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Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Defeat the Wraiths

Not all heroes wear capes, some just wear fancy-looking masks! Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen published and developed by Appxplore (iCandy) is an idle role-playing game that revolves around adorable mask-wearing characters who have the ability to see wraiths – allowing them to defend the world by cleansing it of these spirits.

Most, if not all, idle games revolve around clicking the screen mindlessly. This action, in-turn, helps boost your damage per second (DPS) to clear stages with relative ease. Masketeers gives us a new take on this click system and introduces us to a different mechanic. Masketeers has a unique orb-based, mini-combo system that gives you something to click at making the game a more active experience rather than just a passive idle one.

Progressing through the game means that you have to unlock new skills. Each one is accompanied by a new combination of orbs that you have to take note of. While these skills are not mandatory to progress the battles, these high hitting blows will make you progress the game faster.

masketeers idle has fallen caine

Embark on a journey with Caine.

As you go on and rid the world of the negative energy that these wraiths possess, you will discover new heroes who will gladly join your cause. It is quite amusing to see the different types of beautifully-designed masks that these characters don.

In the course of this Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen beginner’s guide, we will be talking about ways to maximize your damage output to more efficiently eliminate the negative-aura-possessing wraiths. We’ll also talk about the assorted rare masks strewn about the game and some runes that we can pick up along the way.

So, yell out the mantra “All for one and one for all” and let’s dive into the world of Masketeer-ing!

1. Combine Orbs For A Bigger Damage

The main goal in this game is to help our masked heroes purge the wraiths from our world. While our heroes by themselves are strong and can fend them off themselves, we as the players have the opportunity to help them speed up their journey by helping them pull off skills and combos.

Like most idle games, Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is split into two play styles, passive and active. Passively playing the game means just letting our heroes auto attack the wraiths into oblivion, just watching them whack the enemies to dust. While this by itself will progress the game automatically, if we really want to expedite the process – we should play actively. Actively playing the game means tapping on the different aspects that the game offers us, and in the case of Masketeers – clicking on orbs to give our heroes’ attacks a boost.

how to combine orbs in masketeers idle has fallen

Ah orbs, just like the good old days of Zuma.

Tapping on the orbs at the bottom of the screen will help the heroes perform skills. This by itself is pretty great, but combining orbs is greater to a considerable extent. From the start, the all you can do is tapping the orbs. But the game will allow you to combine orbs after clearing a few stages. With this in mind, popping the orbs in certain combinations will help us dish out more damage!

Along with letting us deal more damage to the wraiths, each orb activation will give us fuel to fill up the Ultimate gauge that each Masketeer has. Each Masketeer has their own ultimate and each ultimate has its own effect. The first Masketeer that the game introduces to the player is Caine and his ultimate is Great Wolf Spirit. It gives him a damage boost of two hundred percent for twenty seconds and switches all orbs to his own orbs. All you have to do to activate this ultimate is to click its tooltip at the end of the orb roulette. Pretty easy!

2. Use Sparks To Upgrade Your Characters

We can’t sit idly and just let our heroes remain at their weakest. We have to find a way to upgrade them. And what better way to rid the world of wraiths than using the currency these wraiths give us?

Whenever our Masketeers defeat an enemy, they drop sparks – this world’s gold and currency. These will be our ticket to strengthen our heroes and allow their overall damage to improve.

how to use sparks in masketeers idle has fallen

The SPARK that ignites and ensures our future.

Click on that little mask that is within the red background on the bottom of your screen and you will be directed to the hero level-up panel. Clicking the arrow beside the hero’s progression bar will increase that hero’s progress towards the next level. Filling the bar completely will level-up the hero.

The higher the level, the stronger the hero. The higher the level, the more sparks it takes to progress further. Also remember that the higher the stage you are in, the more sparks the enemies drop. We want to progress faster in the game so we can get to the stage that gives the most sparks much faster!

3. How To Use Talents, Runes And Masks

Every time a hero levels up, they are given a talent point. You can access the talent screen via the level-up panel by clicking on the hero’s icon.

Talents are dependent on the player’s choice. You can technically choose any talent you want, but to progress faster in the game, we recommend maxing out your characters’ damage. You don’t have to worry about your health – as long as you hit your opponent faster and harder, you won’t be giving them any opportunity to munch down your health, anyway.

how to use talents in masketeers idle has fallen

I am not only skilled! I am also very talented.

Let’s use Caine as an example. You will be first given the option between boosting his HP by ten percent or increasing his overall damage output by ten percent. It is true that the game forces you to take the damage boost and you don’t really have any choice in the matter, but once you have the choice in future talents, this is the path to take. Think of increasing your health as increasing the time you can take a beating, which isn’t as good as increasing your damage, which decreases the time it takes you to defeat a wraith.

Some talents are locked behind a level wall, which means you won’t be able to invest in them until your hero reaches a certain level.

Why Run When You Have Runes?

Another important aspect of the game can also be found in the talent page of our characters – runes!

These runes come in different shapes and substats. Getting strong runes isn’t as simple as finding them and equipping them to your heroes. They also have the appropriate shape so they are compatible with your masks.

