floor. When you get to the third floor, you can easily spot the room on the right with a spiral staircase leading to the roof. Granny and Grandpa cannot climb the spiral staircase, so once you are on it only Slendrina can hurt you. You can leave the shed key at the bottom of the spiral staircase and go back to get the shotgun at the sink where you left it.

granny 3 junk car

After exiting to the roof of Granny’s house, you will see a raven atop one of the chimneys. Do not interact with it and instead shoot it down with your shotgun. You can grab the generator cable from its nest. Instead of travelling with the generator through the stairs, turn back and walk towards the other edge of the roof, to the side where you can see the shed downstairs. Drop the generator cable, head back for your shotgun, and do the same. Go back to the bottom of the spiral staircase where you left the key, grab it, and go back up to the roof again.

granny 3 generator

Head to the part of the roof to the right of the front door. You should see the junk car. It may be a little difficult to notice but there is a small platform you can jump down to between the upper and lower roofs. Granny and Grandpa should have already spawned by now so be careful as they could be lurking just below you. Depending on the scenario, you may have to pick up the shotgun that you dropped and grab some bullets atop the counter beside where you got the coconut earlier.

Saying Goodbye To Slendrina

If Granny and Grandpa are still not around by the time you get to the yard, you can open the shed door quickly. Grab the shotgun in any case and bring it closer to where you are for good measure. Pick up the generator cable and connect it to the generator. Turning it on will make noise so do it if you are ready to knock down both Granny and Grandpa a second time.

granny 3 generator cable

Inside the shed is the plank you will need and while you can save it for another run, it is best to pick it up now. You will also need the slingshot and 2 stones for the extra quest so go back to where you dropped it after stunning grandpa earlier. You would want to take both the plank and the slingshot and drop them in front of the food elevator. To get to it, go left after entering the side of the house where you got the coconut husk earlier. If the generator is already running, you can press the red button at the top of the food elevator to call the platform down.

granny 3 teddy bear

Of course, let’s not forget the most important item to bring, which is the teddy bear that will help us to finally be rid of the creepy Slendrina. In this setup, the teddy bear should be at the driver seat of the junked car in front of Granny’s house. You need to be at the passenger side to be able to grab it. You will basically want to bring the plank, the slingshot, and the teddy bear with you inside the food elevator.

Now this is a bit of a complex part given the unpredictability of Granny and Grandpa’s appearance. Anytime in-between during the above activities, they may pop up and, again, what is important is that you eliminate them within a small timeframe so both will leave you alone completely for the next 90 seconds. In any case, both should be downed before you ride the food elevator.

granny 3 wheelchair

Armed with the teddy bear and with the slingshot and plank inside the food elevator with you, ride it out all the way to the third floor. Note that you need to crouch to go in and get out of the food elevator. Press the red button once you are ready to go and quickly move inside the platform.

You will know you are in the right place when you see a wheelchair right in front of you. After exiting the food elevator, turn around and head into the room in front of you. At the right side once you enter, you will see a crib and if you toss the teddy bear inside it, Slendrina will appear for the very last time. After Slendrina disappears, she will drop a padlock key. Before we begin to proceed to where we will use it, its time to progress on other quests in the list.

granny 3 slendrina

Grab the plank from the food elevator. You can leave the padlock key there for now. Press the red button to drop the food elevator down to the ground floor so that there won’t be any waiting time for it later. Outside Slendrina’s room, you can jump down through the hole in the floor straight to the dining table.

granny 3 food elevator

Exit the dining room through the door on the left, head left, and finally exit out of the door on the right to go back to the staircase. Go to where the spiral staircase is located and go past it, towards another narrow corridor where the left side has another huge hole in its floor.

granny 3 wheel

Moving in closer to the hole, you will be able to place the plank and have it serve as your narrow walkway across the hall. Once on the other side, exit the hall and go into the room. You will find the wheel needed to control the drawbridge. You can drop down with it back to the dining room, exit and head all the way to the drawbridge. After inserting the wheel into the pole in front of the drawbridge, press it again to drop the bridge. You are now another step closer to enjoying your freedom!

