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Goddess of Genesis Tier List: The Best SSR and SR Heroes in the Game

Goddess of Genesis continues to rake in more players as its exceptional mix of quality graphics and addictive gameplay certainly appeal to both newbies and experienced RPG enthusiasts. Although every strategy RPG’s success can be attributable to a lot of factors, having a plethora of characters to mix and match, as well as the idea of creating your very own unique team, serves as one of the biggest contributing factors in games like Goddess of Genesis.

Given that developers will presumably balance out each character considering every aspect of the game, it is utterly impossible to have each one stand on equal ground. As such, some will prove to be better than others in one area of the game while others may be dominantly popular on two or more aspects. In any case, each hero in the game is built uniquely and has his or her own worth. Given the limitation of resources and enhancement materials, though, it is best to narrow down heroes you invest on to a minimum.

If you have just started playing the game or have not yet started diving into it, be sure read our Goddess of Genesis beginner’s guide. Our initial guide provides a quick rundown of the basic features and mechanics of the game as well as offers plenty of simple tips and strategies to help you progress through the early aspects of the game quicker. For this guide, we will be focusing entirely on our picks of the best heroes as well as those whom you may not want to invest in at all as you progress through your adventure.

goddess of genesis best characters

In general, a hero’s rarity will naturally be a factor to determining his or her overall strength, although there are some exceptions. Like all other tier lists out there, this one is subjective and will expectedly not coincide entirely with anyone else’s picks. Just the same, we hope that the rationales we provide as to why we sorted them the way we did will sufficiently give you an idea of which heroes to pick for your main team, which ones to also invest on, and which ones to veer away from.

Note as well that future updates and patches to the game may alter each hero’s skills, stats, and overall value, all for the sake of achieving balance across the entire roster. With that said, below we present you our Goddess of Genesis tier list, including the best SSR and SR heroes that are available in the game.

Goddess Of Genesis S-Class Heroes

These are the characters in Goddess of Genesis that you would reroll for and each one can make your journey through the PvE content a stroll in the park. Beyond that, each of these characters can perform well in PvP as well. Regarded by some as a little OP, if an update does end up nerfing some heroes, these are the ones who may be impacted.

Dracula [SSR – Guardian – Fire]

dracula goddess of genesis

Probably a top candidate as well if this was a popularity contest, Dracula lives up to what fans would expect from the Lord of the Undead. Being a guardian by role already makes him hard to kill and with life-leeching attacks and a one-time reincarnation, it will just be more difficult for everyone else to take him down. Beyond iron toughness, Dracula supports the team with defense boosts and can also reduce the attack values of his enemies.

Dracula’s talent, Dracula’s Kiss, enables his attacks to convert 10% of damage done into HP and ignores the target’s shield. This also boosts the magic defense of Dracula’s allies by 50% of his MDEF. Instead of dying like everyone else, Dracula’s HP will drop down to 1 and will be restored to 30% once per battle. Bloodscar deals 100% of STR as damage and inflicts attack down on a target.

Shackles of Sin reduces damage received by allies by 50% and redirects 25% of the damage to Dracula. Requiem of Twilight is an AoE ultimate that may not pack as much punch but has value for guaranteed affliction of ATL down on all enemies. Dracula can also be a decent support with AoE damage and ATK down but if you have him in your team, then he shouldn’t be in the support role.

Isabella [SSR – Priest – Light]

isabella goddess of genesis

It will be a challenge to build a team in any strategy RPG without a designated healer and Isabella is the best healer in Goddess of Genesis. It’s not just because of her healing skills as well. Isabella has a chance of removing debuffs from allied units and can also remove buffs from enemies. She is best for defensive teams as she can also place shields in allies.

Whenever Isabella heals an ally, her talent, Merciful Redemption, has a 50% chance of removing 1 debuff. Divine Punishment does not do much damage on the target but it can remove 2 buffs when it hits and can combo with Valkyrie’s attack as well. Holy Protection is a potent single target healing spell that also puts a shield on the target if their HP is below 50%.

