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One Punch Man: The Strongest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies (September 2022 Update)

One Punch Man: The Strongest is a brand-new anime RPG from FingerFun Limited. These developers previously did a great job on King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Online, so there’s no wonder that they were also able to get an official license for a One Punch Man game.

As an officially licensed game, One Punch Man: The Strongest has the original anime’s voice actors reprise their roles in game dialogues and cutscenes. Observant players will also notice that the soundtrack is also from the source material! Fans of One Punch Man will definitely have a blast playing The Strongest thanks to these homages and other little Easter eggs.

And this game isn’t all about fan service. Turn-based RPG fans will also find a wealth of gameplay mechanics here that will keep them busy hours (and days) on end. FingerFun’s gameplay design is fun and intuitive. It’s not too deep for you to get lost in, but it has enough variety and depth to let you enjoy different combinations of heroes, villains, and super moves across its many stages.

one punch man the strongest strategies

One Punch Man: The Strongest’s story follows the anime episodes very closely. Most of the scenes are like visual novels, with images of the characters speaking through text boxes. However, one fun feature that the developers added to the game is the anime scenes that play throughout the story. Fans will appreciate the effort of including these anime scenes, as they fit right in on the narrative and let us relive iconic scenes from the series.

Despite being a fantastic game, new players might have some trouble keeping up with the game’s pace. After all, many hardcore fans started playing at launch and already have a considerable head start! If you’re a new player, don’t worry: we are here to help you catch up. Be sure to check out our One Punch Man: The Strongest beginner’s guide and you’ll be able to build a team with overwhelming power, and beat other players in no time!

1. Battle Basics – Forming Teams And Winning Fights

Your progress in the game’s story and quests is done through battles, which is why it’s important to get a firm grasp of the combat system.

You start the game with Genos, Saitama’s student. He’s pretty strong for a first character in an RPG, so you can keep him around and invest in him during the early stages. At first, you can only control two characters. Your party will expand as you level up, and at level 26, you’ll be able to bring up to 6 characters into battle!

one punch man the strongest battle tips

A battle against Mosquito Girl. Take note of the green gauge – the skill gauge, and the Saitama gauge.

Stages in One Punch Man: The Strongest consist of gauntlets of battles. Each stage has several battles to beat before you can consider it cleared.

For every battle, your party will fight another party of characters. Each character alternately takes actions, with your characters going first. Acting involves choosing one of your characters’ available abilities and then choosing a target for that action. Who goes first among your characters depends on the character’s speed stat. When all characters have acted, a turn passes. You win the battle by defeating all the opponent’s characters.

You are rewarded with up to three stars based on how well you perform in these fights. One star for clearing the stage, another star for keeping your whole party alive, and finally a third one when you clear the match within five turns. Getting more stars will give you more rewards, but collecting three stars per stage isn’t required to move on in the story. Don’t worry if you don’t get three stars immediately in a battle. You can always come back to them later when you get stronger.

Each battle has to be won within 10 turns, or else you automatically lose the fight. This means you don’t only have to be strong; you also have to be fast! Of course, getting your team wiped by the opponent will also result in a loss.

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Initially, you can easily go through battles without the least bit of strategizing. Almost all of the early stages can be beaten by using the game’s Quick Deploy and Auto-Battle features. Quick Deploy automatically chooses characters for your party with the maximum amount of Battle Power. Auto-Battle lets your characters go all-out on enemies on their own. These two features make going through stages effortless.

2. Advanced Combat Techniques

How can you prevent yourself from losing? Quick Deploy and Auto-Battle are fantastic features that let you feel as powerful as Saitama. But what if they suddenly don’t lead to wins anymore? What do you do?

The game suggests three things: Upgrading Characters, Recruiting Characters, and Saitama Talents.

one punch man the strongest combat techniques

Know the roles of your characters, even if they don’t look useful at first.

This might sound a little counterintuitive but upgrading your characters should not be your top priority. This is a hero collector game, after all, and the resources you’ll need to upgrade characters will be hard to come by. Trust me: you’ll want to save your resources for the rarer, more powerful (and undoubtedly cooler) characters that you can get later on in the game.

Recruiting Characters, meanwhile, is an expensive solution. You won’t get a lot of recruit vouchers for free, after all. Finally, Saitama Talents are obtained through the Saitama Mode, and are unlocked hours into the game. We’ll talk about Saitama Talents later on, but for now let’s stick to early game stages.

Thankfully, there are ways to get through tough opponents without having to do any of these. You simply have to face your battles head-on and ditch the Auto-Battle and Quick Deploy features.

When facing a tough opponent, be observant. Find out which of your opponents’ characters deal the most damage and take note of who they attack. You can adjust your characters’ positioning in the Lineup Menu to make your tougher characters receive the brunt of the damage. Once you’ve got assembled a great battle position for your characters, you will want to prioritize defeating the characters who deal large amounts of damage.

While fighting, your characters will fill two gauges. One of the gauges fill up to give you Skill Charges. Skill Charges are needed to perform the more powerful skills of your characters. The other gauge (once full) lets you call Saitama to deliver a powerful POW! onto one of your enemies, one-hitting anyone no matter how tough they are (just like in the anime!) Managing these two gauges will help you get through tough stages.

