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One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 Character Tier List: The Best Heroes and Villains in the Game

One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 has just been released internationally after spending some time in closed beta in select countries. With the feedback they got from the CBT, developers Oasis Games released a much better version of the game, with smoother gameplay and more balanced character stats and skills.

But that doesn’t mean all heroes are created equal – some characters are just plain stronger than others. While Saitama will undoubtedly beat anyone who stands in his way with just a single punch, the rest of the game’s motley crew of heroes and villains can still fight over the number two spot. Since Saitama himself can’t be recruited in the game, we’ll just have to settle with the others.

Still, there’s a lot of heroes and villains to choose from in the game. Note that regardless of how strong they are in the anime, it doesn’t automatically translate to a strong performance in the game. That’s why we prepared this tier list for you – it’s your ultimate guide on who to train and use in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0.

one punch man road to hero 2.0 best characters

This guide will surely help those who are looking to strengthen their parties by adding the strongest and the best heroes and villains to their team. Meanwhile, if you’re a beginner and you haven’t played the game a lot yet, you should focus more on getting the hang of the basics and learning how to play the game. Don’t worry so much about tier lists yet, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide instead and buff yourself up first.

As for the rest of you who just want to know who the second mightiest of them all is, read on and discover the unbounded powers of these super-beings.

Cream Of The Crop – The Top Three Characters In One Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0

While it’s important to consider your team’s composition in choosing who to bring in battle, some characters can simply win you fights just by being in your team. In many cases, even if the rest of your team is composed of weaklings, these characters can still win you the fight. That’s why these three characters are on top of this list, and you’re super lucky if you were able to pull them from the Recruitment Page.

Top 1 – Boros

boros one punch man road to hero 2.0

The big baddie of the whole Alien Conquerors Arc in the anime is our first character in our tier list. He’s the most powerful villain in the game, and he’s very fun to use.

First of all, he’s one tough cookie. Attacks will mostly do him minimal damage, so he can stay around unleashing whatever chaos he wants in the battlefield. Partner that with his insane DPS which hits not only the opposing enemy, but also everyone else besides it with splash damage. The best part about Boros is his attacks ignores the enemy’s DEF stat, so tanks don’t really stand a chance against him!

His passive skill allows him to dispel any debuffs your opponent has placed on him, as well as silence those who may pose a threat against him. He tops this with a shield that protects him from incoming damage – as if he even needed a shield at this point.

I’m lucky to have gotten Boros on my first Recruitment, and I’m happy to say that he’s been very useful in the game. His power is tremendous, and his skills feel like an overkill, but it’s only fitting for the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves.

Top 2 – Silverfang

silverfang one punch man road to hero 2.0

The most distinguished and most talented martial artist in the anime tops our list of heroes you will want to be part of your team. While he is just #3 in terms of S-ranked heroes in the Hero Association, he is certainly #2 in this game.

Silverfang is the best assassin in the game, making very short work of enemy characters regardless of who they are. His attacks not only deal 100% ATK DMG to the enemy in front of him, he also hits 5 random shots on a different random enemy.

On top of that, he’s a slippery devil. He’s hard to hit, but when you do, he doesn’t budge. His high attack power, his ability to avoid damage, and his general tankiness make him a formidable foe in the game.

Top 3 – Terrible Tornado

terrible tornado one punch man road to hero 2.0

While our first two characters can easily win fights on their own, our number 3 actually requires a team built around her. No, we don’t mean a good team around her. She only requires a team.

See, the great thing about Terrible Tornado is her ability to give her allies insane buffs in their ATK stat and their critical hit chance. Regardless of who she’s with, she’s able to make them a powerhouse. Your Mumen Rider that hits for paltry damage will suddenly one-hit opponents. That’s how powerful Terrible Tornado’s buffs are.

But wait, there’s more. She also has the strongest AOE damage in the game. While she’s not busy making everyone else around her comically strong, she can whip her own path of destruction herself.

Silverfang and Boros can easily beat Terrible Tornado 1 on 1, no doubt about that. But in terms of usefulness in the battlefield, clearing stages and story missions, and actually beating your opponents in 5v5 PvP battles? Terrible Tornado is your best bet.

Good Enough But Can Do Better

The next characters we’ll talk about are strong on their own right, but are nowhere as strong as the first three we’ve mentioned. They will truly shine if you find the right party composition that they’ll fit right in, but you can’t just fit them into any team and call it a day.

Nevertheless, these characters are good enough to help you clear the story missions, Extreme Trial, and Road to be Strong. But don’t expect them to carry a haphazardly assembled team towards victory in PvP matches.

Top 4 – Metal Bat

metal bat one punch man road to hero 2.0

Metal Bat is your typical revenge character. The more you hurt him, the more he’ll hurt YOU. He’s nowhere near the top of the Hero Association’s rankings for S-ranked heroes, but he’s much stronger here in this game than he is in the anime.