Her ultimate skill, Aurora Miracle is an AoE healing spell worth 130% of her INT + 700 that comes with a shield that has an HP worth 30% of her INT. As a support member, she can give the party a shield with HP equal to 90% of INT + 700.

Lucifer [SSR – Assassin – Earth]

lucifer goddess of genesis

The most powerful single target damage-dealer, Lucifer is definitely a treat for players who can fully accomplish the Angelic Trial limited event to obtain her. Often branded as a one-shot killer, Lucifer will be the one to watch out for especially if you have mages on your team. Increasing Crit, Poison, extra turns, insta-kill, and massive damage are all within his capacity.

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Fallen Angel’s Pact boosts Lucifer’s critical damage by 15% for a turn and also applies whenever he gets an extra turn. If he successfully land a critical hit, he gets an extra turn for it but only once. Shattering Blade is a single target attack with 2 poison stacks. Void Break removes shields and does 400% of STR as damage to a single target if target was previously shielded, deals an extra 205% of STR as damage.

His ultimate, Saint Slayer does 550% of STR as damage and gains him an extra turn if it kills the target. If 550% of STR as damage is not enough to impress, this skill increases critical rate by 20% against poisoned enemies.

Goddess Of Genesis A-Class Heroes

With only 3 heroes on the top-most tier and you will need 8 for a full team, these are the best picks to work around with. It is a given that SSR-grade heroes are very difficult to obtain so if you manage to nab any of these heroes, they are certainly worth the investment.

Abe no Seimei [SSR – Mage – Water]

abe no seimei goddess of genesis

Although Abe no Semei is not built for dealing direct damage, her powerful ability to freeze can help your team take control of the match if used strategically. Frost marks may take a while to kick in and some are subject to probabilities, but her ultimate skill is a sure showstopper. She does need some protection until she can freeze but after she does, it becomes an easy road to victory.

Abe no Seimei’s passive skill allows her to a 15% chance to inflict an extra frost mark on an enemy and having 5 frost marks will freeze an enemy for 3 full turns, disabling actions and counterattacks as well as reducing both evade and resilience to 0. Howling Snow does magic damage to a single target and latches a frost mark. Frosty Ground is a stronger spell that packs 300% of INT as damage and inflicts 4 stacks of frost mark.

Icy Words, her ultimate skill, has a 40% chance to freeze all enemies. Abe no Seimei is an excellent support as well with her Love of Snow having a 30% chance to inflict freeze on all enemies. She is probably the best hero to lodge in your support row.

Alice [SR – Mage – Light]

alice goddess of genesis

The best SR-grade hero in the game, Alice is a mage that can heal, charm, and even put an enemy to sleep. Her ability to recover energy is also a big plus.

Moonlight Lullaby is a decent single target heal that recovers an ally with the least HP amounting to 40% of Alice’s INT. Dream Devourer lets Alice gain 2 energy. Alice’s ultimate skill, Midsummer Night inflicts charm on all enemies, reducing their STR & INT by 5% for 2 turns, and also puts a target enemy to sleep.

Hades [SSR – Warrior – Shadow]

hades goddess of genesis

Like Lucifer, Hades is also a very strong single target damage dealer. He is very straightforward and only deals raw damage. He also has an AoE skill and can conditionally kill an enemy instantly.

Through Mark of Oblivion, Hades deals 10% more damage if his HP drops below 20%. Ravage is a decent basic skill that grows 50% stronger against a target that has more than 50% HP and can also combo with Lucifer. Soul Reaper is an AoE attack that purs 130% of STR as damage and instantly recasts if it kills an enemy.

Hades’ ultimate skill is the one to be feared as it can kill anyone instantly if their HP is below 50%. If not applicable, it still deals a massive damage equal to 600% of Hades’ STR.

