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Frontier Justice Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Legendary Bounty Hunter

ONEMT is back with yet another chart-topping strategy game and this time, Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild takes you back to the era of the old west on a deep and highly engaging adventure filled with cowboys, outlaws, saloons, bounties, and many more. If you have played some of ONEMT’s popular titles like Revenge of Sultans, Saga of Sultans, and War Eternal, just to name a few, then you should already be familiar with the quality and overall package of each game under their 12-strong app portfolio.

Frontier Justice has only been around for a little over a month and has already conquered the #5 spot of the App Store’s RPG category. Over at Google Play, the game has secured the top spot of new games in 6 countries while maintaining respectable ranks in others as well. With a largely positive average user review rating on both mobile platforms, you can be confident enough to give it a shot. If you are in the current lookout for a unique base-building strategy game that offers more than what the genre typically offers, then you should definitely download and dive into the world of Frontier Justice.

frontier justice strategies

As Frontier Justice comes packed with an abundance of features and game mechanics, it can initially be perceived as overwhelming, most especially for complete beginners. It does employ a lot of the usual characteristics of typical base-building strategy games but it offers plenty of traits that are new even for experienced players. The tutorial part of the game, however, that greets you once you dive into it, provides you with all the basics of what you need to do.

While you are very much free to go about progressing your adventure and developing your town, there are certainly more efficient ways of doing so. If you find yourself constantly suffering defeats from battles or feel that you are not progressing fast enough, then be sure to read our Frontier Justice beginner’s guide, as it’s packed with tips, cheats and strategies to help you rank up your character and town fast!

1. Follow And Complete Chapter Objectives

One of the features in Frontier Justice that you won’t often see in other strategy games is its story-driven gameplay that takes you through chapters as a means of determining your initial progress in your adventure. Beyond grasping the lore of the land and the rationale behind the need to develop your town and train more people, each chapter and objectives that fall within it serve as the most basic guide for you to continue making progress.

You can see the top-most goal in each chapter at the bottom left side of your screen. Clicking on the “!” beside it, however, will show you a full list of the set objectives and you are very much welcome to accomplish any other task within the list.

frontier justice objectives

Each chapter holds a definite number of objectives you need to meet and each one also comes with a reward. You actually do not need to accomplish objectives from top to bottom but do note that some of these have requisites especially in the case of buildings where some are dependent on others. Note as well that it can happen that you will accomplish one task before it appears on the checklist. In such cases, you only need to click on it to obtain the rewards.

On top of the extra rewards you can receive by completing the tasks as requisites for completing the chapter, one of its more important impact comes with the account level or level of your character, which is the boss. Some features of the game are dependent on the account level and it also helps earn you more power. While there are various sources to obtain XP to boost your growth, completing chapter objectives are still your best bet, especially given the overall benefits of unlocking new structures and features that open up more avenues for you to boost your frontier’ growth and development.

2. Always Multitask

Like all other base-building strategy game, Frontier Justice actually already gives you an opportunity to impose your own strategy when it comes to managing your town. If you follow and progress through the chapters quickly enough, you will soon come to find that there will be a lot of buildings within your territory and the land itself will expand its borders in that it can overwhelm you easily if you let it. There is no need to fret, though, as the game has made it quick and simple enough for you to monitor and initiate most operations with a simple slide-in menu found at the left side of the screen.

Construction is actually the most basic and most difficult to forget as you will constantly be building new structures and upgrading them one after another for the most part of your time in and outside of the game. Training troops and research might not be within the scope of what you would normally do unless quests or missions require you to do so but keep in mind that for starters, these are the activities you need to constantly keep running to increase your power and be able to take on greater challenges at a faster rate.

frontier justice multitasking

Note that on top of these usual activities that you need to keep up and running to constantly boost your territory’s growth, you will find other activities within this menu that you need to regularly check out. Once you have a livestock farm, sending horses out on patrol can earn you extra rewards. You can also check armies you send out through dispatch here. Once you have joined a Posse, this can serve as a quick notification for needs to donate, help, or see updates on treasures.

