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Animal Hot Springs Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Improve Your Hot Springs

The latest casual game to hit the market is Animal Hot Springs by Superthumb Games. Now, this idle hot spring management game is certainly ideal for you who is an active casual player. After all, who can resist the cute animal guests and numerous lovely facilities to decorate and upgrade your own hot springs? Animal Hot Springs also promises easy gameplay which everyone can pick up quickly and enjoy during free time. Hence, you just have to focus on running a successful hot spring in this game and have fun with all the adorable features.

animal hot springs guide

Collect your acorns, raise your reputation, invite more animals and keep buying new items to make your Animal Hot Springs even more attractive! Moreover, make sure you pamper your little animals with all the necessary bath goods for them to enjoy themselves. Best of all, the full version of this wonderful casual management game is totally free of charge. You can easily level up without any payment. Still, as usual, there is the option of running the advertisements. A huge tip here is to keep watching these short commercials for you to be able to win the race as the owner of the successful hot spring in Animal Hot Springs. If you want to be successful in the game, we suggest you to read our compilation of Animal Hot Springs tips, cheats and tricks below!

1. Entering The Lounge With The Manager

Once you tap on the Start button in the home page, you will then enter the lounge area with the manager. Don’t be disheartened by the lonely figure at the counter. Just send him out to invite more animals and your hot spring will even start to accumulate acorns automatically. Next to the counter, you will easily spot the acorns pile with a limit of 2500. The more reputations you have, the quicker the acorns will gather. Tapping on them will add them to your acorn storage.

animal hot springs lounge

After that, bear in mind that if you want to level up faster in the game for more benefits, watch the short advertisements ranging from 9 to 35 seconds. Your manager of the Animal Hot Springs will then return with new cute guests. Initially, this method will rapidly increase your level each time a new animal visits your hot spring. On the other hand, when you have collected enough acorns, buy more facilities so that your manager can welcome new animals with a nice-looking lounge. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the counter, you can find your trophies of the Animal Hot Springs there. Basically, you will obtain one trophy each time you successfully invite a group of 10 animals to visit your hot spring.

On the contrary, at the top of the screen are the items which will be available when you visit the Bath Tub and the Sauna too. For your information, the acorns play the important role of the currency and you use them to buy new facilities. On another note, collect the golden acorns once you level up your animals’ VIP status to the highest possible level. These will allow you to buy new and more beautiful background for your hot spring instead of the default indoor setting. Remember to watch out for your reputation too! In Animal Hot Springs, your hot springs reputation will determine everything, from buying new facilities to decorate your hot springs to inviting cuter animals.

2. Checking Out That Hot Spring Icon

Moving on, at the top left side is the ever-important hot spring icon. Just tap on it and you will be shown with many information and shortcuts which are vital to your fun gameplay. At the top of the house image is your current level which also comes with its own unique tagline. For example, reaching Level 17 means you own a locally famous hot spring. Meanwhile, at the far bottom is the Exit button which allows you to end the game and leave the application with just a tap.

animal hot springs achievements

Next, starting with the Bath Goods, you will find that many items depend on the acorns. The Bath Goods are the items which your animal guests will order to have a pleasant experience at the hot springs. From sports drink and milk to toothpaste and soap, always stock up on them as you will need them for your animals. Provide the correct orders of your animal guests and watch as they level up their VIP status. As they collect more VIP stamps, you will be able to make them pay higher acorns for the hot spring.

As stated earlier, the short advertisements are crucial to your gameplay in the Animal Hot Springs. This is especially so when you are just starting out. Once you have unlocked all the bath goods, click on the Lucky Box whenever you are idling around. A short commercial may add between 10 to 30 random specific bath goods. You will then be able to save on your acorns and use them to purchase the facilities instead.

Now, when you tap on the Facilities next to Bath Goods, you will be able to see the option of upgrading your bathtub background with the new open-air scenery. As a note, these will require golden acorns, so keep on increasing your animals’ VIP levels. The next icon will then show the facilities you can buy for the Animal Hot Springs. Actually, though it states Bath Tub, you will be purchasing the items for your Lounge over here too.

animal hot springs bath tub

Naturally, your reputation and acorns will determine what you have unlocked and can afford to purchase. Always remember to buy a new larger-sized bath so that you can accommodate more animals. Else, even if your manager has invited new animals, you won’t see them in the bath and there will be no way for you to increase their VIP levels too.

Afterwards, be sure to check out your Collection Book to find out which animal guests you have successfully found in the Animal Hot Springs. You can also check their VIP levels and how much acorns they will pay you at the current level. If you observe that there are animals which you have unlocked but have not invited, keep sending your manager out to search for them. Use the advertisements to reduce the one-hour waiting time if you must. The VIP levels will increase for the animals you have already met if your manager brings them back again, so there is no worry about wasting time. And if you want to complete your collection book, increase your reputation with the purchase of more facilities.

On the other hand, the Option button will let you manage your Animal Hot Springs gameplay experience. Change the Music and the SFX accordingly by just tapping on the green ‘O’ button. Tapping on them will change to the red ‘X’ button. Here, you can finally choose to tap in the Return button to go back to the hot spring icon page. Other buttons which you can tap on here will just bring you back to the Lounge, Bath Tub or Sauna. This can be quite annoying at times when you just want to check on everything all at once.

Ignoring that minor frustration, you can also check your Achievement as well. Your tap will then show you the current game level and which goal you have completed. You will also be able to know how to advance your level as the next goal will also be stated there. Given that there is a Help button too, you should tap on it to learn the basic managing skills of Animal Hot Springs. You can read up on the useful hints there if you want to keep improving your hot spring.

3. Managing Bath Tub And Unlocking The Sauna

Last but not least, keep filling up your Bath Tub area with new facilities and you will find that even the random animals joining the showers will also pay you acorns. The more reputation you own, the quicker they will come and pay you for the service. A quick tip is to swipe through the acorns to collect them instead of tapping them one by one. You can also swipe to collect them as you send the bath goods to the animals. For every 10 bath goods properly provided to the animals, they will get to upgrade their VIP levels. Take note that different bath goods will add different increments to your reputation too. You can take this into consideration when you just started out playing Animal Hot Springs.

how to unlock sauna in animal hot springs

Now, unlike the Bath Tub where you will be able to observe the animals relaxing at the hot spring, the last page is the Sauna whereby there is only one lonely cat if you have not unlocked it. Unfortunately, the Sauna can only be unlocked once you reach Level 20 in the Animal Hot Springs. Other than that, you need to have 300 000 acorns too in order to open the sauna even when you have reached Level 20. Again, you can upgrade your levels quickly but you will need to stock up on more acorns to purchase items with higher reputation. Only then, you can unlock the Sauna sooner. So, be sure to keep buy more facilities and have fun pampering the animal guests at your Animal Hot Springs!