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Genshin Impact Character Builds Guide: Our Picks of the Best Weapons and Artifact Sets for Each Hero

As everyone continues to dive deeper into Genshin Impact, the need for each hero’s efficient build becomes more evident and critical. The early game content has little to no demands as far as team strength is concerned given that your starting team can make good progress almost regardless of how you build them but from mid to end game, challenges can become overwhelming.

Having heroes with the right element for a particular undertaking improves performance. Beyond that, having better heroes as well can make a huge impact on how easy or difficult the challenge at hand will prove to be. The thing is, it does not boil down entirely of having the right elemental mix or higher tier heroes. In essence, different players using the same set of heroes can obtain different results and, on top of actual skills in combat, it is a result of having different sets of gears.

If you have just started playing Genshin Impact and still finding your way around its herculean world, we highly suggest that you read our Genshin Impact beginner’s guide first. Along with our  advanced guide, we have prepared plenty of basic tips and strategies to help you progress as fast as possible in the game. Beyond that, we also have our Genshin Impact tier list, which ranks our picks for the best and worst heroes in the game. Note, though that while some characters simply lag behind others as far as strength and overall utility is concerned, we stand by our opinion that no heroes in our book are utterly useless.

Continuing on, we would assume that you already have your own picks as to which heroes in your roster are your priorities as far as investments go as that is an important requisite before diving into the best gears for each hero. Before we proceed, know that each hero can be built in a number of ways and while some may be more effective than others, there is still the matter of preference and playstyle to match your taste. As such, feel free to consider variations from our recommendations below.

Before we proceed with each hero and the corresponding recommended gear sets for each one of them, we will be going through a quick run-through of the basic information you need to familiarize yourself with relative to weapons and artifacts. Like heroes, weapons and artifacts have star grades denoting their rarity and relative stats and strengths.

genshin impact best weapons and artifact sets

Naturally, the higher the number of stars, the better stats weapons and artifacts have and while there are only either 4-star or 5-star heroes, a gear’s rarity ranges from 1 to 5 stars. As these star grades cannot be improved in Genshin Impact, it is best to only invest in 3 to 5-star weapons and artifacts. Additionally, an artifact’s star grade determines its maximum level.

Each hero can only equip 1 of 5 types of weapons. Weapons with a grade of 3 stars and above have a secondary stat bonus and passive skill on top of its unique base attack and these attributes stay consistent across duplicate copies of the same weapon. In this sense, there are less options to choose from when it comes to considering the best weapon for your favorite heroes.

Artifacts, on the other hand, are a little more challenging to work with. There are basically 5 types of artifacts you can equip on each hero. The Flower of Life will always have HP as its base stat while the Plume of Death will always have attack. Sands of Eon will have 1 of 5 random base stats, Goblet of Enotherm can have 1 of 6 random base stats, and Circlet of Logos will randomly have 1 of 7 random base stats. Only HP %, Attack %, Defense %, and elemental mastery can consistently appear across these 3 artifact types. Energy Recharge % is exclusively available for Sands of Eon, Elemental Damage Bonus % and Physical Damage Bonus % can only appear on a Goblet of Enotherm, while critical rate %, critical damage %, and healing bonus % can only be a base stat on Circlet of Logos.

Naturally, you would want to go with having artifacts that each contribute to your hero’s build and while any stat boost will improve your hero’s performance, some will simply be a better fit. Beyond base stats, though, you also need to consider secondary stats and set effects. While set effects are easier to follow, secondary stats on artifacts are on a whole different level. As 3-star artifacts can come with 1 to 2 secondary stats, and can earn another one with every 4 level upgrades, you can have the maximum of 4 sub stats on each one.

To begin with, you can have over a dozen of the same artifacts, each with its own combination or mixture of sub stats and every 4 levels up can change and reroll all that. As such, it is best to keep a good inventory of them and cast your final decision only when the artifacts are fully upgraded. You would naturally want each piece of artifact to have the perfect main and sub stats for your heroes but it is a lot more challenging to obtain than you can possibly imagine.

All possible secondary stats come from the same list of possible main stats for each artifact, save for the heal bonus % exclusive for Circlet of Logos. However, a sub stat for a particular artifact cannot be the same as its main stat. As such, at the very least settle for the best main stat, and at least a pair of the 2 sub stats your character will mostly benefit from.

