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Gacha Club Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Power-Up Fast and Beat Every Challenge

Gacha Club is the latest casual strategy RPG from Lunime, a company that has successfully launched a wide variety of gacha games since 2015. Gacha Studio, Gacha Life, and Gachaverse are just some of Lunime’s most popular games in their 14-strong app portfolio with the first two amassing more than 10 million downloads.

With each of their titles maintaining highly positive reviews on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, fans of Lunime’s chibi-styled and wholesome casual games will definitely clamor for more releases from them. Whether you have played any of Lunime’s games or very much into strategy RPGs, gacha games, or chibi characters, you should definitely check Gacha Club out!

gacha club guide

Gacha Club essentially takes into account various features and mechanics from Lunime’s most popular hits and mixed them all together along with certain improvements. Beyond engaging in various battles, players can spend an awful lot of time customizing the way characters look with tons of free dress-up materials.

A studio is also available to create various scenes featuring your custom characters along with pets and customizable backgrounds. Various mini-games provide not just alternative fun time away from the battle stages, but also some hefty rewards that can help you progress in your adventure. Beyond all its content and features, what sets it apart from most other gacha games is that you can definitely make good progress without spending a dime and Gacha Club also can be played entirely offline.

gacha club guide

Gacha Club only provides a brief tutorial to breeze through its enormous content. However, it is a pretty straightforward adventure and designed for absolutely everyone to pick up and play in a matter of minutes. While the volume of characters, stats, menus, and extras may certainly overwhelm; each feature is actually easy to understand once you begin to explore it.

Considering everything, how much time you spend on grinding and playing through the story and mini-games can determine how fast you can make progress. If you have been stuck on a particular stage, probably a boss battle, or looking for ways to level up and strengthen your favorite characters, then read on, as we will provide you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies in our Gacha Club beginner’s guide!

1. Progress Through The Main Story

Even as a casual strategy RPG, Gacha Club squeezes in its unique brand of story. Although the game currently holds only 2 chapters, it should take a while to succeed through each stage. Every stage you clear earns you gems along with gold, EXP, and other resources you need to enhance your heroes. There are extra gem rewards on your first clear and the further you progress, the better the rewards you earn.

how to complete the main story in gacha life

There are no missions or achievements tied up to how much you have progressed in the story and the sole reason you would want to push farther is because of the idle game-like feature of Gacha Club where you can automate battles and repeat a specific stage as many times as you wish. There are also no in-game energy that prevents you from spending as much of your time grinding for currencies and other resources so you can very much leave your device for as long as it can run to continuously level up your heroes and amass resources.

Although the most difficult stages are at the end of each chapter since it is the boss battle, chances are that some levels within the chapters will initially prove to be too strong for your team. If you cannot defeat a particular stage, therefore, you should simply replay the previously beaten level and repeat battling through it until your team grows stronger. Likewise, you should consider gradually enhancing your favorite heroes as well as engaging in the mini-games and other game modes if you have time for active playing.

2. Maintain A Balanced Team

With over 180 characters to collect and upgrade, there will certainly be a unique team waiting for you in Gacha Club. In truth, the initial roster of characters you can use for battle are pretty decent, representing each available element and balancing between single target and AoE attacks as well.

As you spend gems and tickets to summon more characters, you will surely come across some heroes that cater more to your preferences and strategies. Despite Gacha Club’s simplicity, there are certainly a lot to consider when building a team but for starters, your focus ought to be on how to have a solid one that can take you through the game’s story.

The most basic consideration is the elemental affinity of each hero you choose to make part of your team. Elemental affinities basically follow the “rock-paper-scissors” method of determining damage dealt and received and give certain advantages and disadvantages in combat. There are 8 available elements in Gacha Club where units are grouped into, and while not all follow the usual elemental affinity cycle, each element still has its own unique advantage and disadvantage.

how to build a powerful team in gacha club

For starters, the most basic elements are water, wind, and fire. Water is strong against fire and weak against wind, fire is strong against wind but weak against water, and wind is strong against water but weak against fire. Elements in this trio that have an advantage deals 1.5x damage and receives .5x damage from the disadvantaged element.

Light and dark elements follow the same rule although they only have advantages and disadvantages against each other. Heroes that have a corruption element deal 1.5x damage to all other elements but also take as much damage from each other element. DJ element units deal normal amount of damage to all other elements and take only .9x from each of them. Lastly, units belonging to the shadow element deal 1.1x damage to all elements and also take damage by the same amount or percentage.

