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Golf Star Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Land Perfect Shots and Ace Every Hole

Golf Star is one of Com2uS’ longest-running games on mobile and likewise among the top sports games since its launch almost a decade ago. While there is a plethora of other golf games in the mobile gaming market alone, such as Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, Golf Rival and Ultimate Golf to name a few, Golf Star sets itself apart as an incomparable golf simulation game that provides the closest mobile experience to a real game of golf.

Golf Star not just features stunning graphics and superb levels of physics in each and every golf course you play in; it also captures a multitude of skills and techniques used by professional golf players. The variety of content and game modes it offers enable players to enjoy single player campaigns and challenges as well as revel in a multitude of online multiplayer sessions. Golf Star also offers various ways to customize each character, leading to more than just a unique appearance, but also a personalized set of skills and attributes.

golf star tips

The mix of features and mechanics in Golf Star certainly makes it a challenging sports game to learn and more challenging even to master. The initial tutorial session as well as the in-game guides, however, ensure that every beginner will be able to grasp the most basic mechanics. Just like golf in real life, practice leads to better performance and each player can have what it takes to keep moving forward.

If you are in the current lookout for a challenging and engaging golf game aimed at testing the limits of your strategic skills and level of precision, then you should definitely dive into Golf Star. And if you have just started reveling in it and want to land perfect shots as often as possible and sooner ace every hole you play in, then you are in luck. Our Golf Star guide features tips, tricks and strategies to play like a pro and dominate every game you partake in!

1. Spend Time In The Practice Field

The tutorial session in Golf Star does introduce you to the basics of how to make shots along with the simplest mechanics you should know about. Within the tutorial and even after you finish it, you will realize just how much more there is to know.

Likewise, it should also be evident enough that there will be a gap between knowing how and actually being able to do what you plan on doing on each shot. From the drive down to the putt, there will more likely be inconsistencies to experience with your performance in one hole alone and more so as you play in different courses.

golf star practice field

Just like golf in real life, you simply cannot just go directly and challenge other players as you would want to improve on your skills first and refine techniques to prepare you for the challenges ahead. As such, Golf Star provides ample opportunities for you to hone your skills first and master each of the game’s mechanics. The Practice Field stands as your best go-to place not just to master all the basics, but to arm yourself better as well across different course types and scenarios.

It is important to identify factors that affect your performance in Golf Star and understand that while some of them are within your control, some are not. One of the most basic factors to consider is precision in terms of timing your taps, relative to the amount of power you give it as well as the level of impact. What you should aim for in not just a perfect shot at each swing, but a shot that has the optimum amount of power as well.

golf star perfect shot

Both power and impact will be trained in the Practice Field especially if you perform swings enough times and make adjustments moving forward. Getting these out of the way is just the beginning of your journey towards playing like a pro and you also would want to practice enough in that you can always get the results you want more consistently across your games.

Within the Practice Field feature, you can choose to engage in a learning guide or a real practice field. The former will take place in a Course Practice Field while the latter will be on the Basic Practice Field. The Course Practice Field lets you practice with different courses as well as each hole within it. The Basic Practice Field, on the other hand, can train you to handle different environmental effects like the different wind strength and direction as well as varying slopes and heights of the area.

In addition to being able to practice your shots and precision, spending time on the Course Practice Field will improve your level of familiarity with specific courses. Spending time to practice here is certainly not a one-time deal. For starters, it is enough to play through different courses for a little familiarity.

golf star par

Once you start playing the other game modes, your repeated performances on each hole should determine where you need to practice more on. Swings and course familiarity fall within the factors affecting your performance that are well within your control. The more time you spend training to improve your skills, the better your performance will be.

On the other hand, the element of random winds goes well beyond your control and no matter how familiar you are with each course’s terrain and even if the precision of your shots are on point, the wind will still lead to some deviations in the results of your plays.

