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MU Archangel Class Guide: An In-Depth Guide to Choose the Best Class And Subclass

MU Archangel has certainly proven to be a huge hit not just among fans of the franchise but mobile MMORPG Enthusiasts as well. Beyond the superb graphics and stylistic gameplay it offers, the perfect mix of well-loved classic content and bits of modern-day features are sure to appeal to a wide range of players.

The character growth and progression has been accelerated a lot compared to its classic counterpart as quests and various game modes make it less necessary to grind for EXP. However, players who have more spare time on their hands and are deeply hooked into MU Archangel have practically no barriers to worry about as far as manual grinding and farming is concerned.

There are expectedly more classes and content to be added to MU Archangel in future updates but for now, the 3 basic classes of Elf, Dark Knight, and Dark Wizard should suffice to ensure a wide variety of builds among players within the game. Each class will undergo 2 class upgrades, further providing distinction between the dichotomous major builds for each class of character.

mu archangel best class

If you have just started diving into the world of MU Archangel and want to secure a firm grasp of all the basic features and game modes it offers quickly, then you should read our MU Archangel beginner’s guide first.

Although we already provided a basic distinction of all 3 classes to help newbies decide on which class to consider using on their first immersion, our MU Archangel class guide digs deeper into each class, particularly the second and third subclasses for each character, along with the recommended skills and stats for each one.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight used to be the easiest class to pick for beginners back in the early days of the original MU Online game. As the only melee combatant of the 3 basic classes, Dark Knights are expected to be the sturdiest class and have much higher survival rates than Dark Wizards and Elves.

With both an attack and defense boost available in MU Archangel for the initial levels, it makes it fairly easy for Dark Wizards and Elves to survive challenging mobs and boss fights with the beginner buff. Once these buffs can no longer apply, it becomes a little more challenging for Dark Wizards and Elves to survive tougher fights, especially given the limitations of their armor sets.

dark knight mu archangel

Dark Knights make up for in defense what they lack in offensive strength and attack range. Despite Dark Knights being open to being built differently depending on stat distributions, the more dominant builds revolve around the distinct choices when selecting a class line. The more basic build focuses on the Dark Knight’s strength while the other build focuses on energy.

Once you reach character level 120, you will have to choose between the 2 class lines, and even before that you should already decide on how to allocate your stats and prioritize skills that work best for your chosen build.

Each character class in MU Archangel grows differently with stat points allocated on each main stat. For the Dark Knight, investing stat points in strength (STR) boosts physical and magic ATK as well as increases the character’s ATK Success Rate.

For the latter, this makes it easier for the character to land hits on his target and is naturally an important attribute to increase as much as damage capacity is. Putting points on agility (AGI) also increases the Dark Knight’s ATK success rate and gives him more defense. Investing in vitality increases the Dark Knight’s HP, boosting his survivability in combat. Points allocated on energy (ENE) also boost the Dark Knight’s HP.

Soul Knight (STR)

The major decision point in choosing between subclasses only occur on the first tier, or the first class change when you reach level 120. Once you are able to proceed with the second class change at level 200, your choice of either STR or ENE stays with you. All the special skills for the Dark Knight as well as the tier 1 and tier 2 class promotions will be available regardless of which subclass you choose. The only exclusive ones are the passives available only for your selected subclass.

With extra bleed damage to unlock for the class promotion banking on the Combo Hit skill, you should naturally prioritize investing in it early on. Combo Hit is a passive that tremendously increases the Dark Knight’s damage output and at max level, also grants 10% life leech.

soul knight str mu archangel

Blow, Smash, and Thunder Slash need to be invested in as well since these are the active skills that trigger Combo Hit. Blow guarantees to accumulate 1 combo hit at level 4. Smash has a 50% chance to accumulate 1 combo hit at level 4 as well. Thunder Slash, which is a PVE exclusive skill, also earns an 8% chance to accumulate a combo hit at level 4.

For the Dark Knight (STR), the exclusive passive is Ruthlessness. This passive grants the Dark Knight’s Combo Hit skill 100% chance to inflict bleeding status to its targets. This also increases bleed damage permanently. Following the tier 1 class upgrade, Earth’s Judgement, Berserker, Wild Ambush, and Lightning Power are the best skills to unlock and invest in.

Once you reach level 200 and can finally transcend your Dark Knight (STR) into a Soul Knight (STR), you will unlock yet another exclusive passive, Defense Shield, which will increase your defensive strength. Not only does Defense Shield increase DEF chances, it also grants your character HP recovery. Flame Slash, Nebula Shield, Fury of Vulcan, and Cutthroat are the main skills to invest in as a Soul Knight (STR)

Soul Knight (ENE)

Although not a subclass built for excellence in either solo quests or PvP, the Soul Knight (ENE) build is certainly a huge help for team plays. Although you might feel the need to still raise STR to be able to put on higher grade gears, you should keep in mind that one of the Energy Soul Knight’s inherent ability is to be able to reflect damage back at its enemies. This means that lower grade gears that comparatively give you lower DEF stats lead to taking in higher amounts of damage, ultimately reflecting the same on enemies.

