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Genshin Impact Heroes Tier List: Ranking Our Picks for the Best and Worst Characters in the Game

Genshin Impact had an explosive launch across all gaming platforms and while the initial burst in popularity may arguably be a hype, players who have jumped into its world can attest to how much planning and effort have been invested into the game. There will always be comparisons and contrasts stemming from similarities between Genshin Impact and popular RPGs that have influenced it, but on its own, it still has a plethora of unique features and content to offer for both newbies and veterans of the genre.

Genshin Impact lets players explore a huge open world and while there are currently only 2 regions available, it is evident that the other 5 are planned expansions in the updates to come. In the same sense as well, we can expect as many new characters to join the already robust roster of heroes in the game. While Genshin Impact’s success and popularity can be attributable to a lot of the game’s aspects, it is an undeniable fact that building up characters and forming your very own ultimate team has a huge impact on the game’s long-term playability.

Genshin Impact has been out for quite some time and if you are here now, then chances are that you have immersed yourself deep enough into its world and would want to obtain as much info on it as possible before continuing on with your progress. If you have just started your adventure within Genshin Impact, we suggest reading our Genshin Impact beginner’s guide first as it contains a lot of basic tips and strategies to help you progress faster in the game.

Beyond that, we also have our Genshin Impact advanced guide that adds more tips and strategies to the list in the first one. Now, in this new strategy guide, we will be focusing entirely on the available heroes in the game, particularly their strengths and limitations.

genshin impact best characters

Although miHoYo, just like any other developer, would want a balanced roster of heroes in Genshin Impact, some heroes simply stand out while others lag behind. Given that heroes require a lot of resources to invest in, being selective as to which ones to enhance can be a critical aspect of your progression.

Considering everything, our Genshin Impact tier list, much like all other tier lists, are highly opinionated. In truth, each hero’s unique set of stats and skills make each one useful in our book. Despite some people considering some heroes in Genshin Impact to be completely useless, we beg to differ. While there are considerable factors that make some heroes more promising than others for now, the gacha system makes it very difficult to obtain all 23 heroes in the roster.

This scenario makes even the starting heroes, which are all lumped into the bottom tier, prove to have their own distinct uses. Even if you are fortunate enough to obtain all heroes in Genshin Impact, spending sufficient time with each of the heroes will give you a good sense of their worth.

Genshin Impact S Grade Heroes

These heroes stand as the cream of the crop in Genshin Impact’s current roster. If you are fortunate enough to secure these heroes, then you will not regret investing heavily in each one of them. Consider them as well as top priority for weapons and artifacts, as well as ascension materials.

Diluc [ Pyro – Claymore – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

diluc genshin impact

There is an opportunity early in the story for players to get a taste of what it is like to work with Diluc in your team and while it will not be as lengthy as most might hope it would, it is sufficient to give you an idea of just powerful he can be. Diluc stands as one of, if not, the best attackers in Genshin Impact and while claymore users have slower attack combinations than others, each swing of his weapon can deal heavy damage to its target and his active skills further boost his damage capacity, unless against enemies resistant to fire.

To start off, Tempered Sword’s charge attack can already cause a lot of raw damage to its target on its own. His elemental skill, Searing Onslaught, which can be used up to 3 times in a row does excellent pyro damage. The trick here is that you have to use it consecutively fast enough or it will enter cooldown period. Diluc’s elemental burst, Dawn, does massive AoE pyro damage on enemies it hits, granting his normal and charged attacks additional pyro damage as well within a short period of time afterwards.

For passive skills, Relentless further boosts Diluc’s charged attacks with a stamina reduction cost of 50% and increased duration by 3 seconds. Blessing of the Phoenix further lengthens the duration of Dawn’s pyro enchantment on Diluc’s basic and charged attacks, additionally granting him 20% more pyro damage within the enchantment’s duration as well. Crafting claymore-type weapons with Diluc will refund you 15% of the ores used as well.

Fischl [ Electro – Bow – Support – Mondstadt ]

fischl genshin impact

Fischl is a 4-star hero making her a lot easier to obtain than the rest of the heroes within the tier. Although she can be built to be a decent DPS character, Fischl is an excellent support character that can be relied on to provide electro damage even if she is not the active character.