Finally, you can get through tough opponents by diversifying your team. Quick Deploy may give you the party composition with the highest Battle Power, but this party won’t always perfect. Changing one or two of your characters with someone with a lower Battle Power but more appropriate skills can change the tide of battle.

For example, the character Mumen Rider is not very strong, quite similar to how he is in the anime. His Battle Power won’t be able to keep up with your other characters. But Mumen Rider’s skill “Justice Roar” buffs one of your allies for that turn. His skill also makes that character faster, allowing them to take their actions earlier.

Try pairing him with Dark Matter Thief, another character with low BP. Dark Matter Thief has very low damage, but his skill “Dark Matter Missile” lets him attack all opponents at once, and cause the debuff “Shatter” on its main target, making it take more damage. Even though this skill is strong, most people don’t use Dark Matter Thief because of his slow speed. He can give an opponent Shatter, but no one can follow up for extra damage since everyone else acts before him. With Justice Roar, Dark Matter Thief can use Dark Matter Missile early in the turn, making him abundantly more effective.

This is just one example of how you can use different characters’ skills to your advantage in The Strongest. Learn each character’s strengths and weaknesses to help you build the best team for every situation!

3. Good And Evil: Recruiting The Right People

In the One Punch Man universe, characters with superpowers are usually members of one of five factions: Heroes, Outlaws, Monsters, Martial Artists, and Others. They basically represent the different forces of Good (Heroes and Others) and Evil (Monsters and Outlaws), with Martial Artists having members from both sides.

These factions are also used to categorize the characters in One Punch Man: The Strongest. Although it might be tempting to build a party with either only Good or only Evil characters, it’s actually better to collect from both sides, and then some.

one punch man the strongest recruit perks

Recruit Perks will give newbies a guaranteed powerful SSR character, discounts, and other freebies just by recruiting 10 characters at a time.

There are modes in The Strongest wherein character factions do matter. For example, in the challenge mode “Hero X Monster,” you can fight a series of battles and be rewarded with Epic Vouchers. The catch is: you can only build your party with characters opposite of the enemy’s faction. If you’re fighting someone who is part of a Good faction, then you can only use Evil characters, and vice-versa.

This also means investing in just six characters will not be enough to make it in One Punch Man: The Strongest. You will have to invest in at least 12: 6 Good and 6 Evil characters. As mentioned in the previous section, diversifying your roster is important. If you have spare resources, then you should invest in more than just your main 12 characters.

A quick tip in expanding your roster of characters: don’t ever use your recruit coupons one at a time. In the game, especially at the start, there are rewards in spending 10 coupons all at once to recruit 10 characters. For the first five times you recruit 10 characters, you will get a free SSR character. And bonus tip: if ever you don’t like your free character, you can reset your progress by logging into a new server.

4. Saitama Mode: 100 Daily Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, And Squats

Becoming the very best in The Strongest will take time. Just like Saitama, you will have to put in the figurative daily push-ups to become stronger.

one punch man the strongest saitama talent

Saitama Talents will give everyone in your team bonus stats.

Apart from directly upgrading your heroes, there are a lot of activities in the game that will make you stronger. One of these is Saitama Mode.

This might be a good time to tell you that you unfortunately can’t recruit Saitama for your team. Instead, Saitama has an entire mode all to himself. Here, you can give Saitama quests for him to complete over time. You grab a quest, wait for him to finish, and get rewards.

The bonuses you get from Saitama Mode, including Saitama Talents, affect all of your characters. This makes it very worthwhile to spend time in Saitama Mode as much as you can.

5. Do Your Dailies

Whenever you get stuck in Story Mode, it’s a good time to do your Dailies. You can get five Club Quests from your guild and do up to 19 Daily Quests every day. Completing these give you various rewards to strengthen your characters and will give you at least one Elite Voucher each day.

one punch man the strongest daily quests

Completed stages, including Boss Challenges, can be auto-cleared once you’ve gotten three stars on them.

As you collect all these rewards, your growth will remain consistent. Keeping this routine will let you dominate the Association Arena (the PvP Mode) sooner than later and will eventually make you the top contributor in your Club’s raid battles.

Don’t worry, following our training tips isn’t as (ironically) boring as Saitama’s routine. Becoming strong in this game is both a challenge and a fun ride.

6. S-Class Player For An S-Class Game

One Punch Man: The Strongest is a breath of fresh air in the ever-growing hero collector genre of games. Aside from being a great companion game to the anime, it also has a lot of unique features not seen anywhere else. Plenty of quality-of-life features also make the game less tedious compared to other games, although players should still expect some grinding every now and then.

one punch man the strongest leaderboards

Don’t worry if you’re not on top! You can watch the top players’ replays of some matches to give you an idea how to beat stages.

Our tips will make your playthrough of The Strongest even better because they will let you clear the Story Mode faster than normal, allowing you to enjoy the game’s deep and exciting post-game features. PvE is also notably challenging in The Strongest, so there will always be a new obstacle for you to power through even after spending hundreds of hours in the game.

The most important part of all of these is that you enjoy your path to overwhelming power! But just like what we learn in the anime, rank isn’t everything. Don’t feel bad if you don’t reach the top of the leaderboards immediately. Always remember that in the anime, even Saitama is just a B-Class hero. What’s important is that you’re having a fun time being a hero.

And this is where we end our beginner’s guide for One Punch Man: The Strongest. If you have anything to add to our list of tips, tricks and strategies, feel free to drop us a line!