The Vases And The Final Puzzle

After the drawbridge has been lowered, you should prepare to tussle with Granny and Grandpa again. Pick up your shotgun, which should be near the car where you picked up the teddy bear. There is a shotgun shell at the corner table near the second floor stairs and another at the huge cabinet just past the food elevator. The same tactics work and you should again off both and be ready to take on the next set of mini quests. It is best to shoot them down in the yard and leave your shotgun there as well, preferably close to the house’s front door.

granny 3 padlocked mechanism

Grab the padlock key and head down to the basement. Past your former resting quarters is another wooden door. Inside the small room is a padlocked mechanism on the floor. Use the key to unlock it and hurry back to the food elevator with your slingshot inside.

granny 3 vase

At the wheelchair again, look above and you will find the first vase we need. You need to shoot it down with the slingshot. Be sure to find a good angle and have it drop down on the lower floor instead of the other side of the hall, for easier pick up later.

Drop down again to the dining room, go up the stair case and at the third floor, look behind and above to find the second vase. Shoot it down, go to where it landed and carry it downstairs, preferably outside for easier pick up later. As we may not have enough time at this point to complete the remaining tasks at hand, it is best to get back to our trusty shotgun once again.

granny 3 second vase

Once the shotgun is in hand, head over to the third floor and grab two shotgun shells from inside the room just in front of the staircase. Depending on how everything went, you may have to wait a bit for your favorite elderly couple to appear once again. The same strategy works all the time, so luring them to the yard and killing them both should be a piece of cake at this point.

After Granny and Grandpa takes their snooze time, scurry over to the dining room and pick up the first vase. Take it all the way down to the kitchen past the food elevator and fill it with water from the barrel. Be very careful with this one as we call it “The Water Barrel of Limbo”. Everything you accidentally drop inside will vanish forever without a trace, which means that if you drop the vase inside, there is no way for you to see a good ending to your adventure.

granny 3 water

Once the vase is filled with water, you are not allowed to drop it. Doing so will empty it and you will have to fill it up again. With the vase full of water, head towards the basement where you used the padlock key. Place the vase in the left pedestal and notice that the pedestal lowers itself. Head on to where you last dropped the other vase, fill it up with water and put it on the second pedestal. The mechanism on the floor will now unlock and reveal the safe key for you to pick up.

unlocking mechanism in granny 3

Take the safe key to the room with 2 sinks where we picked up the shed key. The post facing the sinks has a vault in it and inside lies the final piece of the puzzle. Grab the fuse and prepare for the last task. If you are crunched for time at this point, you may consider taking the next step a bit earlier and give Granny and Grandpa a nap ahead of schedule before you proceed to even open this vault. There are lots of rooms for flexibility in Granny 3 and this part is the most critical because you are so close to the end and should not be able to afford making slip ups.

granny 3 vault

Depending on how fast you accomplished the last feat, we can either proceed to using the fuse or prepare for another dance off with Granny and Grandpa. If you are up for the latter, you can drop the fuse at the base of the stairs, pick up the shotgun, and once again head over to the dining room to get another pair of shotgun shells.

opening the gate in granny 3

After slaughtering the ghastly couple for the last time, hopefully, grab the fuse and head on over to the third floor, to that life-saving spiral staircase that is weirdly challenging to traverse. You do not need to climb it this time though, as the machine in need of the fuse sits right beside it. Insert the fuse and press the power. If the green light is not enough to give you a sigh of relief, the open gate that you can see on the monitor should.

granny 3 gate

Head on outside the house and near the gate. You have to interact with it one last time and actually exit for you to clear the game. Once you do the ending cinematics start to roll and if you have spent a lot of time in Granny’s house playing tag with all three of them you might actually feel sad as you bid them a final farewell.

granny 3 farewell

Extra Useful Tips

There are plenty of other useful information and tactics we no longer used in this walkthrough. For starters, there is a huge hole on the roof that leads to Slendrina’s room. This means that you can even choose to drop down from there with her teddy bear and get her out of your hair before even proceeding to any of the other quests we went through beforehand.

granny 3 tips

Another neat trick of sorts is the log and matches that we no longer used in this guide. There is a fireplace in the room beside the dining room and you can drop the log there. You can then set in on fire using the matches, light up the raven on the chimney, and grab the generator cable without having to waste a shotgun shell on him.

granny 3 matches

If clearing Granny 3 on easy mode or normal mode is not enough for you, then feel free to test your skills and bravery out with the harder difficulty levels. This concludes our complete walkthrough for Granny 3 and we hope you found our guide useful and entertaining! Don’t forget to share your comments and experiences below!