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Dream League Soccer 2018 Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Earning More Gold and Improving Your Team

First Touch Games has been offering a mix of soccer management and actual on-field gameplay for the past few years through the Dream League series, and now, they’re back with a new title for iOS and Android – Dream League Soccer 2018. Once again, the game puts you in charge of Dream League FC (which you can rename if you wish), an up-and-coming team in the lowest of six leagues in a restructured association football universe where all the world’s top leagues have disbanded, teaming players from one league from those from other leagues. As such, you’ll be controlling real-life association football players, as you strive to move from strength to strength and get promoted to the Elite Division. Ultimately, your main objective would be to win the Elite Division, but it’s going to be a long, hard road to the top. Are you up for the challenge?

Previously, we had given you nine tips and tricks that were designed mainly for beginners, as we focused primarily on the on-field gameplay and the basics of some of the game’s other features. But now, we’re going to focus on intermediate and advanced tips in our new Dream League Soccer 2018 strategy guide, as we look at different ways in which you can earn gold, guide you through the process of upgrading your stadium, and help you further improve your team to give you a better chance of getting promoted by season’s end.

1. Complete Your Team Objectives

dream league soccer 2018 objectives

Looking to earn a solid amount of gold (at least by the game’s standards) in Dream League Soccer 2018? You’ll want to work on completing your team objectives, which reward you 25 gold each, for a total of 100 to be awarded once the season is over. Let’s take a look at what the objectives are for the first season – you’ll need to finish 8th in the Academy Division (the lowest of the six), which features 16 teams, and also need to make it to Round 2 of the Global Challenge Cup, win at least four games in the Academy Division, and score at least 16 goals in Academy Division play. These are, for the most part, things that you can easily achieve as you improve your team and get more familiar with the game controls, so keep those objectives in mind at all times! You can access this feature by going to My Club and viewing the objectives on the upper right side of the screen, or tapping on Objectives, where you can view your progress – a green check mark means you’ve already accomplished an objective, an orange line (or minus sign) means that it’s still in progress, and a red X means you’ve failed the objective.

2. Spend Some Gold On Upgrading Your Stadium

Managing a club in Dream League Soccer 2018 is more than just about your team’s lineups and strategy and getting the hang of moving your players around on the field. You also need to pay attention to your stadium, which you can access by clicking on “Dream FC Stadium” in the My Club menu. (Pro-tip – like your club name, you can also change your stadium name from the default Dream FC Stadium.) Once you’re in the stadium menu, you can customize your stadium to your liking, upgrading seats, adding new ones, and paying in-game currency to increase the capacity and appeal of your home field. Take note that it costs nearly 1,000 coins to automatically increase your capacity to 15,000 (the Division 3 minimum, and the lowest auto-build option, as seen on the bottom of the stadium screen), with each individual upgrade or addition costing you upwards of 20 coins – some upgrades may even cost a few hundreds to complete! This may be one of the more expensive features of the game in terms of in-game currency expenditures, so be sure you’re saving up for stadium upgrades – you’ll need to have a certain maximum capacity in order to get promoted from one league to the next!

Aside from increasing capacity, we did mention improving your stadium’s appeal – this will manifest by way of fan support, and more importantly for you, a greater stadium bonus for your home games.

3. If You Can Afford Them, Buy Secret Players

is it worth to buy secret players in dream league soccer 2018?

It may be similarly costly to pony up some gold for some quality players – obviously, you’ll need to pay a premium amount of money if you want to acquire the services of top players from La Liga or the English Premier League, but as we said in our beginner’s guide, you don’t need to splurge right away. But on occasion, you may be given an offer that’s rather hard to refuse if you’ve got enough gold to spend. That hard-to-refuse offer would come in the form of “secret players,” whose faces appear as question marks, with their names, positions, nationality, and other pertinent information all conveniently hidden. The only thing you’ll know for sure is that the player is selling on the transfer market at a slightly discounted price.

Buying a Secret Player, of course, is only recommended if you’ve got enough money to pay for his services. But it does come with some risks – if you’ve just started the improvement process on your team, you can definitely gamble on the Secret Player feature if available, but if you’ve already got a strong team, there’s no real urgency to do so. While you may end up with a player who shores up a weak point on your team, you may also end up with a player who plays a position where you’re strong at!

4. Tips For Selling Players

While still on the topic of the Transfers menu, we might as well mention that Dream League Soccer 2018, naturally, allows you to sell players just as it allows you to purchase them straight away. Selling players, like buying, happens directly, with no complicated auctions or long, drawn-out waiting periods; you instantly get the gold after your players are sold.

Obviously, the main consideration when selling players is that you won’t get that much gold in return in relation to the player’s actual value when purchased. For most of the existing players on your team when you first started playing the game, you can expect to receive only 100 gold or less when you sell them. Basically, the rule of thumb here is that players who are sold on the transfer market will fetch a value of about 50 percent of the purchase price – for example, a player you may have bought for 1,400 gold will only sell for about 700 gold. And when talking about the players you should be selling, always look to sell those who play in positions where the rotation is crowded – for example, you don’t want to have three left or right midfielders in your lineup when you’re playing 4-4-2, so you can sell one of your extra LMs or RMs for some much-needed gold. Sure, you’ll get the short end of the stick, but the selling price of players will almost always be higher than the amount of gold you can earn for winning games, or completing team objectives.

5. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Talking about yet another way for you to win some gold, one very simple thing you can do for some easy gold is to connect your game to Facebook. It’s only going to be 25 units of gold, but there are other benefits to connecting your game, such as being able to play in online games against human opponents (where you could also win gold, depending on which league you’re currently ranked in), and being able to save your progress across multiple devices. While it’s optional to play against human opponents, it’s nonetheless highly recommended, if you’re looking to earn more money to buy or develop players and upgrade your stadium.

6. Don’t Play Too Many Games In A Row

Dream League Soccer 2018 has a rather interesting mechanic where players’ fatigue does not reset after a game is completed. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore your bench doing games, and should definitely give some of your players (a maximum of three) a rest if they’re getting tired. But once a game is concluded, your players’ stamina does not go back to 100 percent, even if real-life soccer games have gaps in between games to keep a team’s players well rested. This simply means that you shouldn’t play too many consecutive games, and that you shouldn’t spend your gold either on “healing” your players, with greater costs in gold if a player is especially tired. Gold is such a valuable resource in this game, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to spend even 15 units or so on healing a tired or injured player just so he can play in the next fixture. Instead, the best thing to do is to take a rest from the game for a few hours, so that your players can automatically get rested for the next set of matches.

7. Choosing Your Formations And Tactics – Which One Is The Best?

dream league soccer 2018 best formations

When talking about the different formations in Dream League Soccer 2018, you have the option to choose from one out of the 12 different formations – unfortunately, there isn’t an option where you can customize the formation/tactics right on the virtual pitch in the Team Management screen, so you’re stuck with those 12 formations. Still, this is something that is best explored by intermediate players onward – if you’re just starting out, sticking with the classic 4-4-2 formation is a good idea, as it offers you the best balance between offense and defense. Otherwise, you can experiment on the different formations if you’ve already got some experience under your belt, as well as the lineup to support such a formation. Players who prefer a more defensive-oriented formation can go for the 5-3-2 or the 5-2-1-2, while those who want more offense will be better off with a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-1-2. If you put a premium on smooth and crisp play like the game seems to do on a regular basis, you may need more midfielders with good Passing stats – the 4-5-1 and 3-5-2 are the best positions for anyone who wants a lineup loaded with midfielders.

On the bottom right corner of your screen, you will be able to choose play styles – do you want to focus on your attack, focus on your defense, or treat both with equal weight? Seemingly, the Attacking option appears to be the default selection, and it would be ideal if you’re in the process of coming back from a huge deficit. Defensive, on the other hand, works best if you’re trying to conserve your energy and more importantly, trying to preserve a lead. Otherwise, Neutral is the way to go – match that with your 4-4-2, and you’ve got an “everyman” strategy, a safe option against most opponents.

8. Choosing Roles For Your Players

One other detail worth looking into in the Team Management screen is the Roles menu, which can be accessed by hitting the middle button in the bottom of your screen. In here, you can choose your captain, your penalty kicker, free kicker, left corner kicker, and right corner kicker. As the objective of corner kicks is to get your team better position within the box as you try to score, you want a player with good Crossing (CRO) stats for those shots. That too is the objective of the Free Kick, which is awarded after certain fouls, only this time, you’re aiming with the net in front of you. Players with good Shooting (SHO) scores can help out in this area. Likewise, you need your best shooters to be in charge of penalty kicks, which are awarded when your player is fouled while they’re in the box. We’d include a separate tip for penalty kicks, but there’s really nothing to it – just swipe to the direction of where you want to aim your kick, and fire away.

Usually, players with high leadership stats are named team captain, but in this case, there aren’t any stats that can measure leadership, so your captain will usually be your best player in terms of their overall rating.

9. The Secret To Good Goal Scoring

dream league soccer 2018 goal scoring tips

We covered some useful techniques that could help you survive your first few fixtures in Dream League Soccer 2018, but if you want to be more consistent in scoring goals, there are two things to consider – first, you want to elude your defenders, and secondly, you want to throw off the goalkeeper. The AI defense can be quite tricky to work around, but you’ll usually get good results by double-tapping to do some fancy dribbling to misdirect your defender. As for the goalkeeper, you’ll need to have enough space between the ball and the keeper, so that you can move left and right to leave him guessing. That’s when you can hit the A, B, or C button – the latter two for close shots, the former for longer ones. Going for a short, lazy shot at the goal from afar could lead to your team getting intercepted, while firing a long shot while up close will almost always lead to a goal kick, resetting the game and keeping you away from scoring distance for the next few minutes. Make sure you’re shooting the right way to avoid such pitfalls!


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