First off, lots of other players will surely focus on either damage-dealing or tankiness. Metal Bat can take care of both builds. He’s tanky enough to take all the damage you can give him, and he’ll return all that damage back to you. Meanwhile, tanky opponents will have a tough time against him because he knocks down your characters, making them miss their turns.

On a one-on-one situation against any other opponent, Metal Bat has a very high chance of winning. But you’ll also have to consider the team you’re building around him. When left alone to fend for himself against a larger group of enemies, Metal Bat can easily be overwhelmed.

Top 5 – Mosquito Girl

mosquito girl one punch man road to hero 2.0

Mosquito Girl may have been a bit of a pushover in the anime, but she’s just as iconic as Genos or Saitama. For that reason, she’s being given a big role in video game adaptations, and Road to Hero is no exception.

While she’s nowhere as strong as Boros, she’s still a powerful villain. She deals strong AOE damage while also sustaining herself with her lifestealing skills. She can also silence her opponents to prevent them from using their skills.

However, the problem with Mosquito Girl is that she can be easily picked off. Her ATK gets lower as she loses her health. When your opponent’s characters have a higher SPD stat, her damage might be too low by the time she gets to attack. Build a strong team of support characters around Mosquito Girl to keep her alive, and then buff her critical hit rate so she can heal up while attacking.

Can Hang Out With The Top

The next set of heroes and villains we’re going to tackle are the last batch of characters you should bother training. While there are a whole lot of other characters in the game, most of them don’t really do well in PvP or have very niche applications in team composition builds. The following characters can still fit right into most common team compositions, so you can rest easy investing in them.

Genos – Genos is a character you will get early in the game, and he’s the one you should be investing in a lot while you haven’t recruited the heroes mentioned above. While Genos is kinda flimsy and easy to kill, his attacks can wipe out whole columns of enemies. Using him in battle will let you go through the story missions easily, clearing milestones and objectives in the process.

genos one punch man road to hero 2.0

While Genos is a gem in the early game, you can still keep him around in your final builds for your team. He works best with other Hi-Tech characters like Child Emperor, but you’ll have to build a sturdy team around him for you to win fights against other players.

Child Emperor – Child Emperor is a top-tier support character who can help sustain your team’s health for a long time while also boosting their stats. His only drawback is his low damage output, so you really have to pair him up with high DPS characters or assassins.

child emperor one punch man road to hero 2.0

While Child Emperor isn’t exactly the most common character you can get from the recruitment pool, his Epic rarity will make him pop up more often than the Mythical rarity characters above. Because of that, you’ll likely be able to collect enough duplicate copies of Child Emperor to promote him to maximum stats, which is often competitive enough in PvP.

Hellish Blizzard – She’s not your go-to character if you want to make short work of your enemy. However, Hellish Blizzard shines best when she’s with hard tanks and high DPS characters. She does really good Crowd Control against the enemy, preventing them from getting into rhythm. With Hellish Blizzard, you get to control the tempo of the game. Her role is to buy your team the time they need to fill their own Rage bar, and then unleashing their powers against an enemy team in disarray.

hellish blizzard one punch man road to hero 2.0

With that being said, Hellish Blizzard is very squishy, so you’ll have to position her well on the battlefield. She’s also very vulnerable versus assassins and AOE damage characters. But the way she controls the tempo of the matchup is a good enough compromise for her frailness.

Tank-Top Master – Tank-Top Master is a straightforward character. He absorbs a lot of damage from the enemy, while also stunning them and stopping them from using their skills. However, you can’t expect him to finish off the enemy for you. You have to pair him with high DPS characters or with Assassins.

tank-top master one punch man road to hero 2.0

Tank-Top Master will usually outlast everyone else in his own team. When that happens, he has little chance of turning the tables and winning the battle 1v5. However, his crowd control skills can prevent that from happening, so long as he has a good enough support group from the rest of the party.

Metal Knight – Finally, we have Metal Knight. The genius doctor uses his Battle Robot to fight for him, and the metallic frame of the Metal Knight gives him great protection against enemy attacks. His tankiness will be able to sustain enough damage against AOE damage characters, which should allow him to deal enough of his own DPS damage before he bites the bullet.

metal knight one punch man road to hero 2.0

Metal Knight’s DPS damage isn’t the best in the game, but it’s his survivability that gives him a spot on our tier list. While many other characters like Lightning Max and Speed-O’-Sound Sonic have higher DPS damage, they’re often too squishy that they only last one or two rounds before dying. Therefore, the total damage Metal Knight deals in one whole fight ends up being more than the other characters who actually have higher DPS than him.

That’s our top ten characters in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0. While these characters are the strongest among all the other characters in the game, not having them shouldn’t prevent you from playing the game anymore. Road to Hero is very generous, awarding players with lots of resources often enough that you will be able to do a 10x Recruitment often.

Therefore, even if you’ve been playing for a while and you haven’t gotten any of these top-tier characters, don’t worry! You’ll get a lot more chances later down the road. The game is more than just its PvP section, anyway. Play through the story mode first. By the time you complete all stages, you probably would have collected a couple of the characters mentioned above.

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