If you are headed towards the Soul Knight (ENE) build, then your priority skill upgrades as a Dark Knight should be Swell Life and Storm Power. Swell Life not only boosts your and your allies’ HP, but it also increases the skill damage of Storm Power. Investing skill points in Storm Power increases the number of enemies it can hit, boost its power, and also lower its cool down period.

soul knight ene mu archangel

Once the Dark Knight has reached the tier 1 class upgrade, which is the Dark Knight (ENE), the Will to Retaliate passive becomes available. This grants the Dark Knight a counterattack in the form of DMG Reflection. The DMG Reflection rate increases per level and also reduces the cool down time of Storm Power at max level. Whirlwind Slash, Echo of Light, Charge, and Moonwave are the best skills to invest in as a Dark Knight (ENE).

Following the completion of the tier 2 class line upgrade, the Soul Knight (ENE) can now unlock and upgrade the passive ability, Bloodlust. This ability grants a certain percentage for 20% of DMG inflicted to restore the Soul Knight’s HP.

Higher levels of this skill increase the chance of activating the life steal effect and increases the amount at max level as well. Sword of Brilliance, Godly Protection, Moonlight Slash, and Salvation are the best skill options to spend points on.

Dark Wizard

The Dark Wizards have always proven to be the best when it comes to farming on mobs given their high AoE damage capability and range proficiency. Naturally, wizards are expected to have armor sets that have less defensive capabilities and can quickly succumb to enemies with just a few hits.

Dark Wizards used to be a very challenging class to start with in the classic MU Online game given that the initial stats ought to be invested in STR and AGI to support the class’ needs for better gear. For MU Archangel, the attributes of Dark Wizards have been improved and for experienced MU players, the stat growth is worth taking note of.

dark wizard mu archangel

Points allocated on a Dark Wizard’s STR increases ATK success rate, ensuring hits and higher damage on enemies hit by spells. Investing in AGI also increases ATK success rate and it will also increase ATK speed and boost DEF. Putting stat points on VIT increases the Dark Wizard’s HP. Last, but not the least, stat points invested in ENE increases the Dark Wizard’s physical and Magic ATKs.

Based on the above stat growth behavior, the classification of class lines available for the Dark Wizard becomes evident. The more basic approach is to invest in ENE and increase damage capacity as much as you can. On the other hand, the Dark Wizard (AGI) type boasts higher ATK success rate, ATK speed, and DEF, making it a more viable candidate for PVP and solo player content that requires increased survivability.

Soul Mage (ENE)

Going for the more common Dark Wizard build leads to choosing the ENE type over the AGI type and capitalizing further on the Dark wizard’s inherent superb damage-dealing capabilities. The exclusive passive skills to be unlocked following this class line centers around Mana Boost, which is a self-buff that temporarily increases the Dark Wizard’s damage output.

Before reaching the first class change, you can prioritize skill point investments in Mana Boost, as the obvious choice, and then consider investing in both Meteorite and Aqua Flash as the next priority skill targets. Meteorite will activate a 20% chance to boost DMG by 100% of ATK once it hits level 4 while Aqua Flash will reduce Mana Boost’s cool down period at level 4. This skill also has increased damage for every 200 ENE.

soul mage ene mu archangel

Once the Dark Wizard accomplishes the first class upgrade and becomes an Archmage (ENE), the exclusive passive ability, Spatiotemporal Control, can be unlocked and upgraded. Beyond reducing cool down times for all skills, this passive greatly reduces the cool down period for Mana Boost and can even reset its interval with a 5% chance at max level. Meteor, Ice Sealing, Blizzard, and Teleport are the most suitable skills to invest in for the Archmage (ENE).

Further down the line and following the second class change leading to the Soul Mage (ENE), the exclusive skill, Spatiotemporal Knowledge becomes available. This passive skill grants cool down reduction for all skills, increases damage increase granted by Mana Boost, and grants additional cool down reduction for Mana Boost as well. Grim Reaper’s Eye, Blister, Blaze, and Hell Burst are the top skill picks for the Soul Mage (ENE) class.

Soul Mage (AGI)

An AGI-type Dark Wizard is something even long-time MU Online players have probably never heard of. Dark Wizards are usually built around having most stat points invested in ENE and the usual deviation lies on the armor set targeted and whether to go with a one-handed staff and a shield or a two-handed staff that grants higher damage but less DEF.

The AGI stat attribute of the Dark Wizard has been greatly improved in MU Archangel and the AGI type build has become a viable one. Between going for the ENE and the AGI type, the latter is the better option for those who enjoy engaging in PvP combat.

soul mage agi mu archangel

The Soul Mage (AGI) may not deal as much AoE damage as its ENE counterpart but can certainly make up for it with increased ATK success rate, higher ATK speed, and better DEF. With both Archmage and Soul Mage passives banking on poison-based effects, it’s almost a given that you should invest in any poison-related skills. As a Dark Wizard, Death Poison and Soul Barrier should be your top priorities as far as skill point investments are concerned. Note that the DMG reduction effect of Soul Barrier scales with AGI.

