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Champ Man 16 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become a Successful Soccer Manager

For about two decades and a half now, the Championship Manager franchise has been a staple in the sports management genre, allowing armchair managers to take control of their favorite football (soccer) teams and take them to the top of the league. And with Square Enix having just released the latest Android and iOS iteration from this series, Champ Man 16, football fans can now take advantage of the “biggest expansion” to the mobile game. The game now spans 20 seasons, and you have the option to apply for new jobs or get offers from other teams. Graphics have been improved, and a few new leagues and champions cups have been added as well. All in all, there are over 450 clubs and 25 playable leagues you can choose from.

Before you start managing, it’s best to be armed with some knowledge of what to do and what not to do. That said, here is our collection of Champ Man 16 tips, cheats and strategies, which will cover a lot of areas and give you everything you need to be a successful soccer manager.

1. Get Players Via Loan Or Free Agency

When you start the game, you won’t have enough money to initiate a transfer, so what you’ll have to do here is to loan a player from another team. Hit Advanced once you’re in the player list, set the status to Loan Listed, and you’ll see a list of players who are can be loaned out to your team. You can also check the free agency scene for some players to beef up your team, though the catch here is that a lot of these free agents can do a number on your budget for wages.

2. List Your Unused Players For Transfer

Need more money to sign good players? You can always place players you don’t want or need on the transfer list. Somebody’s sure to place a bid on them, and when these players transfer over to their new team, you’ll have more money to spend on new players. You can place as many players as possible on the transfer list, just as long as you’ve got at least 11 players for your team.

3. Use The Coaching Fund Properly

Before matchday, you’ll want to check your lineup and choose the formation that works best with your lineup. After that, you can use the coaching fund, but be sure that it’s set up to 100 Percent Trained. This will allow your team to play to its fullest potential on the pitch.

4. What Coaching Strategy Should You Use?

Attack/Defense coaching is a great way to improve the players on your team, though it’s going to cost you a chunk of your Coaching Funds. Go for the Attack/Defense coaching upgrade as soon as you’ve got the funds to do so, but remember that your coaches will only stay in your team for two seasons.

5. Always Play To Win

Granted, you can’t be expected to win all the matches you play in, but you shouldn’t be playing if you aren’t playing to win. Draws are fine, but preferably in Away matches only. Winning while away from home is great, but a draw wouldn’t hurt you much if you’re on the road.

One cheat you can pull off to avoid losing is to shut down Champ Man 16 or to restart your phone if you think you’re sure to lose the match. Once you return to the game, the loss wouldn’t be credited to you and you’ll still have the same record you had before the match.

6. Player Off-Form? Send Him To The Bench

While managing your squad, always look at your lineup and see if you’ve got some outliers in there. Once you see someone who isn’t playing too well, and hasn’t had a good outing by the 60-minute mark, you can sub him for someone else and see where it takes you. Subs are a great way to turn the tide in your favor, so make full use of your lineup at all times.

7. Don’t Jump Ship Right Away

If your season didn’t live up to expectations, or if you think you should be taking your talents to greener pastures, you can review the offers presented to you by other clubs. But if you haven’t won anything yet for your team, we advise you to stay and not to leave so soon. Just focus on winning so you can earn more CM Dollars and Coaching Funds.

8. Complete The Objectives

Before the season begins, the Board of Directors will brief you and give you some “quests,” or objectives to fulfill. If you’re able to fulfill them once the season is over, you’ll get a tidy sum of CM Dollars and Coaching Funds as a reward.

Do you know any other Champ Man 16 cheats, tips or tricks? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


Thursday 29th of March 2018

When you are about to leave a club to a new team. Release players from the team you're about to leave so u can sign them on a free at the new club and get the players u still would like to keep, without paying anything. I've done it with bayern munich and went to man utd and got robben, muller, lewandowski and alaba

asyraf n

Friday 20th of January 2017

Hello i wanna ask...i have some squad is 18 and i have 1 suspended player, then a youth comes in...but i accidently released it ..but it doesnt show a notice that i cant release it as i have a suspended when i wanna proceed match, i cant get a youth my 18-squad club runs with a suspended player...when i put it into sub still cant proceed matct cuz notice showed" u have an ilegible player" do i wanna overcome this...please rwply shortly okay.

I beg u


Saturday 10th of September 2016

To increase wage budget- on the last day of transfer season, you can release players who you feel are being overpaid (eg. 72 rated Flanagan on like 40k). As soon as the player is released, go to free transfers and resign them for a lower wage. i released Flanagan and then re-signed him and reduced his wage from 40k to 14k. (This doesnt have to be done on the last day of transfer season, but doing it then means that another club cant sign him.)