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Dice Dreams Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build All the Kingdoms Fast

Dice Dreams is a casual title created by social and mobile games developer SuperPlay, that’s available on both iOS and Android platforms.

This title is basically a reinterpreted version of Coin Master – the heavily marketed and exceptionally popular game by Moonrise which has users play the slot machine to gain wealth and restore countless villages. Well Dice Dreams trades the slot machine for dice, but the basic principles remain the same. In SuperPlay’s take, players have to work with dice instead in order to earn coins and build glamorous castles.

dice dreams guide

Gamers are accompanied throughout their journey by a slew of pawns, who are in charge of overseeing all your building activities, but occasionally lend a helping hand in other areas, as well. While Dice Dreams is by no means the most unique game out there, it offers access to a fun universe populated by cute creatures, so it’s sure to appeal to most fans of casual games, even those who’ve played Coin Master before (or who are still actively playing it).

Getting started with Dice Dreams is quite simple, just follow the prompts from your new pawn friends and you’ll have no problem figuring out how things get done in this game. If you just started playing, and want to experience a fast and efficient growth and progression rate, this Dice Dreams guide has you covered with tips, tricks and strategies that will help you get the most of your dice rolls.

1. Always Use The Rewards Multiplier

You begin the game with 50 dice rolls at your disposal. Tap on the big red button in the middle to get the 3 dice rolling and see what combinations you can get. The ideal scenario is to get all your dice to show the same face. More practically, this will happen only once in a while, so most of your efforts will result in combinations of different faces that produce smaller rewards. The majority of them offer extra gold coins.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend that you turn on the rewards multiplier when playing Dice Dreams, so you can maximize your every roll. Tap on the x1 button on the side of the big red button to increase the multiplier to x2, x5, x10 or whatever is currently available (some multipliers only become active once you’ve secured a larger number of dice rolls). When you do that, each dice roll will cost as much as the multiplier you’ve selected. But the rewards will also be a lot bigger.

dice dreams tricks

In Dice Dreams you heavily rely on gold to make progress. Building up your castle and surrounding areas costs money, and so you’ll need to find clever ways to make sure you can get as much as possible with the rolls you have at your disposal. Once you run out of rolls, you’ll either have to watch a series of quick ads to get access to more (provided they are available) or take a break from the game to allow the rolls to regenerate. This takes time, so you’ll have to do a fair share of waiting until the 50 rolls become available to you again.

This is another reason why making the most of your rolls becomes a priority, and turning on the rewards multiplier is so very important. On top of getting more gold for the basic combinations, you’ll also be able to steal and earn more gold from raids and attacks.

dice dreams rewards multiplier

Getting the same face on all your dice will result in a card being drawn from the pile next to the dice board. These cards can unlock special actions in the game like Attack or Steal. When one of these cards becomes available, users are transported to another player’s kingdom where they can Attack and Steal gold.

Now, if you have a reward multiplier activated, you’ll be able to earn a lot more (for example x10) from these raids, which in turn will allow you to build your kingdom faster. There are additional cards you can draw, for example like the Coin card, which will boost your gold reserve. Make sure you have the multiplier on, and you’ll be able to redeem more when using this card.

2. Play Once Your Rolls Are Full

As we already explained above, once you run out of rolls, you’ll need to quit the game and wait for them to regenerate. This happens quite slowly, so you’ll be able to play 2-3 times a day with your rolls full. Actually, this is the recommended course of action.

It’s possible to return to the game even if the rolls aren’t full, but if you are going to equip rewards multipliers, playing will less rolls will cause you to run out of moves extremely fast. So for a longer gaming session in Dice Dreams, we recommend that you wait until all 50 rolls are back on the menu, so you can take advantage of them in full and actually make some palpable progress.

Note that you can get extra rolls by inviting friends to Dice Dreams and having them join your friend list in the game. Inviting one friend and they accepting your invitation can earn you 120 rolls, while getting two onboard brings 150 new rolls in.

3. Build Kingdoms And Move On To The Next

The ultimate goal of Dice Dreams is to rebuild all the kingdoms that are available. Once you’ve completed one, the game will reward you with free spins and extra goodies, thus providing players with the right incentive to keep building.

You can start off by building the castle, which is the central structure of all kingdoms or whatever building is the most expensive. Once you’re done with it, go on and continue investing coins in the more affordable constructions until you finalize the project.

Don’t get stuck on just rolling dice and hogging gold. Make sure you also invest in new buildings to complete the construction process across new kingdoms and so as to get access to additional free rolls. Keeping limited resources in your kingdom prevents attackers from stealing large quantities of gold, whenever your kingdom is subjected to a raid from the outside.

dice dreams kingdom restored

On the other hand, keeping massive amounts of gold can be a win-win scenario if everyone applies this strategy. Just imagine turning the x20 rewards multiplier and then raiding someone’s kingdom which still retains considerable resources. The amount of rewards you’ll be able to get away with would be impressive. So instead of wasting dice throws on small raids, you might want to stockpile on gold and attempt to set in motion a large raid.

