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Saga of Sultans Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Powerful Kingdom and Rule the World

ONEMT has been around since 2014 and has then since grown into a mobile gaming development and publishing powerhouse in the Middle East. If you have played some of their games before or at least have seen them in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store, then you may notice that most of the games in their 11-strong app portfolio have Middle Eastern themes and settings.

Rise of the Kings, Revenge of Sultans, and Days of Empire – Heroes Never Die are just some of ONEMT’s most popular games, with the first one amassing well over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. The company’s games belong to either the strategy genre or RPG genre as well, essentially making them experts in both types of games as exhibited by the success of their published titles.

Saga of Sultans is ONEMT’s newest MMORPG, that’s available on both Android and iOS platforms. Set in ancient Arabian times, Saga of Sultans offers everything MMORPG enthusiasts would look for in a game, along with new and unique mechanics that offer plenty of excitement for new players and experienced gamers alike. One of the game’s most unique feature centers around the kingdom alignment each players must choose and as one joins and fights for a kingdom, players from all 4 other kingdoms become his or her enemies.

saga of sultans strategies

The storyline is intriguing and immersive, which is a feature not that that common in many mobile MMORPGs. Despite the inclusion of an auto pathing and auto battle feature, Saga of Sultans provides plenty of ways to keep you actively playing. From a plethora of interactive objects and people, there are also some quick time events to engage in especially within the game’s main story.

Saga of Sultans definitely has a lot of content and features that match the quality of graphics and gameplay it provides. For beginners, the plethora of activities you engage in as well as the various game modes and features that unlock as you progress early on may seem overwhelming. However, auto path and auto battle does make it a lot easier for those who have not played any MMORPGs on mobile before.

For the first hour or so, every new item or feature that requires attention are clearly indicated and while it may create the notion that you will just be clicking here and there as you watch more rather than play like in other MMORPGS, Saga of Sultans keeps players involved by presenting decision points as well as battles where manually playing pays off.

Overall, it is easy to understand every new feature that comes your way in your adventure. As long as you follow the initial tutorial sessions and continue to make upgrades and enhancements, you will basically breeze through most content early on. If you hit a blunt on some quest or battle or if you are looking for ways to level up fast and increase your power, then check out our Saga of Sultans beginner’s guide below! This Saga of Sultans guide comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your progress in the game.

1. Choose The Class That Works Best For You

Every MMORPG starts with choosing the right class of character to use. Although Saga of Sultans only has 3 different classes to choose from for now, each one is capable of working independently despite the variances in skills and attributes. The common question beginners have centers around which class is the best one. Standard enough across various MMORPGs as well, is the same notion that no single class is best for all of the game’s content. As such, with every MMORPG like Saga of Sultans, the best class to use is different from one player to the next one, as it is the one that suits your preferences and play style.

saga of sultans classes

The warrior class is typically considered as the most basic class in numerous RPGs and is usually the easiest to manage and learn for beginners. The warrior is the only melee combatant in Saga of Sultans and can also be built to have the toughest defense values. Although a little behind in terms of offensive strength compared to both other classes, the warrior is best for providing continuous damage and sports a wide range of skills as well. Warriors in Saga of Sultans have AoE skills, possesses some control skills, and even have buffs that can temporarily raise his allies attack values.

As the ranged combat expert and top DPS character in the game, the archer is built for mass damage and possesses very few skills that have added effects. Not so much on the defense department, archers work best by keeping good distance from mobs and especially enemy bosses. Most new players typically get attracted to characters that are all about offense at the start of the game. Later on, however, choosing to go with the archer class will have its given limitations, as the class’ lack of defensive strength and control skills will make it necessary for you to always be on the move.

The mage class typically differ with the archer class in other RPGs by excelling more in AoE damage while archers typically focus on single target DPS. In Saga of Sultans, however, each class all exhibit AoE skills as well as some abilities that target multiple enemies. The basic difference is that warriors do not deal as much damage, archers mostly only deal damage, and mages do a lot of control.

As such, choosing the mage will yield offensive strength in-between the 2 classes. Despite lacking the same defensive strength much like the archer does, the mage class’ control skills work in his defense as well.

2. Prioritize The Main Quest

The first order of business in every RPG, especially MMORPGs, is levelling up and raising power as fast as possible especially on the initial hours or so. While every battle and every enemy defeated earns you experience points along with some occasional loot, the bulk of experience points initially come from quest completions along with much needed starting gears as well as basic resource materials.

saga of sultans main quest

Beyond all that, reaching new levels and milestones serve as your key to unlocking the rest of Saga of Sultans’ many features and game modes. As being able to partake in all these should be done at the soonest, levelling up fast, unlocking as many features and game modes, and partaking in as many as possible, will tremendously contribute to your hero’s speedy growth.

For players who appreciate the story aspect and lore within the games they dive into, the Saga of Sultans should offer a fine treat with its non-generic storyline that introduces you and immerses you into its unique fantasy world. Beyond progressing the story, main quests stand as the initial source of every basic need you have to keep strengthening your character.