This consequentially leads to variances as well in terms of where the drive ends even with perfectly consistent shots made on the same hole. As this is always a possibility, it becomes important to learn how to make adjustments to your shots as the scenario would require.

golf star wind

It will certainly take a lot of practice to be able to determine just how much adjustment you need to make the shot you want to take in the presence of varying wind conditions. Likewise, adjusting the angle of your shots depending on the terrain is also something you need to spend time on. Be sure to take advantage of being able to make instant adjustments to the scenarios in the Basic Practice Field to help you secure a firmer grasp of both terrain and wind changes.

2. Play The Campaign And Missions

Spending time in the Practice Field stands as a primary training tool to help improve your performance across the rest of the game modes in Golf Star. However, time spent within the practice stages do not directly contribute to the progression of your career nor do they provide quantifiable rewards or earnings. Progression begins with steps you take within the single player and multiplayer contents and while you can already engage in occasional tournaments, we recommend engaging in single player contents first.

golf star quest clear

The single player game modes are basically divided into the campaign and the missions. Both game modes require you to consume stamina but earns you coins and EXP among other completion rewards. While the rewards you earn serve as the primary benefit of playing and progressing through both game modes, the different challenges each one provides also serve as training sessions to further sharpen your skills.

The campaign mode in Golf Star is as challenging as one can expect and if you find yourself struggling with a particular stage, then it can mean that you need more time in training or better skills to conquer the challenge at hand. Regardless of the results of your session in the campaign mode, you will continue to earn EXP and coins.

golf star round result

Although failing to conquer a level may serve as a deterrent for progression, the rewards you obtain can still contribute towards your progression. More importantly, the different stages you go through in the campaign, especially the starting ones, will remind or introduce you to some of Golf Star’s mechanics you may have missed from the tutorial or training field.

The Mission Career essentially works hand-in-hand with the Campaign mode in terms of exposing you to various challenges that aim to improve your performance. 5 missions are available for you to complete in a week, each with 3 difficulty levels to choose from, based on your level as well as ads played, in the case of advanced difficulty.

golf star single long putting

Regardless of the difficulty level completed, the same instant rewards will be acquired. However, extra rewards are provided based on the amount of fame you amass within the week.

As a beginner, it is best to consider progressing through the campaigns first. However, if you catch a slump and are unable to progress any further, you can always swing by the Mission Career especially since the initial missions available are fairly easy to accomplish. Even if you feel that there is still much to learn even after spending some time in the Training Field and both the Campaign and Mission Career, the EXP and coins you earned can be used to further strengthen your golfer.

3. Strategize Around Your Golfer’s Build

Another huge factor that contributes to what makes Golf Star highly engaging is how you can customize your golfer. Surely enough, there is already plenty of excitement to have when it comes to dressing up your golfer and equipping him or her with items that improve stats and performance. Securing equipment, however, comes randomly and you will primarily be constrained to utilize whichever is the best fit from your inventory.

Your golfer’s stats, however, are something well within your control and the skill points you start earning after reaching level 10 should be used as efficiently as possible to yield the best results. To be honest, there really is no such thing as a perfect build and no stat is exclusively more important than the other. Different players have different skill levels resulting in unique needs. This means that the best way to allocate your stats is to consider your present needs and using stat increases to make up for them.

golf star stats

On the main screen, you can click on the “My Info” icon at the upper left side to check your profile and other details. With each new level reached, you will earn stat points that you can freely distribute across the 4 different values: Power, Impact, Control, and Stamina. There are buttons below the window that can automatically distribute remaining points following your prioritization but we recommend manually allocating your stat points for a more personalized result.

Power relates to the maximum distance your shots can reach with a Driver. This is very important to invest in if you want to have stronger drives as doing so can potentially reduce the number of strokes needed for each hole. Although driving distance is improved by power values, impact and control area will always decrease with each stroke within a hole.

