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Wobble Man Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Your Enemies and Beat All Levels

Wobble Man is the newest casual puzzle game and the first game from Ohayoo, a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry. With simple graphics, controls, and overall gameplay, Wobble Man can provide some challenge and excitement to players of varying tastes and ages. There are, however, some adult-oriented ads that can play every once in a while, so if you are below 18 years of age or have kids that may be inclined to play Wobble Man, you can do so only if you play the game offline.

There are hardly any tutorials available in Wobble Man and, in truth, there really isn’t any need for one. All it takes is a tap and slide anywhere on your screen to navigate Agent Wobble across each level. There are enemies to avoid and traps to set and disarm as well. While the levels are practically infinite, the succeeding levels do not necessarily become more challenging than the current one. Just the same, though, you need to constantly keep your patience and wits about, as carelessness will be among your true enemies in this wacky puzzle adventure.

You can easily earn cash to purchase new skins and trails to add to the fun. If you find yourself stuck in a particular level or looking for more efficient ways to progress through the floors then be sure to read our Wobble Man tips, cheats and strategies. We have compiled a detailed beginner’s guide for Wobble Man, which includes a bunch of tips and tricks to help you breeze through every level!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Puzzle games all give a first, and sometimes lasting, impression that there is a period of time within which you need to complete a particular level. Without any indicators whatsoever, the game’s presentation can often give players a sense of urgency, or perhaps even excitement, to finish the current level to see what the next one looks like.

wobble man tricks

It can also happen that the incentives earned for every level you finish is highly alluring and that getting it at the soonest possible time becomes a cause for the need to rush through the current level. In any case, there is no need in Wobble Man to rush into the staircase to proceed to the next level as you can freely take as much time as you need to explore and complete every stage.

Essentially similar to all other puzzle games, one habit you should keep in mind as you start each level in Wobble Man, is to take some time to look at the entirety of the room, which is the actual puzzle. Some floors may showcase a very simple layout while others can be a challenging maze full of surprises. As far as the enemies are concerned, some are stationary and offer very little challenge while some move a little more actively.

A good 5 seconds or so ought to be enough to see the pattern in each enemy’s movement and enable you to trace the best path towards clearing the puzzle. Several levels basically follow a very specific path but there are some that actually give you more than one options to reach the stairs and cross to the next level.

2. Keep Your Tapping Finger Away From Wobble Man

Wobble Man is fairly easy enough to navigate partially due to the absence of restrictions as to which areas on your screen you are allowed to tap and swipe on. While you can freely take control of Agent Wobble and tap anywhere you want, it is important to ensure that your playing finger does not block your sight of him, or even the immediate traps and enemies nearby.

wobble man hints

As Agent Wobble always remains at the center of the screen, you have a wide open space below him that you should freely set your fingers on. While you will still naturally block out some props and items under your finger, most levels are designed anyway in that you will start your path from the bottom area of the screen. In any case, You can also take a good look of the stage in its entirety after starting the level and before tapping and swiping to control Agent Wobble.

3. Slow And Steady Walks Work Against Fails

If the game’s title is not enough to give away much about Agent Wobble’s unique characteristics, then we are certain enough that moving him around on the first level is sufficiently descriptive of what makes your spy adventure even more challenging. Yes, Agent Wobble does walk wobbly making it a little difficult to navigate him around the floor. More so, if there are enemies around that can easily be alerted when he bumps into something or someone.

wobble man strategies

Some levels are designed to even be more challenging by having ceilings that block your sight until after you have entered the area. While taking some time to look at the level in its entirety should give you a clear view of how to traverse it in general, exercising even more patience as you navigate Agent Wobble around every corner is also recommended. If you do not catch the attention of any guards, then you should be perfectly fine but in the event that some of the enemies are alerted, then be ready to dash towards the exit as your will fail the level and will have to repeat if they catch you.

4. Use Your Gun Only As A Last Resort

Once you secure the pistol and clear level 9, you will be able to use it moving forward. It does add a lot of convenience but has very strict limitations. You can only use the gun once every 4 minutes and it will not shoot more than once consecutively. While it certainly adds a lot of fun to be able to eliminate guards with relative ease instead of having to sneak past around them, it does make perfect sense to have a pistol with such limited capacity.

wobble man gun

For the most part, though, you can practically clear every level in Wobble Man without ever needing to use your gun. There will always be enough space to move around in and there are also traps that you can activate to your advantage. As much as it can be very challenging in some levels to avoid every sensitive guard, bumping into objects or the guard themselves and then running towards the exit can still work so there really is no need to rely on your gun at all.

5. Pick Up Gold Cards To Unlock Free Skins

Wobble Man certainly has a lot under its belt to provide some fun and exciting experience to puzzle lovers and espionage enthusiasts. While blasting through several levels using the same appearance is fun on its own, being able to change skins every once in a while provides even more excitement.

how to unlock skins in wobble man

Every 4 levels you complete provides you with an opportunity to purchase a new skin. In truth, that seems enough for most players to be happy with especially given that most skins resemble a lot of popular fictional characters and even some that seem to have an uncanny resemblance with real people. Beyond obtaining new skins from purchases, however, there are some that can be obtained for free, along with loads of extra cash that you need to purchase even more skins as you make progress.

