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Goddess of Genesis Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Your Combat Power Fast

If you have played several strategy games and RPGs on mobile, especially for the past year or so, chances are that you have played and enjoyed at least one of ZlongGames’ popular titles. ZlongGames is the developer behind games such as Langrisser Mobile, Laplace M, and Second Galaxy. Each one of these titles have at least made their mark on top 100 lists of popular android games as well as maintained largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms.

Goddess of Genesis is ZlongGames’ latest strategy RPG and like each of its previous releases, comes loaded with a wide variety of content and features all wrapped in the same high quality package that the company’s games are known for. Goddess of Genesis has held respectable spots in Google Play’s top lists of games and currently ranks as the #20 RPG on the Apple App Store.

Despite the plethora of turn-based strategy RPGs in the mobile gaming market, each with its own merits, Goddess of Genesis certainly offers a lot of exciting new features and game modes that will definitely appeal to beginners and experienced players alike. If you are currently looking for a turn-based strategy you can enjoy on your own as well as with friends, then take a peak at what Goddess of Genesis can offer and try putting it down after your first dive into its world!

goddess of genesis strategies

Take on the role of a mercenary captain whose fate becomes entwined with a sacred mission to save the world. The journey will be long and full of various challenges but you will not traverse it on your own. Through the mystical power of magic tarot cards, you will be able to summon powerful legendary champions from other worlds. Athena, Loki, and Cupid are just some of the popular fantasy characters who will join you on your quest and each one has been reimagined in the world of Goddess of Genesis. Strength that you constantly need to muster is an important element of your prowess in combat but a cohesive team and sound strategy serves as your best weapons.

Goddess of Genesis certainly has a lot of mechanics and feature to take in and for the less experienced and total newbies, it can all seem overwhelming. The built-in tutorial in the game actually makes it easy enough for even complete beginners to follow. The auto battle features and indicators to guide you every step of the way makes gameplay very easy to pick up as well. Every new feature or game mode you unlock comes with a brief tutorial as well so simply taking on every bit of content one at a time will work best for everyone.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular challenge or looking for ways to level up your heroes and raise your team’s power, then stay with us and read our Goddess of Genesis beginner’s guide below!

1. How To Reroll For The Best Heroes

Like any strategy RPG with gacha mechanics as far as securing more units is concerned, Goddess of Genesis offers plenty of characters you can collect and empower as you continuously strive to raise strength to overcome the growing challenges of your adventure. For one, there is a lot of fun and excitement involved in every gacha roll and for some players, making do with whichever hero they obtain makes the journey even more exciting.

As much as developers always seek to balance out every character as much as possible, it cannot be helped that some will simply stand out. In practically every RPG that involves a ton of heroes, there will always be tiers to categorize each heroes based on their overall strength and utility. While we will have to provide a more detailed tier list in another guide, it is important for you to at least be aware of the most sought after heroes in Goddess of Genesis and, of course, how to reroll to get them and have them in your party at the start of your long journey.

how to reroll for the best heroes in goddess of genesis

In Goddess of Genesis, new heroes can be summoned using magic tarot cards and summoning 10 at a time guarantees an SR-grade hero. Naturally, though, you would want to have an SSR-grade and while going for it, would hope for at least 1 of the best SSR heroes in the game. While you can obtain enough Destiny Tarots to do a 10x summon on the “Summon Heroes” banner right after finishing the first stage of the adventure, it can take some time to reset the game to reroll. Keep in mind that the rewards are in your mail, accessible thru the envelope icon at the left side of the main screen.

If you are the type of mobile gamer who does not have qualms about using multiple accounts to tie up to game, there will be a much faster way of rerolling in Goddess of Genesis. If you miss to obtain a top-tier hero from your first 10x gacha roll, you can simply tap on your avatar at the upper left corner of the main screen, click the “account” button, simply switch to another account. It will be a lot faster since you no longer need to delete the data and re-download the patch in-game.