Once you have also secured a Tax Man’s Office, you can collect various resources from the town folk through the building and you can fast travel to it via the appropriate “Go” button in the Overview Menu. While you do not necessarily need to spend time in the Saloon other than when it is part of your bounty, be sure to frequently visit the Waterin’ Hole for free 5x hero shards and 5x skill cards per day. Likewise, the Cargo Loading near the railroad serves as your constant source of extra resources. Be sure to make the most out of it as well.

3. Keep Your Territory Clean And Organized

The Overview slide-in menu makes it easy enough for you to keep track of activities you regularly need to engage in along with some freebies, as we mentioned above. After levelling up a little more rapidly at the start of your journey, you will soon have a wide area within your camp that has a lot of spaces given the limitations of structures you built following the chapter objectives.
To start off, always check the construction button at the lower right side of the screen and if there are numbers on it, then there are new structures that you can already build, provided of course that you have enough resources to do so.

frontier justice territory

If you can afford to, be sure to build each of the available structures especially those that contribute to additional resources. Chances are that even after doing so, you will still have plenty of open space within your base. With that, take advantage of this short opportunity to tidy up the place and rearrange buildings and organize them in such a way that it makes it easy for you to find each of them later on. You can simply tap and hold on any building until arrows appear on each side. Once you see the x and check icons pop up, you can slide the structure to your preferred location.

You may also occasionally find trees and rocks scattered around your territory, especially if there is a newly unlocked expansion. You can click on these to earn gold as well as some resources. Make it a habit to try and tidy up your camp once you have some free time. It may be a little challenging at the start but the early part of your adventure is the best time to do this as you will continuously have more and more structures within the camp later on.

4. Join A Posse As Soon As You Can

Guilds, factions, clans, alliances, and similar player groups have always been an integral part of most multiplayer online games, especially those that fall within the RPG and strategy genres. These are calles posses in Frontier Justice and very much share the same purpose. Although you can actually play and enjoy the game entirely on your own, it will be very difficult for you to progress or even survive in Frontier Justice without aligning yourself with a strong and active enough posse. It is not really a question of whether or not you should join one, but rather, which one should you associate yourself with.

Chances are that there will be a multitude of posses for you to apply in once the feature becomes available for you to do so. Banking on numbers would be a good start as you will then discover just how active each of the members are. There are numerous benefits you can earn by joining a posse and some become as clear as crystal as soon as you sign in.

frontier justice posse

To start off, construction and upgrades as well as researches can be sped up by seeking help from your co-members. Timeliness in terms of finishing up the usual activities relate directly to how fast you can progress so any bit of help on that matter goes a long way. Be sure to donate as much as you can each day to the development of your posse’s technology as every increase in it will be beneficial to every member. Take note of recommendations before making donations if you can.

Another perk you can get out of being a posse member is the treasure you can dig several times a day. You can ask help to dig your treasure faster as you can likewise send help to any other member. These chests offer experience points and other valuable resources so dig up as many as you can within the day.

The bigger advantage, however, of aligning yourself with a posse is that you will have people to watch your back once your base loses its peace shield and you are open to attack from all other bosses or players. Having people to back you up for team assaults is also among the initially unseen perks of being a member of a posse. In any case, be in constant communication with your mates especially if you are new to the game and need some assistance or information.

5. Remember To Power Up The Boss And Heroes

One of the benefits of levelling up your account or boss is the skill points you earn to customize your boss skills. You can view this by tapping on your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen and choosing the skills icon at the bottom of the page. Skill points can be allocated among 3 distinct groups, each with its own unique benefits. Combat naturally relates to strength in battles, particularly your troops and weapons. Development makes your town more productive and efficient. Assist offers supportive skills like earning stamina faster or your army’s marching speed.

Keep in mind that once you allocated points, it is an almost permanent setup given that resetting it costs 1,000 gold coins. As such, read through each skill within each tab and plan ahead before actually spending any skill point.

how to rank up heroes in frontier justice

Once you have levelled up enough and unlocked the Firearms & Finery Shop, you will be able to craft gear for the boss. It may take a while for you to be able to fully equip your character but make an effort to do so at each piece of gear contributes to your overall power.