Amber [ Pyro – Bow – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

amber character build genshin impact

Amber is considered by many to below all other characters as far as skills go. Her elemental skill, Explosive Puppet, largely serves as a decoy to take agro away from you and is challenging to utilize as a source of pyro damage. Other than a fully charged attack then, you will be banking on Fiery Rain if you want to focus on boosting her elemental prowess.

With most of her constellations also focusing on the improvement of Baron Bunny’s performance, you would instead want to focus on Amber’s raw damage. She has the lowest attack value of the 3 available bow users in Genshin Impact, but concentrating attack boosts on her gears can still make her formidable.

Our recommended bow for Amber is Rust. It is a 4-star Bow that has a base attack value of 42 and further boosts attack with its secondary stat. At rank 1, Rust can increase normal attack damage by 40% but decrease aimed shot damage by 10%, which we consider highly negligible. Even if you will be using aimed shot on certain occasions, you will more often be relying on Amber’s normal shots in combat. Alternatively, the Compund Bow is great to have on her as well. This will increase normal and aimed shots by 4 – 8% and attack speed by 1.2 – 2.4%, depending on the bow’s ascension level.

As far as artifacts are concerned, what you would want for Amber is an attack % boost on the latter 3 artifact types. The physical damage % boost from Goblet of Enotherm and the crit rate or crit damage % bonus for a Circlet of Logos will also be okay. For sub stats, a solid attack boost is your main target while attack % increase, and critical boosts are the best secondary options.

For set effects any 2 pieces each of Resolution of Sojourner, Heart of Bravery, or Gladiator’s Finale will fit well with Amber. These sets give an 18% attack boost so she can get a total of 36%. As an alternative, going for a 4-piece set of Heart of Bravery will boost her damage by 30% against enemies who have more than 50% HP, great against the first half of boss battles. If you want more crits, then squeeze in a 2-piece Berserker set.

Barbara [ Hydro – Catalyst – Healer – Mondstadt ]

barbara character build genshin impact

Barbara is relatively easy to equip as her healing prowess scales to her max HP. She can do massive heals although her melody loop afflicts her with wet status as well, which comes with risks of frost, among other elemental afflictions that can be detrimental to her performance in battle.

To have her bring something more to the table other than healing her team, boosting her elemental mastery can play well with maxing her HP out as pyro, hydro, electro, and ameno users can benefit from stonger elemental reactions with the hydro-induced wet status she lodges on her enemies.

For the catalyst, we consider Prototype Malice as the best one for Barbara. It comes with an HP boost for it sub stat and using an elemental burst regenerates her energy by 4 every 2 seconds, granting a 4% HP regen for her party as well.

We would initially consider HP as the top pick for main and sub stats in her artifacts but elemental mastery, as well as energy recharge from Sands of Eon and healing bonus from Circlet of Logos is important as well. In fact, it is best to secure the healing bonus from Circlet of Logos as you will not be able to obtain the same from secondary stats. Balancing stat boosts across more HP, elemental mastery, and energy regen can be done as well with secondary options.

As basic as it comes, a full set of Maiden Beloved suits any healer better than any set. It can give Barbara a 15% healing effectiveness boost and using either elemental ability increases the healing received by the party by 20% for 10 seconds. A 4-piece instructor set will suit Barbara well too as it increases elemental mastery by 80 and, after causing an elemental reaction, will increase everyone’s elemental mastery by 120 for 8 seconds.

Beidou [ Electro – Claymore – Attacker – Liyue ]

beidou character build genshin impact

One of Beidou’s unique abilities is being able to use his sword as a shield, which absorbs damage based on his max HP and counterattack with powerful electro damage. One way to build him is to capitalize on his HP a bit to maximize the capacity of elemental skill or to work around strengthening his overall damage output.

The Bell is a 4-star claymore that grants him more HP for starters and will grant a shield that absorbs damage up to 20% of his max HP. The shield lasts for 10 seconds, boosting his damage by 12% within its duration. With this build, choosing artifacts that grant more HP is recommended, chipping in attack boosts on the side. A full set of Gladiator’s Finale is recommended as well for its 18% attack increase and an extra 35% normal attack damage for claymore users.