If you have a tight knit group of friends who are playing Dice Dreams, you could attempt this tactic. Remove everyone else from your friend list in the game and leave only your trusted circle. Then instruct everyone to hoard the gold instead of spending it. This should allow you to spend your rolls on ample raids and steal lavish amounts of gold.

4. Complete Sticker Packs Before Moving To A New Kingdom

As you reach the third kingdom, the game will give you the ability to acquire Stickers. These are grouped in packs of 8 and more. Once you’ve complete one you’ll be able to unlock great rewards, usually in the form of extra rolls. And it’s not just 2-3 rolls, you’ll be able to grab full sets of 50 and up, which is awesome.

dice dreams sticker packs

Now, you can get Stickers in the Shop where you can buy different types of Sticker packs ranging from the Common to the Dream one. Obviously, the costlier the pack the more Stickers it brings and you have higher chances of getting a higher-tier card if you spend more. The Dream pack, for instance, comes with a bundle of 12 stickers. The prices for any type of pack is continuously on the rise, so while at first you’ll be paying reasonable amounts, as you acquire more and more the rates will jump up considerably.

Depending on what Stickers you’re missing from your collection, you must be careful which packs you decide to spend on next. For example, if you are missing a 1- or 2-crown Sticker, then you should definitely acquire lower level Chests.

dice dreams completed set

Acquiring Stickers is essential for another reason. For each new Sticker you uncover, you’ll get some Crowns. The more Crowns you can get your hands on the better, because these are needed to upgrade your Cards.

Remember we told you that whenever you score the same dice face 3 times, a card gets drawn from the pile next to the dice board. Well these cards can be levelled up. For instance, a Level 1 Coins card will bring in 10K rewards. It takes 85 Crowns to level up to the next level, which makes the card produce 12.5K in funds.

It’s especially important that you upgrade your Attack and Steal cards, as to ensure you can maximize the sum of coins you can flee with at the end of a raid. These cards get unlocked progressively, so you won’t be able to take advantage of all of them from the start.

leveling up cards in dice dreams

New Sticker packs become available when you move on to the next kingdom, so it’s important that you purchase new packs in each new location you visit. Make it a point to try and complete the pack before leaving for the next kingdom. Don’t leave completing these packs for later, as it will be quite hard once you reach upper levels to get the cards you need for earlier packs. 

To accelerate the processes of getting all the Stickers you need, you could join Dice Dream’s official trading group on Facebook and ask your friends or other players to send you some Stickers. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your hands on the missing cards this way.

5. How To Raid And Defend Yourself Like A Boss

Raiding is an activity you’ll routinely engage in while playing Dice Dreams. It can bring in massive profits, if done right. As we explained above, don’t forget to turn on your rewards multiplier just in case you stumble upon a raid card.

You should also do everything in your power to level up your raiding cards, as to make them more powerful. When you raid, you need to first decide which of your opponent’s buildings you’re going to target. Try your best to guess which of these dwellings hides the largest prize.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’re going to have to play a mini game. Use a sling to hit the target, but you must make sure you release the projectile (one of your pawns) at the right moment. If you hit the bullseye, you’ll be able to redeem extra rewards, so it matters to be extra careful.

dice dreams raid

Most of the kingdoms you’ll attack are protected by shields, as to ensure the damage that attackers do to their realm is minimized. Speaking of which, you can unlock shields to protect your territory, as well. One of the possible combinations that can emerge when you throw the dice is 3 shields.

This provides you with a defense system for when other players visit your kingdom. They won’t be able to leave with as much gold as they would if your realm were unprotected, although you’ll find that your coffers won’t be left untouched completely either.

Another activity you will embark on quite often during Dice Dream is stealing gold from other players’ kingdoms. This is similar to attacking, but not quite so. To steal, users have to roll a single dice and pray they don’t get the gameover-inducing Skull face. Simply tap a button to roll until you can loot all the available resources left in the kingdom. There’s nothing much you can do here to increase your chances of not getting the Skull, so you’ll simply have to rely on luck.

stealing gold in dice dreams

There are some other actions that can be prompted by cards. For example, the Fight one which has you fight another player for loot and glory. In this mini game, you get to take on another opponent in what is basically a game of rock, paper, scissors. The rules are simple, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.

The mini game consists of three rounds and if you can win at least two of them, you get to walk away with a nice sum of coins. Upgrade the Fight card as quickly as possible and you’ll be able to boost your earnings.

6. Play During Events If You Want To Make Progress Fast

We can’t stress this enough, but you absolutely must play during events. It’s not an optional thing to do, if you want to improve your progression rate.

