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Uphill Rush New York Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Tracks

Uphill Rush is a fantastic racing game created by Spil Games with all kinds of cool vehicles, a bunch of playable characters, intense tracks, and capable of providing lots of fun times. Now, the developer is back with the sequel to that game called Uphill Rush New York and this one, while resembling other racing games, is quite different when it comes to game modes.

Instead of coming with single player campaign along with multiplayer where you try to best other people’s results, Uphill Rush New York is all about multiplayer mode. The daily challenge consists of unique track for each day and your goal is achieving the best distance without crashing while trying to beat as many other players as possible. Each track has a four-minute timer and it grants bonuses for beating other people along with providing prizes at the end of each day, depending on your place on the daily leaderboard.

uphill rush new york guide

While this may seem like not so good recipe for a racing game, having only one game mode is, surprisingly, an excellent idea. You can play the daily track for dozens of times and not get bored because each track is pretty hard and requires all your skill and reflexes. You won’t be able to spend all four minutes and to see the timer running out that easy. 99 percent of games end up with your car getting flipped to its roof because tracks are really hard to beat and each one has to be learned, meter by meter, trying to get better by a couple of meters each run.

This gives Uphill Rush New York a unique flavor and it makes the game extremely addictive because we all want to beat our own best results. And in addition to besting yourself, the game also offers other players to beat in intense head to head multiplayer battles and its daily leaderboard is there to provide additional motivation because prizes get better as you get better and ending up among first 20 or so places really can make a difference and allow you to buy extremely powerful vehicles and characters with improved stats.

While the game is free-to-play and while it comes with a bunch of microtransactions, Uphill Rush New York definitely isn’t a pay-to-win title. Even with the starting vehicle (which features extremely poor stats), you will be able to advance pretty far into any daily track because of skill matter much more than the power of your car or your character stats. Of course, there are many tips and trick that can improve your results considerably. We played the game and gathered loads of those so if you want to get better in this game, read our exclusive Uphill Rush New York guide and make sure to follow it by the letter. Let’s start.

1. Vehicles Are There For Speed, While Characters Have Balance

uphill rush new york tips

In Uphill Rush New York, vehicles and characters are sporting different kinds of stats. Vehicles feature speed, acceleration, and strength. The better the speed and acceleration the faster you travel and have a higher chance of reaching bonus platform each track is filled with, which usually come filled with gold coins. Strength does not matter much here. In fact, strength is completely redundant in this game because landing on the roof means game over, no matter how good your vehicle is. So, when looking at vehicles ignore speed and look for those with higher speed and acceleration. And if you want to know which one of the two is better, we vote for acceleration.

Look, each track is filled with tricky climbs, unexpected obstacles, and parts where you have to show perfect balancing skills, and their max speed is not that important. What is important though, is having a vehicle capable of speeding up during uphill sections and capable of crossing wide gaps. And that means you need a vehicle with the best possible acceleration. So, always pick a vehicle that has the best acceleration because max speed is not that important and strength is completely unimportant in Uphill Rush New York.

When it comes to characters, they also feature three types of stats: balance, boost, and special. Balance means how well they balance and how accurate for flipping your car are; boost is there to provide better boost speeds for doing stunts; and special means more coins for higher multipliers. And out of those three balance is by far the most important one. You see, the game offers two types of controls for balancing your vehicle, touch, and tilt. And while touch controls and much better than tilt controls (they are simply too finicky and inaccurate) they also are far from being perfect. So, the better the balance the better are controls and since they are quite inaccurate balance is the most important stats of them all.

The second place goes to boost because, as we already said, higher acceleration gives you access to bonus parts found on each and every track along with making each track easier to beat. And in the third place is special skill because you earn the majority of coins for beating other players and finishing daily missions. Coins earned on tracks are a small amount compared to the other two sources of coins. So, when picking characters, pick those with the best balance skill.

2. Do Not Invest Coins In Upgrading Your Stats Right Away

how to earn more coins in uphill rush new york

As with every other similar game, you start with the basic character and basic vehicle that both have poor stats. And sure, you will earn lots of coins at the start because you will climb ranks high and will beat lots of players because they are all newbies like you, and they aren’t really good at the game. Also, daily missions are pretty easy to accomplish and they too reward players with lots of coins. So, once you collect a couple of thousands, maybe even 10,000 coins you will surely want to upgrade your starting character and vehicle. Well, don’t do it.