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If you want to stick with just one account and fail to secure a coveted SSR hero in your initial roll, then you have to exit the game, go to your settings and find the app, and finally delete data. When you run Goddess of Genesis again, it will need to re-download more than 1 gigabyte of additional data and may take a while to complete. The thing is, it may take several rerolls to actually nab a top-tier character but once you do, it will certainly be worth the time and effort.

For now, the best heroes we would consider starting with are Valkyrie, Dracula, Lucifer, Lilith, and Merlin. These are the best heroes who will either carry you through the story mode quickly and easily, or help you climb the ranks faster in the arena, or perhaps even both. There will always be a chance of securing these heroes on succeeding gacha rolls and your initial time spent on the game will earn you lots of tarot cards to recruit more heroes. However, being sure that you have an ace in your roster before continuing with the journey sets you at a great advantage.

2. Prioritize Progression In The Adventure

Like any RPG, Goddess of Genesis goes well beyond high-quality graphics and flashy skill cut scenes as it provides a a highly immersive story to reel you deeper into its fantasy world. For some people, skipping through the story cinematics is a common practice especially those raring to progress fast through the game’s main game mode. If you want to enjoy Goddess of Genesis to the fullest, though, spending time to absorb as much of the story as you can will help you appreciate more the reasons behind the need to engage in numerous conflicts.

The adventure campaign serves as your main determinant in progress and reaching certain chapters and stages serve as keys in unlocking the rest of Goddess of Genesis features and game modes. The adventure mode will be your primary source of EXP for your account, EXP for the heroes that you use in combat, as well as various basic resources you need to strengthen your roster of heroes. First time clear rewards are very important as these will typically involve premium currencies as well as tarot cards that you need to recruit more heroes.

how to progress fast in goddess of genesis

Each stage has 3 missions you need to accomplish for a star, and while you can proceed to the next stage by simply clearing the present stage, it is important to secure a 3-star victory as well. Your rewards after clearing a level depends on your star rating and while these may mostly involve the same missions such as simply clearing the stage or having all heroes survive through it, some missions vary from one level to the next. Be sure to read the missions on the pre-battle screen and if you fail to secure a 3-star rating on the initial attempt, you can always go back to it later.

One important reason to always exert best effort in accomplishing a 3-star rating is that every chapter has 3 treasure chests you can unlock once you meet the minimum required number of stars to do so. Naturally, you have to acquire all stars in a chapter to unlock the last treasure box, which coincidentally holds the best rewards. Another reason to go for 3-star victories on each level is that some levels or chapters later on will require a minimum number of stars for you to unlock.

Note that early on, you will have to dive into the elite mode of the story and earn star ratings from there to reach the minimum required number of stars to unlock the next chapter of the normal mode. The elite version is expected to be more challenging but the rewards are better as well. Every attempt on a normal mode act consumes 5 stamina while elite mode consumes 10. Because of the gap in rarity of potential drops in elite mode, you will only be able to take on each act 3 times per day whereas normal mode acts can be replayed 9 more times for a total of 10 attempts.

Goddess of Genesis delimits the amount of time you can spend on the adventure mode with an in-game stamina. Early on, you will level up fast and earn 50 stamina each time, giving you way more than enough than you can consume within normal playing hours. Be sure to keep your stamina below its max limit so it can begin to replenish. If you hit a dead end or run out of gaming time to expend your remaining stamina, you can blitz an act at no extra cost. In this regard, make sure to farm for the resources you mostly need for your main heroes.

3. Maintain A Balanced Team

This idea can actually grow a lot more complex than it sounds. Suppose you went on and rerolled to get one of the best characters to join your team, you will be needing 4 more to actually use in combat and 3 more characters to assist. Although naturally you would want to primarily focus on your top 5 units, you will soon have to consider upgrading the other 3 as they can heavily impact your team’s performance in battle. There are a lot of points to consider in team-building. Beyond classes, elemental affinities, and individual skills, teams can also receive buffs based on their overall elemental composition.