Lilith [SSR – Assassin – Shadow]

lilith goddess of genesis

Debuffs may not seem much popular for players who want to go through battles as quickly as possible, but stackable buffs work really great especially if they impact offensive strength. Lilith’s specialty is just that with her spells latching charm against enemies at each turn.

Charm is a debuff that reduces an enemy’s STR and INT by 5% for 2 turns per stack. When an enemy dies, Charm’s talent lets her inflict a stack on a random enemy. Her basic attack, Thorned Rose does damage and a stack of Charm as well. Succubus Lash is an AoE attack that stacks Charm on everyone. Beyond that, it also puts Lilith on stealth mode, preventing enemy skills to target her.

Her ultimate skill, Evil Blooming, is a strong single target attack that deals 500% of ATK as damage and also detonates all stacks of charm for extra damage worth 10% of target’s Max HP each.

Mary [SSR – Mage – Water]

mary goddess of genesis

Mary is unique mage that has a wide array of skills to support allies and pester enemy units. She can remove debuffs, give everyone leech ability, and can cut healing by half on enemies. She does not have much for direct contribution but definitely a support character you can easily work with.

Every action Mary does enables her to remove a debuff. Eye of Sin is a decent basic ability that ignores the target’s defense.Lunar Blessing is the ace up her sleeve as it grants all allies a leech ability that lasts for 2 turns. This means that subsequent attacks made by allies will restore their HP by 35% of the damage dealt.

Mary’s ultimate skill, Taint of the Void, is an AoE attack that deals 165% of INT as damage and inflicts healing down on each enemy. This cuts any healing done by 50% for 2 turns and can be stacked twice. Mary’s support ability works the same way with less damage so it is a good idea as well to have her in your support lane.

Valkyrie [SSR – Guardian – Earth]

valkyrie goddess of genesis

Valkyrie stands as the typical tank by role who makes herself hard to kill and protects all her allies as well. On top of exhibiting high defense stats, she protects allies, grants them shields, and also makes herself tougher with her personal shield. Her support skill that provides damage immunity is also great to have.

Valkyrie puts the rest of the party under her protection while her HP is above 50% through her talent, Chivalry. In essence, this boosts the survivability of everyone in the party as Valkyrie herself becomes the common target of the party’s healer. War Goddess’ Will does damage to a single target but more importantly gives her a shield worth 35% of her STR. Oath Shield makes an ally block the next attack.

Her ultimate skill, Bladestorm, is an AoE attack that deals 150% of her STR as damage. The better part of this skill is granting all allies a shield worth 5% of Valkyrie’s HP.

Goddess Of Genesis B-Class Heroes

These heroes can serve as decent substitutes if you are missing some critical spots within your team. If you happen to obtain them early on, then feel free to invest in them until after you have acquired a better substitute. Not all of them are subpar compared to counterparts in higher tiers and have a potential to excel in certain game modes.

Athena [SSR – Priest – Earth]

athena goddess of genesis

Athena is still a decent healer and one ability that gives her value is the death prevention that comes with her ultimate skill. While being able to heal as a priest is valuable, she sinply pales in comparison with Isabella who provides more than just healing.

Athena’s talent is great to have as it heals all allies after she takes action, replenishing lost HP up to 20% of her INT. Focusing on the most damaged ally is a trait that also adds to Athena’s value and Celestial Whisper does that with a heal worth 20% of her INT on top of damaging an enemy. Grace of Purity is a two-pronged strong healing spell that can heal a target and the ally with the lowest HP by 200% of Athena’s INT + 1000. Origin: Oracle prevents an ally from taking fatal damage and leaves them with 1 HP instead for 2 turns.

Chang’e [SSR – Priest – Light]

chang'e goddess of genesis

Chang’e is a very unconventional priest that comes not just with heal and damage reduction, but charm as well. She probably is far from the best choice for main support in the team but should be the best second healer if you choose to pack 2 priests in your party.