Considering the above scheme, any combination or mixture of elements can actually give you a decent chance at fairly progressing through the game’s content. What you would want to avoid in any case is to have a team that will be disadvantaged by a single element. While the DJ element seems advantageous over other elements, there will certainly be instances where an advantageous element can help you through some challenging battles, particularly where enemies fall within one of the first five elements. Just the same, you are very much free to consider your own mix of elements.

There are 8 elements and 7 hero slots which means that initially, your focus as far as team-building ought to be focused on your handpicked 7 heroes. Although some of Gacha Club’s content will require more specialized teams for you to beat them, the amount of resources you will need makes it difficult to enhance and upgrade even just your top seven. So as a matter of prioritizing, you should delimit use of resources, as well as the heroes you bring to battle to just 7 heroes first.

It is likewise important to consider each unit’s stats and skills before you choose to invest in them. With a plethora of heroes available for each elemental group, it can be a difficult feat to choose which ones from among them are suitable for your team but to ensure that you are making the right choice, you should close into their details under the units menu.

Active skills are either single target attacks or AoE skills and typically comes with a unique bonus such as having an ability to stun enemies, gain mana, heal, or boost certain stats. If no extra bonuses are available, then the unit deals more raw damage than other characters. Passive skills provide a variety of stat bonuses to the whole team such as max MP, attack, defense, and so on. These skills should be in sync with the general attributes of the heroes within your team and should have a good balance between offensive strength and survivability.

Despite the number of heroes you can possibly obtain from the gacha, chances are that you will secure duplicate copies of heroes you have already obtained before getting close to unlocking every character. It is not bad thing, though, as every duplicate you get makes the specific character stronger.

Obtaining an extra copy of the hero you have will boost that hero’s stats by 5% and this percentage accumulates up to the twentieth copy. Later on, this may become a point of consideration for you as well especially if you have amassed several copies of a specific hero as the stat boosts it will generate can tremendously strengthen your team.

3. Remember To Update Your Pet Party

Gacha Club sets itself a lot simpler apart from other RPGs with its absence of gears to further enhance and customize heroes. Although its sports a feature that lets you dress up characters, it is for purposes of fun and creativity totally unrelated to battles. In addition to heroes you unlock from the gacha, however, there are also 150 pets for you to collect and bring with you to battle.

how to update pet party in gacha club

The 7 heroes is not the only party you need to organize and develop as there is separate pet party that you can customize. At the units window, you can see the pet party just under your first character. Tapping on the pet’s icon brings up a menu where you can customize the 10 pets to bring with you in battle. Each pet boosts a specific stat like attack, defense, health, critical rate, and critical damage. There are no limitations as to how you would choose the stats you want to build up so you can basically choose exclusively pets that boost one type of stat.

For the most basic gacha, which is the Standard Gacha, you are more likely to obtain pets than heroes. As such, you will have more copies of pets than heroes and will more likely be able to collect all available pets sooner as well. Extra copies of pets increase their level and after hitting certain milestones, the sta boosts they provide increases its value. In this sense, having pets that have more copies typically mean that the percentage amount of buff they provide are bigger.

There are common pets and there are legendary pets. With the latter being more difficult to obtain, the stat boosts they provide are naturally higher than the common pets. At the pets window, you can view legendary pets you have unlocked at the seventh and eighth page or by clicking on the yellow star at the right side of the screen.

4. Be Selective When Enhancing Heroes

The heroes you have in your party will earn experience points with each stage they defeat in the story mode and with it, you can make it through a couple or so of the early stages. With the increase in difficulty of the succeeding levels, though, your heroes are bound to lag behind in terms of level and power, which is why you will occasionally have to grind certain stages to catch up.

Beyond that, however, you have various ways of enhancing your heroes outside of combat and given the resource requirements associated with each feature, you will again need to exercise care and planning as far as choosing which heroes to invest in is concerned.

how to enhance heroes in gacha club

At the units window, the enhance option will blink whenever the highlighte hero can be be powered up. Enhancement or increasing the hero’s level is actually the most basic way of increasing a hero’s power. Along with gold, you can consume fairies to give EXP to the selected hero. These fairies can be obtained from the gold gacha as well as the main story and most other game modes and mini-games in Gacha Club.

Once a hero reaches the maximum level, which is 50 at default, you can further increase their level cap through awakening. There are various awakening materials you can farm in the game and you can also obtain them from the gold gacha. Each awakening increases the level cap by 10 levels and can be done up to 5 times, leading to a maximum level of 100.