Fischl’s versatility centers around her companion, Oz. Her elemental skill, Nightrider, summons Oz to the battlefield and holding it down can adjust Oz’ deployment. Oz can deal small AoE damage to nearby enemies and can be recalled to your side within the duration of his presence. Fischl’s elemental burst, Midnight Phantasmagoria lets Fischl take on the form of Oz for a short duration, enabling her to move with Oz’ speed across the battlefield, causing electro damage as well to each enemy she touches. Once the effect ends, Oz will continue to remain in the battlefield to deal damage to enemies.

It might not be a known skill but with Stellar Predator, Fischl can actually aim a charged attack on Oz while he is deployed and Oz in turn will redirect 157.2% of the charged shot’s damage as AoE electro damage. When Oz is deployed and you switch in any other character, triggering an elemental reaction with electro will have Oz deal 80% of Fischl’s attack as electro damage on enemies.

Lastly, dispatching Fischl on an expedition within Mondstadt will reduce its completion time by 25%. Chances are, though, that she will always be in your main party so you probably will never send her out on expeditions.

Qiqi [ Cryo – Sword – Healer – Liyue ]

qiqi genshin impact

Qiqi is definitely the best healer in Genshin Impact and while DPS characters are often at the spotlight in team-based RPGs, the importance of having a formidable healer in domains and boss battles make her an integral part of any team. Both of her elemental abilities can heal herself and her teammates.

Adeptus Art – Herald of Frost deals frost damage to nearby enemies and while it is on the field, Qiqi’s normal and charged attacks regenerate her health as well as the health of nearby allies. Even without attacking, the Herald of Frost will heal your active character at regular intervals, with potency dependent on Qiqi’s attack stats. Qiqi’s elemental burst, Adeptus Art – Preserver of Fortune, marks all enemies within its range with a fortune-preserving talisman. Beyond the cryo damage it deals to each one of them, additional damage they take from any hero’s attacks will regenerate that hero’s HP.

Qiqi’s passive skill, Life-Prolonging Methods, boosts the healing effects of Adeptus Art – Herald of Frost by 20% on an active character that triggers an elemental reaction while it is active. Qiqi’s other combat passive ability grants her a 50% chance to slap a fortune-preserving talisman to enemies hit by her normal and charged attacks. The talisman lasts for 6 seconds and can only be activated once every 30 seconds. Adventuring within Liyue Region is better with Qiqi as well as resources unique to the region will be shown on the min map when she is active.

Venti [ Anemo – Bow – Support – Mondstadt ]

venti genshin impact

Venti is who most players consider as the top character in Genshin Impact and for good reason. His elemental abilities are the best when it comes to rendering enemies immobile for easier picking and being able to generate an upcurrent has some practical uses as well.

To start off, there are currently only 3 bow users in Genshin Impact and Venti is the only one who can perform 6 consecutive shots with his bow. His elemental skill, Skyward Sonnet generates a wind domain that launches enemies in the air and incapacitates them, on top of the anemo damage it deals. This can be charged as well to summon an even bigger wind domain that creates an upcurrent that Venti can ride afterwards. Wind’s Grand Ode creates a huge stormeye that sucks in and continuously deals damage to enemies caught in its path. The damage it deals can further be boosted by elemental absorption, which is triggered when the stormeye comes into contact with hydro, pyro, electro, or cryo elements.

Embrace of Winds is the passive ability that lets Venti generate an upcurrent following a charged Skyward Sonnet. Stormeye is his second passive skill that replenished 15 energy to Venti after the effects of Wind’s Grand Ode eneds. This can also grant other characters with ameno element 15 energy if elemental absorption was triggered by his elemental burst. Venti also reduces gliding stamina for the party by 20%.

Genshin Impact A Grade Heroes

With elemental affinity, character roles, and gacha in play. Relying on S-grade heroes is not enough, and largely impossible unless you are that lucky or have a ton of money to burn. For free players, you should consider yourself lucky enough to nab one of the S-grade characters so relying on the next best set of heroes should be a considerable option.