Moonshadow Barrier converts damage done by Chang’e to heal an ally with the lowest HP. Luminous Moon does basic single target damage but adds a stack of Charm on the target. Chill Crescent is a potent AoE attack that deals 160% of INT as damage and comes with a free stack of charm for all enemies hit. This is a kind of skill you would not expect from a priest but great to have nonetheless. Her ultimate skill, Moon Lantern, can block damage to allies and reduce AoE damage by 30% while present.

Gabriel [SSR – Mage – Water]

gabriel goddess of genesis

While Lucifer and Hades may discourage some players from considering mages in their team lineup for fear of being one-shot killed, Gabriel stands as a Mage that initially has better defense than the rest. Though it may still be not sufficient in some cases, having a guardian and priest around, which is common practice, makes her stand out amongst mages for being less vulnerable. Adding a stack of existing debuffs and protection from debuffs form part of her skills as well.

Unsullied, Gabriel’s passive, reduces damage from single target attacks by 25%, provided that her HP is above 50%. Original Sin does damage and adds an extra stack for every debuff present on the target. Last Judgement is Original Sin’s AoE counterpart and both will only be viable if you have a debuffer in the party. Holy Hymn grants debuff immunity to all allies for 2 turns.

Hattori Hanzo [SR – Assassin – Fire]

hattori hanzo goddess of genesis

Speed is a very important aspect in every turn-based combat game. Being able to boost your team’s speed or reduce your enemy’s works very much the same way and can tilt the wheel of advantage to your side of the battlefield. Hattori Hanzo’s value comes from the latter as she can slow enemies down. Having conditional chances of dealing extra damage and high physical evasion rate comes as a bonus.

Shadow Clone Technique gives Hanzo an extra physical evasion rate of 5%. Shuriken deals damage and adds a stack of slow, which decreases speed by 15% for 2 turns. Iga: Shadow is a powerful single target attack worth 350% of STR as damage and comes with a stack of slow as well. Iga: Shadow also enables Hanzo’s ultimate skill, Hell Naraku, to come with forbearance, which deals 50% of Hanzo’s STR as damage on a critical hit. Hell Naraku is an AoE attack with 150% of STR as damage and also lodges forbearance on Iga: Shadow.

Jester [SR – Assassin – Shadow]

jester goddess of genesis

Jester is an okay damage-dealer whose skill kit includes defense reduction and conditional crit boost, both of which complement his own attacks as well as his teammates’.

Jester’s critical damage increases by 20%, which is huge, whenever his HP goes below 50%. Triple Strike does great damage worth a total of 500% of his STR. Blade of the Deceiver, his ultimate skill, is an AoE attack that does 170% of STR as damage and has a 50% chance to inflict defense down. %0% is a good enough probability especially since it is an AoE attack and the 10% defense reduction it can inflict for 2 turns will greatly impact Jester and his allies’ subsequent attacks.

Merlin [SSR – Mage – Light]

merlin goddess of genesis

Merlin has a decent set of skills making her an okay character overall but best in tandem with a strong AoE attacker. She has strong defense against magic attacks, a strong and straightforward AoE ultimate, and can inflict random debuffs.

Celestial Mantra reduces magic damage by 20% when her HP is above 50%. Prophecy is a decent single target magic attack that does damage and inflicts 1 random debuff. Scryer’s Song enables all allies to inflict an additional 40% AoE magic damage to enemies if they perform an AoE attack. Meteor Shower is a solid AoE magic attack that does 30% of INT as damage.

Michael [SSR – Warrior – Fire]

michael goddess of genesis

Michael actually has an excellent passive that gives him a second life, but is just not that easy to rely on with 50% probability. Ignite is a decent debuff to stack on enemies especially in preparation for his ultimate. Overall, he is an okay warrior but, again, simply does not match up to other physical damage-dealers in the tiers above.