As we explained in previous sections, it takes a very long time to get your rolls meter full. Due to this aspect, you won’t be able to play more than 2-3 times a day. Alternatively, you can play in very short bursts, but that won’t be too rewarding in terms of coins and extra rolls. Anyway, the trick to unlocking a continuous stream of rolls is to play during events.

Events happen all the time in Dice Dreams, but some are better than others. All you need to do is spot those that can help you move along faster. For example, there’s a type of event that tasks you with collectong a certain kind of resource (for instance stars). You can grab these by going on raids, stealing or by using other cards for various other actions.

Once you have enough, you’ll get a special bonus which frequently consists of extra rolls. This is the case of the extremely lucrative Woodstock mission event which awards you 2 daisies for an Attack, 3 daisies for Blocking and so on. Keep in mind that if you have the rewards multiplier enabled, you will be able to score more of these flowers for each action.

dice dreams event

Events like Woodstock mission make it super easy to unlock vital rewards such as rolls. Now with more rolls under your belt (you can go beyond 50 no problems, the spins will be stored for you) you can go ahead and turn on a larger rewards multiplier and go on raids to get more money. With your coffers filling up, you’ll be able to pour funds into building and upgrading the structures in your kingdom. When you’re done with all the construction work, you’ll receive another gift consisting of more rolls and an extra Sticker pack.

As you can see this cycle keeps feeding itself, but you have to start off with a larger pool of rolls to get it into motion. You can attempt to get things rolling while an event like Woodstock mission is going on and then work from there to unlock more and more rolls to feed the machine.

There are other types of events in Dice Dreams but they tend to be less lucrative than the sort we detailed above. Take for example, the Treasure Hunt where you are supposed to fill a potion bottle in order to use it as currency to mine for precious stones. The bottle fills up whenever you hit a special symbol as you roll your dice. Hit 1 symbol and you get 2 rations of potion, but 2 symbols will get you 3 and so on. Depending if you have a rewards multiplier on, you’ll be able to fill up the bottle a lot faster.

dice dreams treasure

Once you finally fill up a bottle, you’ll be able to use to mine for a special gem. Try and guess the location of the precious stone and you can unlock pretty serious rewards, like for example additional rolls.  If you didn’t guess right, you’ll need to spend potion bottle and try again. And so on, until you actually get it right. It might take a while before you can get your hands on these bottles, which is why events like Woodstock mission tend to be a lot more profitable faster.

If an event shuts down too fast and you haven’t had a chance to take advantage of it, don’t worry. More will follow. Just make sure to visit the game on a regular basis, so you can check out all the new stuff that might have become available.

7. Use Third Party Apps To Get Free Rolls And Other Gifts

Need more rolls or coins? You can get your hands on a few free bundles by installing one of the free Dice Dreams rewards apps from the Google Play Store like, for example, Dice Dreams Rewards. There’s a bunch of them available for download, just make sure you get one that has been rated highly by the community.

dice dreams rewards

These apps contain links that when tapped will give you access to a reward, after you’ve watched a quick ad. For example, you can get 500k Coins or 10 Rolls reward. Alternatively, you can even opt to initiate a Steal 3 Plus Bonus card attack. These links are updated daily, so you will need to check your apps on a daily basis to make sure you don’t miss out on any free goodies. Older links won’t work, so make sure you stay up to date with these offers.

A word of advice here, just installing one of these apps will do. Most of the links are the same across all of them, and re-tapping on a link you’ve already used will only bring up the message that the offer has expired.

dice dreams daily gift

And while we’re on the topic of checking apps every day, don’t forget to log into the game on a daily basis too, even if you don’t have the time to stick around and play for long. The game serves up daily gifts, which mostly consist of free rolls and coins, and you shouldn’t miss out on them. You can always come back later and use up the rolls, when your schedule has cleared up a little bit.

This last tip wraps up our list of strategies we have for Dice Dreams. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article and have managed to find some new tips that will be of use during your next games. If you’ve explored the game in depth and know of any other tricks we haven’t included in this guide, go ahead and share it with us via the comment section below!

Richard Green

Monday 25th of July 2022

When you get Sheilds do they add up. Because you only see 3 Sheild but you may have won6 more.


Friday 15th of July 2022

One thing you didn't mention about the events that award stars for attack and steal etc.

The game has bot players (anyone with a cartoon face that is clearly not a facebook account). I was in first place with an hour to go and 649 stars, second place was at 320 stars and was an actual player. The only bot in the top 9 was at 100 stars with 1 hour left, and the game promoted that bot to 1st place so as not to give a player the 1000 dice reward (second place was 350 dice)


Sunday 12th of June 2022

Hi guys, I think I already found the answer in your article, but please confirm: rolls do NOT expire when a new game day starts right? As there‘s no special active, I‘d like to keep several 100 rolls from a tournament for tomorrow

Marijke Jong

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

How come my coins are not reduced when someone steals from me? Where does the money come from that they steal ?


Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

How do I get the video manias!