Chongyun [ Cryo – Claymore – Attacker – Liyue ]

chongyun genshin impact

Although Qiqi stands as the top favorite cryo elemental unit in Genshin Impact, Chongyun is actually more effective in dealing cryo damage especially to groups of enemies. Like all other cryo users, though, pairing him up with a hydro elemental unit is important to raise his effectiveness in combat.

To start off, Chongyun’s charged attack can deal continuous damage to nearby enemies as it consumes stamina. His elemental skill, Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost, does AoE cryo damage and the frost field it creates afterwards melee attacks heroes use within it is converted into cryo damage. His elemental burst, Spirit Blade – Cloud-parting Star, may not be as commendable but it is useful nonetheless. The spirt blades it summons drops down to the ground and deals cryo AoE damage to enemies as well as launching them.

For passive abilities, Chongyun’s Steady Breathing enables melee weapon users within the frost field created by his elemental skill will have their attack speed increased by 8%. Rimechaser Blade enhances his elemental skill effects further with an extra AoE cryo damage that reduces cryo resistance of enemies by 10% for 8 seconds. Deploying Chongyun in an expedition within Liyue Region cuts down completion time by 25%.

Jean [ Anemo – Sword – Healer – Mondstadt ]

jean genshin impact

As one of the only 3 available healers in Genshin Impact, with an ability to perform a bit of crowd control as well, Jean is the next best unit to have for teams in need of either. She has decent healing abilities as well as holding enemies afloat, although not as effective as the S-tier units focused on each role.

Jean’s charged attack can launch enemies on top of dealing anemo damage to them. Her elemental skill, Gale Blade, can deal massive anemo damage and charging it enables her to control its direction at the cost of stamina, pulling surrounding enemies towards the whirlwind in front of her. Her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze, summons a dandelion field that launches enemies to the air while dealing anemo damage to them. The dandelion field also regenerates HP for Jean and her allies, dependent on Jean’s attack.

Jean’s passive talent, Wind Companion, leaves Jean with a 50% chance for her normal attacks to regenerate HP for her and her allies equal to 15% of her attack. Let the Wind Lead regenerates 20% of her energy after using Dandelion Breeze. A perfect cooking on any restorative meal gives Jean a 12% chance to obtain twice the output.

Keqing [ Electro – Sword – Attacker – Liyue ]

keqing genshin impact

Although Fischl stands as our top pick for an electro elemental unit, Keqing is the better electro damage-dealer. Beyond being an effective electro attacker, Keqing’s elemental skill gives her versatility and mobility that can be utilized in various ways.

Keqing’s elemental skill, Stellar Restoration, lets her hurl a stiletto that deals a small AoE damage to enemies near the target. It leaves a stiletto mark as well that can be used for different effects. A charged Stellar Restoration can leave a stiletto mark in mid-air that Keqing can jump onto with a second use of the skill, through all obstacles along the way. Her elemental burst deals a series of electro damage to enemies within its range, and finishes with a massive electro AoE damage.

Keqing’s passive talent, Thundering Penance, gives her normal and charged attack electro damage so long as a stiletto mark is present. Aristocratic Dignity increases Keqing’s crit rate and energy recharge rate by 15% for 8 seconds when casting Starward Sword. Just like Chongyun, deploying Keqing in an expedition within Liyue cuts down completion time by 25%.

Mona [ Hydro – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

mona genshin impact

Mona is a decent support character that has excellent mobility, she has a unique dash that lets her move swiftly across the field and even stride across bodies of water. Taunts and immobilization are part of her kit and like most hydro elemental units, has effectiveness in combat dependent on her partners.

To start off, Mona’s charged attack is a small AoE hydro attack that is rather quick to deploy. Her elemental skill, Mirror Reflection of Doom, summons an illusory phantom that taunts enemies while dealing hydro damage and explodes for extra damage as well. Charging this skill lets Mona move back away swiftly from the summon area. Her elemental burst, Stellaris Phantasm, creates a huge illusory bubble that continuously deals hydro damage, and can immobilize weaker enemies as well. Enemies within the illusory bubble take in more damage and become wet as well.