First of all, what you would want to consider is the hero’s class. While heroes belonging to the same class may differ in skill set and role, these skills particularly have general semblances fit for their specific class. There are 6 different classes in Goddess of Genesis each with its own unique strengths and limitations. Beyond variances in basic stats there are additional perks that make each class perform more uniquely in battle.

how to build a powerful team in goddess of genesis

The guardian class (shield) exhibits the highest defense and also deals decent damage. These heroes typically guard their allies from taking damage potentially risking them to be the first to fall in battle. Guardians automatically receive a 10% boost to damage done, reduce 10% of damage taken, and receives an extra 10% resilience and 20% block.

The warrior class (sword) is second to the guardian in terms of defense but deals more damage and can also exhibit control skills. Warriors have an automatic 20% boost to critical chance and 10% additional resilience.

The mage class (staff) typically excel in inflicting AoE damage and can also showcase some support spells and debuffs. Mages enjoy an automatic critical chance boost of 20% and penetration of 10%, effectively reducing chances of their attacks being blocked.

Assassins (twin blades) are typically the top single target damage dealers that can also come packed with negative status to inflict on the enemies. Assassins enjoy 10% additional damage, 10% damage reduction, 20% more critical chance, and also 10% more penetration.

Rangers also excel in DPS and often have a good mix of single target skills as well as AoE attacks. Rangers (bow) get a boost of 20% to critical chance and 10% to accuracy.

Last but not the least, Priests (crucifix) are the main support class and can heal allies, provide helpful buffs, and can even prevent knockdowns. Priests enjoy an additional 10% critical chance, 20% extra resilience, and 5% magic evade. Keep in mind that only priests and mages can deal magic damage to enemies and you need to have a good mix of both physical and magic damage-dealers in your main team.

To make it a little more complex, but likewise more interesting, Goddess of Genesis also employs the elemental affinity system, which very much follows the “rock-paper-scissors” of dealing and receiving extra damage. There are 5 distinct elements in the game and while we would typically advice on having a good mix of all elements in a team, there are good reasons to be even more selective.

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The basic elements are earth (green), water (blue), and fire (red). Earth is strong against water but weak against fire, water is strong against fire but weak against earth, and fire is strong against earth but weak against water. The hero that has the elemental advantage in combat enjoys dealing an extra 30% damage and takes 20% less damage. Light and shadow are special elements that are both strong and weak against one another.

Now, the reason why you would want to focus on just 2 elements is the element bonus that considers the elemental affinities of everyone in your party, including support heroes. If there are 3 earth heroes in your team, all allies have an extra 15% block while having 5 earth heroes give you an extra 30% block. If you consider 3 water heroes on your team, each member will have an added 10% to both physical evade and magic evade. This will grow into 20% if you have 5 water heroes.

At least 3 fire heroes in your team boosts critical chance by 15% and the amount doubles if you have 5 fire heroes. Your team will enjoy 10% damage reduction bonus if you have 3 light heroes and 20% of the same boost if you have 5. Lastly, 3 shadow heroes unlock an additional 10% damage buff for the entire team, doubled if you have 5 shadow heroes.

Given all these considerations, you may want to take maximum advantage of the element bonus. You can opt to have 5 heroes of the same element and 3 heroes from another element, mixing them across the main team and the support characters. Any combination of 2 elements should also lower the risk of your team being entirely disadvantaged in battle if most heroes belong to the same element that is weak against the opposing team’s element.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Your Heroes

With the inflow of magic tarot cards that you will earn within the first few hours of adventuring, whether through outright rewards or those from missions and events, chances are that you will have a plethora of heroes to choose from to form part of your main team. Typically, rarity grades will be a prime consideration but when it comes to the SR and below characters, chances are that you will find yourself switching team members often as you make progress.

