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Rohan M Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Rohan M is a brand new action mobile MMORPG developed by NX3 Games, based on the famous online PC game Rohan Online by Playwith. Much like the PC version, you’ll have lots of content to go through and lots of choices to make in this exciting new mobile game.

The games comes with various modes such as PvP, PvE, Open World, as well as Township Battle. As we mentioned Rohan M comes with a ton of content, which could be overwhelming, especially for first-time players. However, fear not, as we have come up with a comprehensive beginner’s guide for Rohan M. So be sure to stay with us and read our Rohan M beginner’s guide below for some useful tips, cheats and strategies to dominate your enemies!

1. Using One Or Many Accounts

As it turns out, both have their pros and cons in Rohan M. It’s just a matter of which you prefer to deal with. With the customizable auto-play, you can have your own party at any time. It won’t be overly difficult to get the exact party members/classes you’d want with you. So, using multiple accounts has that advantage.

Depending on what you’re aiming to do, you’ll have to check the proper party distribution (manual or automatic) when making the party. The main problem with using multiple accounts is having enough mobile devices to use them all at the same time.

rohan m storage

The other problem is that you can’t send items directly to your other accounts/characters (direct player to player trading). You’ll have to use the Market/Trading for that.
If you setup all of your Rohan M characters in a single account, you can somewhat directly give items to each of your characters.

Once you’re in the main town Einhorn, click the Storage button located where your normal attack button should be. Whichever character is logged in at the time can store or retrieve items in the Storage. Yes, even bound items can be stored. This comes in very handy when you’re trying to get items for a particular character in your account. The problem being; said particular character is having zero luck gaining items.

Also note that this is the main method for gaining a hefty boost to the second to fourth characters in your account. The main problem with having only 1 account is that you’ll have to put effort into it if you need a party.

As far as making a guild in Rohan M is concerned, either setup (1 or multiple accounts) would work just fine. You can have 4 characters in 1 account and any one of them can make a guild. From there, all of them can join that guild. It works exactly the same when using multiple accounts. The only difference is that you could end up with many of your own “members” in one guild which can be a bit lonely!

2. Auto-Combat Settings

As it turns out, the devs of Rohan M got their auto-play setup right! You can customize it quite a bit. You can also enable/disable auto-play at any time. The best part is that it stays enabled or disabled until you change it.

rohan m quick slot

Part of the auto-play customizing is in setting the Quick Slot skills. That part is pretty straightforward since there’re only 4 active skills you can use at a time. The not so straightforward (but not overly bad) part is the Auto-Combat Settings.

The Auto Potion Settings allow you to adjust when the HP and MP pots are used. If you calculate it properly, you won’t guzzle pots unnecessarily. Check it according to your stats. A lot of items will boost the recovery amount. The Auto Combat Radius is to either keep your character in a certain area or let it float off at random.

rohan m auto combat settings

Mostly it’ll float off at random when it completes a quest and keeps going. The Auto Retaliation against monsters is a great example of keep it on. If something aggressive comes after you, you don’t want your character to stand there and eventually get killed!

The rest are entirely up to you but you should check them depending on where you are. The Auto Skill tabs allow you to use different skill setups depending on where you are. Certain combinations work better in certain situations. Of course, when you’re first starting out, you don’t really need to worry too much about the Auto Skill tabs.

3. First Character And Class Setups

There’s a very high importance placed on making your first character in Rohan M. Each class has its pros and cons as there should be (balance). The recommendation is to first pick which class you like playing. Yes, they’ll all be a bit different which is why you make the one you like. From there, pick which side of your passives you want to use. Each class has 2 builds to choose from.

Do note that your passives will favor one side more than the other. The good news is that it won’t matter much since you can still use the stats from equipment to make up for it. That and you can still set the stats manually.

From there it’s a matter of setting passives and stats correctly.

how to reset stats in rohan m

Let’s start with your stats. Depending on your build choice you’ll mostly add all your stat points to that particular stat. For example, if you decided to build up a Predator (Assassin class), most or all of your stat points would go to AGI.

The good news is that it doesn’t cost much Crone to reset your stat points in Rohan M. So basically you can experiment a bit with your stat points. However, the assumption is that you’d be happier with the Crone. The recommendation is to get it right the first time as much as possible!

The not so good news is that you can’t reset passives in Rohan M. This is where you have to be careful about things.

passive skills in rohan m

The above screenshot shows passives for an Assassin being built up for Predator. Did you notice how Katar Mastery is not activated? The recommendation for Predators is to use a dagger weapon. So in not wasting Crone or more, Katar Mastery is simply left alone. The fun part is that you can still activate and/or include it if you have any ideas of changing to Avenger. So yes, there’s still some versatility to this! Also notice that unused skills don’t have their passives activated. You can also change that later depending on your Skill tab usage in the Auto-Combat Settings.

Now we go through the class setups in Rohan M. As of this writing, there’re 4 classes to choose from. Starting with Knights, you can build for Guardian or Defender. DEX, STR, and VIT are the main stats. The recommendation is to go full DEX stats while using the sword and shield weapon for a Guardian. Full STR is for Defenders using a sword and dagger weapon. Next is the Archer. The main stats for Archer’s are DEX, AGI, and VIT. For a Ranger, put all stat points on DEX while using a bow weapon. For the Scout, AGI stat points and a crossbow are the better bets.