Mona’s first passive lets her create an exploding phantom within the illusory torrent that deals 50% damage of Mirror Reflection of Doom. Waterborne Destiny increases her hydro damage by 20% of her energy recharge rate. Using Mona to craft weapon ascension materials give you back 25% of the materials used.

Xiangling [ Pyro – Polearm – Attacker – Liyue ]

xiangling genshin impact

A decent alternative to Diluc, Xiangling is a fire-based melee attacker that can deal decent damage on a single target or groups of enemies. Her normal and charged attack do not deal pyro damage and her elemental skill is a little tricky to use. Still, she is excellent on the battlefield and her charged attack can also be utilized for extra mobility.

Though Xiangling’s consecutive normal attacks only count as 5, she actually chips in more hits. Charging it lets her lunge forward a bit and can be used for evasive purposes as well. Her fast attack rate lets her dodge in-between normal strikes as well. Xiangling’s elemental skill lets her summon her companion Guoba and Guoba will breathe fire on surrounding enemies. Her elemental burst, Pyronado, is the ace up her sleeve as the pyronado she summons will spin around her for a long time, dealing AoE damage to enemies in close proximity.

Xiangling’s passive talent, Crossfire, increases the range of Guoba’s fire breath by 20%. Beware, It’s Super Hot! lets Guoba leave a chili pepper after he is summoned and picking it up will boost Xiangling’s attack by 10% for 10 seconds. Perfectly cooking any attack-boosting meal using Xiangling has a 12% chance of having double output.

Genshin Impact B Grade Heroes

With currently 6 different elemental affinities to represent in your roster of heroes and with several heroes playing hard to get, you will definitely have to settle for some B-listers on your team, especially on your earlier days within the world of Genshin Impact. To be honest, these heroes are not bad. It just so happens that their stats and skills are overshadowed by the aforementioned characters. Investing in these heroes is still recommended until you find a better alternative from the heroes mentioned above.

Barbara [ Hydro – Catalyst – Healer – Mondstadt ]

barbara genshin impact

You can receive Barbara through an event at the time of this writing so if you started your adventure in Genshin Impact before reading this, then she is one of the free heroes you want in your party in the absence of Qiqi. Barbara can dish out some potent healing and contributes to dealing damage as well as inflicting wet status all around. While rendering enemies wet preps them for elemental reactions that invite more damage, having the same status on Barbara herself leaves her prone to the same elemental reactions.

Barbara’s elemental skill, Let the Show Begin, summons a melody loop that deals hydro damage to surrounding enemies and afflicts them with a wet status. While the melody loop is present, Barbara’s normal and charged attacks heal her and nearby allies based on her max HP. Additionally, the melody loop regenerates her HP at regular intervals as well but also inflicts wet status on her. Her elemental burst, Shining Miracle, provides massive healing to Barbabra and nearby allies based as well on Barbabra’s max HP.

Barbara’s passive skills in combat also contribute to her role in the team. Glorious Season reduces the stamina consumption of characters within the melody loop of Let the Show Begin by 12%. Encore can extend the duration of Let the Show Begin by a second for up to 5 seconds whenever your active character obtains an elemental orb. Perfectly cooking a dish with restorative effects using Barbara has a 12% chance of doubling the output.

Bennett [ Pyro – Sword – Support – Mondstadt ]

bennett genshin impact

Although Bennett can be built as an okay attacker, his skill set makes him more suitable as a support character, and one that can provide some healing to allies as well. The fact that his elemental skill and elemental burst can be used in different ways opens up some nifty strategic plays when he is a member of the team.

His elemental skill, Passion Overload, has 3 different effects based on how long you charge it. A quick tap lets out a flaming swing, a short charge will initiate a 2-stage pyro attack that launches enemies, and a long charge includes an explosion following the first 2 strikes, launching both Bennett and nearby enemies. His elemental burst, Fantastic Voyage, lets him deal pyro damage to enemies and generates an inspiration circle that provides different buffs to his allies based on their HP percentage. Characters with less than 70% HP receive health regeneration while characters with more than 70% HP gain an attack boost based on Bennett’s attack.

