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Inotia 4 Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Killer Tips Every Player Should Know

Inotia 4 is an exciting role-playing game for Android and iOS devices that serves as the latest installment in the popular RPG saga from Com2uS. Again, you can “stride along” with Shadow Tribe virtuoso Kiyan and Channel of Light Eara in this fantasy adventure where you can, as is the case in many mobile RPGs, fight all kinds of monsters and get yourself immersed in a deep and mystical storyline. The game’s features include six classes and 90 skills (15 skills per class), a “convenient” party system where you can add mercenaries at any time, and what Com2uS claims is “one of the largest mobile RPG maps.” All in all, the developer claims, that there are about 400 with different themes and types of terrain.

Inotia 4 is another one of those RPGs with a strong anime influence – we’ve covered several over the past few days, and the graphics leave no doubt about the game’s main influence. But regardless of how that makes it different from the majority of mobile RPGs, this quick list of Inotia 4 cheats and strategies should come in handy, no matter how long you’ve been playing the game.

1. Be Patient, And Don’t Use The Gems Too Early

Some have suggested that it may be wise to use gems to unlock some additional firepower early on, so as to prevent the possibility of multiple enemies ganging up on you. We suggest otherwise – gems are a premium currency in Inotia 4, and there are far more important things you can spend them on. Just be prepared for what you may face, and, in as much as possible, focus on one-on-one battles where you don’t have to worry about an enemy strength in numbers.

2. Sell Your Unwanted Gear In Merchant Stores

Inotia 4 has so many maps and so many cities to visit, and each city has its share of merchants. Go ahead and visit their stores if you’re looking for some quick cash, as they can buy the items you no longer need. Just be prepared for them to pay you about 80 cents or less on the proverbial dollar; merchants, like most of us, often look to buy low and sell high. Still, a little gold is better than none at all!

3. What Else Can You Do With The Items You Don’t Need?

There’s one more thing you can do to those weapons and armor you no longer feel are necessary. You can have them smelted at the Fusion Machines to create a brand-new item.

4. Improve Your Characters’ Main Attributes

When your characters level up, be sure you check their main attributes first by seeing which ones have the highest rating as of Level 1. Focus on these when you’re adding stat points.

5. Always Save Your Game

We’d argue that this tip is basic common sense. If you don’t save your progress in the game, you may have to replay a good deal of it, and that can be really frustrating. Take note that you are allowed only one save per character, though.