You see the game offers a new vehicle and a character for free after each race. All you have to do is to watch a short video ad in order to get those. So, instead of spending all of your money on upgrades right away, be patient. Unlock a couple of more powerful vehicles and characters with a better balance stat and earn even more coins in the meantime. Just bear in mind that while it looks like only the first selection is free (free with watching an ad) and the other two have to be paid with diamonds, this isn’t the case. Just wait a couple (five to ten) seconds and the other two choices will also become free with ads. This means you can get a free vehicle, a playing character, and free coins or diamonds after each race!

Now, once you unlock a character with balance skill of 10 or higher and a vehicle that has acceleration of ten or higher, it is time to spend that hard earned money on some upgrades. Use the money you saved on upgrading key stats. That’s balance for characters and speed and acceleration for vehicles. Now, for every two points invested in acceleration, you should spend one point in speed. Strength should not be upgraded at all because the skill doesn’t represent anything. Now, when upgrading balance you should upgrade boost after each three balance upgrades in order to make the characters better for long runs when you often get boost for doing stunts.

Also, since the game offers you to replay the daily track in case you lose against your opponent, you should refuse to replay levels as long as you collect new vehicles and characters. Free vehicles and characters are offered after each level so if you want to get the best ones quickly, simply skip replaying a level. Also, replaying a level will delete your daily mission progress so you should skip replaying levels while trying to beat daily missions. Replay levels only when you don’t have any new vehicle and character left to unlock by watching ads and after you beat daily missions.

3. Playing With Vehicles Other Than Cars Is A Bad Choice

uphill rush new york best vehicles

Uphill Rush New York doesn’t offer just cars. You can ride a hovercraft, a unicorn, a rocket pack, and more crazy vehicles. They all feature advanced stats but we advise you to skip most of those. You see while riding a horse or a rocket pack you simply don’t have the same feeling like when riding a car or a boat or a bicycle. This makes flipping over to the roof (or to the back of the horse) extremely easy because your natural feeling of balance simply turns itself off while riding a vehicle that cannot be flipped easily, or too easily in the case of the rocket pack.

So, if you want to have the best result on daily tracks, simply skip picking all vehicles that aren’t cars, bikes, and boats. Even skateboard is a bad idea because, while it isn’t as bad a choice as the unicorn or a rocket pack, it also is very hard to control, much harder than a simple car or a hovercraft.

4. Don’t Rush, Ride Slowly And Learn Each Daily Track Instead

uphill rush new york tricks

Rushing tracks in Uphill Rush New York are the worst idea ever. Firstly, each day you can play just a single track meaning you have all the time of the world to learn it. Next, each track is extremely tough to play meaning you won’t get far by simply rushing it head on. Also, you always compete with other players so simply rushing and crashing your vehicle right away means you will lose lots of coins (each entry cost coins, just so you know). And finally, each track has a generous four-minute timer. Generous because, even with the starting vehicle and characters, which both have extremely poor stats, you can advance pretty far through the track for four minutes. In fact, you can finish among top ten players each day if you manage to survive a track for four minutes, even when equipped with the basic vehicle and with the starting character.

So, instead of rushing you should drive extremely slow and be sure to always balance your vehicle while in the air. Spend the first five or more attempts to learn the track and make sure to try scoring a better distance during each run. This way you will be able to earn lots of coins because you will beat more people. Also, your position on the daily leaderboard will be on the constant rise and you will get much better leaderboard prizes.

Going in slow will also make you a better driver (in the game, not in real life). You will be able to beat tricky parts easily, to advance a track further than when driving fast, to find and collect more coins. This also means you will be better at learning tracks meaning your leaderboard score will be better and better each day. And finally, you will be able to score better distances during the first few takes on the new daily track.

Uphill Rush New York is a game of skill where driving fast as you can is the worst thing you can do. Each track is extremely tricky and very hard to learn so it is much better so simply drive slowly and carefully, to collect more coins, to beat more people, and to achieve better distances. Also, once you reach level 3 you will gain access to the silver league of the game. And each attempt in silver league costs 1500 coins, which is a huge sum of money. And if you rush and just try to be faster possible you will quickly lose all of your money. But if you drive carefully chances are you will beat lots of people each day and will earn loads of money which then can be used for improving stats for your vehicle and character. And ultimately this means you will become a superb player that will have an awesome car and an awesome character to play with and each new daily track will be a breeze to play.

Okay, folks, that’s all for now as far as our Uphill Rush New York tips, tricks and hints are concerned. We hope that our Uphill Rush New York guide will help you dominating the leaderboard and making that timer reach zero without crashing your car. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!