Impact relates to how much control you have on each shot. If you notice the bar that determines the strength and accuracy of your shots, impact basically applies to the orange and red marks on the right side of the bar. Tapping on the orange are leads to a nice shot while doing so within the red area yields a perfect shot. Naturally, these areas will start off rather thin when you are just starting your career but more points invested into Impact will stretch these areas to make it easier for you to have a fairly controlled shot.

golf star shot

Even a nice or perfect shot will never guarantee that your ball will perfectly land on the same spot considering everything else is constant. The quality of each shot you make, basically limits where the ball will possibly land considering the control area attributable to each quality. Naturally a nice shot will have a smaller control area than a normal shot while a perfect shot will yield an even smaller control area. Investing stat points on Control will further reduce the size of these control areas, leaving you with shots that ultimately have higher accuracy.

Finally, stamina determines how much the power and accuracy of your shots will dwindle over time in a session. Having a higher stamina simply means being able to perform closer to your earlier swings, considering the level of power and accuracy your earlier shots have.

While we consider each available stat to be of equal importance, you should be able to tell which one you need to invest in given the results of your sessions across any of the available game modes in Golf Star. If, for some reason it becomes difficult for you to consistently yield perfect shots, or even nice shots for that matter, then you may want to invest more on Impact. Each point allocated should then be considered for your preference in terms of valuing distance, accuracy, and sustenance.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Use Items

Golf Star may be a competitive golf simulation game that heavily relies on the golfer’s skills and attributes but it also provides players with plenty of items to help improve their performance. These items may not be thoroughly explained within the tutorial session, but the early levels of the Campaign will require you to consume some of these items to continue moving forward.

golf star items

Just like in any other game, players have a natural tendency to hoard consumable items. Although it is okay to exercise prudence in consuming items, it is also important to refrain from overdoing it. For consideration, it is okay to push for the completion of goals in the campaign as well as the objectives in the mission career with only effort, unless the goal requirement specifically requires you to use items. However, for more important sessions like matches and tournament games, you should not hesitate to use items you need to have an edge when needed.

Both the Shot Guide and the Putting Guide provide tremendous help in any game. With a given trajectory to how your shots will go, it becomes easier to perform closer to the results you would have in mind. Both the Perfect Zone Drink and the Impact Drink effectively raises your accuracy and while it may not be felt as much in some cases, its usefulness can be felt more in holes that have a higher par, or requiring more strokes to finish.

golf star putting guide

All of the items you can consume within a session do not yield absolute results on their own and will still depend on your skill and level of precision. As such, before you begin to start consuming these items, assess first on whether or not doing so will improve your performance, based of course on your current sense of accuracy and precision.

5. Take As Much Time As You Need

Golf is as much a game of patience as it is a game of skill and precision. Requiring as much concentration and focus as possible within each moment spent on a hole, any kind of pressure you entertain will just negatively impact your performance. Although there are some challenges in Golf Star that may impose time limits within which you must take your shot, there is generally no need to rush on anything for the most part.

It is important to make a habit out of exercising patience with each shot you make in Golf Star, as rushing a shot will just give rise to a higher probability of making a miscalculation or a mistake in timing. For starters, you basically have to perform 2 taps for a drive and it is important to remember that you can always cancel a shot before making the second tap.

golf star target driving distance

The first tap is for the power you want to invest behind the stroke, which can either be the maximum amount or precisely what is recommended if the approach is well within reach without maximizing your shot distance. A tap on this part, which is inconsistent with what you intend can be cancelled by simply tapping anywhere else on the screen.

As for the next tap, which determines the shot’s accuracy, failing to tap on the impact area will leave you to restart the shot. In any case, it is important to not take a shot with doubts. If you are confident with current power level of the shot and feel you can tap precisely within the impact area, then that should be the only time to take the shot.

golf star aim

Golf Star is made easy enough in some aspects such as the default aim that basically points you towards a viable direction when making a shot. However, the default target, as convenient as it is, may not necessarily be the best possible shot to take. You will come to discover that the preset aims will often not consider trees or other obstructions that may hinder your performance and as such, you should be open to making adjustments to the angle of your shot.