Next in line are the Mages. You can build up for Warlock or Wizard. The main stats are INT, WIS, VIT. Go with full INT for Warlocks. Use a wand weapon on Warlocks. For a Wizard, the recommendation is to put your stat points on WIS and use a staff weapon. Last but not least are the Assassins. The main stats for Assassins are STR, AGI, and VIT. The Assassins of Rohan M can be built up to either Avenger or Predator. For Avengers, the main stat would be STR while using a katar weapon. For Predators, the main stat is AGI. You’d want a dagger weapon in use as a Predator.

4. Leveling And Hunting Tactics

The hunting and leveling done in Rohan M are basically going hand in hand. The trick to it is that you don’t really mix the two. When you’re leveling, your aim is either dungeons or quests. You’ll notice very quickly that the mobs won’t give you much EXP. So grinding them for levels would be a huge waste of time. The dungeon mobs won’t give you any EXP.

However, the rewards from quests and dungeon rounds will. They’ll both give in fairly plentiful amounts! So when you’re first starting out, there’s your best bet for leveling. When you get into higher levels (level 45+), you can also include the Zone quests. Click the Quests button just below your current main quest on the left of your screen.

rohan m zone quests

As you get into each area, you’ll see a set of zone quests become available. No, the EXP gains are not overly great. At least the extra rewards try to help make up for it!

While you’re busy killing things during your quests, you’ll spot various item gains (typical loot). The idea is to gain as much of it as possible. So it’s on you to decide when to pause the leveling and go hunting. One of your best bets is at level 20+. By then you should have at least 4 skills to attack with. The tactic to this is to keep an eye on your loot and killing speed during quests.

What you’re looking for are targets you can kill quickly and you’re gaining a lot of loot from. Basically, stay there and keep hunting to fill up your inventory. With this, you can fairly quickly forge good equipment to help you get through a lot more content.

5. Equipment Strategies

This is one of the harder parts to Rohan M. It sure looks nice seeing all kinds of stat increases on your equipment. Unfortunately, if you built up for the wrong stats in your equipment, you’ll have a really great floor hugger!

rohan m bad items

Take the example equipment showing in the above screenshot. These two are the prime examples of “Wrong. Go back and do it again”! To the left is a staff showing STR, DEX, and AGI as bonus stats. That’s nice and all but it certainly won’t help on a Mage! To the right is a Knight’s weapon showing WIS and VIT. Ok, the VIT part still works but the WIS part highly indicates “You’re doomed”!

rohan m good items

Now take a look at the tunic in the above screenshot. The bonus stats are a bit low but it works a lot nicer on an Archer. Those are the exact recommended main stats for Archers. The good news is that you can use forging to increase those stats. Yes, you can even change stats.

Sometimes you’re just stuck with things in Rohan M. That’s fine. Those stat bonuses and the tasset all are meant for an Archer just like the previous tunic. The stats are locked and that’s fine for now. Other times when you forge equipment, you can select bonus stats.

how to forge equipment in rohan m

This comes in very handy when you need to make a piece of equipment work for your character. Whatever you do, make sure you select equipment properly for forging. The idea is to avoid wasting resources to upgrade things that give you the wrong bonus stats.

In an effort to further increase stats, you can apply costumes. When you’re first starting out, they’re fairly easy to get. You’ll gain them the most via various rewards. It’s after you get them. That’s the trick.

The costumes and crests you gain via rewards will be entirely up to the Rohan M “Random Number Gods (RNG). That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can use the Combine button on the left to try to get a more suitable costume or crest. “More suitable” is according to the characters you’ve created in your account. All it takes is 2 of the same ranked costumes or crests and you can combine in hopes for a better costume or crest.

rohan m costumes

All costumes and crests will be usable by all characters in your account. No, you don’t absolutely have to have the matching costumes and crests for the sets. Yes, it is nice if you have them and they work with your characters. Just be sure to collect the rewards from the Collection tab before combining costumes or crests.

Next on the list is a really fun part to Rohan M. That would be the Accessory Trade. This will be a real test of your luck but it can be fun just the same.

how to trade accessories in rohan m

Simply dismantle accessories that you generally can’t use or can’t sell in the Market. You’ll get Persona to use in the Accessory Trade. From there, it’s a matter of testing your luck by Registering an accessory at Rare or higher grade and clicking the Trade button. Yes, sometimes you can get a higher grade of accessory.

Yes, sometimes you can get an even bigger hunk of junk compared to the one you registered! Don’t say we didn’t tell you it was a test of your luck. The nice trick to it is that even though the accessory that came out of the Accessory Trade won’t work on your current character, there’s already a chance it could work on another character in your account. Or you could sell it. Just don’t give up that easy!

When all else is pretty much failing you in Rohan M, go for buffs!

rohan m buffs and scrolls

You can have quite a stack of buffs going via scrolls and being in a guild. Being in a guild is pretty much a requirement in many MMORPGs. In Rohan M, being in a guild gives you a Guild Buff which doesn’t expire. From there, gain scrolls. You’ll gain a lot of scrolls via various rewards. Or you can buy some! In any case, be sure to use the scrolls that are meant for your character. Clearly a physical attack boost scroll won’t help your Mage much!

Just the same, WIS and INT scrolls will help your Knight to meet a very quick and untimely demise! In including main stat recommendations, AGI scrolls can be used on either an Archer or an Assassin. The attack increase scroll can be used on an Assassin, Knight, and Archer. So they’re not always just a “one way” deal.

And this wraps up our beginner’s guide for Rohan M. In case you have discovered any other tips or strategies for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!


Sunday 10th of October 2021

when forging equipments, is it always be rare items? because i can't forge the items that i looted from the monsters, i want to forge a rare item, but cant add up the normal items with the same type in the forging interface, tnx, btw im a dekan,lvl 39 , and you didn't add dekan in your #3, hehe