For a DPS build, Prototype Aminus works great for its 50% chance to deal 240 – 480% more damage with normal and charge attacks once every 15 seconds. Prioritizing attack stats is recommended for this build and the Gladiator’s Finale works best as the set effect for artifacts as well.

Bennett [ Pyro – Sword – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

bennett character build genshin impact

Bennett is best utilized as an attacker but can also be built to provide support with his elemental burst. With the dichotomous effect of fantastic voyage, focusing on his max HP will boost the effects of the inspiration field’s regenerative powers on heroes with less than 70% HP while banking more on his attack gives a higher attack bonus for characters with more than 70% HP. In this sense, though, it is better to simply focus on pushing his attack values further.

To start off, letting him use Lion’s Roar grants a 20% damage boost against enemies affected by pyro or electro. The Black Sword will also work well with its consistent 20% damage boost on his normal and charged attacks and comes with a chance to regenerate HP on critical hits. A full set of gladiator’s finale is recommended as well.

Chongyun [ Cryo – Claymore – Attacker – Liyue ]

chongyun character build genshin impact

Chongyun is a very straightforward character to build as his dominant features swerve towards taking on the role of an attacker. There are no elemental skills that scale with other stats so banking entirely on his attack values is recommended.

Prototype Aminus is the best claymore for Chongyun with its extra 50% chance to deal extra damage with normal and charged attacks. For set effects, Gladiator’s Finale naturally fits him as well with the 18% attack increase and 35% normal attack boost as a claymore user. Anything that boosts attack, physical damage or elemental damage on the main and sub stats of the artifacts will fit well with him.

Diluc [ Pyro – Claymore – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

diluc character build genshin impact

As the best DPS character in Genshin Impact, you would naturally want to capitalize on Diluc’s massive damage-dealing capabilities. While it is feasible to capitalize on the pyro damage he can inflict with his elemental skill, and elemental burst, banking more on the damage dealt using normal and charge attacks work best and any increase in his attack and physical damage should be prioritized over elemental damage.

Prototype Animus is the perfect claymore for Diluc with the 50% chance for an attack boost even once every 15 seconds and the attack boost given by its base stat. Wolf’s Gravestone, which is a 5-star sword fits any claymore-wielding attacker better but will be very difficult to earn. Gladiator’s Finale also works well with Diluc with its 2-set bonus of increasing attack by 18% and giving normal attacks 35% extra damage as a claymore user. Alternatively, a 2-set Martial Artist that grants 15% extra damage for normal and charged attacks coupled with a 2-set Berserker for the extra 12% crit rate works wonders as well.

Fischl [ Electro – Bow – Support – Mondstadt ]

fischl character build genshin impact

Fishcl can effectively be built as a DPS character but she works better as a support unit that banks more on her electro damage, and setting it up more often for other characters that combo in different elemental reactions. In this respect, energy recharge and elemental mastery matter more than raising her attack values.

For a support build, the Favonius Warbow stands as the best choice for her weapon with its energy recharge bonus. Its passive ability grants a 60% chance for any critical hit to generate elemental orbs that can replenish 6 energy once every 12 seconds. Naturally, going for artifacts that provide energy recharge boosts, elemental mastery, or extra electro damage is preferred. A full set of Thundering Fury is recommended as well with its 15% electro damage bonus and a 40% damage increase on overloaded, electro-charged, and superconduct elemental reactions. This set also reduces elemental skill cooldown by 1 second.

Alternatively, you can go with the Stringless for her bow and earn more stats for elemental mastery as well as increase elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 24 – 48%, depending on its rank. Counting more on her elemental burst, a full set of Noblesse Oblige will suit her better. This will bppst her elemental burst damage by 20% and each elemental burst activation grants her party a 20% attack boost for 12 seconds as well.

For a DPS build, you can use a Compund Bow for an instant boost to normal attack and aimed shots as well as attack speed. A 2-piece Berserker set for an extra 12% crit rate as well as any 2-piece of Gladiator’s Finale, Resolution of Sojourner, or Heart of Bravery for an 18% attack boost. Banking more on attack stats and critical damage for the artifact’s main and sub stats is recommended.