Which Mask Suits Me Today?

Masks do more than just making your heroes look cool while vanquishing wraiths. They also help increase stats and give our heroes various boosts during battle. Let’s take a gander at our selection of masks!

Just like runes, these also come in different shapes, designs and also substats. So, aside from hoping for rare masks to drop, you also need to be lucky to get the exact mask with the exact shape, design, and substat you need for your characters.

As for runes and masks, always remember to go the damage route! Those that have substats that give us higher damage output (critical rate, critical damage, attack boost, etc.) should always be our priority.

4. Upgrade Your Guardians, Here’s How

Aside from upgrading your characters using the sparks that you get, you also use sparks to upgrade your guardians. Guardians have different effects for us and unlocking and upgrading them earlier will give you long-lasting benefits. Rule of thumb is to upgrade them whenever possible.

how to upgrade guardians in masketeers idle has fallen

I hope the Guardians come and help me out.

There are four different Guardians in Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen. Guardian of Power gives us added team attack damage. Guardian of Wealth gives us the opportunity to receive more sparks per enemy kill. Guardian of Vigor gives our heroes more health in order to soak more damage. Guardian of Fortunes gives us higher critical damage to deal a deadlier coup de grace.

Guardians appear randomly in battle, so you don’t receive their blessings immediately. But when they do appear, you’ll feel their awesome effects right on.

5. Take Advantage Of Wisps

A little further into the game, you will be introduced to some cute little pets… I mean wisps.

how to use wisps in masketeers idle has fallen

How can they be so adorable, yet so strong?

Aside from offering us added stats, these spirits also have unique benefits. Depending on the color of the wisp, they give you added stats on attack, health, or higher spark drops. Meanwhile, their unique benefits can be viewed anytime to learn more about their effects. These benefits can be activated whenever an orb of the corresponding wisp appears on your orb roulette. It can be somehow random, but it can quickly turn the tide of battle against a boss if ever you’re lucky!

6. How To Deal With Bosses

Now we’ve talked about the different ways of getting stronger, we can finally get into the reason why we want to get stronger – so we can fight wraiths with ease!

The game pits us against wraiths that get stronger with each passing stage. Each stage by itself is divided into different levels. Every ten levels we get to face off against that stage’s boss. There will be times that our characters can kill the bosses with ease, not needing our help via clicking on their respective orbs and ultimates. There will also be times that your characters will struggle in killing the boss, even with our help.

how to defeat bosses in masketeers idle has fallen

I hope you’re ready because things won’t be the same as last time, boss!

What would you do if ever we’re faced with a stalemate or, worse, defeat against a boss? Well, we have two options.

Farming Sparks

Stay on the stage and farm sparks in order to make your characters or guardians stronger. While this may somehow be a deterrent to fast progression, it is actually the sure-fire way to finish off the boss in our next encounter. Just stay there and farm the weaker wraiths and click our fishy buddy whenever he appears for bonus money!

Gearing Up For Battle

Usually, this one comes after the first option – we take this route if ever we feel that our current team is strong enough to face off that boss who sent us flying. We need to have a proper setup. Proper setup means we have our combos (orb chains) ready and ultimates up and ready to be fired. Once you click on the boss battle icon (twin swords at the upper right corner of the screen), click on everything at your disposal and burst that boss down right away!

7. General Tips & Tricks

While that would be the gist of your early game progression, other things to take note of are the following:

Rune Combination

Whenever you have two runes of the same color, rarity and shape, they can be fused together to make an even stronger rune! Although the substats of the outcome will be random, it is still far superior from the two that were combined.

The Mask Forge

There are times when a rare wraith will appear. Defeating it will make it drop dusts. These dusts can then be used to strengthen our masks, enhancing its substats. Another way to get dust is by disassembling old masks that you do not use anymore. Be careful though! Once you have used the dust to upgrade a certain mask, the only way to retrieve it is via disassembling that same mask.


This is the usual end game farm of idle games. There will come a time that you will have to transcend and reset your game. Resetting will then give you arcanas – currency that you need to get relics. Even though you will be resetting your progress, you get to keep most of the stuff you have. You’ll only lose the sparks you own, and your heroes’ levels will go back to 1. However, your heroes will still keep their talents and skills, meaning they are far stronger after reset than when you first started. These relics are the end game items that provide several bonuses and boosts to your party.

8. The Heroes We Need, The Heroes We Deserve

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen offers a small twist to the idle genre via introducing their take on game activity: orbs and combos.

Like all idle or clicker games, it features the reset button which needs you to re-run the game a few number of times in order to get through certain damage checks spread throughout the game. This gives the game its replayability and tickles our completionist tendencies a little each time, making us invest more time into the game.

masketeers idle has fallen koi

This game is a must have if you want to find elements of a clicker game within an idle game. Mechanics-wise, the game is not really that demanding. Most of it will boil down to muscle memory so that re-progression would take less and less time per transcendence.

Best grab that mask and prepare to wear it for battle. It’s now time to purge those wraiths from existence.

And that’s where we end our beginner’s guide for Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen. If you have come across any other useful tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!