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Flick Arena Beginner’s Guide: 10 Match-Winning Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

Flick Arena is a unique physics-based strategy title from Flaregames, the company behind other exciting mobile games such as Monsters with Attitude and Nonstop Chuck Norris to name a few. In Flick Arena you will be facing off against other players in a box arena. You will have to assemble a team of four characters plus a king before you can start. Once inside the arena, you will have to either wipe out all the opposing team’s minions or kill their king. In order to do this, you will direct your own minions to where they should go. If they bump into an opponent as they bounce around the arena, they will deal damage. Be careful, though. They will also receive damage whenever they come in contact with another minion.

To make things more challenging, there are also different arena obstacles that you would have to worry about. You need to have a good strategy if you want to win, so make sure you read our compilation of Flick Arena cheats, tips and tricks for some much-needed help!

1. Assemble A Powerful Team

When you start out, you will have the default Legionary and Dragon. You won’t have a choice until you unlock more minions. The good news is, the next minions are probably just a couple of battles away, so hang in there. Once you have several types of minions, you can mix and match according to your strategy. The best combination depends on your playstyle, but it is generally a good idea to bring different types with you. Try to have one tank or support, one fighter, and one ranged unit.

Aside from choosing your team members, you also need to consider their formation. You don’t have to stick to the default formation. When you are on the team setup screen, you will see a blue button on the bottom right with two dots and an arrow on it. Tap on it to cycle through the different formations. This is important because your starting position can help you gain a quick advantage at the start of the game.

2. Protect The King, Here’s How

While we are on the subject of formations, another thing you might want to think about is putting your tank in the back line. Yes, this goes against everything you have probably learned about tanks and what they do. But the thing is, putting the tanks in front does very little to help you. They end up blocking the attack of your own fighters and they don’t dish out a lot of damage on their own. What they would be good for is to protect your king. Remember, if your king dies, you automatically lose. Just one Armored in the backline to cover your king should be able to buy time for your own fighters to assassinate the enemy king.

3. Kill The King, Here’s How

As we mentioned earlier, there are two ways to win in battle. The first one is to wipe out all the enemy minions. That’s easier said than done because you will be chasing four people all over the arena. The king, on the other hand, is always at the back, right next to a wall. The fun thing about walls is that they make characters bounce back. If you are able to make the king bounce back towards your attacker, it will be the equivalent of two attacks in a single round. In fact, it is even possible to kill the king in one round if you have a minion who is strong enough.

4. Use The Obstacles To Your Advantage

There are several arena types in Flick Arena, each with its own obstacle in the middle. There are pits, flames, spikes, and so on. Pits are the worst because they will kill minions instantly. Other obstacles like flames deal damage to anyone left on top of them at the end of each round. With that in mind, you can actually use the obstacles to your advantage. Try to aim in such a way that you will push the enemy minion towards the obstacle. This is a good strategy especially if you are up against an enemy that have stronger units. Just be careful not to end up sending your own minions into the obstacles by mistake.

5. Intercept Enemy Movements

If you are used to playing slingshot arena games, you might get confused about how battle works. You won’t be taking turns with your opponent, and you won’t be dragging in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Drag the arrow to where you want your minion to go. The farther you drag, the stronger the power will be. When you aim, keep in mind that both teams will be moving around at the same time! That means there is a good chance your target won’t be where he is by the time your minion gets there. That is why you should anticipate enemy movements and intercept them. This is another reason why the king is such a great target. He can’t move so he is easier to hit than his minions!

6. Complete The Daily Quests

When you log in to the game, you will be greeted by three quests. Completing these quests will give you chests that contain various rewards. Make sure you take time to complete them daily. You need to check them out because some quests require you to use specific minions in battle. Others require you to donate a number of fragments to your guildmates. They usually aren’t that hard to complete. You just need to know what they are so you can work on them.

7. Grab Those Freebies

Flick Arena gives out a lot of freebies for active players. When tap on the bottom left button on your screen, you will be taken to the shop. Scroll down a bit until you see the Offers and Freebies section. This section has three slots. The first slot is an ad offer that will give you a decent reward for watching a short video advertisement. The second one is literally just a freebie. Just tap on it to claim whatever reward it is showing you. The third slot is a chest that you can purchase with gold. It can be a bit expensive for new players, so feel free to skip it until you have more money.

Aside from the freebies you get from the Offers and Freebies section, you can also get more freebies after winning a match. When you are on the results screen, you will see a reward with a question mark on it. Tap on it and a video advertisement will play. After that you will receive a random reward that is usually better than the other free rewards you already got. Make sure you take advantage of it at the end of each match.

8. Join An Active Guild

The game lets you create a new guild for a mere 100 gold. This isn’t such a good idea unless you already have a group of friends who are waiting to join your guild. What you should do instead is to search for a guild that already has several active members. You can tell if a guild is active before you join by tapping on it. It will show the list of members and how many fragments each member has donated so far. Normally, if you see a guild full of people with zero donations, it will most likely be a dead guild.

You want to join an active guild precisely because of those fragments. As soon as you enter the guild, you can request for help in upgrading a specific card from your list. Your guildmates will then donate fragments until the bar is full. Once it is full, you will be able to upgrade your card. This is a step away from the system of other games where guildmates donate extra cards. Since by the time you reach the higher tiers you will all be scrambling for the same rare heroes, people would stop donating. With the guild fragment system, there is no use in holding on to the fragments. Plus, you also earn some gold every time you donate!

Aside from the guild fragments, guilds also have three quests. The whole guild needs to work together to complete these quests. Once they are completed, all members of the guild will receive a temporary boost. This is another reason for you to join an active guild. You can’t complete these quests on your own!

9. Join Tournaments

Flick Arena regularly holds tournaments that last for several days. The great thing about tournaments in this game is that you don’t have to be a veteran to get rewards. Tournaments will just require you to collect trophies, and you will be given rewards whenever you reach milestones. For example, you will receive 2,000 gold for getting 500 trophies. Since you get around 80 trophies per victory in the lower tiers, you only need to win a handful of games to get that 2,000 gold! Don’t worry if you start losing because you won’t lose your reward if you have already claimed it.

10. Save Your Gems

Gems are the premium currency of the game. You will get a few of these for free from chests and victories. They can be used for various things, but it would be best if you save until you have at least 420 gems. You need 420 gems to purchase a Royal Chest. You should aim for this because it guarantees at least six Rare cards. If you are wondering about the Ice Chest that’s worth 840 gems, sure you can aim for that as well, but it takes too long to save up that much. On top of that, it guarantees the same number of Rare cards as two Royal Chests. The 2x Epic bonus is hardly worth it if you consider you are doubling a very small chance to begin with.

It’s time for you to dominate in Flick Arena! Just follow the cheats, tips and tricks listed above and you will be climbing the leaderboards in no time!