Jean [ Anemo – Sword – Healer – Mondstadt ]

jean character build genshin impact

Jean is best utilized a healer for the team but given that her healing prowess scales off her attack, there are ways build around it that can make her effective in any case. As a healer, you would want more energy recharge for her so she can cast her elemental burst more often, but also leave her with a high enough attack stat to make each healing more potent.

Skyward Blade suits Jean perfectly with its energy recharge as a secondary stat and a 4% crit rate bonus from its passive ability. After unleashing an elemental burst, Skyward Blade will increase attack speed and movement speed by 10% and increase normal and charged attack damage by 20% for 12 seconds. For an artifact set, a full set of Noblesse Oblige goes well with the Skyward Blade with its 20% elemental burst damage boost and a 20% attack boost for the whole team that lasts 12 seconds after launching an elemental burst. Attack, healing bonus, and energy recharge are the most important stats to consider from artifacts.

For a more straightforward DPS build, you can use Aquila Favonia on Jean, which gives a physical damage bonus as a secondary stat as well as an extra 20% attack boost from its passive. Upon taking damage, HP can be regenerated by 100% of attack and surrounding enemies will be dealt damage equal to 200% of attack, once every 15 seconds. For this build, a full set of Gladiator is recommended as well for the 18% attack boost and extra 35% normal attack damage with a sword. Attack stats will be the priority from artifact main and sub stats.

Kaeya [ Cryo – Sword – Support – Mondstadt ]

kaeya character build genshin impact

Like the rest of the your starting companions at the bottom of tier lists in Genshin Impact, we feel that Kaeya is as basic as it comes as a cryo user. Again, being at the bottom of the list does not necessarily means he sucks, it is just that all other cryo elemental units seem to have better utilization. KAeya is best utilized as a support character anhd for this, you would want to build around his energy recharge rate to use his elemental bursts more often.

For this build, we prefer having Kaeya equip a Sacrificial Sword for its energy recharge secondary stat as well as the 40% chance to zero out an elemental skill’s cooldown once every 30 seconds. A full set of The Exile will fit him perfectly as well with its 20% bonus to energy recharge and the energy regen it can grant to the whole party following his elemental burst activation. A focus on energy recharge and elemental mastery works best for this build but going with more cryo damage is fine as well.

Alternatively, using a 3-star Skyrider sword works well on him as well with its energy recharge secondary stat and its 12% base attack and movement speed buff that follows after each elemental burst use. A full Noblesse Oblige set can be used for this build granting him an extra 20% elemental burst damage, with each use giving allies a 20% attack boost that lasts for 12 seconds.

Keqing [ Electro – Sword – Attacker – Liyue ]

keqing character build genshin impact

Keqing is also a straightforward character to build as well given that you would want nothing more than to push his damage-dealing capacity to its limit.

A Lion’s Roar will suit him best with its attack boost as a secondary stat and a 20 – 36% extra damage boost on enemies affected by pyro or electro. A full set of Gladiator’s Finale suits him as well with an 18% outright bonus to attack and an extra 35% damage increase to normal attacks as a sword wielder. For main and sub stats of each artifact, considering attack as well as boosts to electro damage is the top priority.

Klee [ Pyro – Catalyst – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

klee character build genshin impact

Klee is an attacker and a catalyst user as well, which means that she can deal pyro damage from basic attacks and charged attacks on top of her elemental skill and elemental damage. While banking on her attack values will suit her well, investing more on elemental damage will be the better alternative.

In this sense, having her use Skyward Atlas is the best option for a weapon. It grants an outright 12% elemental damage bonus and the extra passive ability that deals damage to enemies is a huge extra bonus. Naturally, you would want a Crimson Witch of the flames as your full artifact set with its 15% pyro damage bonus. With a 4-piece set equipped, overloaded and burning damage is increased by 40% while vaporize and melt damage is boosted by 15%. Using an elemental skill further increases pyro damage by 7.5% for 10 seconds, which can be stacked 3 times. Prioritizing pyro damage boosts and attack for main and sub stats is the way to go.

Alternatively, you can also equip Klee with an Eye of Perception, which has an attack stat boost for its secondary option and has a 50% chance to summon a bolt of perception once every 12 seconds with normal and charged attacks. A full Noblesse Oblige fits her as well with a 20% elemental burst damage and the ability to boost everyone’s attack by 20% for 12 seconds after each elemental burst activation.