Once your Dark Wizard reaches level 120 and completes the tier 1 class change to become an Archmage (AGI), Poison Veterancy becomes available. Poison Veterancy increases the damage dealt to targets afflicted with poison. Poison Spear, Poison Sensation, Curse, and Poison Swarm are the obvious choice of skill point investments.

While The Archmage (AGI)’s exclusive passive ability bolsters offensive strength, the tier 2 class line, Soul Mage (AGI)’s exclusive skill, Poison Shield Veterancy, reinforces defensive capabilities. Poison Shield Veterancy grants a Parry Chance, which can reduce damage taken. Beyond that, it will also grant DMG boost when successfully triggered. Explosion, Illusion, Poison Meteor, and Switching are the most suitable skills to have as a Soul Mage (AGI).


The female exclusive Elf class has always been divided between 2 subtypes in the original MU Online game. There are the more common AGI types that excel in dealing damage in both PvE and PvE content while the ENE types are the most wanted part members. AGI types are naturally easier to build given that STR and AGI that increase DMG are well in line with their gear requirements. ENE types, on the other hand will have a hard time gaining levels and farming on their own.

Your choice as to which Elf subclass to go with in MU Archangel should be based on how which play style you are most accustomed to. A good consideration of whether or not you will likely be playing with a party is important to consider as well given that the ENE type Elf will need more offensive strength by her side on most challenges.

elf mu archangel

While stat points allocated to STR increases both Phyisical and Magic ATK as well as increases ATK Success Rate, using stat points on AGI is always the better option between the 2 given that it also increases DEF. Using stat points on VIT does increase the Elf’s HP but not really that much, making it pointless.

Using stat points on ENE adds some HP as well and grants an increase in DEF. It can be seen from here that the growth of the Elf as far as DEF is concerned is almost the same regardless of whether you choose to focus on either AGI or ENE.

Soul Elf (AGI)

If you are set to groom your Elf to become an AGI type, most of the starting class skills are decent choices to build on save for Soldier and DEF Boost. Weak Spot and Multiple Penetration are the top skills to consider. Although we mentioned that both AGI and ENE types practically have the same growth rate for DEF, the DEF boost skill actually scales with ENE making it a more viable skill to invest on as an ENE type Elf.

As a Muse Elf (AGI), the passive skill, Blast Wind, becomes available. This ability grants a huge increase for Parry Chance and also activates Weak Spot Attack following a successful evasion. Decent Arrow, Blessing of Wind, Ice Arrow, and Avenging Bow are the best skills to invest on for the Muse Elf (AGI).

soul elf agi mu archangel

With the tier 1 class line’s passive that boosts parry chance and increases evasion rate at max level, you can expect the Soul Elf (AGI) to take it a step further with its exclusive passive ability. Nimble Veterancy permanently increases evasion chance and starts to provide DMG boost for every skill upgrade whenever you successfully evade an attack.

At max level, Nimble Veterancy adds a 15% chance for Weak Spot Attack to activate on the next attack after a successful evade. Strafing Shot, Focus Fire, Spirit Arrow, and Hurricane Shot ought to be the only skills you should invest skill points on as a Soul Elf (AGI).

Soul Elf (ENE)

Choosing to go for an ENE type Elf in MU Archangel does not leave you entirely devoid of means to attack enemies. Even before you reach the point where you have to choose a class subtype, you should already invest in energy-based skills like Soldier and DEF Boost. Contrary to the previous incarnations of the Elf’s summons, the Soldier summon in MU Archangel is beyond useful.

In addition to actually contributing to damage dealt on enemies, the Soldier summon can also use some of the Elf’s skills. Skills like Triple Shot and Multi-shot also earn benefits at max levels whenever the Soldier skill is active.

Once you choose the Muse Elf (ENE) under the first class promotion, you will have access to the exclusive passive ability, Deadly Hit Veterancy. Deadly Hit Rate works much like Crictical Hit Rate and is also shared with the summoned Soldier.Moonlight Shot, Infinity, Blessing of Spirit, and Tebilas are the 4 Muse Elf skills most suitable for an ENE Elf build. If you are working as a support unit for a party, you should prioritize investing skill points on Infinity and Blessing of Spirit as these buffs apply to your allies as well.

soul elf ene mu archangel

Following your climb to level 200 and completing the second class change quest to become a Soul Elf (ENE), Summon Veterancy, which is another enhancer for your Soldier companion, becomes available. Summon Veterancy primarily grants 10% of your stats to your summoned Soldier.

Additional skill levels reduce the Soldier’s ATK intervals and will increase the Soldier’s DMG as your HP goes down once the skill reaches max level. Shadow Protection, Snipe, Golden Warrior God, and Lightning Shot ought to be your picks of skills to invest on with Shadow Protection being the top priority if you spend more time adventuring with allies.

MU Archangel certainly holds a lot more to offer than just gears, stats, and skills to build and customize your character as close as possible to how you want them to grow. For now, though, this wraps up our MU Archangel class guide and we hope that you learned a good deal from the tips and strategies we shared.

There are certainly tons of players who spend an awful lot of time in the continent of MU. If you are one of them who also happen to have tips and strategies to share relative to our guide, be sure to shoot us one or a couple down in the comment box below!

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