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New Hero-Collecting RPG ’BLADE XLORD’ Now Available on iOS and Android

Japanese mobile game developer Applibot has just released its hero-collecting RPG BLADE XLORD in the US and Canada, and it’s available now on iOS and Android platforms. Ahead of its launch in the west, the game has registered over 10 million downloads in Japan.

blade xlord

Your task in the game is to take down the villainous Quo Vadis and other foes in swift and versatile command-based battles, and ultimately save the Languin Kingdom. The gameplay allows you to move freely on the battlefield, switching between enemies in real-time, and manually controlling your characters with precision and speed. In case you prefer to grind your way through hordes of monsters, then you can always try out auto mode as well.

Developed by a team of Final Fantasy veterans, BLADE XLORD is a story-driven, action-packed fantasy RPG that features 32 character classes, 64 collectible weapons and 18 fierce bosses upon launch. The developer promises regular content updates for the game to keep players engaged for a long time.

If BLADE XLORD sounds like a game you can get onboard with, then be sure to grab this exciting new free-to-play RPG from the App Store or Google Play.