For passives, Bennett’s Rekindle reduces Passion Overload’s cooldown period by 20% while Fearnaught further reduces Passion Overload’s cooldown period by 50% if activated within Fantastic Voyage’s inspiration circle. Sending Bennett on expeditions within Mondstadt reduces completion time by 25%.

Klee [ Pyro – Catalyst – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

klee genshin impact

Klee specializes in dealing AoE pyro damage from her basic attacks down to her elemental burst. She may pale in comparison with the aforementioned pyro elemental heroes in higher tiers but she is not that bad.

Her elemental skill, Jumpy Dumpty, summons a bouncing companion that explodes every time it hits the ground and scatters mines after the third bounce. These mines will either explode after a while or if it comes into contact with an enemy, dealing AoE pyro damage. Her elemental burst, Sparks n’ Splash deals massive pyro AoE damage to surrounding enemies.

Klee’s passive talent, Pounding Surprise, leaves her with a 50% chance to earn an explosive spark whenever her basic attacks or elemental skill deal damage. The elemental spark is consumed on her next charged attack, having it deal 50% more damage. Sparkling Burst can earn allies 2 elemental energy when Klee’s charged attack successfully lands a critical hit.

Ningguang [ Geo – Catalyst – Support – Liyue ]

ningguang genshin impact

A typical geo unit, Ningguang is built to survive lots of damage and can offer some protection to allies as well. She will have a hard time eliminating enemies on her own but can be a viable support character for battles that require more defense, or players who are not fond of dodging.

Ningguang’s basic attack earns her a star jade, which powers up her charged attack. Her elemental skill allows her to conjure up a jade screen that blocks projectiles and has durability that scales off with her max HP. Starshatter, her elemental burst, shoots homing gems that deal massive damage on enemies and does even more geo damage if a Jade Screen is close by.

Her passive skill, Backup Plan, lets her use charged attacks without consuming stamina if she has a star jade. Strategic Reserve gives allies who pass through Jade Screen 12% geo damage bonus for 10 seconds. One valuable practical utilization of Ningguang is her Trove of Marvelous Treasures passive ability, which shows the location of ore veins on the mini map.

Razor [ Electro – Claymore – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

razor genshin impact

Razor is a potent electro DPS character that is built mostly for taking on single targets. While he can take down single enemies faster than most heroes can, unless they are electro resistant, Razor shies away from team plays.

Razor’s elemental skill, Claw and Thunder, is crucial to building up his power. It deals electro damage but more importantly earns him an electro sigil, which increases his energy recharge rate and can be accumulated up to 3. Charging this skill unleashes a small AoE lightning storm that deals massive electro damage, consuming his electro sigils and converts it to energy. Razor’s elemental burst, Lightning Fang, summons the wolf within to fight alongside him, dealing electro damage to nearby enemies and raises Razor’s attack speed and electro resistance.

His passive talent, Awakening, reduces Claw and Thunder’s cooldown period by 18% and using lightning fang completely resets it. Hunger will boost Razor’s energy recharge by 30% when his energy goes below 50%. Having Razor in your party reduces sprinting stamina consumption by 20%.

Traveler [ Anemo/Geo – Sword – Support – Unknown ]

traveler genshin impact

As the main character in the story, it can be expected that the Traveler will be among the best characters in Genshin Impact. For starters, and it may be a bit of a spoiler for those who just started diving into the game, the main hero will be able to transform into a geo user after activating a statue of the seven in Liyue. Given that 5 more regions will become available in future updates, it can be expected that the Traveler will be able to utilize each available element in the game. How effective each incarnation will be might be questionable and the available elements for the Traveler now seem to be wanting. On top of that, the Traveler seems to have been greatly weakened as far as stats go, He will be decent to use early on but once you have access to other anemo elemental units, you will come to discover just how much more the Travel needs to improve.