Michael, through Endless Light, has a 50% chance to revive after falling and will regain 50% of his HP as well. This can only happen once per battle. Fire Blade does 100% of STR as damage and causes ignite, which reduces the target’s physical defense by 5% and reduces Max HP by 3%after taking action for 2 turns. Wings of Judgement is a powerful single target attack worth 450% of sTR as damage that come with Ignite as well.

Michael’s ultimate skill, Purgatory: Judgement is also a potent single target attack that inflicts 500% of STR as damage +4% extra damage for every stack of ignite on the target. This will also detonate stacks of ignites on all other enemies if the target is killed.

Poseidon [SR – Guardian – Water]

poseidon goddess of genesis

Most taunt abilities in other games render enemies unable to target allies other than the hero who taunted but can still cast AoE spells or activate AoE skills. In Goddess of Genesis, however, being taunted leaves units unable to use AoE effects as well as protect their allies. This is one reason that makes Poseidon a decent defender.He can remove stun, freeze, petrify, and sleep from allies, inflict frost mark on an enemy, and also protect his allies by blocking an attack.

Whenever Poseidon is attacked, Wrists of the Tides has a 50% chance of inflicting a frost mark on the attacker. Tidal Ward is a strong support spell that removes various negative status effects from allies and also enables Poseidon to block an incoming damage to a target ally.

Strom Step, his ultimate skill, adds his physical defense value to strength and with it deals 85% of STR as AoE damage, inflicting taunt as well. Each enemy taunted will reduce the damage that Poseidon takes by 8% and damage reduction can stack 5 times.

Venus [SR – Priest – Fire]

venus goddess of genesis

Venus is a good healer with both a single target and AoE health restoration skill. She works well as a support character as well and can increase her speed conditionally.

Venus’ Wings of Love gives her +10 speed whenever her HP goes below 50%. Idol’s Cure is a single target heal that is worth 270% of INT +1000. Rose Garden Soliloguy is an AoE heal worth 135% of INT +350.

Goddess Of Genesis C-Class Heroes

These are the heroes you will invest on because you lack characters. It is okay to upgrade them to a point but chances are that you will be benching them after a few 10x rolls. Some of these heroes are very specialized in that they depend on the existence of other heroes to be effective. In any case, their utility is somewhat limited so investing in them should be very much limited as well.

Apollo [SR – Mage – Fire]

apollo goddess of genesis

Apollo works best if another ally can inflict ignite, like Michael. He can grant allies a shield, remove debuffs, has an AoE attack that inflicts ignite and deal extra damage to ignited enemies.

Cleopatra [SSR – Ranger – Earth]

cleopatra goddess of genesis

Cleopatra can have a crit boost based on the number of allies in play. She can inflict poison on enemies and has an AoE attack that can remove 2 buffs as well.

Cupid [SR – Priest – Water]

cupid goddess of genesis

Cupid actually has a good kit but not really focused much on her supposed class as a priest. She can provide allies with a bit of shield, boost attack, give regeneration, and can also inflict charm on enemies.

Lancelot [SR – Warrior – Water]

lancelot goddess of genesis

Lancelot can taunt and gain conditional shield dependent on a successful evasion, making him an okay tank. He can also prevent an enemy from receiving heals. As far as tanks go, there are a lot of better candidates.

Loki [SR – Mage – Earth]

loki goddess of genesis

Loki starts the battle inflicting poison on all enemies. Beyond that, all he can do is give more poison topped up by an ultimate that instantly deals all poison damage from poison stacks.

Marco Polo [R – Guardian – Water]

marco polo goddess of genesis

Marco Polo is a tank that can protect allies when her HP is above 50%, can heal herself and she can also stun. These abilities are pretty decent but just not as potent as the other tanks listed above.

