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BitLife Prime Time Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Prime Time Challenge

Candywriter may not take as fast as one week to release those much-awaited big updates for BitLife, but if you’ve been playing this super-popular iOS and Android life simulator for a while, you’ll know that they know how to tide their fans over. That’s because every Sunday, players can take part in limited-time challenges, which are special events that allow you to create a new character and complete certain requirements based on the week’s theme. These themes may be general or topical, and sometimes, they may be related to the most recent major update, such as this one.

It’s been close to two weeks since Candywriter rolled out the Pro Sports Update, and while last week’s challenge had nothing to do with sports, this one does. It’s called the Prime Time Challenge, and if you’re a longtime sports fan, you’ll recognize that it was named after Deion Sanders, who is one of the greatest two-sport stars of all time.

bitlife prime time challenge requirements

However, you’ll need to go one further than the original Prime Time, who won two Super Bowls and played in one World Series in a losing effort — this time, the game’s going to require you to win at least two titles across two different professional sports! It might not be easy for everyone, but it is, at least for us, much easier than the last challenge, so check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you need some assistance in completing the Prime Time Challenge.

The First Steps On The Road To Greatness – Be A Two-Sport Star In High School

Before you can even start dreaming of winning championships in two different sports, you need to make your name as a high school athlete, and in order to do that, you’ll need to have good Athleticism, at the very least, at birth. Those who have God Mode have it easy here — simply set your character’s Athleticism to 99 before creating them, and you’re good to go.

Otherwise, there may be a bit of trial-and-error involved here, especially since recent BitLife updates seem to have nerfed the effect that going to the gym has on the Athleticism stat. That’s the key stat to keep in mind in the Prime Time Challenge — other than that, you can be male or female and have any level of Smarts or Looks when starting out.

sport performenace in high school in bitlife

When it comes to school, we would advise the usual — use Study Harder to improve your grades, avoid getting into trouble, and if you have enough time in your schedule, join a club that takes up only four hours of time. That’s because we are advising that you excel in two sports while in high school — specifically, two of the sports that are supported via the Pro Sports Update. (That means no golf, tennis, lacrosse, wrestling, or any other sport that doesn’t have an in-game pro league!)

To be even more specific, we suggest choosing one sport where you can be drafted or signed out of high school (basketball, baseball, or soccer) and one sport where you need to have college experience in order to get drafted (football). We’ll explain later on why this is the best way to go.

After graduating high school, make sure to choose the option to be drafted, and you should be all set. But since you’re going to get drafted by a random team, assigned a random position, and be given a random skill set, how should you go about winning a championship in your first pro sport?

Your First Pro Sport – Try Out As A Free Agent With A Great Team

Even if you’re drafted by a poor team and end up with a rather unimpressive skill set, you don’t need to worry just yet. All rookie contracts in BitLife are short-term ones, and once your rookie contract expires, you don’t need to re-sign with your original team. In fact, we would suggest you don’t (unless their Team Strength is already impressive) if you’re ring-chasing for the purposes of the Prime Time Challenge.

bitlife pro draft

Although you won’t be sticking around for the long term (in most cases) in your first pro team, that doesn’t mean you should take it easy in training and make disrespectful or violent choices in scenarios in order to get traded. You’ll still need to improve your attributes and keep your Respect as high as possible in order to ensure other teams will show interest in you. But if your current team has little to no chance of winning a title, refuse their contract extension offer and if another team makes an offer, turn that down as well if their Team Strength doesn’t cut it.

This will allow you to enter free agency, and once that happens, try out for any one of the top three teams in your league. Again, you can use the old quit-and-restart technique if your performance in the tryouts isn’t too impressive. (You can also use this anytime in the event you get injured while training or playing!)

how to get a rookie baseball contract in bitlife

Speaking of quitting and restarting, you may need to do this a few times once you’ve joined a championship-caliber team. After going through the usual training regimen, hitting the Age button, and going through the usual scenarios before your season stats are displayed, you can quit BitLife and restart it until you win a championship with your team.

Alternately, you can choose not to sign with the team that drafted you and try out immediately with a top-three team as a rookie free agent. This could allow you to win a championship while you’re still in your teens, but the chances of a successful tryout with a great team don’t seem to be as good unless you’ve got a few years of experience and training under your belt.

How To Win A Championship In A Second Sport

After winning your first championship in your first sport, simply play out the rest of your contract — worst-case scenario, provided you followed the tips above, you should be around 24 or 25 by the time that happens. Once it expires, attend college and try out for the second sport you excelled in during your high school days.

Depending on your age, you can stay in college for a few years, drop out, and enter free agency, or stay the entire four years and get drafted in that second sport. Yes, it’s possible to be drafted in the first round in your late 20s, but fortunately in the BitLife universe, the chances of becoming a bust like a few NFL players who went this route are rather low.

physical fitness in bitlife

Once again, you can either get your feet wet by signing a rookie contract then trying out with a top-three team once that contract expires, or straight-up reject your rookie deal and try out for a top-three team as a rookie free agent. The choice is yours, but we’d again recommend the former option because this increases your chances of fulfilling the third and final requirement, which is to earn $100 million as a pro athlete.

Sports teams in BitLife are more likely to offer lucrative contracts to proven players with good stats, so if you accept the terms of your rookie deal, get your attributes up, and produce good numbers, you’re likely to earn upwards of $10-15 million a year in the next contract, even if you’re signing as a free agent after trying out.

how to become a successful american football player in bitlife

Just keep following the steps we suggested earlier — train religiously, make smart choices, avoid violent or rude altercations with fans and coaches, and use the quit-and-restart trick to avoid injuries and, if needed, to re-roll the game until you win a championship. That way, you can win your second title before the age of 35, then keep playing out the rest of your career until you earn $100 million. Keep in mind that this figure doesn’t seem to include commercials, books, photoshoots, and social media endorsements!

After completing the Prime Time Challenge, the standard process applies — you can choose one out four available prize chests and get a new hat or eyewear to add to your collectible Accessories.


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

@Jimmy You need to be in a country where there are professional sport teams (England, USA, Spain for soccer, etc.) or you can emigrate


Monday 19th of October 2020

Hey having a problem, as soon as I get 2 championships in the first sport and finish the contract I try to go to college and there are no sports to try out for and I tried going to university as well but also no sports, and No pro sports team will draft me, probably something I’m doing wrong.