Other than the boss, you will also be having loyal heroes to aid you in several ways outside of combat. Primarily, the heroes lead your troops in combat so their strength matters a lot. Beyond that, each hero has attribute bonuses that strengthen your troops and also make your production work faster. You can upgrade each hero by consuming EXP papers and also rank each one up once you earn more of their shards. At the hero page which you can access via the hero button on the lower left side of the screen, you can also assign each hero you have unlocked to a specific establishment to boost their effects and production speed.

6. Expend Stamina For Activities Outside Your Camp

Chances are that as a beginner, you will initially only venture outside of your camp when the need to do so is prompted by an objective, quest, or a bounty. IF you are, however, an experienced player of base-building strategy games, you should know that exploring the outside world is just as important as tending to your camp. There is actually a stamina that gets consumed with each action you do outside of your camp, and given its value, it simply means that you should make the most out of it.

One of the most basic activities you can engage in as you explore the open world in Frontier Justice is to hunt bandits and various critters. Once you step outside, you can tap on the binocular icon at the right side of the screen to be presented with various items and locations you can search for.

frontier justice stamina

With regard to bandits and critters, feel free to take it slow as far as increasing level of targets go. Once you have chosen a level and clicked on the search button, you will be taken to the target and after tapping “attack”, a notification below the window more or less tells you if you can claim victory. It should normally take you a while to move on from one level to the next so exercise some patience.

You may want to hold off on searching for outposts of other players until after your peace shields drop off. You will only have peace shields for a limited time or until after you reach level 7. If you initiate an attack or even scout prior to that, then you will automatically lose your shield and be open to attacks from all around.

Other than enemies you can search for and attack, the rest of the areas are resource spots and as much as you can earn resources regularly at your home base, there will never be enough of it so regularly collect from these resource spots if you can. Regardless of the resource area’s level, the best targets are those close to your home base so for resource spots early on, it will be better to manually scout the area instead of searching via the binoculars.

7. Complete Quests For Extra Rewards

On top of the objectives you need to accomplish to move on from one chapter to the next, there are also quests available in 9. Complete Missions For Extra Rewards that you can complete to earn even more rewards. You can view these quests by tapping on the document icon just to the left of the chapter objective that is shown on the bottom left corner of the main screen. Quests are divided into primary jobs and daily jobs and each one holds valuable rewards to help you develop your character and town much faster.

how to earn rewards in frontier justice

Primary jobs are like milestones that offer one time rewards. Typically, the accomplishment of one feat within these jobs unlock higher tier objectives you can strive to reach as an indication of your overall progress as well. Daily jobs, on the other hand, are much simpler tasks that you need to accomplish on a daily basis.

Both tasks enumerated under these sets of quests all relate to what you should normally be engaging in as you play the game. As such, be sure to occasionally view the tasks contained in the list and have it serve as your guide to remind your of undertakings you may have forgotten about.

8. Expend Bounty Attempts Each Day

One unique feature within Frontier Justice is the bounty system that you can access via the Announcement Board in the Sheriff’s Office. There are 20 bounties you can accomplish each day to earn various materials and resources to boost your progress. 4 different bounties are displayed at a time typically involving winning a game of blackjack or playing at the slot machine, hunting bandits or critters, or winning a duel against an outlaw.

frontier justice bounty attempts

Note that the higher the stars at the upper right corner of the bounty, the more challenging it is and the better the rewards you can earn. After choosing a bounty to pursue, simply tap enable and then go to quickly engage the activity.

9. Make The Most Of The Protection Barrier

As we mentioned earlier, you will have a protective barrier around your base camp at the start of the game but it will only be around for a limited period of time. It will likewise vanish if you attack or scout an enemy base so before you engage in any act of aggression, be sure that you are more than well-prepared for what can possibly follow.