Relative to our tip about taking as much time as you need, mapping each floor considering its entirety should always include keeping an eye on these gold cards. You can only see one per level and not all levels have one. Claiming 3 of these gold cards and finishing the level where you obtained the third one takes you to a minigame where you can unlock treasure chests that contain a free skin and tons of cash. You initially have 3 attempts to tap on 1 of 9 choices.

Regardless of whether or not you obtained the top reward using your first set of card keys, you should take the time to watch some ads for another set of 3 cards. As much as there are tons of ways to earn cash in the game, it pays to grab as much as you can until after you have unlocked all of the game’s content.

6. Open Golden Vaults You See For Loads Of Cash

In addition to checking each level for enemies, traps that can be activated, keys you need to fetch to unlock special doors, and gold keycards, there are also golden vaults to keep an eye on as these safety boxes hold extra cash waiting to be stashed. There are no special keys needed to open up these special vaults as well so you only need to stand close to each one to open them up and obtain some extra cash.

wobble man golden vault

Again, there are numerous ways in Wobble Man to earn you some cash but it never hurts to get as much as you can to always be able to purchase new skins whenever they become available.

Another thing you may want to consider when it comes to picking up cash from golden vaults before clearing levels is the added challenge that comes with it. Surely enough, there are numerous levels within Wobble Man that might not even make you break sweat in clearing. As such, taking into account clearing vaults as a requisite to completely clear a level is like pushing to play at a more challenging pace.

7. Play The Extra Modes Under Mystery For Cash Rewards

If you have enjoyed the various challenges you have encountered in Wobble Man’s main game mode, then you should be thrilled to check out other game modes you can unlock and play via its “Mystery” mode. Each extra game mode can be unlocked following the completion of certain levels and each one has unique mechanics, have fewer stages, and offer rewards following the completion of each level.

how to earn cash rewards in wobble man

Although the cash rewards following each one’s completion serves as the primary incentive for players especially those who want to complete their skin and trail collection, each of the 8 available game modes that you can unlock offers a different kind of excitement you would never experience from the main game mode.

Likewise, spending some time within the mystery space will surely provide you with a unique learning experience that can help you do better in the succeeding levels on the main game mode. As such, taking occasional breaks from the main game and challenging yourself more via these game modes is a good icebreaker to take every once in a while.

8. Upgrade Your Props

Arming yourself with the gun will prove to be a milestone in the earlier levels that will make you perform better in the succeeding floors. Fortunately enough, the gun is just 1 of 5 unique props that you can obtain based on your overall progress and likewise upgrade via the “Prop” icon at the right side of the screen.

wobble man upgrades

While the skins and trails you collect are entirely cosmetic and will not impact gameplay, each prop you obtain actually contributes to your performance in the rest of the levels to challenge. As such, be sure to spend some cash to upgrade them. Every succeeding upgrade naturally costs more than the previous one but one good thing is that you get to see the next upgrade’s effect so in case you are strapped for cash, you can prioritize one prop over another.

9. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

If you have played some mobile games before then video ads should no longer be a foreign concept to you. Most especially in the case of casual games, video ads have become a common feature of almost every free-to-play mobile game. Some games do not necessarily rely on these ads as they offer numerous in-game items to support the game’s operation and development. Casual games like Wobble Man, however, do not have much to offer for a price and rely almost entirely on video ads to continue being available for everyone to enjoy for free.

There are numerous ads that will play as you continue your adventure in Wobble Man but outside of the ones that automatically play after completing some floors, the rest of the video ads you will see are entirely voluntary. Some may be more important than others but each one can help you make progress much faster.

wobble man lucky skin

To start off, completing each level earns you 50 cash or so and playing an ad can earn you twice as much. You can also skip floors by clicking on the “skip” ion at the upper left side of your screen and choosing to play an ad. As we mentioned above, watching some ads can earn you extra golden keycards that can unlock treasure boxes to help you earn all the free cash along with an extra skin. Wobble Man also offers plenty of opportunities for you to earn trails to further liven up your gameplay and all it takes is, you guessed it, watching some video ads.

Despite all the freebies you can earn on top of the tremendous boost in amassing cash that you can have as a result of playing some ads every now and then, it may not appeal to every player. Most especially if you are the type of person who easily get disoriented when video ads pop up in-between gameplay, you can opt to play Wobble Man entirely offline.

Simply enough, you only need to turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and you can continue to play the game without ads popping up. As of this writing, however, playing Wobble Man offline seems to cause lag after completing a level, forcing you to close and reopen the game again to stabilize the game. In any case, do take note that playing offline means you will not be able to take advantage of the perks you can get off of watching ads so you may want to reconsider especially if there are skins and trails still missing from your collection.

And that sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Wobble Man. Hopefully, this guide will help you to perform better in your espionage adventure or will give you ideas on how to further speed up your progress in the game. If you have played for quite some time and progressed far in Wobble Man, you may have discovered additional tips, cheats, and strategies, that we have not yet included in our guide. If that’s the case, we will be glad to hear about your own discoveries so do not hesitate to share them with us!


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Hi, how do i go to previous in wobble man? I accidentally Click skip a level while i actually want to retry the floor.