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First Touch Soccer 2015 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Build a Winning Team

First Touch Soccer 2015 is a new title from First Touch Games that’s similar to the likes of Football Manager and Championship Manager, as you can control your team on and off the field in Manager Mode. You can do a lot of the things managers do to make their teams better – sign new players, re-sign your stars, and even customize your club’s stadium with the game’s editor. The game also boasts of “hundreds” of unique animations, high-end player and stadium graphics, and sophisticated artificial intelligence on the pitch. There are also daily challenges you can take part in for some sweet rewards.

Becoming a top-flight manager in this game may sound like an arduous task to undertake, but these First Touch Soccer 2015 tips, tricks and hints could, at the very least, make things easier on you. Let’s get to them.

1. How To Get Free Coins

Getting free coins in First Touch Soccer 2015 is easy, and you can do this in a number of ways. The easiest way is to connect your game to Facebook and/or Twitter, as that’s going to get you ten free coins. You can also watch ad videos after a match, and as long as there are videos to watch, you’ll have some free coins to earn for yourself. Manager Mode has three objectives per in-game month that you have to accomplish, and after watching an ad video, you’ll earn 40 coins for fulfilling them. Lastly, there’s the sign-in bonus, where you can get a progressively bigger bonus for each consecutive day that you play the game.

2. Hire A Coach

We talked about completing objectives for free coins above, and for the most part, you’ll be asked to complete individual or team training. Simply go to My Club on the main menu and choose the Coaching option. This may require you to hire a coach, and we would strongly suggest you get one for your team. Coaches cost you coins that you have to pay per season, but they generally pay for themselves as your players can improve on their weaknesses; just keep using the Training option even if it isn’t needed.

Sure, it may be tempting to improve your team quickly by hiring new and better players, but training your existing players is often much more affordable than buying new ones.

3. To Play Out A Match Or To Simulate It?

For some players, there’s nothing like soaking it in and checking out the game’s graphics by playing an entire match. That also allows you to actually control what happens on the field and gives you more accountability for winning or losing. But you can also pay five coins (and get a 30-coin reward in the end) if you want to simulate the game; you may have a busy real-life schedule and in that case, you may have no choice but to quick-play these matches instead.

Some tips and tricks guides are vehemently against simulating, but there are actually some times where it could be worth it, such as if you’ve got a huge edge over the opposing team, or you’re playing at home, even with a slighter edge. Otherwise, the best way to go is to play out the entire match.

4. Play With A Balanced Team

It’s happened many times before in the world of sport, and not just in soccer – you just might be better off with a team mainly consisting of solid, but mostly unspectacular players, instead of having one superstar player and a supporting cast mainly consisting of scrubs. Instead of having one player, and one player alone do all the dirty work, why not have everyone contribute to the cause? The benefits of having a balanced team with no real star include having a fallback in case someone gets injured or tired; you wouldn’t want to lose your one superstar player to a season-ending injury, right? As we did mention above, you can hire a coach and train your players to make them better anyway.

5. Edit Your Stadium If You Have To

A lot of the customizations you can make in this game are only for cosmetic purposes; unless you’ve got some in-game money to burn, we advise you to stay clear from them. But editing your stadium is a good idea, because that could boost your revenue by adding more seats. More seats, of course, means more fans, and more fans means more revenue. This holds especially true if you’re playing very well and in great form; fans will want to see a winning team, after all.

6. When Should You Move To A Bigger Club?

At first, you won’t have the budget to do this, but as you play more games and move farther along in the game, you’ll have the option to pay two thousand coins to move to a bigger club. The benefits of doing this include a larger budget, which means more money to spend on tweaking your stadium, buying new players, and/or training the ones you currently have on your squad.


Monday 28th of January 2019

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