As an anemo user, the Traveler’s elemental skill, Palm Vortex has decent effects, especially the elemental absorption aspect that leaves it with opportunities to deal more damage. Elemental Vortex works almost the same way but can be tricky to deploy, especially since it can only pull the weaker enemies and carry it in its path for continues damage.

As a geo user, the Traveler’s elemental skill, Starfell Sword, summons a meteorite that deals AoE geo damage and can further be used as a stepping-stone or a cover from attacks. Wake of Earth works very much the same save for its initial impact of launching enemies.

Xiao [ Anemo – Polearm – Attacker – Liyue ]

xiao genshin impact

Xiao can dish out a lot of damage at the cost of his HP, thanks to his elemental burst and his elemental skill can be utilized well other than dealing damage in combat, especially after unlocking his first constellation. As much as he can continue to grow stronger in his yaksha form, sustaining it requires a healer around, unless you have an overabundant supply of health regen meals in your supply.

His elemental skill, Leminiscatic Wind Cycling, starts off with 2 charges and lets him lunge forward to deal anemo damage to enemies within its path. His elemental burst, Bane of All Evil, lets him transofm into a beast that boosts his attack range, damage, and jumping ability on top of converting damage to anemo. As a huge drawback, though, maintaining this form continuously rains his HP.

Xiao’s passive talent, Evil Conqueror – Tamer of Demons, boosts his damage by 5% in his yaksha form and continues to increase by 5% every 3 seconds while it is active. Dissolution Eon – Heaven Fall increases subsequent damages of his elemental skill by 10% for 6 seconds. Xiao reduces the party’s fall damage by 20% as well.

Genshin Impact C Grade Heroes

In practically every tier list we came up with, characters in the bottom tier are always built to be neglected. For Genshin Impact, however, it may take a while to secure better heroes for each given element. Taking into account the starting companions you will have, you can make it through a lot of challenges with only them on your team and will only realize that all other substitues are better until you have tried them. In this sense, no character in the game is completely trash. It’s just that some heroes are worth investing in especially given the limited resources you have.

Amber [ Pyro – Bow – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

amber genshin impact

There seems to be a hate train against Amber that everyone wants to ride and despite the stat and skill effect inferiority that your starting companions have compared to those you can earn from gacha, we at least consider Amber to be at par with everyone else on this list. To start off, there are currently only 3 bow users in Genshin Impact and the other 2 are on the S-tier for a reason. With Venti being very difficult to obtain even with increased pull chances, you will need to have an alternate ranged fighter in your team even if you manage to pull Fischl.

Amber’s companion, Baron Bunny is actually useful in taunting enemies and keeping her even safer from a distance. The pyro AoE damage following its explosion is just a bonus. Fiery Rain isn’t that bad either. As simplistic as it is, its AoE pyro damage can be built to dish out decent damage. Amber’s passives can increase Fiery Rain’s crit rate and range of its AoE. Precise Shot helps you sink in additional damage with aimed shots as well.

Beidou [ Electro – Claymore – Attacker – Liyue ]

beidou genshin impact

What makes Beidou unique is her ability to block and counterattack and increase her resistance to interruptions. While both qualities may typically be a great asset in other RPGs, both just doesn’t seem to jive well in the world of Genshin Impact. It will certainly have its advantages, but with the ability to dash away from hits an move about for all characters, blocking and counter attacks might not be as important as it sounds.

Tidecaller can be used to deal electro damage outright but its unique aspect comes when it is charged, as Beidou can use her sowrd as a shield and counterattack with more damage. Stormbreaker, on the other hand, provides Beidou’s normal and charged attacks with a chain lightning effect that jumps from one enemy to the next, also boosting her resistance to interruption for the duration.

Retribution makes counterattacking unleash max damage if timed perfectly. Lightning Storm can increase her attack and attack speed as well following max damage execution of Tidecaller’s counter.

Kaeya [ Cryo – Sword – Support – Mondstadt ]

kaeya genshin impact

Like the rest of your starting companions, Kaeya is as basic as it comes in contrast with other cryo elemental units. He is not completely useless, though, as you will have to settle for him until after you obtain any other cryo-based hero.