Easily enough, the main quest, along with numerous other side quests, can easily be seen and pursued via the quest box at the left side of the screen. Every once in a while, though, you will be taken through some features and game modes as part of the tutorial but later on, you can freely hop back into continuing with the main quest.

For starters, therefore, pushing forward with the main quest should be your top priority. As soon as you are able to hop back into it after being apprised of new features and game modes you have unlocked, then it should be what you aim for. The only time you should entertain side quests and extra game modes is when you are unable to progress with the main quest because of minimum level requirements.

3. Level Up Your Skills Whenever You Can

No RPG is complete without characters having the innate ability to learn new skills as well as upgrade each one of them. For the most part, upgrading skills is a basic feature in Saga of Sultans and will be a common activity that you will engage in every once in a while. You can access your character’s skills via the appropriate icon at the upper right side of the screen.

how to upgrade skills in saga of sultans

The most basic enhancement mode is to upgrade each skill’s level. You only need silver to upgrade skills and while you have a plethora of it early on, you will constantly be needing more of it as you progress further in your adventure. Each skill you unlock can be levelled up only to match your hero’s current level.

Take note, though, that while the “Upgrade All” button works fast and conveniently for you, you will eventually be earning more skills than you can equip at one time. Despite the temptation of relying on auto battle as well, be sure to familiarize yourself with what each skill can do as you will have to prioritize later on which ones to upgrade more than the others.

Beyond increasing a skill’s level and their effectiveness, you can also learn various runes to enhance and modify their effects. These runes require skill points, though, which can be acquired by completing some main quests, other game modes, as well as special events.

4. Upgrade Your Gears Regularly

While progress in most MMORPGs can be attributable to how much you have advanced with the story, the more important aspect can be considered by many to be attributable to the power you have raised. Although much power will be a product of your level and the level of the skills you have, a lot more actually comes from the gears you have equipped.

In Saga of Sultans, you will have more than enough gears to fully equip your hero early on. The challenge, just like in most MMORPGs, lies with the quality of gears you have as well as their enhancement level. A lot of decent gears can be earned from completing quests, and there will always be chances for regular mobs to drop good ones every once in a while. For the most part, however, the best ones come from Boss Hunts that you can access later on. The quality and rarity depends on the type of boss you have successfully defeated, and of course, there is always RNG.

how to upgrade gear in saga of sultans

Most of the time, new gears that you obtain that have better stats than the ones you have equipped will be flashed on the screen regardless of what you are doing. A tap on it will instantly equip the item but in case you do miss it, you can always check your bag at the bottom of the screen to equip gears manually. When you open your inventory, gears that sport better stats will have a green “arrow up” indicator to tell you that they are better. Clicking on them reveals a comparative view between the new and equipped gears. Tapping on the gear button will equip the new one.

Beyond equipping gears, there is still some value left on the previous gear that you need to pay attention to. Within the inventory as well, you can easily notice that gears you have that are not stronger than the ones you have equipped will indicate “refineable” above their icon. You can use these gears via the refine option within the bag and transfer any of their attributes to the same gear type you have equipped. Each piece of gear can have 5 added attributes so make the best out of this feature as much as you can.

Within the forge feature, which you can access from an icon above the screen, you can further strengthen each of the gears that you have. You can strengthen each piece of gear using strengthening materials and rank their star grade up. The success rate of ranking a gear’s grade up is dependent on the quality of the enchanted stone used as well as the star grade of the gear.

Be sure to consider the risk of rank downs on failures and do not be discouraged to give it another go. Gems can also be infused on each piece of gear and gems themselves can also be combined to obtain better ones. You can see all options related to socketing via the inset tab of the forge.

Star grades of equipment can also be transferred from one gear to a similar one. Success rate is always 100% if the gears are of the same level or if you will transfer down to a lower level gear. If you want to transfer star grades up to a higher rarity equipment of the same type, then success rate will not be 100%.

5. Expend Attempts On Daily Quests

The main quest along with numerous side quests you will find within the world of Saga of Sultans initially serves as your main source of experience points and various resources you need to enhance and upgrade your hero. Beyond that, however, there are various game modes that you can engage in, typically with a certain number of attempts, to earn specific rewards that can further boost your growth and development. All these game modes fall within the daily quests that you can access via the “Daily” icon you can find at the upper right area of your screen.

saga of sultans daily quests

For starters, what you need to consider is that some of these additional game modes provide the same amount of experience points or rewards regardless of how strong you are. Some, however, can provide more if you are more powerful so as a general strategy, prioritize the ones that are comparatively easy to accomplish and earns you the same benefits so the extra power you can gain after completing them can contribute to your performance in the other activities.

You can also identify the type of rewards that you can earn from each daily quest at the upper right side of their window. Tapping on each one’s icon reveals the unique game mechanics and a more specific list of possible rewards.