Lisa [ Electro – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

lisa character build genshin impact

Yet another one of your starting companions, Lisa can be groomed to be a decent support character. What you would want is to have her as much energy recharge as you can so she can cast her elemental burst more often.

The Favonius Codex is our preferred weapon for Lisa. I provides an energy recharge boost and enables her with a 60 – 100% chance to generate elemental orbs with a critical hit. Energy orbs help regenerate energy as well. For an artifact set effect, a full 4-piece set of The Exile will work great on her. It comes with a 20% energy recharge boost as well as energy regen for the party following an elemental burst activation. Energy recharge will naturally be the priority stat to work on, but elemental mastery, electro damage, and attack are viable as well.

Mona [ Hydro – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

mona character build genshin impact

Mona actually has unique abilities given her dash, which is faster than all others and can let her travel across bodies of water. She can be an excellent support character as well and you would want her to cast her elemental burst as often as possible.

The Favonius Codes is also our top pick for Mona given its energy recharge buff and elemental or b generation. The Exile is also our top recommended set for her for an even bigger boost to elemental recharge as well as supporting allies with their energy regeneration. Alternatively, a full set of Noblesse Oblige will also be good for her and her allies as it increases elemental burst damage by 20% accompanied by a 20% attack boost for 12 seconds with each activation. Depending on your preferred artifact set, you can prioritize energy recharge all the way or chip in some hydro damage bonus and attack buffs to help her contribute to DPS a bit more.

Ningguang [ Geo – Catalyst – Support – Liyue ]

ningguang character build genshin impact

Ningguang can be easily built for defensive plays utilizing her Jade Wall and maximizing her HP that scales with the wall’s endurance. A more popular consideration, however, is building her as a powerful attacker banking more on her elemental burst. Considering that the current preference by most people is dodging attacks instead of blocking them, Ninguang is typically not relied on for her Jade Wall.

In case you want to capitalize on the wall and build her max HP up, but at the same time still deal decent damage, Prototype Malice is the preferred catalyst. It provides HP as a secondary stat and can regenerate 12 energy in 6 seconds after launching an elemental burst, healing party members 4% HP per 2 seconds as well. A full set of The Exile suits Ninguang with its 20% energy recharge buff and giving her elemental burst the ability to regenerate energy for all party members. Balancing artifact stats between HP and energy recharge is important, depending on how much durability you want off of your Jade Wall.

For a DPS build, you can use either Skyward Atlas or Eye of Perception. Both catalysts offer attack bonus as secondary stats and gives opportunities to deal extra damage with normal attacks. A full Martial Artist can leave Ningguang with 15% damage boost on normal and charged attack, further boosting it by 25% for 8 seconds after using an elemental skill. Noblesse Oblige is a commendable set as well for its 20% elemental burst damage and the free attack boost for the party. In any case, capitalizing on more attack stats and geo damage as far as artifact stats go will work best for Ningguang.

Noelle [ Geo – Claymore – Support – Mondstadt ]

noelle character build genshin impact

Noelle will most likely be the first geo user you will ever get to use in Genshin Impact and while she can also be built as an attacker, going for a support type of unit with healing capabilities is much better. This will naturally bank on her elemental skill, Breastplate, which provides a shield that absorbs damage and deals geo damage as well. Enabling her to regenerate HP for allies within the party, even inactive ones. Given that the shield’s damage absorption potency and the healing effects as well as her elemental burst’s attack boost scale off Noelle’s defense, squeezing in as much defense stat on her is the best way to go.

Whiteblind grants the user more defense as a secondary stat bonus and has the passive ability that boosts normal and charged attacks by 6 – 12% for 6 seconds and stacks up to 4 times. As Noelle lags way behind full-fledged healers, slapping a full set of Maiden Beloved on her will boost her healing effectiveness by 15% and also increase the healing received by the entire party by 20% with every use of an elemental skill or elemental burst. Defense and healing bonus will naturally be your priorities as far as artifact bonus stats go and energy recharge should be a decent second choice.

Qiqi [ Cryo – Sword – Healer – Liyue ]

qiqi character build genshin impact

As the best healer in Genshin Impact, being lucky enough to nab Qiqi from the gacha rolls leaves you with the ultimate healer whose regenerative prowess scales off her attack. As such, giving her more attack power improves her contribution to DPS as well but can also be effective with better energy recharge levels and more healing bonus.