Both of the hero’s active and passive skills can also be enhanced using skill moons and expectedly, more materials are needed to initiate an enhancement the higher the skill level goes. With the amount of resources needed to initiate these enhancements, it is important to consider exercising discretion especially since it will take some time to gather the needed resources so every investment should be worth it.

Again, this is one of the more important reasons why you need to exclusively focus on merely 7 characters first. On top of the resource materials, gold is also needed to perform any sort of upgrade on the heroes. Each type of resource may drop from your story stage grind but you can farm them faster from the training stages.

5. Spend Time Playing Mini-Games

Gacha Club currently holds 4 unique min games that not only adds to the list of fun and exciting activities to spend your time on but also to help earn you gems as well as a special currency called Bytes. Each mini-game is actually easy to learn and the rate of earning both gems and bytes are decent. Bytes can be exchanged at the shop for exclusive units you cannot obtain anywhere else. Each of the 6 available characters can be purchased for 3,000 bytes and additional copies for limit break costs 1,000 bytes each.

You do not necessarily have to perform exceptionally on each mini-game but at the very least, be sure to try each one out. Chances are that you will excel in at least one of the mini-games so you can farm more gems and bytes from it when you have the time.

gacha club mini-games

Lemo & Yumi Dance is a mini-game where the titular characters dance by moving their arms in a one of four different directions. On top of the gestures, arrow corresponding to the dance move will be shown at the upper side of the screen and once the countdown starts, you have to key in the correct directions. 5 mistakes lead to a game over. What makes this challenging is when multiple moves are made before the countdown. While you have to key in the correct patterns fast, be sure to do so after the countdown starts.

The Mascot Whack is a simple whack-a-mole game where you need tap on Bella and Usalina once they pop out of the holes. Friendly ducks appear as well and you should avoid hitting them as doing so will cost you a life. The trick here is to keep you focus at the center and spot both Bella and Usalina with your peripherals using color association. To simplify, do not tap if you see yellow; otherwise, tap away.

Usagi Vs. Neko is an FPS type mini-game where you can move sideways to try and shoot the targets before they reach either end of the screen. Once they do, they will come to you and shoot you down and you lose a life. You should always try to return to the center of the screen after shooting down a target and be sure to use the indicator at the top to determine each target’s location.

Do not forget to use the dash button at the right side of the screen as there will be instances when you have to move really fast to catch the target. You do not need to be perfectly precise but be sure to shoot only when you are fairly certain to hit the target as it recoil is not that fast.

The Memory Match is a card game where a certain number of paired cards are briefly shown to you before being flipped down. You have to then choose 2 identical cards one after another within a certain time limit. It can be confusing at first but one simple trick to help you beat it is to know how many pairs you can memorize. Try doing so for 3 pairs at first. Within the short period time at the start of the game, memorize 3 pairs and flip them over once the timer starts. For the subsequent cards, flip two at a time and then another 2 until you find a pair.

6. Progress Through The Other Battle Modes

While the main story should be your top priority in terms of progression, while the training mode is the farming destination for all your enhancement material needs, there are still more game modes in Gacha Club that you can spend some time on to earn extra gems, among other valuable rewards. There is an elemental towers mode that you can progress through as well as the Shadows of Corruption, which can earn you exclusive heroes.

gacha club battle modes

Under the Elemental Towers mode, there are 6 different towers with 10 difficulty levels each. Each tower only contains enemies under the given element, so for the most part, you can have plan an advantage if you have a team with more units that have the elemental advantage. In addition to gems, gold, XP, and resource materials, first time clears reward you with more gems.

The Shadows of Corruption contains boss battles and is perhaps the most challenging game mode in Gacha Club. The enemies are very powerful and will give you 3 attempts to beat them. You can only unlock this battle mode after completing the second chapter of the story but still, chances are that you will still be unable to clear any boss battle here until after you power up your teams more.

And that sums up all we have for you on our Gacha Club beginner’s guide and we hope that you enjoyed reading through it and learned a lot from the simple tips and strategies we shared. Do not forget to take advantage of the free gems you can obtain by watching a short video ad every once in a while and take some time as well to enjoy the studio feature of the game as a resting time from all the battles and challenges. If you have played and enjoyed Gacha Club a lot and have uncovered some unique tips and secrets that we have yet to discover ourselves, feel free to let us know!


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I love the game but I cannot download it on pc. could I ask how to download it and where to go to download it? :)


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wow how to play this game


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@hakemat, the game is good isn't it? ;)