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Chain Strike Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Chain Strike takes each player through a story-driven journey in which you’re accompanied by a collection of guardians, battling their way towards the hall of judgement. If you love the anime art styling used in other Com2uS games such as Summoners War or Wonder Tactics then Chain Strike will be right up your alley. The game combining the ever-popular anime styling with an intricate battle chess system where players are required to utilise a varying array of abilities and skills offered by their team of guardians to dominate enemies.

Whilst the premise of Chain Strike is a battle chess game there is a range of other game mechanics and talents that must be mastered to increase each players’ chance of success. Knowing which guardians to upgrade, evolve or use for power levelling will be essential to each player’s success, as will be gaining a true understanding of the equipment and crafting available.

Com2uS didn’t really hold back as Chain Strike is filled with a deep level of RPG styled elements delivering a truly diverse strategy game. Our guide will hopefully get you into the thick of the action with a bolstered knowledge of how to defeat your enemies and boost your guardians.

1. How To Spend Your Gold And Gem Fortune?

Early on in Chain Strike, you’ll notice that you build up a healthy reserve of coins and gems relatively quickly thanks to the game’s generous reward system. This is achieved through a few key challenge mechanises that you’ll want to focus on for maximum profits during gameplay.

Firstly you have Training, Quests and Challenge targets which will scale alongside your guardian, hence the further you progress through the campaign the greater the rewards received. There are also daily challenges that reset over a 24-hour period whether completed or not, making sure you hit all of these targets will really help you capitalise on the reward system. You also receive periodical rewards through your inbox, which is always a nice treat to see when you log in.

Rewards aren’t strictly limited to gold and gems either, certain challenges offer XP boosters or summoning components, which are crucial when it comes to strengthening your team of guardians.

So when it comes to spending your vast wealth it’s important to take note that using items to upgrade your guardians doesn’t just require an XP potion but also has an associated gold cost. This is where you want to spend your money. A stronger team of guardians is the aim of expenditure. The further you progress through the game the greater your rewards will be but you’ll need a suitable team to reach the end-game content. Gems are great for summoning new guardians, with a cost of 75 gems you’ll quickly realize why it’s important to stock up as many as possible.

2. Upgrading Your Guardians

Success in your Chain Strike campaign can be mostly attributed to 2 factors, guardian level, and battle strategy. As with most RPG styled games, upgrading your character(s) is crucial to game progression.

If you want to progress quickly and efficiently then you’ll need to upgrade your guardians whenever possible. As tempted as you may be to heavily invest into your strongest or favourite guardian, refrain from doing so. Whilst a slight level difference isn’t anything to be worried about once you reach the point in battle when you only have 1 unit left, you’ll really begin to struggle. Chain Strike requires a strong, well-balanced team in order for success due to combat buffs and bonuses received when attacking as a team.

In order to evolve a guardian, they do need to reach level 25 beforehand so it’s important to prioritise these units once most of your units are level 20+. Evolving guardians will unlock new skills, increase existing attributes and put you on the path to awakening and eventually transcending your Guardians.

In order to upgrade, you’ll need more than just gold. Each guardian has a movement stone type that needs to be combined with evolution stones, these can be acquired through battles and p-v-p chests.

3. How To Dominate Battles?

The most effective strategy to dominate all battles is pincer attacks and lots of them! Understanding each guardian’s attack directionality will allow you to correctly position your units before and during a battle in order to pull off as many pincer attacks as possible. Combining attacks from multiple units will quickly dispatch of an enemy unit. This attack method will help you battle through what would otherwise be a seemingly impossible stage.

In order to carry out consecutive pincer attacks, you’ll need to have a guardian team with varying directional movement and position them accordingly with ranged units forming a secondary line whilst your melee units come face-to-face with the enemy. The aim is to have your guardians spread out in a way that will maximise the number of pincer attack opportunities, 2 swords are better than 1!

At the end of each chapter, you’ll face off against a chapter boss who is typically accompanied by varying levels of lesser units. To give yourself the best possibility of success you want to reduce the number of enemy units as quickly as possible. The lower number of enemy units, the lower the effect of their pincer attacks. Once it’s just the boss left you’ll be at the advantage as you’ll be able to attack with multiple units almost every turn.

Whilst it’s important to strategically place units across the map, you also want to keep an eye out for the boss’s attacks as they can inflict damage across multiple tiles at once so spread units around accordingly.

As important as a strong offense is in Chain Strike, a good support team is just as crucial. A range of units have buff or de-buff abilities, typically costing only 1 or sometimes 0 energy. Make sure to activate these abilities as often as they’re available.

The first strike in any battle is the most crucial as you can take out an enemy unit in a single turn, activating damage buffs will increase your chances of success. Defence or de-buffs are just as helpful at the end of a turn especially when your attack buffs are in their cool down period. Surviving until your next turn can be the thin line between defeat and success so de-buffing the enemies attacks at the end of your turn will prove useful more than once.

4. Component Collection And Crafting

When looking to evolve your guardians you’ll notice you may be lacking a certain component, stones. Each guardian requires a combination of both evolution stones and stones that are linked to their directionality ie. Rook stones or King stones. These stones are acquired through completing levels and generally progressing through Chain Strike. Stones you’ve already acquired can also be disassembled and crafted into more sought after stones.

Equipment acquired can also be broken down into shards that can then be used to forge a better arsenal of armour and weapons. Avoid breaking down stones until absolutely necessary as doing so will result in a lower quantity of stones returned, plus you will want to upgrade all of your units equally.

Early in the game you’ll come across a lot of low-level equipment, disassemble it. On doing so save up your shards as your able to use them, combined with light shards, to craft relics giving the guardian who holds them significant stat boosts which can then be transcended once the guardian hits level 40 after achieving their awakening.

5. Take Part In PvP Battles

Player-versus-player battles are a great opportunity to receive trophies which can be exchanged in the shop for upgrade components, legendary equipment, and skill books. You are limited in how many PvP battles you can partake in per day so make the most out of them as the rewards are of the highest calibre.

If your team of guardians isn’t quite strong enough where they’re able to successfully battle other players then you can battle rivals who also offer trophies but do require a cool down between battles, these rivals are chapter bosses beaten in the campaign. It’s also important to set up a defence formation as successfully fending off enemy attacks can also grant trophies.

So remember that Chain Strike is a game of strategy and analyze each battle one after another. Continuously upgrade your cohort of guardians and if in doubt pincer attack as often as possible and dwindle down the enemy number 1 at a time. We’re sure after this guide you’ll have the edge over your opponents blocking the path to the hall of judgement so good luck and happy battling!