To start off, giving her Skyward Blade is a viable option. Skyward Blade gives her some energy recharge bonus from its sub stat and more offensive capability following an elemental burst. Lodging a full set of The Exile further propels energy recharge rate by 20% and can provide energy regen to allies following an elemental burst.

Alternatively, you can use Favonius Sword and earn energy recharge as well. Landing critical hits will generate elemental orbs that can help replenish energy contributing to a faster availability of her elemental skill and elemental burst. A Maiden Beloved artifact set will push her healing prowess further as well with its 15% healing effectiveness and a 20% boost to healing received by party members.

Razor [ Electro – Claymore – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

razor character build genshin impact

Razor may also built in at least a couple of ways but both still revolve around his offensive prowess. He is a solid attacker and what you will have to decide on is to capitalize more on the raw damage of his normal and charged attacks, or the strength of his electro-based skills. In any case, giving him more attack makes him more effective in the battlefield.

Prototype Aminus is the best sword for Razor with an attack bonus for a sub stat and a 50% chance to deal extra damage with normal and charged attacks. Gladiator’s Finale gives him an extra 18% attack form its 2-piece bonus and a 35% normal attack damage as a sword wielder. The priority stat here will be more on attack rather than electro damage. Thundering Fury as an artifact set is a decent choice as well with its 15% electro damage bonus 40% increased damage from overloaded, superconduct, and electrocharged. Using this artifact set would want you to consider electro damage, energy regen, and attack for artifact stat bonuses.

Sucrose [ Anemo – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

sucrose character build genshin impact

Besides pulling in and launching enemies with her elemental skill and elemental burst, Sucrose specializes in boosting the team’s elemental mastery, giving rise to more damaging elemental effects relative to her anemo abilities. As such, the best way to utilize her uniqueness is to capitalize more on pushing for higher levels of elemental mastery for herself and her allies.

For a catalyst, the Mappa Mare grants her an elemental mastery boost with its sub stat and gives her increased elemental damage for elemental reactions she triggers. For an artifact set, Instructor can give her an increase in elemental mastery by 80 as well as boost the elemental mastery of the party by 120 for 8 seconds with each elemental skill use. Banking more on a swirl elemental reaction, you can use a Viridescent Venerer set for an extra 15% anemo damage and a 60% swirl damage boost. This will also reduce the enemies’ elemental resistance by 40% for 10 seconds against whichever element swirl is infused with.

Traveler [ Anemo – Sword – Support – Unknown ]

traveler character build genshin impact

What makes the Traveler unique aside from being the main character is the innate ability to align himself with different elemental affinities. For now, though, it is only limited to ameno and geo, the upcoming regions will surely unlock more abilities for the Traveler as well. Both ameno and geo elements for the Traveler are best suited for a support role.

For ameno, you will want to bank on swirl damage and boosting everyone’s elemental mastery as it directly impacts the damage of elemental reactions. Iron sting will be a suitable sword for the Traveler with its elemental mastery boost and a 6% damage increase for 6 seconds following an elemental damage he inflicts. Instructor is a decent artifact set for him with an outright elemental mastery boost of 80 and an extra 120 elemental mastery for the whole party following the activation of an elemental skill. Viridescent Venerer is also a viable alternative for an artifact set as it increases anemo damage by 15% and swirl damage by 60%. In any case, elemental mastery and anemo damage ought to be prioritized over boosting his attack values relative to artifact bonus stats.

As a geo user, the Traveler can do better at dealing damage with an elemental burst. One way to build him is to push his attack and geo damage higher despite playing a support role. The Flute as a weapon grants him extra attack stats and its harmonics enable him to deal 100 – 200% extra damage within conditions. Using a Noblesse Oblige as an artifact set will increase his elemental burst damage by 20% and grant everyone a 20% attack boost for 12 seconds with each use. The better stats to invest on is attack and geo damage boosts but you can also consider energy recharge to cast elemental bursts more often.

Venti [ Anemo – Bow – Support – Mondstadt ]

venti character build genshin impact

As the most sought after hero in Genshin Impact, Venti stands as the best support character in any team with his innate ability to incapacitate enemies with his anemo abilities. Naturally, wanting to capitalize on the prowess of his elemental burst is the ideal aspect to build around so energy recharge and elemental mastery are among the top stats to work on.