To start off, coordination with your posse is very important and hopefully, you are communicating enough before your peace barrier expires. Chances are that you will be surrounded by players belonging to different posses, raising the chance that an attack will be made against your camp the moment the peace bubble pops up. One thing you need to ascertain is how volatile your immediate surroundings are. Be sure to explore close to your camp and check which camps to watch out for as well as which camps to plunder with ease.

how to use the protection barrier in frontier justice

Outside the camp, you can tap on your base and tap on the garrison icon to set up defenses. Make sure that your best hero is on the job an once you reach level 16 you can assign an additional unit to man the post. Internally, one thing to keep an eye on is your warehouse. As you continue to earn resources, losing everything you worked hard for as a result of being plundered can be heartbreaking. As such, try to maintain resources only within the storage capacity of your warehouse. Relative to this, you should invest in upgrading your warehouse before you start duking it out with other players.

Gold is definitely a currency that is hard to earn in Frontier Justice. As such, it is only natural for you to be wise when it comes to spending it. If you can, save up for a migration which costs 2,000 gold. In relation to keeping close coordination with your fellow posse members and leader, it is very advantageous for all members to migrate close to one another. On top of severely reducing chances of being attacked, it will also boost your offensive strength against all surrounding enemies not to mention constantly having people watch your yard as enemies close in while you are away.

10. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

On top of the numerous rewards you earn with practically any activity, along with chapter objectives and quests, there are even more rewards you can earn by actively participating in time-limited events within Frontier Justice. You may regularly see some icons at the upper right side of the screen but even if you do not, be sure to check each of these icons out.

how to make the most out of events in frontier justice

Pay special attention to the events icon as there are various objectives you can easily accomplish within them relating to the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. Most of the rewards you can earn from these events are very hard to obtain anywhere else in the game so strive to accomplish as many feats as possible. You should also click on the green icon at the upper right corner of the events page as it can show you the weekly event calendar.

11. Regularly Visit Your Inventory

A typical scenario within numerous base-building strategy games is that you earn loads of items and resources but then only discover to use them later than you should. On the other hand, it could just be the hoarder instinct that becomes a mindset for many gamers who end up actually never getting to use the items they acquired over a long period of time.

Like most other strategy games, the initial hours of progress is very important in Frontier Justice. This is where it would seem like a race for most players as they push to make progress as fast as they can to boost their hero and camp’s power ahead of the competition, or at least the surrounding neighbors. With this in mind, you should not hesitate to spend some items you have in your inventory and to start with that, you should make it a habit to visit it every so often.

When it comes to resources, there is actually a good reason to keep some of it within your inventory. Using resource boxes and greatly exceeding the capacity of your warehouse poses a danger of losing them, especially if you no longer have your peace shield. As such, only consume the needed resources when you actually need them.

frontier justice inventory

Under the heroes tab, you may have stored some hero recruitment cards without even knowing. Spending them sooner than later only has advantages. Using them does not guarantee getting hero shards, but if you are lucky, acquiring as many heroes as you an early on gives you great advantage in the game.

There are many useful buffs in Frontier Justice and as difficult as it may seem to obtain them, actively pursuing event objectives can earn you some. Stamina recovery items as well as items that boost marching speed fall within this category. As crazy as it may sound, not having the gold to migrate at the grimmest scenario may force you to use a random migration scroll.

The items under the “Others” tab of your bag are typical goods that most people impractically hoard. These typically include worker’s contract, which is needed in case you want two constructions being done simultaneously, and time reductions applicable to constructions and upgrades as well as research and training. Some chapter objectives will require you to spend some of the speed boosters but outside of it, do not hesitate to use them as speed is very valuable in this game.

You can definitely make progress in Frontier Justice regardless of how you play it but for the most efficient way to do so, keep the above tips and strategies in mind along with taking not of completion times of each activity. As far as training, upgrade, and research goes, trying to align completion times across all activities can be very difficult to pull. The trick here is not necessarily having to spend a lot of hours online but rather making quick visits from time to time to keep your production lines active and claim rewards as well.

Frontier Justice definitely packs more than what we can cover for now but as far as basic strategies are concerned, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you have picked up a lot of tips and strategies to help you progress fast in your western adventure right from the get-go. If you have spent a lot of time in the game and chanced upon some neat tips, cheats or strategies you would like to share, do not hesitate to do so and post away in the comment section!