Golf Star also provides a number of skills that you can unlock, upgrade, and utilize in a variety of situations. As a beginner, be sure to check for the applicability of such skills in different scenarios as some can lead to much better shot result. Again, do not shy away from using items as needed. Checking what you have and which one to use also adds more time to take between each stroke so do not let the bit of extra time to discourage you from even looking.

6. Unlock And Upgrade Skills As Soon As You Can

It becomes important to revel in any game mode in Golf Star to accumulate EXP and reach new levels. In addition to outright rewards from campaign stages, mission career runs, and even quick matches, as well as the coins you earn, obtaining EXP and reaching a new level is very important and it goes beyond acquiring stat points that you can allocate. Levels also serve as keys towards unlocking skills and some skills, while available earlier, can be enhanced to a higher grade that will require a higher level as well.

In truth, you can play and finish any hole without using any of the skills in Golf Star. However, utilizing each one at the right situation will tremendously improve your performance. You can see the available skills via its icon at the top area of the home screen.

golf star skills

There are numerous skills available but a lot of them will remain locked early one and you need to satisfy the level requirement to be able to purchase them with G coins. You, can, however spend stars to unlock or upgrade skills at any time. Considering that these are premium currency, though, we recommend saving them for more important purchases.

Even if some skills remain locked, you can highlight each on to see their description at the left side of the page. As helpful as the descriptions go, however, we recommend that you test out newly-unlocked skills at the training fields to have an even better understanding of how each one works, ultimately leading to knowing when to utilize each of them in the golf course.

7. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

With the exception of the Training Grounds and the Goodwill Match, all other sessions you engage in earns you instant rewards. Golf Star, however, even provides additional rewards to be earned without necessarily requiring more time or effort spent on the game. These extra rewards come from missions that you can accomplish.

golf star mission

The basic missions feature can be accessed through its icon at the right side of the main screen. There is a preset number of objectives each day and accomplishing each one earns you basic resources as well as mission points. Mission points earned within the season also earn you additional rewards.

golf star fame reward

For beginners, there is also a Special Growth Mission you can access via its icon on the left side of the main screen. Just like the regular daily missions, each objective set under the Special Growth Mission targets can earn you instant rewards and are likewise aligned with the usual activities you engage in as you play Golf Star. However, Special Growth Missions are designed in such a way that you need to accomplish the current objective to unlock the next target.

golf star special growth mission

Relative to mission rewards, be sure to check your mail as some rewards end up there and need to be claimed first. Some rewards also have a time limit within which you need to claim them. With regard to hearts or stamina, make sure that you can consume the amount in excess of your cap. Otherwise, let them sit for a while in your mail but claim them before they expire.

8. Losing And Failing Are Part Of The Game

Just like in real life, you can never expect to consistently win in every match you engage in. This is most especially true if you are a beginner and still have a lot of training and experience ahead of you. Even if you feel that you have spent more than enough time within the practice fields and have performed sufficiently across campaign stages and mission challenges, no amount of practice will prevent you from meeting a stronger opponent in a match.

golf star miss

In some cases, being at the losing end of a match in the initial hole, can leave a negative effect on your performance on the succeeding ones if you let the initial results affect your gameplay. Likewise, it can also happen that you will make miscalculations and other sorts of mistakes even if you have practiced enough and spent some time mastering your skills.

golf star leaderboard

Match challenges, which will sometimes let you watch how your opponent performs, can serve as a learning opportunity for you just like the rest of the training sessions you have gone through. Most especially if you are just starting out in Golf Star, consider the multiplayer matches as another layer of training ground from which to learn from. Just like how the wind blows in different directions from one game to the next, you will surely have your chance at earning victories in matches and tournaments.

golf star win

Golf Star is certainly a game where learning hardly ever stops as each match you engage in will certainly give you hints on what else you still need to work on. As far as basic tips and strategies go, however, we hope that we more than covered your expectations in our Golf Star guide. If you have been playing Golf Star longer than we have and have some extra tips, tricks, or strategies to share, be sure to throw us one or a couple down in the comments!