Favonius Warbow starts off with an energy recharge boost care of its sub stat bonus. With his normal shots capable of being used 6 consecutive times, a critical hit is relatively easy to achieve, which leaves a 60 – 100% chance to generate an elemental orb that can replenish his energy. Capitalizing further on energy recharge, a full set of The Exile grants him a 20% energy recharge and using an elemental burst will also leave other party members with more energy. As a support unit and to further elevate his energy recharge rate, prioritizing it for stat boosts is important. As a secondary choice, elemental mastery and anemo damage can be considered as well.

Xiangling [ Pyro – Polearm – Attacker – Liyue ]

xiangling character build genshin impact

Xiangling is a strong melee pyro attacker and can be easily built by further boosting her attack. Again, the choice is to bank more on her ability to deal pyro damage or consider the raw power of her normal and charged attacks.

The Prototype Grudge stands as our best pick for her weapon as it boosts normal and charged attack damage by 8% for 12 seconds after using her elemental skill. A 3-star Halberd stands as an okay substitute as well with its attack bonus stat and a chance for her normal attacks to deal 160 – 320% damage once every 30 seconds. For this build, the Gladiator’s Finale serves as the perfect artifact set with its 18% attack bonus and the 35% damage boost from normal attacks as a polearm user. A Martial Artist artifact set is equally viable with a 15% damage boost from normal and charged attacks as well as an extra attack boost on both for 8 seconds following the use of her elemental skill.

Alternatively, the Prototype Grudge is likewise the beast polearm to use if you want to build more on energy recharge and pyro damage, given its sub stat bonus. Slapping a Noblesse Oblige set on her boosts her elemental burst damage by 20% and each elemental burst can increase the whole party’s attack by 20% for 12 seconds. The Exile will also serve as a great artifact set alternative in this case as it provides a 20% boost on energy recharge and provide energy regen fro the party after executing her elemental burst. While the focus is primarily on attack stats for the first build, the priority stats for this one is energy recharge and pyro damage.

Xiao [ Anemo – Polearm – Attacker – Liyue ]

xiao character build genshin impact

Xiao can essentially be built as an attacker that can be balanced differently in terms of dealing stronger normal attacks and charged attacks or unleashing more powerful anemo damage. Considering different options, the best choice would be to swerve more towards the former and bank on strengthening his attack and melee damage outputs.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear gives Xiao an increased critical rate and, on hit, increases his attack by 3.2 – 6% for 6 seconds and can be stacked 7 times. Earning a full stack also raises skill damage by 12 – 28%. Gladiator’s Finale is the best set for Xiao with the outright 18% attack damage bonus as well as the 35% increase in normal attack. For artifact main and sub stats, attack should be prioritized over anemo damage, although critical hit % and critical damage % are viable secondary options as well.

Xingqiu [ Hydro – Sword – Support – Liyue ]

xingqiu character build genshin impact

Xingqiu is an okay support character for your party but her skills cannot extend enough to help other characters in multiplayer. Her ability to reduce damage and heal allies come from her rain swords, which can be utilized by her and other characters you can switch into. In this sense, the best way to build her means focusing more on energy recharge so she can capitalize on using her elemental burst more often.

Skyward Blade works well on her with an energy recharge boost as its secondary stat. it gives her a 4% increase in crit rate outright as well. Whenever she uses her elemental burst, attack speed and movement speed will increase by 10% and her normal and charged attacks will increase by 20% for 12 seconds. The Exile is the most suitable artifact set for her with an outright 20% boost on energy recharge and some energy regeneration for the party following the use of her elemental burst. Energy recharge and elemental mastery are the top priorities in terms of artifact stat bonuses.

And that’s the end of our comprehensive Genshin Impact character builds guide. Before we go we want to reiterate that there are other ways to build each character beyond what we came up with. One of the fun parts of the game actually comes from mixing and matching a variety of combinations to come up with you very own build, especially for your favorite characters. We certainly hope you picked up a lot from the builds we shared and that you would not shy away from sharing your views and opinions on them. If you want to share your personal character builds as well, we would be happy to see them in our comment section!

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