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Drawmaster Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Drawmaster is a new casual, non-physics, action, drawing game developed by Playgendary, the folks behind popular mobile titles such as Escapemasters and Golfmasters, to name a few. The company’s latest title Drawmaster revolves around an Archer (or Gunner, depending on the skin you choose) that needs guidance in aiming his weapon.

This game does not pit you against things like gravity and air. You just have to aim true and draw the correct path leading to your enemies’ demise. While doing this, you will be making sure to collect all coins in the stage by making your shot pass through them on the way to your target.

Drawmaster may be a cake walk in the beginning because the coins will line up to the right path for your arrow’s trajectory. But as the game progresses further, you will be met with more elements that may complicate the game by a little bit. You may get stuck in certain levels that introduce new gimmicks. We’re here to get you out of those! You just have to prepare that finger of yours and boost your imagination a bit more.

drawmaster hints

There’s our bad guy over there. Might be a criminal due to his “sense of fashion.”

Our Drawmaster guide is aimed towards beginners and those that just want to casually play through the game with ease. Always remember that these coins do not define the lines that you draw and are not necessarily needed to be collected in order for you to progress further into the game.

So, let your imagination soar free, just like your arrows.

The Hub

Now, before we head out on an adventure of collecting coins and hitting our enemies in their heads, we have to first fix our arsenal. Although, our arsenal doesn’t really add much to damage or functionality but at least we get to look cool while we collect money and take our enemies down.

Roulette – Nowadays, what’s a mobile game without some small type of gacha?

drawmaster roulette

The roulette gives you just that. After watching a short video or after spending some rubies (the premium currency of the game), you get a chance to win some random trinkets. These trinkets range from some few notable things that we will also be talking about soon enough! Always take into account that roulette spins are rigged to give you the common rewards most of the time (gold and materials for base building).

Before hitting that spin button or the free button, you can first take a glance at the roulette wheel to see if there is anything of interest for you. If you are not at all interested in the rewards (especially the outfit and gun rewards), you may just opt to not spin at all.

The first on our list is outfits. You can get this on a pretty rare basis and the roulette also shows you beforehand the outfit that you have the chance of acquiring. The second on our list is guns. In our example image, it is in the form of a swordfish. Question it all you want but it is cute and is pretty funny seeing your enemies get blown up by a flying fish bullet!

Third on our list is rubies, although a pretty small amount. This may discourage you from using your rubies on roulette spins, and that is a really valid excuse. Best save those rubies for better things in the future! Fourth would be building hammers, helping us finish those furnishings in our house. This would take us one step closer to the outfit that we get upon completion of our base.

Last on our list is gold, which is the in-game currency that drops regularly from stages or those that are drawn across the board.

Outfits – We start off our game as a lowly archer. Eventually we’ll be able to change our outfit! Usually you gain access to outfits as early as two stages in, although this is assuming that you are lucky enough. While the game does not come with a shortage of outfits, the ways of getting them are somehow few and a bit costly.

drawmaster outfits

These outfits can be obtained by a few means: via a roulette that sometimes appear every few levels or opened via the button found in the hub or by watching a mini video every two or so hours (usually depends on the availability in your area), or maybe rewarded to you by the game due to your progress.

There are also some limited time outfits that change on a weekly basis, needing you to do a few tasks just so you can acquire them. These tasks range from finishing a few levels and defeating two bosses or doing a dice roll mini-game, needing you to cross the starting line a few times.

These outfits provide a nice overhaul to your character and have an evident change to their overall sprite. Can’t beat down the baddies without proper fashion!

Base – What’s the point of going around on a killing spree when you don’t have a cozy hideout to help you catch your breath after a clean get-away?

drawmaster base

The base building portion (unlocked after level 8) gives you the chance to furnish your hideouts using a few building hammers. These building hammers can be obtained via roulette or via finishing a few levels. Each furniture costs you a few hammers, so make sure you stock up on those so that you can add some home-y details to your base.

Every base that you finish designing will reward you with an outfit, another one to our many costumes – helping us avoid getting caught (not that any cops are chasing us or anything).

Pets – Pets serve as your companion while you are out on an execution mission. Nothing really special as they don’t affect the gameplay, but at least you have someone who looks out for you while you try and finish your shooting spree.

drawmaster pets

You can even channel your inner John Wick and find a proper doggy to stay at your side. One of ways to get pets is through the purchase of the battlepass. Upon writing of this guide, the current prize of the battlepass is a cute pet cat! Don’t feel pressured if you can’t find a pet, they absolutely don’t help in any way in the levels.