There are so many game modes within the daily quest to discuss extensively within this guide. The general idea, however, is to take on as many as you can and expend every attempt you have whenever applicable. Although chances are that you will not be able to unlock each one of them on your first day or 2 within your adventure, spending as much time as you can to partake in each one will earn you more power within a shorter period of time and unlock the remaining game modes.

Beyond the immediate set of rewards you earn from each daily quest attempt, you also earn activity points that contribute to unlocking additional rewards via the treasure chests at the bottom of the Daily Quest window. There are always more than enough available activities for you to earn 300 activity points so be sure to strive hard to unlock each of the available treasure chests.

6. Join A Tribe As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, clans, factions, and in the case of Saga of Sultans, tribes, have always been an integral part of MMORPGs as well as numerous online strategy games. Despite the game being designed for each player to enjoy on their own, there is a huge disparity in growth between playing exclusively on your own and being a member of a tribe. In truth, it is never really a question of whether or not to join a tribe but rather, a question of whether to create one or join another and of course, given the latter, a question of which one to choose.

saga of sultans tribe

Unless you are a very active player and experienced enough to lead your very own guild, then the latter choice is the way to go. You can find a lot of active guilds in Saga of Sultans so take some time to choose from among the ones that seem to exhibit a lot of members. Tribes offer plenty of rewards and you can earn a lot regardless of your efforts and contribution.

Be sure to stay active, though, and contribute to the growth of your tribe as much as you can. Do note that one of the biggest perks of being a tribe member comes in the form of extra daily quests you can engage in for extra activity points along with the usual rewards. One unique feature in Saga of Sultans that we have yet to experience in other MMORPGs is the Helping Hands feature. Through this mechanic that can be accessed via the benefits section of the tribe, you can ask your fellow tribe mates for materials needed to strengthen your gears.

Once you reach level 25, you should already undergo a trial by fire of sorts and be made aware of just how PvP-oriented Saga of Sultans is. If you failed to notice the game’s description of it being a kingdom wars-themed MMORPG, then chances are that you will be very surprised, or may even be a bit frustrated, when another player starts attacking you and killing you several times while your innocently pursuing a quest.

Having a tribe to back you up or even to have and take along quests with provides a huge advantage. This goes on top of the numerous dungeons that require teams to participate in and while some of the team-oriented dailies are optional, having a consistent supply of other players to party up with guarantees much better rewards, more so if they are stronger than you.

7. Push To Accomplish Feats For Additional Rewards

On top of every bit of earnings you gain per battle along with the volumes of quest reward you obtain, Saga of Sultans holds more rewards that you can earn based on your activity. Contrary, however, to the usual menu setup, achievements and milestones in the game can be accessed through the “Feats” tab within your profile.

how to earn rewards in saga of sultans

You can view your profile by tapping on your hero’s portrait at the upper left side of the screen. One notable tab is your rank, which you can level up based on the number of honor medals you have earned. Be sure to remember claiming your daily salary as well.

Feats represent your overall progression in the game considering every aspect of the game, and includes not just milestones relating to your character’s level, power, and gear status, but also the money you have spent, enemies killed, friends earned, and of course, Kingdom War victories. Be sure to look through each list as some feats may be within arm’s reach and can be accomplished with relative ease. A lot of rare and valuable rewards can be earned here and typically include agates, which is the premium currency in Saga of Sultans.

8. Take Advantage Of Events To Earn Even More Rewards

Despite the plethora of activities and features that Saga of Sultans contains, it is packed as well with various events that give players an opportunity to catch up to stronger players within the server, provided of course, that they stay very active. In truth, you can spend a full day playing the game and never run out of things to do and places to explore.

There are regular events in the game as well as time-limited ones that typically has the same requirements as feats and directly coincide with the usual activities you engage in. If you love and enjoy playing Saga of Sultans, then you should definitely aim to be highly active and obtain as much rewards from these events as you can.

saga of sultans events

First off is the “Events” icon at the upper right side of your screen. This contains Regular freebies like daily login rewards, bonuses based on time spend within the game as well as achievements accomplished relating to your hero’s level and power. These events are pretty much standard and will continue to be available or refresh if rewards are on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the “Grand Opening” icon houses time-limited incentives that can be earned based on various metrics that you need to meet within the first 7 days of playing. Do note that you can still accomplish targets from previous days even if you lagged behind. Likewise, the seven-day target is actually available to accomplish for the first 9 days of your immersion in the game. The rewards you can obtain from this time-limited event can tremendously boost your growth and progress in Saga of Sultans. As much as you can, be sure to take advantage of it and accomplish as many of the targeted goals as much as you can.

Saga of Sultans certainly holds more features and game modes we can cover in our beginner’s guide. Surely enough, though, the tips and strategies we shared here should be sufficient enough to ensure that you will be guided towards the right direction towards a more efficient growth and development plan that applies even after new game modes and features are unlocked.

We certainly hope that you have learned much from each item we discussed and that you enjoyed reading the entirety of the article as well. If you have played Saga of Sultans enough to discover some more tips or strategies not covered by our guide, we would be very much pleased to hear about them from you so do not have second thoughts about posting them below!