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Golf Rival Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Beat Your Rivals

Golf Rival is lightweight multiplayer game with custom clubs, custom balls, custom courses and thrilling competition with your friends and rivals all packed into your smart phones. The game mechanics are simple and easily understandable. You pick the spot where you want to ball to land. You pick the power of the ball and release the ball to strike.

One tricky part in Golf Rival is to balance the moving bar when releasing the ball to strike. You have to keep the moving needle in the bar as close to the center as possible when you are releasing the ball. Otherwise, your strike will not be perfect and you will find the ball leaning towards one side or the other after it has been struck.

As you defeat opponents, you are rewarded chests and trophies that can be used to unlock newer courses and get new clubs and balls. As you progress in the game, the difficulty level rises. Each new course brings its own new challenge. The second course brings with it, the wind challenge. The third course brings the power reduction challenge.

The terrain also affects your strikes in the game. If you are on a steep ground or if you’re in rough area or you’ve managed to land in the bunker, the power of your strikes can reduce dramatically and so can the direction of your ball. It looks like a simple game but once you start to get used to it, new challenges are introduced to keep you on your toes and keep things interesting. We have prepared this comprehensive Golf Rival guide to help you get the better of this game and your rivals. So let’s not waste any of your time, instead move on to our Golf Rival cheats, tips, tricks and hints to beat your rivals!

1. Plan Your Landings

golf rival tips

When you are picking the spot you want to land onto, remember that your ball is going to bounce forward a couple of times and cover a few more feet. Don’t aim for the farthest spot possible because more often than not, your ball will bounce off the landing spot and into the rough terrain.

2. Focus On As Few Shots As Possible

When you are picking your first landing spot, plan your whole game. You want to get in line of the pin in as few shots as possible. The terrain is often twisted and steep. You can easily gain advantage over your rivals if you can reduce the number of shots you have to play. For example, if the course is ‘U’ shaped, the first thought that comes to mind is that you would need three shots to get in line with the pin. However, you can also just play the course in two shots if you don’t try to cover the course in straight lines. Think outside the box.

3. Aim High

Before every shot, check exactly how far you can reach. The game often tries to trick you into a “recommended” length of the shot. Always check if you can strike even father and get closer to the pin. When you are in rough terrain or in the bunker the game keeps the aim of your shot close. Do not let it fool you. You can easily extend your reach by dragging the aim farther.

4. Strike The Ball As Hard As You Can

golf rival cheats

When striking the ball, the game shows you a blue circled area as the recommended power for your shot. If you drag it back farther, the moving needle on the aiming bar goes insane. Don’t be scared though. That needle is not that difficult to tame. It only takes a few shots to figure out the needle’s movements. If you are able to understand how the needle moves, the next time you see a chance to strike with full power, you can easily surprise your opponents with your trump card and gain on them by striking with maximum power!

5. Pay Attention To Wind And Power

As you defeat opponents and gather trophies, you will unlock new courses. Each courses introduces a new challenge for you. So when you are picking the landing spot for your strike, take a moment to notice a wind or power reduction indications in the corners of your screen. Consider those stats when aiming your strike or your ball will keep going off course.

And this wraps up our Golf Rival tips, tricks and cheats! With this guide, you now know the tricks to gain advantage from the get go against your opponents and beat them comfortably. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play and pick out custom balls and clubs to give the game your own touch. Also, if you have any other Golf Rival tips or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


Thursday 1st of December 2022

I am new at this game (and golf) My question is, is it bad to purposefully hit the ball to an 'in the rough' area? Sometimes I do this.


Sunday 20th of November 2022

How do I zoom in to see where the Pin is, I notice every one else can do that


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Golf rival is s fun game but its not a fair game. People that buy there clubs and balls automatically rank higher than people that don't. Then you find yourself playing against a person with higher clubs than you. Its a fun game but there should be a topout on clubs. The same rank should play against the same ranking player. Not a fair game. Its all about who has the money.


Monday 31st of October 2022

I have no problem witbuth the tee off or getting near the green but then trying to use the wind arrow and lines to line up a shot to sink it in the whole how do you use it to get it in the hole


Thursday 29th of September 2022

matchmaking not fair,wind also not fair overall this game suck...