Frostgnaw is a very straightforward cryo attack that deals cryo damage o all enemies in front of Kaeya. Glacial Waltz summons glacial blades around Kaeya and deals cryo damage to enemies that are close to him. For passives, Cold-Blooded Strike is decent in that it lets Frostgnaw regenerate HP for Kaeya equal to 15% of his attack. Heart of Abyss improves Frostgnaw as well enabling its use to drop elemental particles.

Lisa [ Electro – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

lisa genshin impact

To complete the list of starting allies to join you in your adventure, Lisa is comparable to the rest in terms of providing base support as an electro element user. She can deal electro damage even with her normal and charged attacks.

Her elemental skill, Violet Arc, can be used instantly to deal electro damage to enemies and inflict conductive status. Charging it up can deal massive electro damage based on the conductive stacks they have. Lightning Rose deals electro damage on top of knocking back enemies. A notable passive is Static Electricity Field, which enables Lightning Rose to reduce the defense of enemies it hits by 15% for 10 seconds.

Noelle [ Geo – Claymore – Attacker – Mondstadt ]

noelle genshin impact

Noelle is not as bad either to use in combat but her proficiency in defending is less favored considering everyone else’s ability to dodge attacks with relative ease. She can be difficult to kill in combat but on her own, she will have a hard time eliminating enemies as well.

Noelle’s Breastplate elemental skill gives her an armor that deals geo damage to surrounding enemies and provides her damage absorption as well. Her elemental burst, Sweeping Time, inflicts geo damage in a large AoE and lets Noelle gain larger attack AoE, geo damage with normal attacks, as well as increased damage based on her defense. A passive skill worth mentioning is Devotion, which activates when Noelle is in your party but not the active character. This will grant the active character a shield that absorbs damage equal to 400% of Noelle’s defense. It lasts 20 seconds and activates once every 60 seconds when the active hero’s HP drops below 30%.

Sucrose [ Anemo – Catalyst – Support – Mondstadt ]

sucrose genshin impact

While not completely useless as well, we considered Sucrose to be at the bottom tier along with the starter heroes because both her elemental skills practically do the same thing. Sucking in enemies and launching them for huge damage is like that base skill effect for every anemo element user. Her passives can boost the elemental masteries of allies for a limited period of time and while that is cool, most other support skills are better.

Her elemental skill creates a small wind spirit while her elemental burst summons a bigger one that has elemental absorption. Catalyst Conversion can increase an ally’s elemental mastery by 50 if a swirl effect is triggered that matches their element. Everyone else’s elemental mastery will increase by 20% of Sucrose’s elemental mastery if her elemental skill or elemental burst hits. If nothing else, using Sucrose to craft enhancement materials for weapons and heroes has a 10% chance to double the output.

Xingqiu [ Hydro – Sword – Support – Liyue ]

xingqiu genshin impact

As another defensive character, Xingqiu is built to be very durable and can even sustain his own HP on top of his damage reduction skills. For most instances, however, DPS stands as a more important element to have on heroes and the more defense-driven ones are latched outside of the limelight. His elemental skill’s effect of inflicting wet status on him is also a threat to his efficiency in battle.

Guhua Sword – Fatal Rainscreen lets him deal hydro damage outright and summons rain swords that absorb damage. Guhua Sword – Raincutter boosts his normal attacks with hydro damage and summons the rain swords as well. A notable passive is Hydropathic, which gives Xingqiu HP regen equal to 8% of his max HP whenever a rain sword shatters. Crafting character talent materials with him will also refund you 25% of the resources used.

Considering all of the above, it is important to note that the tier list alone should not exclusively affect your decision on which characters to use. With constellations that can improve based on extra copies of specific heroes and the random aspect of gears you obtain, some heroes in the lower tiers may turn out to be the better ones for you. To reiterate as well, the tier list is highly opinionated and as such, should be taken into account with your own discretion.

Well, that’s about it for our Genshin Impact tier list and we hope that you learned something from it as well as enjoyed reading through its entirety. We understand that each player has a differing opinion on each character and we welcome your inputs and opinions on your favorite heroes as well. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our comment area!