As you delve deeper into Goddess of Genesis’ massive content, you simply cannot hope to always beat the growing difficulty of challenges that lie ahead without investing in your team. Each character in your collection can be empowered in a variety of ways but naturally, each one comes with a price. You may have an abundant supply of resources and upgrade materials early on but you will surely be needing more than what you have soon enough. As such, learn to manage resources early on and to do so, you must be very selective when upgrading heroes.

how to upgrade heroes in goddess of genesis

The most basic hero enhancement is levelling each one up. Heroes you use in battle can earn experience points and level up but at some point, the gap between the enemy team’s levels and your heroes’ levels will widen without extra help. At the hero window, you can tap on the “+” sign at the upper right side of the window and consume food items to give the hero instant EXP. Take note that heroes have a level cap and raising your account level also increases the cap.

Be sure to not max out any hero’s level as they will earn EXP in battle anyway. For the most part, you will only be needing these EXP items when you switch in a new hero to your team and he or she needs to catch up to everyone else’s level. There is always a chance for you to obtain better heroes through the gacha, so keep that in mind as you struggle to save your EXP items.

As heroes reach level milestones, which is every fifth level starting at level 10, you can awaken them using specific awakening materials. These are sparks, torches, lamps, beacons, or souls of angels that vary in element depending on the hero. On top of obtaining a boost to the hero’s base stats, awakening can also increase some stats and enhance some of the character’s skills. You will easily identify if one of your main hero can be awakened as there will be an indicator on the “awaken” tab, but later on, you should consider farming for the awakening materials you need ahead of time.

No RPG is complete without the inclusion of various equipment to further strengthen and customize your heroes’ unique builds. You can obtain a plethora of gears in Goddess of Genesis just through regular grind, but spending tarot cards to summon gears can lead to obtaining more powerful gears faster.

Each hero can equip a weapon, a helm, an armor, and a trinket. There are hardly any gears that can be equipped across classes and each one can certainly be shared with at least one other class. Like heroes, gears are also classified based on rarity and the higher the rarity grade, the stronger the gear is. On top of that, rarity level also determines the upgrade level cap of the equipment.

Each piece of gear can be upgraded using elemental essences and once they reach their level cap, you can ascend them using ascension materials. Doing so will further extend their max level cap, effectively opening more opportunities to boost the stats they provide. You will most certainly have an overabundance of extra gears as you make progress in your adventure and your inventory has limited slots. For efficiency’s sake, be sure to regularly visit your inventory and dismantle the lower tier gears you no longer need to obtain some extra elemental essences.

5. Expend Attempts On Daily Dungeons

Like most other RPGs regardless of sub-genre, Goddess of Genesis is loaded with a wide variety of extra game modes that you should revel in. You may obtain most of the resources you need to strengthen your team from progressing the story but the games challenges offer specific rewards that you should engage in on a daily basis. Each of the challenges unlock once you meet the minimum account level requirements, which means that the more you unlock on your first day of playing, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Each of the challenges offer varying difficulty levels that are locked behind area completion in the story mode so again, pushing further with the story mode becomes more valuable as they are tide up to taking on bigger challenges that offer better rewards.

how to complete the daily dungeons in goddess of genesis

The Astral Shore is where you can get extra gears for your heroes as well as gear upgrade materials. You can invite other players to join you for a team challenge as it consumes less stamina and extra rewards. The Grand Cook-off is your go-to dungeon for extra EXP items needed to give your heroes instant EXP.

Phantom of the Opera is where you can obtain pact gifts to give to your heroes to raise their affinity. Doing so will give them stats boosts and rewards you with starstones as well. As you will constantly have a need for gold coins, you should push to unlock the Slime Trove on your first day and exhume your 1 daily attempt.

There are various other challenges under the training category of the challenges and each one holds unique rewards but are likely unlockable after several more days of playing. There are also time challenges or dungeons that are only available on certain days of the week, on a specified 90-minute period. There are also time-limited events that are only available for a certain period of time that offer unique challenges and rewards.