Guns – While most people would argue that a grenade launcher would do more damage than a regular bow and arrow, this game begs to differ. Guns really just change the look of your weapon, and actually gives the finishing touches to your costume.

drawmaster guns

The damage output of the bow and arrow is the same damage as the swordfish “gun”. The only difference is the appearance of the weapon and the appearance of the ammunition.

And… spoiler alert! The swordfish gun shoots… swordfishes.

Arrows Away!

Now that we have gotten the aesthetics out of the way, it’s time to get our weapon and take care of some baddies!

The first few levels pit you one-on-one against a few baddies and it wouldn’t really be much of a problem since the pathway that you need to draw upon is highlighted by the coins. Make sure to include these coins in the pathway of your arrow!

drawmaster arrows

Watch me finish this stage in one go.

There are few points of interest in the “in-game” screen that we should talk about a little. There is the pause button on the upper left part of your screen, which is what gives you the chance to go back to the home screen. The retry button on the upper right corner of your screen resets your current level if ever the scribble that your first drew is obstructing your vision (the game keeps track of your first line of fire if ever that fails to reach its mark or due to a certain mechanic). The skip button allows you to get past a level that is too hard in return of watching a short advertisement!

Hey Buddy!

Further into the game, you’ll be introduced to archers of different colors. Our goal is to take care of the baddies that are of the same color as our handled archer while collecting coins along the way. You’ll be given the opportunity to draw the projectile line for each so don’t worry about having to mirror the other archer’s firing line. One thing to remember is that your projectiles may collide with each other, making them fail in reaching their destination… so, aim carefully!

drawmaster different color archers

Blue for blue, red for red. Sounds fair? Alright let’s aim for ‘em.

Another thing to worry about is that if ever you fail to kill even one enemy, the level will be reset and you shall once again be asked to draw.

That Looks Unstable, Let’s Hit It!

There are times where the game will pit you against enemies that are of different color than the archer presented to you. Let us take this screen shot as an example.

drawmaster environmental damage

Red for re… wait a minute, there’s no red guys?

As mentioned, we know that we should aim for the red baddies since we’re given a red archer. We haven’t really talked about why this is the case, but if you want to go ahead and try it out, you’ll discover that guys of the opposite color are immune to our attacks.

Funnily enough, these guys aren’t immune to environmental damage! The environmental damage comes from them falling from high places or things falling on them. As for this example, try to aim for the wooden platform that’s keeping the huge barrel in place. This will, in-turn, break the platform and make the barrel come crashing down on their heads, finishing them off and the level as well! Just don’t forget to collect those coins! We’re in no hurry to land the finishing blow to these bad guys, anyway, so take your time in formulating the right path.

Boom? BOOM!

There may not be bonus points or bonus gold in creative kills, but those sure are satisfying! There will be times that you will really not have the option to finish off your target even if they are of the same color as your main archer. This means you’ll have to get creative in trying to beat the baddies!

drawmaster explosives

That bundle of explosives seems pretty… explosive-y…

We’ve talked about that in the last part, but this example this time is much more explosive! No need to resist the urge in making things go boom. Go wild with your solutions! Hit the box of dynamites below, and the explosion will hit the man beyond the wall, finishing the level!

No More Killing, Just Treasure

There are times in an archer’s life that he just wants to grab gold from the rich and give it to the poor, but in this life we just want the former and disregard the latter.

Every five levels, you will be given the opportunity to fire your weapon at frozen treasure! We still have no clue up to this day as to how these shiny trinkets came to be frozen in time, but as long as it works in our favor, let us aim for them!

drawmaster bonus

Free money? Don’t mind if I do!

There will also be times that random debris will be included on the things that are frozen. Make sure that you avoid these since these will make your projectiles drop to the ground, ending your run!

Remember that you only have one chance to clear each stage of the bonus level, so aim true!

Gold And Rubies

drawmaster shop

While not necessary to progress further into the game, gold and rubies give you the opportunity to purchase costumes and guns at certain points in the game. Sometimes, after clearing a few levels, you’ll come across the shop that offers you a variety of things. The regular shop allows you to purchase items using gold, while the VIP shop demands you to use those rubies.

Scribbling For The Best Shot

Overall, Drawmaster is a pretty fun game, its enjoyment only limited by your imagination. It’s simple enough for young children to play, provided that you be able to explain to them why you’re doing all this killing. But the animations aren’t too violent, and the cartoony graphics can be appealing for young audiences. If scribbling for the perfect shot is your idea of fun, then this game might just be the perfect one for you!

And this would be all for now as far as our Drawmaster tips and tricks are concerned. If you happen to know additional tips, that we haven’t included in this guide, please let us know by leaving a comment down below!