Medusa [SR – Mage – Earth]

medusa goddess of genesis

As her name implies, Medusa can petrify, which is awesome even if it only lasts for a turn. Her talent seems to pull her score down because of the “after killing” condition and beyond petrifying, she only has poison.

Pandora [SR – Mage – Shadow]

pandora goddess of genesis

Pandora’s value lies in her passive and ultimate that makes her stronger over time. The 3-turn delay for her Demonic Gift to activate, however, makes her a hard character to work around with.

Protagonist [R – Warrior – Fire]

protagonist goddess of genesis

The character you get to name that leads your army through the first battles of the story is pretty much a decent warrior. He has an ultimate that subsequently boosts his attack and a skill that conditionally deal more damage. His talent that enables him to deal more damage to enemies with less than 50% HP is good. Again, the reason why is on this tier is because plenty of physical damage dealers can still do more.

Snow White [SR – Warrior – Light]

snow white goddess of genesis

Snow White can inflict loads of charam all around and has a 10% chance of inflicting stun on charmed enemies. The low probability makes it a lot less reliable though, and Charged Might, just like Pandora’s skill with the 3-turn waiting time, practically renders it close to useless.

Tamamo [SSR – Assassin – Water]

tamamo goddess of genesis

Tamamo’s ultimate skill, Ghost bit can double its 550% of damage to a single target if the target is inflicted with freeze and while this can one-shot some unfortunate enemies, Tamamo only has 1 other skill to build up freeze. The build up will take time on her own but if in a team where at least one other hero can inflict frost marks, Tamamo would be great to have.

Goddess Of Genesis D-Class Heroes

What typically sets R-grade heroes from SRs and SSRs is the absence of an added effect to their skills. As most of these heroes belong to that rarity grade, you can certainly expect better substitutes to be available for you soon.

Invest in them only if you cannot build a full team without doing so and if you can save the resources and can still manage to make progress even without investing in them, then that is the better choice. Perhaps some of them will see some enhancements in future updates but for now, they simply have so many better alternatives.

Angel [R – Angel – Light]

angel goddess of genesis
Captain Kidd [R – Assassin – Shadow]

captain goddess of genesis
Fenrir [R – Warrior – Dark]

fenrir goddess of genesis
Gawain [R – Guardian – Earth]

gawain goddess of genesis
Holmes [R – Ranger – Fire]

holmes goddess of genesis
Little Red [SR – Ranger – Fire]

little red goddess of genesis
Michelin [R – Warrior – Earth]

michelin goddess of genesis
Robin Hood [R – Ranger – Earth]

robin hood goddess of genesis
Shakespeare [R – Mage – Water]

shakespeare goddess of genesis
Slime King [R – Priest – Light]

slime king goddess of genesis
Vivian [R – Mage – Fire]

vivian goddess of genesis

And that ends our tier list for Goddess of Genesis. Before we go, we would like to note that since gacha rolls are the main source of heroes and shards to evolve heroes, it is likely that you will have heroes belonging to lower rarity grades that will surpass your SSRs. As far as SSRs are concerned, chances are that you will procure shards of an SSR hero belonging to the A-tier more than the ones in the S-tier, making them more powerful in the process. Be sure to constantly check on heroes you can evolve as doing so only has benefits and do not have any additional costs.

We expect and understand that if you have played Goddess of Genesis long enough and have collected a lot of heroes, you will have your very own ideas of which ones belong to which tier. Though, again, one of the factors we considered is ease of use and functionality, some of these heroes will definitely outshine others when they form part of very specific teams.

Like all other tier lists, please let ours serve as a basic guide for you to verify your valuation of each hero in your collection. In the end, it is still best to work with whom you feel best reflects your preference and play style. A lot of potential team combinations have yet to be discovered as well so feel free to try out what you feel may work beyond or against what others perceive.

We are very much interested to know which heroes you consider should be on which tier so if you want to share your views and opinions on any hero or how we rated them, do not hesitate to share them with us down in the comment section!


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