In any case, be sure to regularly browse through the challenges through its banner on the home screen. Once you unlock any of them, expend your attempts towards the end of the day if you can as you will be stronger then.

6. Join A Guild And Add Friends As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, clans, factions, or similar player groups have long since been an integral part of any online RPG as well as other games with a cooperative nature or aspect. While you can play Goddess of Genesis on your own, it will be a huge help to join in a guild as soon as you can. There are numerous perks to receive by simply being a member of any guild with hardly any setbacks.

how to join a guild in goddess of genesis

To start off, some dungeons can only be accessed when you join a guild and each one offers rewards that you can either exclusively obtain from there or very difficult to obtain anywhere else. The guild ability function helps you boost certain stats of your heroes and to some extent, can customize your build based on your prioritization. Since you will need eyes of horus to perform some upgrades, be sure to partake in the guild activities and also donate daily to the guild construction to earn guild coins that you can use to purchase eyes of horus from the shop along with other valuable resources.

Although members of your guild are a good source of friends and coop buddies for team battles, you can invite more friends, and accept invites as well, through the friend icon at the left side of your screen. You can send 5 fame to each friend daily and you can earn a maximum of 50 fame per day. This is a unique currency that you can exchange at the shop for valuable items and resources.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

Goddess of Genesis has its way of loading you up with numerous rewards for practically any activity you engage in. On top of the immediate rewards you can obtain from each battle as well as relative activities, there are actually more to earn via the game’s quest feature. Chances are that you will always see an indicator atop the “Quests” icon at the lower right side of the main screen. This is because most of the quests are easy to accomplish and form part of the usual activities that you engage in, making it so that you will accomplish some of its objectives without even knowing what the targets are.

how to earn more rewards in goddess of genesis

Quest are divided across 3 categories and as far as immediacy is concerned, what you would want to focus on is the daily quests. These are only 12 objectives under the daily quests and each one is relatively easy to accomplish as you are supposedly doing this regularly in the course of playing the game. Completing each daily quest earns you experience points as well as other basic resources and accomplish all of it earns you extra rewards, which includes starstones along with valuable resources.

Both Progress Quests and Trophies do not have limits as to when you should accomplish them and essentially serve as milestones that determine your progress in every aspect of the game. Typically, clearing an objective within these categories will unlock a higher target of the same nature. The rewards here are commensurate to the difficulty of the objective and typically follow natural progression as well. For best results, visit the list of quests to check on objectives you are close to accomplishing as giving it a little more push may earn you rewards you can immediately use.

8. Take Advantage Of Events

Beyond immediate rewards from progressing through the adventure and partaking in numerous challenges as well as accomplishing various quests, there are still more rewards to earn via Goddess of Genesis events. Some of the events are actually around for a long time but for the most part, attention must be given to events that are temporarily available.

By clocking on the events icon at the left side of the main screen, you can claim rewards based on logins, pre-registration numbers, and even following the developers on various social media platforms. One important regular event to take note of is the meal time that gives free energy at specific times within the day.

goddess of genesis event rewards

Another event you should aim to get the most out of is the angelic trial that you can access at the top left side of the main screen. This event commences as soon as you dive into the game and lays out a variety of targets you need to meet within each day. It is a 7-day challenge that runs for 10 days and even if you fail to accomplish an objective on the first day, you can still do so in the succeeding days.

The rewards here are extraordinary and on top of the rewards you earn for completing each objective, the points you earn for doing so will earn you greater rewards below the page. Be sure to push for accomplishing all objectives as the final reward is an SSR hero, Lucifer, who is among the best characters in the game.

There are certainly more features to cover in Goddess of Genesis but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We are fairly confident that the tips and strategies we shared in this article are sufficient to jumpstart your progress in the game and give you a basic understanding of all other game modes and events that will come later on. If you have played the game extensively enough and discovered additional tips, tricks or strategies, then be sure to share them with us fellow players!

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